Enakhra's Lament

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Lazim, in the desert directly south of the Bandit Camp


Skills: Level 50 Crafting, Level 45 Firemaking, Level 39 Magic, Level 43 Prayer

Items: Chisel, Pickaxe, Coal, Candle, Tinderbox, Willow log, Oak logs, Maple log, normal Log, Chaos rune, Fire rune, Air rune, Earth rune (50 of each rune is enough, Normal spellbook required), any type of magical weapon so that you can cast spells, Soft clay (A 2nd Soft clay to make your own camel mask is optional), Cake


Items: Cash for magic carpet rides, Waterskins to prevent dehydration, Lantern.

Lodestones: Bandit Camp.

Monsters: Boneguard (no level)

NPCs: Akthanakos, Enakhra, Lazim, Pentyn

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1: Starting out

Make sure that you have at least a few prayer points before starting the quest! Take a magic carpet ride or walk out to the Bedabin Camp. Head south past the Bandit Camp and around the ridge until you find the quest start point and a guy named Lazim. He is north-east of the Desert Mining Quarry. Talk to him and accept to help him out. He will tell you of how he was once a sculptor and wants you to craft a statue for him out in the desert and also quarry the minerals needed for the task.

Now go a little south west from Lazim to Enakhra's mine and mine 32kg of sandstones. If you forgot your pickaxe, you can just pick one from the spawn near you (doesn't show as a red dot, so look for it sticking out of a rock). Bring the sandstones that equal 32kg in any denominations to Lazim. If you are running short on inventory space, you can give him the rocks in segments and go back for more.

He will give you one 32kg lump of rock Use your chisel on it and put it on the ground next to Lazim.

2: Making the statue

Now he will want a body for the statue. Just bring him 20kg of the stone the same way of last time and he will give you back a 20kg lump of rock. Use your chisel on it once again to make it into a body. Use the body on the statue, and talk to Lazim.

Enakhras Lament Headless Statue

He says the statue is not yet complete, now use your chisel on the statue stand, and you will carve it a little. Now he will ask you to make a head. Choose a head you want to use from the list and go mine two 5kg lumps of granite (NOT sandstone). Now use your chisel on one lump of granite to build a head. Remember to choose the head you promised to make.

3: The temple

Before doing the next part be sure you have the second 5kg lump of granite with you. Now, talk to Lazim and he will say if the head is right or wrong. If it is right, you will automatically put the head on the statue and suddenly the whole statue will fall through the ground, along with you and Lazim, into a temple below.

Enakhras Lament Falling

Enakhra's Temple :: Place the mouse over your desired floor to reveal it

First talk to Lazim and he'll tell you the situation at hand. He will ask you to help a little more by getting through the temple. Use your chisel on the fallen statue to take off its limbs. Also, talk to Lazim and ask him for the head of the statue. Take the 'M' sigil from the pedestal south of Lazim and head down the south passage.

Open the door and you'll enter a cut-scene. Continue on through the door heading into the next room. Go to the pedestal and grab the 'R' sigil. From this room take the western passage and continue on to the door, another cut-scene will follow. Continue through the door and into the next room. Again, go to the pedestal and grab the 'K' sigil. At this point you can take the eastern route to the central room and use your 'M' sigil on the door to open it. Alternatively you can continue around the circle entirely, unlocking all the doors, picking up all the sigils and watching all the cutscenes. This is recommended if you are interested in RuneScape's God Lore.

Either way when you reach the centre room, unlock the eastern door with your K sigil for an easy way out at the end of the quest. Then, with the head in your inventory, go up the ladder.

4: Unlocking the Barrier

There is a pedestal in the room you are in. Use your soft clay on the pedestal to make a mould and then use the chisel on the remaining piece of medium sized granite to make a replica of the mould.

Enakhras Lament Pedestal

Place this granite camel head into the pedestal to be greeted by another cut scene. (Optional: use a second wet clay on the granite head on the pedestal to make a camel mask for yourself.)

Go to the braziers to the east room, making sure your lantern is lit and inspect each of the braziers. Place the appropriate item: log, candle or coal into each one of the braziers.

Enakhras Lament Braziers

Next is the furnace. Head to the north east room and you'll find a clogged furnace with smoke billowing out of it. Use an offensive wind spell on the furnace (wind bolt or wind strike).

Next is the frozen fountain to the west of the central pedestal. Simply use a fire offensive spell to melt the ice in the fountain.

Enakhras Lament Frozen Fountain

Now head to the room to the north west of the pedestal and use the cake (be careful not to eat it!) on the hungry old man named Pentyn.

You are now able to pass through the magic barrier, north out of the central room. Proceed through and up the ladder.

5: The Boneguards and Enakhra

On the upper floor, head south through the big room and you'll be greeted by a boneguard. You will come to a ladder going down.

Enakhras Lament Skeleton

He will now ask your help. Agree to help him. Now, search the rubble for three 5KG sandstone rocks and put them on the wall one by one. Use your chisel on the wall every time you add sandstone to it. It will take three 5kg stones to finish the job.

After the wall is finished, talk to the skeleton once more and watch the cutscene. Quest complete!

The fastest way to leave: Go back the way you came until you are in the central room on the temple's lowest floor. If you have not already done so, use the K sigil on the east door leading back to Lazim. This door and all others will remain unlocked and handy for a short route to the Desert Treasure (Ancient Magicks) pyramid. If you have remaining sandstone body parts or sigils, you may choose to use them to unlock all the doors in the temple rather than simply dropping them.


  • 7,000 crafting exp
  • 7,000 magic exp
  • 7,000 mining exp
  • 7,000 firemaking exp
  • Akthanakos's Camulet
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Akthanakos's Camulet lets you talk to camels and lets you teleport back to the temple. You can right click it to check the teleport charges remaining. If you want to recharge it, use it with some camel dung.
  • How to get camel dung: Purchase hot sauce from Ali the kebab seller in Pollnivneach, then use the hot sauce on the food trough at the camel seller south west of the kebab seller. Use a bucket to collect the dung. You can collect as much dung as you desire, you just need buckets; 2 buckets spawn at the camel seller. The hot sauce never runs out.
  • How to get a camel head mask: in the part where you use the wet clay on the mould (see "Unlocking the Barrier" above), use an extra wet clay on the head on the pedestal and you get your own camel mask! This can be done any time after the quest as well.


Written by: Craven Image, Pirkka

Thanks to: 0riginal, APERSON, bluehooloovo, Chaosbringer, djtaz, Furious F, Howlin1, Jaffy1, kwimbob, oddfaery2, Reckless1o1, takenote61, the49ronin, uber_dad, vlad_the_old, War Chipmunk

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