Fairy Tale Part III, A - Battle at Orks Rift

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Use any Fairy ring in Runescape and speak to Fairy Very Wise in the pocket dimension she meets you in.


Skills: Level 36 Crafting, Level 54 Farming, Level 59 Magic, Level 37 Summoning, Level 51 Thieving

Items: Dramen or Lunar staff, Bucket of milk


Skills: 120+ Combat, 43+ Prayer

Items: Your best armour, weapon, and other supplies to fight three level 122 monsters at once

Monsters: Ork warriors (level 114), Fairy Godfather (level 120), Bre'egth (level 122), Gromblod (level 122), Shredflesh (level 122)

NPCs: Centaur, Fairy Godfather, Fairy Queen, Fairy Very Wise, General Bre'egth, General Gromblod, General Shredflesh, Gnarly, K'Chunk, Martin the Master Gardener, Ork, Tooth Fairy, Wood Dryad

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Required Items Dramen/Lunar staff
Recommended Items -

1. Equip a Lunar or Dramen staff and teleport to Zanaris via Fairy ring. Fairy Very Wise will interrupt your teleportation and redirect you to a pocket dimension to discuss the recent happenings in Zanaris. She'll cast a spell so that you can enter the Fairies' Resistance HQ without having Fairy Nuff's certificate.

2. Fairy Very Wise will ask you to aid the Fairies in retaking the throne from the Fairy Godfather and expelling the Orks from Zanaris. Accept her plea.

3. Once you've accepted, Fairy Very Wise can teleport you to the Resistance HQ with instructions to speak with the Fairy Queen. You can find her in the south-eastern corner of the HQ.

4. The Fairy Queen herself will ask you to join in the war-effort, and will direct you to her strategist, the Tooth Fairy, after you agree. The Tooth Fairy explains that the Fairy Godfather has opened a dimensional rift to a plane of Orks, but she'll also unveal the fairies' secret weapon - Fairy Tooth Magic (FTM).

5. Turn on the nearby Projector to initiate a cutscene which will outline the workings of FTM. The Tooth Fairy can be questioned afterward about the finer details and how it relates to the Fairies' battle plan.

6. After speaking with the Tooth Fairy, turn on the Projector a second time; the new cutscene will impart information on the Fairy Godfather and his three Ork generals, Gromblod, Bre'egth, and Shredflesh. The briefing will end at the conclusion of the cutscene, and the Tooth Fairy will ask you to take on a top-secret mission. Accept.

Retrieving the Fairy Wand
Required Items Dramen/Lunar staff, Tooth extractor, Bucket/Bucket of milk
Recommended Items -

7. The mission involves retrieving the Tooth Fairy's wand from her grotto in Zanaris. You'll need a "Tooth extractor" before heading off to Zanaris, so pick up a Hammer and pair of Secateurs on the north-western side of the HQ and use the Hammer on the Secateurs to make one.

8. Teleport to Zanaris via Fairy ring, and walk to the Tooth Fairy's grotto just north of the Zanaris bank. The door is locked, so use your Tooth extractor on it to pick the lock.

Tooth Fairy\\'s Grotto

9. Enter the grotto to be met by the Tooth Fairy's enamel pet, Gnarly. He'll refuse to hand over his Mistress' wand unless you can prove she sent you, but if you simply praise him enough, he'll agree to hand over the wand. Give him a bucket of milk to seal the deal, and pick him up along with the wand to take back to the Tooth Fairy.

Note: An empty bucket spawns next to the mill in Zanaris, you can use it on the dairy cow east of the wheat field in Zanaris to obtain a bucket of milk.

10. Return to the Resistance HQ by inputting the AIR DLR DJQ AJS code into the Fairy ring; Fairy Very Wise's spell will allow you to teleport there without the normally-required certificate. Speak to the Tooth Fairy with Gnarly in hand.

11. Once you've given the Tooth Fairy her wand, turn on the nearby Projector again for information on the next stage of the plan. The Fairies plan to extract a tooth from each of the three Ork generals for use in creating enamel clones of the powerful opponents through Fairy Tooth Magic. You will, of course, be tasked with obtaining the three teeth.

12. Before you go, you'll need to be given a magical tooth replacement (to access more Fairy rings, apparently). Stand on the yellow flowers south of the Projector and use the "Wave" emote when you're ready to proceed. Following an amusing cutscene in which you undergo the tooth replacement, you'll be given a dossier on the three Ork generals and sent on your way.

Note: The dossier provides information on the Ork generals, so refer to it if you ever need help finding them or extracting their teeth.

Obtaining Bre'egth's Tooth
Required Items Dramen/Lunar staff
Recommended Items Fairy dossier

13. The first of the three generals, Bre'egth, can be found near the windmill in Zanaris (north of the Fairy ring). Speak with her there and ask her what happened to her mouth. She'll say that she lost a tooth in a fight with one of her underlings, K'Chunk, and that he still has it.

14. Talk to any one of the Ork grunts in Zanaris and ask for the whereabouts of K'Chunk. Apparently, the Orks forced him through a Fairy ring portal after his defeat, although Fairy Fixit tried to stop them. Find Fairy Fixit near the Zanaris Fairy ring and talk to him.

15. Fairy Fixit will tell you that K'Chunk happened to be sent to the DIP (code) Fairy ring location. Input the code to be teleported to the island K'Chunk is stranded on.

16. On the deserted island, talk to K'Chunk, and he'll admit to knocking out general Bre'egth's tooth and keeping it. Pickpocket him to obtain it before heading back to Zanaris for the next tooth.

Obtaining Gromblod's Tooth
Required Items Dramen/Lunar staff, Tooth extractor
Recommended Items Fairy dossier

17. According to the dossier, the second Ork general is Gromblod, who can most likely be found searching for mangos in the Enchanted Valley. Input the Fairy ring code to teleport to the Enchanted Valley (BKQ), and look for him there.

General Gromblod

18. Speak to General Gromblod once you arrive; he is near the Fishing spot in the Valley. However, he'll refuse to say anything, so talk to one of the Centaur inhabitants instead to learn that the General is an unwelcome guest looking for a Mango tree in the Enchanted Valley.

19. Try speaking with Gromblod once more, and he'll say that he'll continue making a disturbance until he finds some mangos. Agree to help him, and explain the situation to one of the nearby Centaurs. The Centaurs, in turn, will direct you to the Wood Dryad west of the waterfall.

20. The Wood Dryad, upon being asked, will tell you that mangos can be found in another location reacheable only by Fairy ring. After casting a spell on you, the Dryad will give you the relevant fairy ring code - CLR. Input the code to find yourself on Ape Atoll, standing near a Mango tree. Pick a mango and head back to General Gromblod in the Enchanted Valley.

21. Give Gromblod the mango after elicting a promise from him to leave the Enchanted Valley. He'll lose one of his rotten teeth after biting into the pit of the mango, and will promptly hurl the mango away. Search to the south of Gromblood and pick up the mango (it does not show as a red dot on your map); simply extract the tooth from it (with the Tooth extractor) and return to Zanaris.

Obtaining Shredflesh's Tooth
Required Items Dramen/Lunar staff, Tooth extractor
Recommended Items Fairy dossier

22. The third and final Ork general, Shredflesh, can be found in a cavern in the Gu'Tanoth region, according to the dossier. Input the ALP code into a Fairy ring to teleport to his location.

23. Speak to Shredflesh to learn that he has a painful, rotten tooth. Continue talking and agitating him until he's in excruciating pain; at this point, offer to extract the tooth for him, claiming to be a dentist.

24. General Shredflesh will be worried about being treated, so reassure him until he's convinced of your good intentions. Once he gives you permission, use the Tooth extractor on him to pull out the rotten tooth.

A Strange Plan
Required Items Dramen/Lunar staff
Recommended Items Fairy dossier

25. Having obtained the teeth of all three Ork generals, return to the Resistance HQ (via the AIR DLR DJQ AJS Fairy ring code).

26. Back at the Resistance HQ, show the three teeth to the Tooth Fairy and receive her thanks. Turn on the Projector afterward for information pertaining to the final battle with the Fairy Godfather.

27. Once the cutscene ends, the Tooth Fairy will give you a Fairy wand to control and heal the "Tooth creatures" (the Ork general clones created from the teeth you collected) during the final battle, as explained in the previous cutscene. More information will also be added to your dossier, and the Tooth Fairy will advise you to collect food and whatever else you'll need for the fight at that point.

The Final Battle
Required Items Fairy wand, Bre'egth's tooth, Gromblod's tooth, Shredflesh's tooth
Recommended Items Fairy dossier, Armour, Weapon, Food/Potions

28. Bank at Zanaris if you need to, and input the BIR DIP CLR ALP code listed in your dossier when you're ready.

29. The Fairy ring code will teleport you to the dimensional rift's location, which is also where the Fairy Godfather and the three Ork generals are stationed. Peak through the branches of the fairy tree you're hidden behind to initiate a cutscene, and speak to the Tooth Fairy who appears beside you after it's finished.

30. Before the battle begins, the Tooth Fairy will explain everything you'll need to do. She instructs you to first plant the Ork teeth in the nearby Farming patches and to tend them as they grow. Once they've fully grown, you are to control the tooth creatures and have them kill the Ork generals along with their bodyguards. After you've taken care of the Orks, you'll be able to directly engage the Fairy Godfather and finally end to the war for Zanaris.

31. When you're fully prepared, squeeze through the gap in the fairy tree blocking the path to the battleground and confront the Fairy Godfather!

Quest Ftp3 Orc Generals

32. As the Tooth Fairy suggested, it is important to first find the three Farming patches and plant the Ork teeth as soon as possible. The Ork generals and their Ork warriors will almost immediately begin to attack you, so activating the "Protect from Melee" prayer in addition to equipping your best armour and bringing an inventory of food is highly recommended. You can attack the Orks alone, but be aware that the Fairy Godfather will continually heal them; this makes for a difficult fight without the support of the tooth creatures you're meant to grow. Also, the Fairy Godfather is protected by three shields impervious to all but the tooth creatures' attacks, so they are required to defeat him.

33. Once you've planted the teeth, engage the Ork generals while keeping an eye on the Farming patches. If the patches are attacked, quickly equip your Fairy wand and click on the patch to heal the growing creature. It's particularly important to focus on the Ork generals first, as they are the ones that will attack the Farming patches and summon more Ork warriors though the dimensional rift.

Note: Each Ork general has a special ability, so you may want to target the generals in a particular order, depending on which abilities you deem to be the most dangerous.

  • General Bre'egth - commands the Ork warriors during the final battle; killing her can cause for the Orks to turn on each other and infight.
  • General Gromblod - summons additional Ork warriors during the final battle by beating on a drum and calling for reinforcements from within the rift; killing him prevents these additional Ork warriors from being summoned.
  • General Shredflesh - occasionally attacks the growing tooth creatures in their Farming patches during the quest's final battle; killing him prevents this from happening.

34. When the tooth creatures (called "Ivory Bre'egth/Gromblod/Shredflesh") have finished growing, they will automatically join in the fray, and you will be able to order them to either follow your lead or to attack by selecting their corresponding right-click options. You can also heal them by equipping the Fairy wand and left-clicking the creatures, although this is really only necessary when you begin to fight the Fairy Godfather directly. Should the tooth creatures ever die, they will begin to grow again in the Farming patches.

35. Kill the Ork generals and Ork warriors with the help of the tooth creatures you planted. After you've done so, you'll be able to fight the Fairy Godfather. It is important to note that you cannot damage him until his three shields are down, so instead concentrate on healing the tooth creatures while they attack him. Each creature is able to destroy one and only one of his shields, so you'll need to care for each of the tooth creatures. With their help, defeat the Fairy Godfather and put a stop to his plans!

Fairy Godfather

Note: The Fairy Godfather uses Magic attacks, so switch to the "Protect from Magic" prayer after you've killed the Orcs.

36. Upon destorying his shields, the Fairy Godfather will seemingly surrender, and the Fairy Queen will appear on the battleground. The Godfather, in a desperate bid to defeat you, will curse the tooth creatures but will be sucked into the dimensional rift in the process. The Fairy Queen will then seal the rift with the aid of her assistants, although it will become unstable and explode due to the conflict between the Fairy Godfather's and Fairy Queen's magic.

37. Although the Fairy Godfather is permanently locked away on the plane of Orks, his last curse corrupts the tooth creatures, and they will attack you. However, the Fairy Queen will then teleport everyone back to the Resistance HQ.

38. Eternally grateful for your actions, the Fairy Queen will grant you the ability to travel via the Fairy ring network without a Dramen or Lunar staff, and will also give you a Magic watering can which contains a limitless supply of water. Afterward, she states that Martin the Master Gardener wishes to reward you as well, and offers to teleport you to him. Collect your reward from Martin to finish the quest. Congratulations, quest complete!


  • 11,000 Farming experience
  • 11,000 Thieving experience
  • 11,000 Magic experience
  • 1,000 Summoning experience
  • 1,000 Crafting experience
  • Magic watering can
  • Free access to Zanaris market
  • Ability to use the Fairy ring network without a Dramen or Lunar staff
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • If you decline accepting the quest the first time Fairy Very Wise teleports you to the pocket dimension, you will not be teleported there again. In order to return to that dimension and accept the quest, go to fairy code BIR.
  • During the quest, you can use the Fairy wand to teleport with Fairy Rings instead of a Dramen/Lunar staff.
  • Speak with Martin the Master Gardener after completing the quest, and he'll say that the gardeners stationed at Farming patches across RuneScape will be willing to keep your patches weeded. Talk to one of the gardeners afterward to activate this effect.
  • The "Free access to Zanaris market" quest reward allows players to pass through the gate to Zanaris market without having to pay the toll of one diamond.
  • The Magic watering can quest reward provides a limitless supply of water (i.e. never needs to be refilled). It can be stored by Tool leprechauns in place of a regular watering can.
  • After completing the quest, you can use the Fairy rings to return to the Orks Rift Battleground. Here, you can fight against cursed versions of Ivory Bre'egth, Ivory Gromblod and Ivory Shredflesh.
  • During or after the quest, lighting the campfire on K'Chunk's island will provide a one-time reward of 10,000 Firemaking experience. This requires 8 Willow logs and level 85 Firemaking.
  • During or after the quest, you can fix the bridge on K'Chunk's island (Fairy ring code DIP) and the one to connect to it on Mos Le'Harmless, allowing for quick access to the island. You will need a hammer, a total of 8 Planks and 16 Nails to repair both bridges.
  • During or after the quest, you can teleport back to Ape Atoll (Fairy ring code CLR) and unblock the log while in human form to make a shortcut into the Ape Atoll Agility course. You can only use this shortcut if you are wielding the small ninja greegree.
  • During or after the quest, you can mine a pile of rocks in the Gu'Tanoth cavern (Fairy ring code ALP) to clear a "shortcut" that leads to the Ogre lands west of Gu'Tanoth. This requires a Pickaxe.
  • During or after the quest, you can search the mushrooms found in the south-east corner of Gu'Tanoth cavern (Fairy ring code ALP) to find 7 Ranarrs, 7 Cadantines, 7 Dwarf weeds, 2 Ranarr seeds, 2 Dwarf weed seeds, and 3 Cadantine seeds. This requires level 85 Herblore, and players must have the empty inventory space to collect the reward.
  • The Tooth Fairy will offer to create your very own Milk tooth creature (pet) should you trade her a Suqah tooth, Old tooth, Monkey dentures, Kebbit teeth, and a Human tooth once you've completed the quest.
  • The Tooth Fairy will buy Suqah teeth and Old teeth for 2,000 GP each once you've completed the quest.


Written by: Rien Adelric

Special thanks to: Xena_Dragon

Thanks to: All Bogs, Dark_Aura, DarkBeard, chiefpnut, Jaffy1, land_otter, Lord-Kain1, mr42, Octarine, parthenorius, Profins, Seer, Vulxa

Last updated: 17-Nov-2013

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