Temple at Senntisten, The

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Hard Length: Long

Start location: Speak to Ali the Wise, located on the north side of Nardah.


Skills: Level 50 Prayer

Items: Rope, telegrab Runes

Miscellaneous: 125 Kudos with the Varrock Museum


Quests: Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen

Skills: 85+ Combat. Note than any spellbook is acceptable: for this quest, telegrab is allowed on all of them.

Items: Digsite pendant, Dramen/Lunar staff, armour/weapon, food/potions, Dragonfire protection (Anti-dragon shield, Dragonfire shield, or a Super antifire potion)

Monsters: Karil the Tainted (level 150), Ahrim the Blighted (level 150), Verac the Defiled (level 150), Torag the Corrupted (level 150), Guthan the Infested (level 150), Dharok the Wretched (level 150), Icefiend (level 120), Waterfiend (level 140), Ice Demon (level 140)

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Items Required: None
Items Suggested: 400 gp OR a Dramen/Lunar staff

1. Travel to Nardah, located in the south-eastern portion of the Kharidian Desert and east of Pollnivneach. This can be done either by using the magic carpet transport system to fly to Pollnivneach and then to Nardah, or by using a Dramen/Lunar staff at a Fairy Ring and entering code "DLQ."

2. Speak to Ali the Wise (found in his home in northern Nardah), and he will briefly discuss the schism between the Zarosian and Zamorakian Mahjarrat. He will then direct you to the Digsite Exam Centre to meet his colleague, Dr. Nabanik, who has requested your assistance in a matter. Ali the Wise will provide a Digsite pendant to teleport there if you ask him.

Azzanadra's Ambition
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Digsite pendant

3. Head to the Digsite Exam Centre south-east of Varrock, either by walking or using the Digsite pendant's teleport. Speak to Dr. Nabanik. He will reveal that he is the Mahjarrat Azzanadra from the Desert Treasure quest. He wishes to restore the Zarosian Temple beneath the Digsite and reestablish contact with Zaros, but the examiners running the site are suspicious. After choosing all the chat options, you'll be able to tell him to "just tell me what you want." He asks you to convince the archaeological expert of his good intentions.

4. Talk to the nearby archaeological expert. After successfully convincing him Dr. Nabanik is trustworthy (do not agree with the expert when he says that it sounds a bit suspicious, as that will not convince him), the expert will give you a restoration certificate.

5. Give Dr. Nabanik (Azzanadra) the certificate, and he'll thank you. He will then ask you to meet him in the Ancient Zarosian Temple beneath the Digsite. If you don't have the rope required for the next step, talk to Azzanadra before you leave, and he'll oblige by giving you some.

The Restoration Relics
Items Required: Rope
Items Suggested: None

6. Walk north from the Exam Centre to the Digsite. Find the winch situated above the dig shaft in the approximate centre of the Digsite and use a rope on it to lower yourself down into the Temple ruins.

Senntisten Restored Temple Of Zaros

7. Azzanadra can be found standing at the altar directing the work crews. Speak to him to learn of the relics required to reestablish contact with Zaros. He'll ask you to retrieve the Barrows Icon and Frostenhorn, located in the Barrows crypt and the Frozen Fortress in the Northern Wilderness, respectively. You can inquire further for additional information concerning these items, if you wish.

8. Before you leave, be sure to collect the ruined backpack from Azzanadra by asking about the Frozen Fortress. Within the pack are a heat globe and a battered letter; these are vital to infiltrating the Fortress. Talk to him about the letter.

Obtaining the Barrows Icon
Items Required: Equipment and supplies needed to complete a single Barrows run (armour/weapon, and food/potions)
Items Suggested: None

9. Travel to the Barrows area in Morytania, east of Mort'ton. The use of the Canifis lodestone to reach the area is advised. Once there, defeat the six Barrows Brothers and loot the chest found in the centre of the crypt maze to receive the Barrows icon. For help completing the run, please refer to Tip.It's Barrows Minigame guide.

Obtaining the Frostenhorn
Items Required: Heat globe, telegrab runes (any spellbook is okay for this)
Items Suggested: Dragonfire protection (Anti-dragon shield, Dragonfire shield, or a Super antifire potion), armour/weapon, food/potions, Digsite pendant

When selecting armour, consider this information: The waterfiends in this dungeon have a harmful range attack and a less effective mage attack, so wearing mage protect armour and praying range is suggested for these encounters. However, the final boss has a healthy mage attack and a weaker melee attack, so plan to pray mage at that point.

10. Travel to the snowy hunter area north-east of Rellekka. Take the canoe along the western shore to an area north of the hunter area. Run east and you'll see an ice block barring entrance to the Frozen Fortress.

11. Place the heat globe on the nearby pedestal to melt the block enough to squeeze past it. Directly to the east, the Frozen Fortress stands - guarded by Iron and Steel Dragons.

12. Run south-east by the dragons with some form of dragonfire protection and enter the Fortress through the open front gate (located on the south wall of the Fortress).

Frozen Fortress Ground Level Frozen Fortress Top Floor
Ground Floor Top Floor

13. Upon entering the Fortress, climb up the western set of stairs and walk eastward on the top floor; climb down the stairs you next come to.

14. Scale the damaged wall immediately in front of you to find a smashed pedestal and globe-holder. Leave these for now, but take note of their location.

15. Walk westward from the objects and climb down the smashed ramparts on the western wall. Enter the trapdoor at the wall's base.

Frozen Fortress Dungeon
Dungeon Floor

16. You are now in the Fortress' dungeon. Once you've prepared, walk to the room directly east of the stairs you climbed down and take the heat globe from the radiant pedestal (#1) found there.

17. With the heat globe in hand, return to the first room and place the globe on the western pedestal (#2) to melt the ice blocking the path to the next room. Take note that from here on, a waterfiend will spawn each time an ice block is melted; while not required, it is advised to kill them to prevent a potential distraction.

18. Telegrab the heat globe from the pedestal once you've killed the waterfiend and entered the new room. Even if you are not on the normal magic spellbook, you can right-click the globe and telegrab it if you are carrying the proper runes. (If you simply take the globe by hand, the ice block will re-form before you can enter.) Place the globe on the pedestal (#3) in the centre of the new room to melt another ice block and reveal a trapdoor.

Frozen Fortress Subdungeon
Sub-Dungeon (Lowest) Floor

19. Climb down the trapdoor to find yourself in the sub-dungeon. From the room you appear in, walk to the south and pick up the heat globe (#4) on the floor of the room you come to.

20. Place this globe on the pedestal (#5) in the first room of the sub-dungeon to open a passage leading eastward.

21. Follow the passage until you find another radiant pedestal (#6), and remove the globe attached to it. Upon removing the globe, part of the pedestal will break off along with it, and you'll instead receive an 'imperfect heat globe'.

22. With this item, return to the top floor of the Fortress, to the smashed pedestal and globe-holder area that you first noticed.

23. Back on the top floor, use the imperfect heat globe on the smashed globe-holder, and push it off the wall. The globe will fall through a pit in the Fortress floor, and you'll receive a message that it has perhaps melted some ice in the dungeon. After you've completed this task, return to the sub-dungeon by climbing down the trapdoor near Pedestal #3. When climbing back down, choose the option to resume where you left off.

24. From the first room of the sub-dungeon (containing pedestal #5), walk to the southern room where you had picked up a heat globe (#4). A level 140 waterfiend will now be present along with a crate (#4) containing 40 Law runes and 300 Air runes. Loot the crate, if you wish; killing the waterfiend is inconsequential. Walk back to the first room once you've finished.

Note: If the level 140 waterfiend is not there remove and replace the heat globe in pedestal (#5) to fix this. Defeating the waterfiend and looting the chest are not necessary to complete the quest.

25. Travel through the passageway to the east which had previously led you to the imperfect heat globe. Continue walking this time until you come across another radiant pedestal (#7) and an additional, albeit blocked, passage. Take the heat globe from the pedestal.

26. Backtrack through the passageway to the unmarked pipe (#8) situated north of an inaccessible room. Set the heat globe in the pipe and whack it to force the globe through the pipe and into the inaccessible room; this will melt the ice blocking the passage you found earlier. Walk to the new room and climb up the ladder.

27. Final Fight. After climbing the stairs, prepare yourself for a fight with the quest boss - a level 140 Ice Demon. Walk to the west and face it when you're ready. The Demon uses freezing magic spells along with secondary melee and ranged attacks, but its melee/ranged attacks are fairly weak and inaccurate, so use the 'Protect from Magic' prayer during the fight. Note that the demon is immune to poison. Upon defeating the Ice Demon, the Frostenhorn will fall to the ground, and you'll be finished with the Frozen Fortress.

The Return of Zaros
Items Required: Barrows icon, Frostenhorn
Items Suggested: Digsite pendant

28. Having obtained both the Barrows icon and the Frostenhorn, return to Azzanadra in the now-restored Temple of Zaros. He'll give you his eternal thanks for accomplishing the task and ask that you collect the final relic from another contact of his.

29. Climb back up the rope at the entrance of the Temple to meet the assassin from the Devious Minds quest. Speak to him to receive the relic he had stolen from the Entrana monks, and give it, in turn, to Azzanadra. Following some dialogue in which he explains the powers and purpose of the relics, a cutscene will occur and Azzanadra will succeed in reestablishing contact with Zaros via a newly-created communion portal. Congratulations, quest complete!


  • Experience Lamp (23k xp to any skill over level 50)
  • 2x Combat Lamp (20k xp each to any combat skill over level 50 - can also select summoning but not prayer)
  • 10k Prayer xp
  • Access to Senntisten Temple's Altar
  • Access to the Ancient Curses
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • A Digsite pendant is useful for this quest, and Ali the Wise will provide one free of charge at the start point. However, you have to deliberately ask him how to get to the Digsite; otherwise, you'll miss the opportunity.
  • Travel to the Frozen Fortress has many options. Lunar magic 89 has an ideal Ice Plateau teleport. A friend with Level 90 Lunar magic can teleother you. The Ancient magic (level 96) Ghorrock teleport to the Ice Plateau is also a possibility.
  • The Frozen Fortress is not in the Wilderness.
  • You can speak to Azzanadra to get another heat globe to re-enter the frozen fortress.


Written by: Rien Adelric

Thanks to: Aurhora, Baffler, Bob_For_Life, CookMePlox, eliwood74, Game Freak67, Georgelemmons, Howlin1, Jaffy1, Juhniz, Komodo_Jo, Neko Negde, Oddfaery2, Paw_Claw, pokemama, Rimmer33, Seer, Sonikku, Speedyshel, Teemupets, Vhozid, warriormonkx, Zsandmann

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