While Guthix Sleeps

Difficulty: Grand Master Requirements: Hard Length: Very Very Long

Start location: Speak to Radimus Erkle at the Legends’ Guild


Quest Points: 270

Skills: Level 65 Defence, Level 65 Farming, Level 65 Herblore, Level 55 Hunter, Level 75 Magic, Level 23 Summoning, Level 60 Thieving

Note: You must be eligible for entry to the Warriors’ Guild, and have defeated Bork in the Chaos Tunnels.

Items: Logs, Knife, 5000 gp or Ring of charos (a), 20 gp for Pink dye, Snapdragon seed (or more cash than max ge-price), Seed dibber, 1 Astral rune, 1 Cosmic rune, 2 Air runes, 1 Law rune and 1 Death rune, lit Sapphire lantern, Lantern lens, Charcoal and Papyrus, Unpowered orb, Bronze med helm, Iron chainbody, 2-3 each of: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Mind runes, 3 Cosmic runes, 30 of one type of elemental rune (Air, Earth, Fire, Water)


Quests: As a First Resort... (use pool for extended 100% energy boost)

Skills: High defence (there are many creatures that wish you dead), High agility (to aid in energy restoration due to large amount of travel involved). Note that you can use skill boosts such as beers to increase your stats to start this quest.

Items: Antipoison, armour, weapons for mage/range/melee combat, druidic pouches, Games necklace, access to almost any type of transport to aid in travel time especially Falador teleports (teletabs to save space), Karamja gloves 3 (travel to Shilo), Dramen staff or Lunar staff to use fairy rings

Monsters: Assassin (level 60), get past Elite Khazard Guards (Level 77), kill Mercenary Axeman (level 130) and Mercenary Mage (level 130), get past Elite Black Knights (Level 100), Elite Dark Mages (Level 98), Elite Dark Warriors (Level 98) and Elite Dark Rangers (Level 98), defeat Balance Elemental (level 102), and two Tormented Demons (level 119)

NPCs: Betty, Cyrisus, Darve, Duradel, Ghommal, Guardian of Armadyl, Harrallak Menarous, Hazelmere, Hunting expert -Feldip-, Idria, Ivy Sophista, Lucien, Mazchna, Movario, Radimus Erkle, Reldo, Silif, Sir Tiffy Cashien, Sloane, Thaerisk Cemphier, Turael

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Items Required: None

1. Talk to Radimus Erkle in Legend's Guild. You will learn that a druidess wishes to visit Karamja. He tells you the password to identify yourself is: "Our friend in common, places great faith in totems."

Your Mission...

Bank Bank Bank
Required: None
Suggested: Varrock teleport, optional equipment to kill two level 60 Assassins

2. In Taverley head to the house west of the Pikkupstix's house (where the crystal chest is located). You'll find a druidess named Ivy Sophista. Tell her the password.

3. Head up the ladder to the east and talk to Thaerisk Cemphier. You learn the trip to Karamja was a ruse and in reality he is part of a group of druids who believe in more direct action than currently being taken. Also, Lucien has apparently obtained the Staff of Armadyl.

4. You will suddenly be interrupted by two level 60 assassins. Kill both and talk to Thaerisk again.

5. After going through the conversation and questions, eventually you will be told Thaerisk wishes you to learn more about Movario and suggests you head to Varrock library.

Items Required: None

6. Go to Varrock library and talk to Reldo. You learn Movario has connections in Khazard, reads ancient and obscure texts in foreign languages and harshly punished a thief he caught. Reldo suggests talking to a jungle hunting expert on the matter to help track down Movario.


Bank Bank Bank
Required: Log or Hatchet, Knife, 5000 gp or Ring of charos (a)
Suggested: None

7. Head off to Feldip Hills to talk to the Hunting Expert. She tells you about the wild broav and its abilities to track. She also tells you to bring one back to her so she can train it for you. She will give you a mort myre fungus for bait if you are not carrying one.

8. To capture a broav, you must trap it like a larupia except you must use a mort myre fungus in the trap as bait. The special square pit trap for broavs is directly to the west of the Hunter.

WhileGuthixSleeps Broav pit

9. Put a log on the special pit and place a mort myre fungus on it. Soon you will hopefully capture a broav. Take the unconscious broav and bring it back to the Hunter.

10. After a cut scene, the broav is conscious and the Hunter suggests it is best to have an item of Movario so the broav can track the scent.

11. Head off to the Fight Arena north of Yanille. Talk to one of the Khazard guards that has a combat level and they will suggest that Movario takes his laundry just north-west of the Fight Arena. Go to the north-west building in the town with clothes drying outside and find the Khazard Launderer.

12. Ask him if he knows Movario and he will tell you he can't talk due to client privileges. Bribe him with 5000 gp or charm him wearing a ring of charos(a). He will give you one of Movario's shirts.

13. Use the shirt with the broav and it will begin to go North West. Every once in a while it will stop and you have to use the shirt on it again. If you get it stuck behind an object, use the familiar interface to whistle it to you, then use the shirt on it again once it is back out. Eventually you will be led to the crumbling buildings at Khazard Battlefield.

Movario's Hideout

Bank Bank Bank
Required: One of each: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Mind runes
Suggested: Antipoison, armour and food recommended

14. Climb over the crumbled wall to get in. Have the broav smell the shirt by the broken table and it will squeal. You will find it is really a trapdoor. Open it and go down. This place is filled with level 100 elites so food and armour is advised. You will not need the shirt after this.

Khazard Dungeon While Guthix Sleeps

15. At the intersection west of the entrance, head straight north and follow the curve around to the west until you reach a set of stairs. Go down and you'll find you are in an empty area that prevents teleportation, and an old battered door.

16. This door is tricky and can do serious damage (250-350 LP), so use caution. After using runes on it, you will still need to disarm a trap before opening the door.

Runes Key
  • When you look at the door, you will notice five symbols repeating across the top, as well as a message saying "Further Access Prohibited".
  • The symbol indicating the rune to use is inserted into the "Further Access Prohibited" phrase. Look carefully for the symbol, and use that rune.
Battered Door Pic
  • If you use the wrong rune, a magic attack will hit 250 damage. (Watch the attack given by the door, it matches the right rune. For example: blue attack = use water rune.) If the rune is correct, it should say "you hear a click." Do NOT open the door at this point.
  • Now, you will need to search it for traps. Attempting to open the door without searching results in getting hit 350 damage, being poisoned and being attacked by 3 elite guards. Right click the door and select search. Select to disarm the trap and hopefully you will manage to disarm the trap.

17. You must weigh more than 0kg to enter this room. The goal of the puzzle in this room is to disperse the electricity away from the gate to the bookcases:

  • Starting at the bookcases closest to the gate, look carefully at the wires on the ground. Those with power should have a faint shimmer and pulse slightly.
  • Go up to the bookcase where the live wires lead and search the bookcase. You should receive a message of "CLICK."
  • If so, continue on from there following the wires as they light up.
  • Should nothing special happen, try following a different lit up wire until you get a "CLICK."
  • After several "CLICKS" in a row, you will know you have finished when you get a message in your chat box and the electricity disappears from the gate.

18. Go east and search the painting and enter the small chamber. Look at the thermometer. It will given a random reading of x-number of 'tickits.' There is a pile of weights to the south but wait to take these until later. Also be sure to search the drawers for notes on pressure.

19. Go through the metal door (with the deactivated electrical trap) and search the stairs to disable a trap before going up them. Upstairs, search the desk to obtain a volume of Movario's notes.

20. Pick up the waste-basket near the desk. Search it to obtain a ruby key. Search the bookcase to the far west and use the key on it to reveal a set of stairs.

21. Go up these stairs and search the bed to reveal a chest. Search the chest to disable the trap. Use the ruby key on the chest to open it. Collect volume 2 of notes for the quest, and the strange key parts (save them, see Tips and Tricks section). You can discard the ruby key now.

22. Head back downstairs now to work on balancing your weight. The statue referred to in the following steps is up the stairs; it matches the painting, showing a man supporting a large tome on his back.

Note: One "tickit" = one kg.

  • Your weight must be equal to the thermometer reading plus however much weight is placed on the statue.
  • If your weight is more than the thermometer, add the missing weight to the statue. (Or you could drop some of your inventory items, if you like.)
  • If your weight is less than the thermometer, don't put anything on the statue. Just pick up enough weights in your inventory so that your weight equals the thermometer.
  • Go back down stairs and get the necessary amount of weights from the pile.
  • If your weight is more than the thermometer, go back upstairs and place the weights on the statue.
  • Go over to the door to the east of the statue and if you have properly matched the weights, you will open it and be returned to the original main underground room with elite guards.
  • If you have not, you will be gassed and hit for damage, along with some of your quest items being taken away. Do not worry, you do not have to repeat the puzzles. Just keep going back until you can escape from the place with the notes.


Bank Bank Bank
Required: Movario's notes (volume 1) and 2
Suggested: Camelot teleport or fairy ring to McGrubor's Woods (ALS), weapon, Falador teleport

23. Head back to Thaerisk. He will look over the notes and tell you that they are quite important and that Movario is on trail of the most powerful artefact ever conceived. You can discard the notes now. Ask him what to do and he will tell you to talk to the Guardians of Armadyl, then to report to him at the White Knight's castle.

24. Head to the shack at McGrubor's Woods. As you approach, you will see a cut scene of mercenaries attacking the guardians. Kill the mercenaries, except for the mage who will teleport. Talk to the wounded guardian who tells you to "seek Idria who is in the arms of a forester."

25. Head to the bar in Seer's Village named the "Forester's Arms" and go upstairs to talk to Idria. If you sided with Lucien during the Temple of Ikov quest, she will make you swear that you no longer support him. After chatting, your character will decide to visit Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador as well as visiting Thaerisk afterwards. Teleport to Falador.

26. Sir Tiffy tells you to speak to Akrisae Kolluym located in the White Knight Castle, so go there. Once there speak to Akrisae who is on the east end of the castle.

WhileGuthixSleeps Whiteknights

After talking you will be given a teleorb to plant on a spy. Ask and you can get a free teleport to Draynor Village to find the spy.

The First Spy

Bank Bank Bank
Required: 20 gp for Pink dye
Suggested: Falador teleport, Snapdragon seed or cash to buy at 75% of the GE price, Lantern lens

27. Use the teleorb on one of the strangers wandering around in white robes. Return to the White Knight castle.

28. In a cut scene they will attempt to give truth serum to the shady stranger. He will knock out the druid. Talk to Thaerisk again and you will learn you must create a new truth serum.

29. Thaerisk explains you must bring a snapdragon seed to Betty in Port Sarim. Either buy a seed from Thaerisk (at 75% of the Grand Exchange price) or use one of your own and Thaerisk will teleport you to Port Sarim.

30. Talk to Betty. You learn you must use an enriched snapdragon herb on a regular truth serum. Creating an enriched snapdragon seed requires a rose tinted lens. Betty provides the truth serum for free, but you need to buy pink dye for 20gp. She takes your snapdragon seed and puts it safely on the counter.

31. Use the pink dye on your lantern lens. Then stand in her doorway with the door open and use the lens on the counter. Search the counter to obtain the enriched snapdragon seed.

Planting and Recruiting

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Seed dibber, Enriched snapdragon seed
Suggested: Karamja gloves 3, Dramen staff or Lunar staff for fairy ring, Falador teleport

32. Return to Thaerisk. He tells you to grow the seed on the roof. Go up the Western tower of the White Knight Castle to find the patch. With a seed dibber, plant the seed. Return to Thaerisk. Now you are to assemble a group of Heroes: Turael, Hazelmere, Duradel, and Mazchna. To save a large amount of walking time, you can use the NPC Contact spell to speak with the slayer masters, leaving only Hazelmere to speak with in person.

33. For this step, using the NPC contact spell on the Lunar spellbook can save a tremendous amount of time but is not a must (however, you will need to be on Lunar by step 37). If you do not have the use of the Lunar NPC Contact spell, use games necklace to talk to Turael. Use fairy ring code (CLS) to talk to Hazelmere. Use Karamja gloves 3 or cart to talk to Duradel, and either ancient teleport to Canifis or fairy ring code (CKS or DLS) to reach Mazchna. Once you have fully convinced all of them, return to White Knight Castle.


Bank Bank Bank
Required: Truth serum, Charcoal, Papyrus
Suggested: None

34. Your herb will be fully grown now, so head up to the roof again. Harvest the herb and then use the enriched snapdragon on the truth serum to get super truth serum.

35. Return to the ground floor and go back to the cell at the eastern end of the castle. Use the potion on the spy. You will be given multiple choices as to what to tell him in order to get him to drink it. The correct choice varies between player to player, however there is no penalty for any wrong choices and you may simply try again.

36. After he drinks it, start interrogating him. He talks of Dark Squall, a fearsome mage. If you have charcoal and papyrus you will automatically sketch a portrait. Talk to Idria.

Recruitment Round II

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Must get on Lunar Magic; 1 Astral rune, 1 Cosmic rune, 2 Air runes
Suggested: Falador teleport, gp to buy armour

37. You must get three members from the warrior's guild: Ghommal, Sloane and Harrallack. Ghommal is the guild's doorman, Sloane is on the first floor by the shot-put room, and Harrallack is in the guild's main lobby. You will also need to speak with Cyrisus from the Dream Mentor quest. If you don't already own them, it's handy to buy an iron chainbody and bronze med helm while you are there. Use the lunar magick Contact NPC spell to talk with Cyrisus. When finished, return to the castle.

Black Knight Fortress

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Must be on regular magic spellbook; Bronze med helm, Iron chainbody, Unpowered orb, 3 Cosmic rune, 30 of one type elemental rune
Suggested: Armour, food, potions, weapons for mage/range/melee combat, Falador teleport

38. At the castle, you learn that Silif has gone missing after following Dark Squall. Head off to the Black Knight fortress. Be sure to wear a bronze med helm and an iron chainbody to get in.

39. Enter the Black Knight Fortress and head west of the portcullis and go down the ladder. Find and search the out of place tile. Then cast any of the four charge orb spells upon it revealing a trapdoor. Kill three elite black knights here to receive a helm, platebody and platelegs (after this, the armour pieces drop rate becomes rare). Wear them and they will no longer attack. They change prayer depending on your attack style, so you must change your attack or wait for their prayer to run out.

Note: To get the armour pieces you MUST kill the level 100 knights. Killing the warriors, rangers or mages will not work. If you kill the knights only you will get all three armour pieces in your first three kills.

Black Knights Dungeon

40. Jump across the bridge and follow the eastern path until you reach the end. Click on the wall to climb up it. Go north and climb over the barricades, or go around them to head west and then north-west. Go as far north as possible, where there are three solid black doors. Enter the centre one.

41. Search the desks to find a lobster, a restore potion (4) , and a strange teleorb. Save at least one piece of food and all of the restore potion for later.

  • Move east and "spy on Dark Squall."
  • Do not go up the ladder or you will be attacked.
  • Go back and open the southern wardrobe for a set of Dagon'hai robes.
  • Go north to obtain a cell key off the key rack.
  • Next to it, raid the wardrobe for an extra set of black elite armour.
  • Exit the room the way you came, then head east to the jail.

42. Enter the cell with Silif (your cell key will vanish) and use the lobster and restore potion on Silif. Then talk to him about what happened. Use the extra set of black elite armour on him.

43. Then head back to the room with Dark Squall with Silif following. Talk to Silif. He will ask you to take him near the map to the south of the room. Once there he will tell you to plant the teleorb on Dark Squall. Plant the larger teleorb on Dark Squall who will turn into Surok Magis and send his minions on you. Teleport back to the White Knight castle.


Bank Bank Bank
Required: Dagon'hai hat, Top and Bottoms, 1 Law rune and 1 Death rune, Strange teleorb, Falador teleport
Suggested: Some food

44. At the White Knight castle, talk with Thaerisk. You learn you must now masquerade as Surok, so don the set of robes. Do not walk into the cell until you are ready.

Lucien's Lair

45. When you enter the cell, you are teleported back into Dark Squall's base. Head east and up the ladder.

46. Have a law rune and death rune and right click activate on the strange teleorb while standing on top of the symbol engraved in the middle of the floor. You will be teleported to a snowy area. Talk with a black elite to learn Lucien is 'recruiting' and you should go to the chapel to "observe."

WhileGuthixSleeps Luciens

47. Go up the right hand path until you find you have a "climb" option on the wall near the temple. Click the temple ledge to Jump to it, and go east. A cutscene will occur where Lucien effortlessly wipes out 6 of the 8 warriors. Afterwards, some guards will attack you, so jump back across and then teleport back to White Knight Castle.

48. Talk and find out that Movario has moved to the Lumbridge Caves. You must go to the cave where the Tears of Guthix Minigame is located.

Cave Exploring

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Dagon'hai hat, Top and Bottoms, lit Sapphire bullseye lantern
Suggested: Games necklace, bank teleport, PACK SPACE for puzzle items, at least two extra Druid pouches; NOTE that you could bring equipment for final fight, but it is suggested that you leave the cave and then return

49. Enter Lumbridge caves from either the Lumbridge basement shortcut, swamp entrance, or by using the game necklace and go to where the Tears of Guthix Minigame is located. While wearing your Dagon'hai robes, speak with Movario and claim to be Surok. You learn you need to use a bullseye lantern that has a sapphire in it to lure the light creatures to you. Attract a light creature by using your sapphire lantern on a nearby light creature and select to go into the chasm. A cut scene will occur.

WhileGuthixSleeps Lightcrea

50. Search the skeleton and two skeletal remains to get a spade, a chisel, a hammer, a silver sickle (b) and 6 druid pouches.

51. Use the spade on the two rocks that have search options. Then use the chisel on them to obtain a fire and earth orb.

52. Go south and use the chisel on the two braziers to get the air and water orbs.

53. Go all the way south and you will see four large skulls formed in the walls. Observe the recessed blocks next to each skull nose. Use the related elemental orb on each block. (You will have to climb up the sides of the middle skull to reach the fourth skull at the top level.) You will obtain 4 elemental keys.

WhileGuthixSleeps Skulls

54. Back on the main level, enter each nose cavity, high crawl to the end, examine the lock you find, and use the related element key on it. The last key will go in the recessed block of the top skull.

55. Search the stone cube nearby and the mouth of the skull will open. Go in and proceed to the central chamber.

WhileGuthixSleeps Herbaltars

56. In this area you must fill the bowls of each of the 8 statues with the correct potion ingredients.

  • Go to the end of a path and examine the statue to be given a clue for what potion is needed there.
  • The statue locations, types of statue, and types of potion needed is different for each player.
  • Obtain potion ingredients by using the pouch on the druids. They will only drop each set of ingredients once.
  • You can get more druid pouch ingredients by casting bloom on the dead vines, but remember that this uses prayer points. If you receive a mort myre fungus from a druid, be careful and DO NOT refill your pouch. Make sure you use the fungus on the statue BEFORE refilling your pouch again.
  • If your statue depicts a potion that requires another potion as an ingredient (such as Guthix balance), place the herb and secondary needed for that potion (harralander and red spiders' eggs), then place the secondary ingredients needed for the main potion (garlic and silver dust).
  • Use the appropriate potion ingredients on an altar bowl.
  • If the items are correct, the statue will come to life and you will be rewarded with a dolmen.
  • Use the dolmen on the stone table in the central chamber, and continue until all 8 dolmens are placed.

57. A cutscene will occur and the barrier will be opened. Bank at this point. Be sure to bring at least two types of attack with you, your best food, your best potions, and defensive armour.

Final Map

Final Fight

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Good armour, good food, good potions
Suggested: None

58. Touch the stone. The level 102 balance elemental will show up.

  • It uses all three types of attack and can hit up to 300 damage. Thus, Prayer Switching to block each type of attack is recommended. However, an alternative strategy is simply to only Protect against Magic and have a high melee and ranged defence.
  • If you manage to get it stuck on one of the pillars, then it will only use its range or magic attack.
  • It will also chat randomly during the battle so simply keep right clicking attack when it does so or it will get a free round of attack at you.
  • Its range attack looks like a long, red dart and its magic attack looks like it is summoning rocks.
  • It can weaken your stats with its attacks so make sure to watch your stats and re-pot when necessary. The specific attack that drains your stats is magic, so if you pray protect magic, you can avoid this effect completely. Wearing Karil's can also help.
  • It has surprisingly low defence and life points for its level, so it's simply a matter of surviving the damage and attacking it.

59. Touch the stone again and Movario and Darve will show up. Chat until Lucien shows up.

60. Lucien will summon two level 119 tormented demons after chatting:

  • Have at least two types of attack when attacking the demons since they do pray.
  • Stay close to the stone of Jas since it will constantly boost your combat stats (except for prayer) to 255 and will make the killing of the demons much easier.

61. After the demons are dead, talk to Idria. She'll teleport you back with her to the castle. Talk again. Quest complete!


  • 4x100,000 experience in any skills over level 65
  • 5000 coins
  • Dragon metal fragment
  • Ability to raid Movario's base.
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 5

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Several objects needed can be found throughout the quest, you just need to carefully search for them. Do not get discouraged if you get stuck; this quest was meant to be difficult.
  • You can buy an iron chainbody and bronze med helm while you are at the Warrior's Guild so you do not have to go off and try to buy them or smith them.
  • If you do not want to go through the trouble of killing Elite black knights for the elite black armour pieces, you can buy the set on the Grand Exchange.
  • Elite black armour and Dagon'Hai robes are only available again as an extremely rare drop, and they are REQUIRED to complete this quest, so keep this in mind if you decide to sell before you finish.
  • If you need to leave while attempting to infiltrate Lucien's lair, you will need to grab your elite black armour and re-enter Dark Squall's base through the black knight's fortress north of Ice Mountain.
  • Take the strange key teeth and the strange key loop to the ancient cavern and use them on a mithril dragon to make a dragonkin key. Use dragonkin key on the mithril door and cast a fire wave on each of the dragon heads. You can now head off to the room with the anvils and find lava there. If you have all three pieces and 92 smithing, you'll have the ability to smith a dragon platebody!
  • You can go back and kill the tormented demons again for attempts to gain more dragon metal fragments or dragon claws after the quest.
  • Movario's hideout has a tunnel on the second floor near the staircase. You can loot the stockpiles of fire runes, death runes, coal and magic logs. However, you will need to balance your weight in order to exit safely. Some players decide that taking damage from exiting is simpler than fiddling with the weights, and just top off their life points at the bank before returning.
  • You can use boosts such as beers to increase your stats to start this quest.
  • The final battle against the Balance Elemental and the two Tormented Demons is in a multi-combat area, so you may bring a combat familiar if you wish.


Written by: The49ronin

Special thanks to: Cowman_133, darkblade986, Game_Freak67, Halo2_rocks7, Jaffy1, Kaphias, Laikrob, Morionic, Pokemama, roeckie1, Tryto, Winarr, wyvren2000

Thanks to: Aceethan, Aurhora, chiefpnut, civie, cuba_caramel, Da_Latios, Das, Dark Marquis, Enjay, Howlin1, II_Haunted, Jard_Y_Dooku, JoeDaStudd, Jpl02192, Leah LKN, Kietaro1, Komodo_Jo, Mirrorforced, Norman Biggs, Oddfaery2, Pionex40, Ryuuka, satansds, shandor, Shasta_Sms, Siobhana, smobo, snick5, SportsGuy, sunbladedrgn, Sunli, thebigbeast, The_Socc_Masta, ultraman5910, Velocius, vlad the old, Warriormonkx, Wisse, Zokot

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