Ritual of the Mahjarrat

Difficulty: Grand Master Requirements: Hard Length: Very Very Long

Start location: Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park.


Skills: Level 77 Agility, Level 76 Crafting, Level 76 Mining

Items: Ring of visibility, Rope, Spade, Catspeak amulet (e).


Skills: High combat and combat related skills such as Herblore.

Items: Teleports for getting around and restocking for boss fights. A Slayer ring would be helpful for an easy teleport to fairy rings.

Monsters: Snake (level 10), Jungle Horror (level 96), Armoured zombie (level 72), Armoured zombie (level 91), Gorak (level 106), Elite Khazard Guard (level 110), Icefiend (level 72), Enhanced Ice Titan (level 98), Ice demon (level 98), Steel Dragon (level 144), Arrav (level 180), Iron Dragon (level 148), General Khazard (level 105), Bouncer, Lucien (level 156), Enduring Glacyte (level 114), Glacor (level 112), Sapping Glacyte (level 114), Unstable Glacyte (level 114)

NPCs: Akrisae, Akthanakos, Ali the Wise, Arrav, Azzanadra, Bob the Cat, Enakhra, General Khazard, Hazeel, Idria, Jhallan, Lady Table, Lucien, Pirate -Ritual of the Mahjarrat-, Sakirth, Sir Tendeth, Sir Tiffy Cashien, Sithaph, Sliske, Strisath, Thaerisk Cemphier, Wahisietel, Zemouregal

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1. Start
Items Required: None

Talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park and ask him about the Ritual of the Mahjarrat. He will tell you to meet with his agent Sir Tendeth on Mos Le'Harmless to investigate an attack on the island. After the dialogue he will offer to teleport you there.

2. Investigation

Talk to Sir Tendeth in the pub directly west from the bank. It is the larger of the two pubs on the island. After the cutscene talk to Sir Tendeth again, who will ask you to see if anyone saw anything amidst the explosions. The rest of the island outside of the pirate town has now become much more dangerous to travel around now, and will remain so until you are done with this section of the quest. Talk to the pirates outside of the pub to learn that strange beings resembling bats and dragons attacked the town and escaped into the jungle. Report back to Sir Tendeth who will ask you to investigate the jungle.

3. The Jungle

Bank Bank Bank
Mos Le'Harmless
Required: None
Suggested: Food, armour to protect against Jungle Horrors, teleport runes to Falador

From the pub, walk north to the main gate and into the jungle. Sir Tendeth will join you but is killed by a fireball from the east, and you run for cover. From here you need to make your way through the jungle to the eastern side of the island while avoiding the fireballs.

To do this, you will need to follow the trail of burnt ground and vegetation east across the island. Move from tree to tree, taking cover on the western side each time. The smaller trees also work to give you cover. The fireballs always come from the east and you will be hit if you spend too much time in the open. If you are hit, you will be knocked unconscious and brought back to the main gate of the town, where you will be hit for approximately 30% of your remaining lifepoints.

When you reach the eastern end of the jungle there will be a cutscene, after which you should go back to Falador to tell Sir Tiffy the news.

4. Research
Items Required: None.

Tell Sir Tiffy about the attackers; it does not matter which chat option you pick. He will then take you to the archive room for further research. Talk to him again and you will learn that the attackers were actually Dragonkin, and Lady Table will find a message from Robert the Strong.

She will ask you to try and clarify what Robert means in his message. The "stonetoucher" referred to is you, and the "reincarnation" refers to Robert the Strong being reincarnated as a cat. You will now have to find Bob the Cat to obtain his collar. Leave by the door to the east.

5. Bob the Cat

Bank Bank Bank
Falador East Bank
Required: Catspeak amulet (e)
Suggested: Teleports to find Bob faster, teleport close to a fairy ring

Find Bob the Cat using your Catspeak amulet(e). Open up the amulet and click the whiskers to rotate the arrow. When the eyes light up, that is the direction in which you can find Bob. He could be anywhere in Runescape, so you may want to teleport around a bit to get a general location first. When you find him, wear your Catspeak amulet(e) and ask to borrow his collar.

Study the collar and check the other side to find the code "DIRAKS". To travel to Kethsi, first dial to DIR, then return to Zanaris and then dial to AKS.

Note: After travelling to Kethsi for the first time, you will have a code to Kethsi listed at the bottom of your fairy ring code menu. You can choose that option instead of dialling separately to DIR and then to AKS.

6. Kethsi

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Bob's collar, Spade
Suggested: Food, Falador teleport

Once you arrive in Kethsi, search the pile of rubble nearby to find a tetrahedron 4.


Now climb up the ramp and use Bob's collar on the wall design to open a puzzle. You will need to rotate the collar and position it so that the design matches up with the wall design. To achieve this:

  1. Flip the collar over such that it reads "Bob."
  2. Rotate the collar such that it is positioned vertically and reads "Bob" from the bottom to the top.
  3. Use the right arrow to move the collar over to the right, such that it sits in the gap between the two strips furthest to the right.
  4. Use the up and down arrows to match the golden swirls on the collar with the golden swirls on the two pieces of the puzzle. After getting the collar in the right spot, the puzzle will automatically complete and close on its own.
Wall Design Puzzle

After completing the puzzle you will be given a few items: two notes, a necklace, a statue arm and another tetrahedron piece. Read the notes to learn a bit more about Robert the Strong.

Now it is time to go further into Kethsi. Run south from the wall design and then west to stand on the tip of the platform. Jump across the gap and reattach the statue arm to the statue there, which triggers a spire to fall. This creates a makeshift bridge. Walk across the bridge and climb down the ladder. Now run up the wall jump behind you and climb the next wall. You should now be up on a flat platform high in the air. Swinging to the poles to your north lands you on another flat platform. There is a beam to your east - walk across it and jump down to the platform below. Don't go down the ladder in front of you. Instead, jump down from the floor immediately to the south of that ladder. Once on the lower floor, climb down both ladders until you reach the ground. You are now in the second area of Kethsi.

7. Kethsi - Part Two
Items Required: Tetrahedron 1, Tetrahedron 4, Spade
Items Suggested: Food, Falador teleport.

Squeeze through the pipe to the north-east and grab a pickaxe from the rock. Use this to mine the rubble and then climb the wall to the north. From here, run west across the first and second walls then climb west across some handholds. Do NOT be tempted to jump down from any of the platforms. You will land back on the ground and have to start back at the pipe once again.

After running across the two walls and climbing across the handholds, you'll be on a platform with one ladder leading down and another leading up. First, climb down the ladder and run north then east around the edge of the island. Search the rubble there to find a tetrahedron 3 and a strange device.

Return to where you climbed down. Go up the two ladders. From there, go to the south-western tip of the platform you're on and jump across the gap between floors. You are now on the last section of the island. Don't go down the ladder - it's a dead end. Instead, slide down the roof to the west and south. Once back on the ground, run south past the stairs and go over the plank bridge. Search the rubble there to find the tetrahedron 2.

Go back over the bridge and climb down the stairs to find a room with four indentations in the walls. Place your tetrahedrons into the indentations and write down the code that you are given. This assigns one letter to each number 1, 2, 3 and 4. Your code sequence is the letter equivalent of 1234. Thus, for example, if the tetrahedrons assign 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, and 4=D, your code sequence would be ABCD. The letters range from A-H.

Go back upstairs and check your strange device. If you don't already have a spade, pick up the one lying on the ground. As you move around Kethsi, the readout from the strange device will change. The readout from the strange device behaves as coordinates. The letter in the 2 position changes for every step east or west you take, going in order from A-H as you walk to the east. The letter in the 1 position changes for each cycle of A-H that the letter in the 2 position goes through. For example, if you start out at position AABB, after walking eight steps east, you will be in position BABB. If you start out in position AHBB and take one step east, you will be in position BABB.

The same system applies for the letters in 3 and 4. The letter in position 4 changes for each step you take south or north. The letters go in order from A-H as you walk north, and the letter in position 3 will change each time a full cycle of A-H is completed by the letter in position 4. So, for example, if you start out at position AABA, after walking eight steps north, you will be in position AACA. If you start out in position AABH and take one step north, you will be in position AACA.

Your goal for this puzzle is to find the spot where the readout of the strange device matches your code sequence. The code is unique to each player so each person has a different spot to find. In order to locate your specific spot, you may have to backtrack through the obstacles to return to previously visited areas of Kethsi. If this is necessary, there is a spot to climb the wall just north of where you slid down the roof. Once up the wall climb, go up the ladder and re-emerge on the roof. Once your strange device readout matches the code 1234, dig in the spot to find a Kethsian key.

Return to the room where you placed the tetrahedrons and open the door with your key. Search the bookcases in the back of the room to receive an old journal and a spell scroll. Read Dathana's message to learn the story of Kethsi and the Stone of Jas. Read the scroll to learn the Lunar spell, Tune Bane Ore.

Teleport to Falador to report your findings back to Sir Tiffy.

8. Making alliances
Items Required: Dathana's message
Items Suggested: Digsite pendant or Teleport runes to Varrock.

Talk to Sir Tiffy to tell him the news. He will send you to speak to Akrisae who is in the east side of Falador castle.

After talking over your findings with Akrisae, Ali the Wise will appear and tell you the ritual is sooner than he first thought. Akrisae will need convincing that an alliance with the Mahjarrat can be achieved. Once you have done this he will give you four Teleorbs to attempt to teleport the Stone of Jas, and Ali will give you Arrav's heart to attempt to free him from Zemouregal's control when possible.

Talk to Azzandra in the Senntisten temple under the Digsite. You tell him of the Stone of Jas and he will agree to ally with yourself and the Temple Knights. He will give you four beacons to be placed at the ritual site which should help amplify his power, however they must be placed in a precise manner.

9. Preparing the Ritual Site

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Four Beacons, Four Teleorbs, Ring of visibility, Arrav's heart, Rope
Suggested: Supplies to kill one level 72 Armoured zombie

Now it's time to visit the ritual site. Bring all the required items with you. From Zanaris, take the fairy ring combination DKS to the snowy hunter area. From here run north and then north-west through the hunter area to a canoe which will take you to the west of the Ghorrock fortress. Squeeze past the ice block and make your way to the south of the fortress, and then over a fallen pillar. Go through the tunnel to emerge on the ritual site.

In this area there are mages with undead broav pets, who may detect you and throw you into a jail in Zemouregal's fortress. If this happens, search under the bed for a chisel and spade and use them both on the floor tile to make an escape route. You will emerge to the west of Zemouregal's Fortress. You may choose to do step 10 while you are at the fortress, and then return to step 9.

The undead broav are relatively easy to avoid. First, head directly west and place a beacon on the first large dead tree you pass.

North Beacon

Now continue west, and then go north until you can see the cave from The Tale of the Muspah, and tie your rope to the overhanging tree here. You can now use this as a shortcut.

Rope shortcut

Run directly south from the rope shortcut until you are close to the trees on the western side. Stop when the Ritual marker is to your east, and use a beacon on the large dead tree there.

West Beacon

Make your way south past the Ritual marker and hide Arrav's heart in the rocks near it. The second beacon can be placed in a tree just to the south of here. When placing the beacon, make sure the message you get says that the beacon is directly opposite the one to the north.

South Beacon

Now run all the way east and talk to Movario about Lucien and the location of the Stone of Jas. Stick to the eastern side and run north, placing another beacon in the first large tree you reach. Make sure you get a message saying that the beacon is lined up perfectly with the one to the west. If it does not, try a different tree.

East Beacon

10. Foiling Zemouregal's Plans
Items Required: Weapon, armour and food to kill a level 72 Armoured zombie.

Skip ahead to step 11 if you completed this step after being imprisoned. At the south-west corner of the ritual site is a track to Zemourgal's Fortress. Follow it and kill the level 72 Armoured Zombie that roams outside. Pick up the code key (main entrance) and decoder strip it drops.

Read the Code key for a 4-letter code, "FHGE" for example. Memorise or write down the code. Attempt to open the door and a puzzle interface will come up on the screen. Line up each Decoder strip with its corresponding letter. For example, 1 would line up with F, and 2 would line up with H, etc. After lining up each of the decoder strips, enter the number seen in decoder strip #1 into the first number box using the up and down arrows then press the right arrow to enter the next number, enter the number seen in decoder strip #2 in the second box, etc. Press the right arrow after the final number is entered. After completing the puzzle successfully, the door will unlock.

Ritual of the Mahjarrat Keypad

Once inside Zemouregal's Fortress, search the crate in the lobby room to find another code key, this time for the storeroom to the west. Now open the storeroom door using the same method as before. Search a crate in the storeroom to get some notes and the code key for the reliquary. The notes will tell you of Zemouregal's plans for Arrav. Exit the storeroom and go up the eastern flight of stairs. The room to the east is the reliquary, so use the same method again to solve the puzzle and gain access. Smash the black stone in the south of this room to foil Zemouregal's plans.

11. The Stone of Jas
Items Required: Armour to defend against Icefiends, Ring of visibility.
Items Suggested: One-click teleport

Equip your ring of visibility, make your way to the south of the ritual site and talk to Movario about his progress on finding the Stone of Jas. Now head back west and you will find a Shadow Pedestal that requires a Heat Globe like the ones found in the Temple at Senntisten. The globes from that quest will not work, however. Return to the Ghorrock fortress, taking care to avoid the dragons. Once inside the inner courtyard of the fortress, climb up the stairs to the west and run around to the south-eastern corner. Climb down the stairs there to a small clearing. From there, scale the damaged wall north of the door. Run over to the north-western corner and climb down the smashed rampart. You can now enter the trapdoor into the Ghorrock dungeon. Be prepared to defend yourself against level 120 icefiends. Protect from magic prayer is recommended. From the entrance of the dungeon, run west and all the way south to find a heat globe on the floor.

Make your way back to the Shadow Pedestal and place your heat globe on it. This will melt the wall of ice ahead and expose a cave entrance. There are three big battles on the way, so it is recommended you bank now before entering the cave.

12. The Ritual Begins

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Armour, weapons, food and potions (not Saradomin brews!)* to defeat a level 140 enemy.
Suggested: One-click teleport to restock for the next fight

*After the fight with Khazard, you will be brought through a cutscene directly into the next fight with two Enhanced Ice Titan. At this point your stats will be boosted by the Stone of Jas once, and once only. If you drink saradomin brew, the stat reduction effects will remove the bonuses given by the stone permanently.

Return to the site of the ritual and make your way into the cave. Run through the cave to find the Stone of Jas, touch it and you will have a vision. After the cutscene, General Khazard will confront you. After revealing that Ali the Wise is in fact Wahisietel, a Mahjarrat, he will attack. The fight is fairly simple but take note of a few things:

  • You will only have to deal with Khazard and his dog Bouncer during the fight, the temple knights take care of the rest.
  • He uses both magic and melee attacks, so dress with high melee defence and pray against his magic attack, as this is the most frequent.
  • When he spawns Bouncer, it will start to do consistent damage that you cannot protect against. Either lure and trap the dog behind a tree to get him stuck, or lure the dog over to Wahisietel and he will kill it in just one hit. Bouncer may re-spawn multiple times.
  • If for whatever reason you die, your gravestone appears behind the fallen pillar at the Ghorrock fortress. It is a safe place from dragons but in order to get to your gravestone you will still have to run past the steel and iron dragons.

After the fight Khazard will teleport away. The next fight is considered to be much tougher, so you may want to teleport away soon to re-stock your supplies.

13. Confronting Lucien

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Armour, weapons, food and potions (not Saradomin brews!) to defeat two level 98 enemies.
Suggested: One-click teleport to restock for the next fight, good magic defense armour

Wahisietel will go looking for Khazard, however he finds a much greater foe - Lucien! After refusing to give up the Stone of Jas, Lucien will summon four level 98 Enhanced Ice Titan. Akrisae and Sir Tiffy will deal with one while the Guardians of Armadyl will deal with another, leaving two for you.

  • From this point onwards, your stats are boosted by the Stone of Jas. As mentioned above, if you use a Saradomin brew your stats will not be boosted back up. Good food is recommended as a replacement. If you teleport out or die, your stats will be re-boosted once you return.
  • You should use high magic defence gear while using the Protect from Melee prayer, as the prayer will block all of the damage from the Ice Titans. Familiar specials are fairly inaccurate and are not advised. The Titans can also deal heavy damage to familiars, so be cautious if using a beast of burden.
  • Occasionally the Titans will freeze you in place, which can be deadly if caught in Lucien's attack at the same time. Spam-click the ground a few squares away to start breaking the ice. Eventually it will crumble and you will be free.
  • Lucien will occasionally use an attack that looks like a dark smoking skull flying towards you. When he does this run away before it lands, as you can be dealt very quick damage that may result in death. Continue to avoid the 3x3 area where it lands for a few seconds until the attack is finished.
  • At no point should you attempt to attack Lucien. He cannot be harmed and will deal heavy damage to you should you attempt this.

After dealing with both titans there is another cutscene. There will be two more fights after this, so you may want to teleport out afterwards to restock your supplies.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Armour, weapons, food and potions to defeat two strong enemies.
Suggested: One-click teleport to restock for the next fight.

Lucien will now summon a horde of level 98 Ice demons. Luckily for you help is at hand, as Sliske teleports in and summons the Barrows brothers to aid you. Again, this leaves two Ice demons for you to deal with yourself.

  • Use Melee defence armour with the Protect from Magic prayer; their range and melee attacks are reasonably inaccurate.
  • The demons can use the same freezing attack that the titans could, and also summon stalagmites that can block your path. You can either run outside of the stalagmites when they begin to box you in, or break them in order to create an escape route. Breaking one stalagmites usually only takes one hit, but beware relying on this method in an emergency as it's possible to fail. Running outside of the stalagmites before you get boxed in is recommend.
  • Again Lucien will use his dark skull attack, which will be deadly if you are trapped in an ice block or boxed in by stalagmites. Be ready to run at any second and always keep your eye on him.

After the fight Lucien will still not admit defeat, and there will be another cutscene. You may wish to teleport out to restock before the next and final fight of the quest.

14. Sacrifice

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Armour, weapons, food and potions to defeat four level 91 Armoured zombie, and to survive against the level 101 Arrav and a level 112 Glacor.
Suggested: None

After arguing over who should be sacrificed for the Ritual, Lucien will discover Jhallan under the Ritual site, and wishes to sacrifice him. The Zarosian Mahjarrat will not allow this and attack Lucien. Zemouregal will summon four level 91 Armoured Zombies that you must kill while the Mahjarrat fight. This is fairly straightforward as the Barrows brothers will fight alongside you.

  • Protect from Melee will defend you against all attacks from the Armoured Zombies.
  • Do not let your guard down; Lucien will still use his dark skull attack on you while you kill the zombies and deal with Arrav, so be prepared to move at any second.

After the zombies are dead, Zemouregal will summon Arrav to attack the Barrows brothers. Attack Arrav until his attention turns to you (he will start hitting you) and then lure him over to the rock where you hid his heart to release him from Zemouregal's spell. If you accidentally click out of the dialogue with Arrav, attack him again while he is standing near the rock to start it once more. After the dialogue, Arrav will attack Zemouregal. When Lucien refuses to save him, Zemouregal will turn his and Arrav's aggression on Lucien.

As the battle draws to a close, the southern beacon breaks into four parts. Azzanadra needs you to repair and replace this before he can finish Lucien. To prevent you from doing this, Lucien summons a level 112 Glacor to try and kill you. It uses both magic and range attacks so if you have melee defence gear use protect from magic, and if you have magic defence gear use protect from ranged. The Glacor can freeze you with its magic attack, which will be blocked entirely if you pray against magic. It is not a requirement to kill the Glacor. Choosing to ignore it may be a good idea, so that you are only focusing on fixing the beacon. Gather up the four pieces, assemble them in your inventory, and replace the beacon in the tree.

Watch the cutscene to see how the ritual ends. Finally you arrive in Draynor and there is one more interactive cutscene to play through before the quest ends. Just run through the village towards the market square.

After the cutscene you will reappear in Falador Park. Talk to Sir Tiffy one more time about the Ritual of the Mahjarrat. Congratulations, quest complete!


  • 110,000 Agility xp
  • 40,000 Crafting xp
  • 40,000 Mining xp
  • 3 odd lamps that grant 80,000 xp in any skill of your choosing as long as they are level 72 or higher.
  • Ability to fight a new Barrows brother, Akrisae the Doomed, and the ability to wear his armour set.
  • Access to the bane ore mine and bane ore which can be smithed into bane arrows and bolts. These can be attuned to be strong against specific creatures with the Tune Bane Ore spell.
  • Temporary damage boost when fighting in areas near Lucien's base.
  • Access to Glacors in the cave where the Stone of Jas was kept.
  • The ability to create Armadyl runes, cast the Storm of Armadyl spell and create the Armadyl Battlestaff.
  • 3,000 Prayer xp if you can find Arrav on the ritual plateau.
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 3

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • You cannot boost to meet the required skill levels. However, you do not need to have the required levels to begin the quest.
  • During the cutscenes between the fights at the end of the quest, if you click anywhere outside of the chatbox during the cutscene dialogue you will be removed from the cutscene. Depending on your progress in the quest, you will end up at either; the entrance to the ritual site south of the Ghorrock Fortress, the boat from the Snowy Hunter area, or the rope shortcut onto the ritual site. This is also where your gravestone appears. Once ready to rejoin the battle, enter the ritual site once more and the cutscene will restart from the last battle you fought. Your progress in the battles will not reset.
  • Your stats will only be boosted by the Stone of Jas once. If you die, once you return to the ritual site your stats will be boosted back to what they were right before you died. This means, however, that over time the bonus received from the stone will be lower and lower. If the bonus decreases significantly, feel free to bring stat boosting potions or Saradomin Brews and Super Restores if you need the extra health.
  • A Catspeak amulet that was part of a cramulet will have lost its enchantment. To enchant an unenchanted Catspeak amulet, you need to pay Hild in north-east Burthrope five death runes.
  • While using the Strange device to locate the Kethsian key, the coordinates of its location will be displayed in your quest journal.
  • The icy cave in which the Stone of Jas was held will contain Glacors and bane ore rocks after the quest. To get there you can either use the fairy ring code DKQ or run across the ritual site as you did in the quest. You can now fight the Glacors for their drops or mine bane ore to make into arrows or bolts. These can be tuned to do bonus damage against abyssal demons, basilisks, dragons or wallasalkis.
  • After the quest, although the Stone of Jas has been hidden away the beneficial remnants of its energy can still be felt in Gielinor. You can tap into this energy once per day by entering the Glacor cave. You will receive an invisible 6% boost in the cave. This percentage decreases the farther away you get from the Glacor cave to a minimum of 3%. This lasts for 4 hours.
  • The Discovering Kharshai miniquest can be started once Blood Runs Deep and Ritual of the Mahjarrat have been completed
  • The heat orb can be obtained before talking to Movario to save time.


Written by: Aurhora & Octarine19

Thanks to: 80HD, Baileydafrog, Farming_Dyl, Game_Freak67, Hooded Billy, Jaffy1, Leik, RobiNHooD, Sy_Accursed, Wyvren2000, Xena Dragon

Last updated: 27-Dec-2014

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