Path of Glouphrie, The

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Hard Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to King Bolren in the Tree Gnome Village near the Spirit Tree.


Skills: Level 45 Agility, Level 47 Ranged, Level 56 Slayer, Level 60 Strength, Level 56 Thieving

Items: Crossbow (any metal), Mithril grapple, Crystal saw or Small crystal seed


Items: Sextant, Watch, Chart, Ring of duelling, Tangled toads' legs, Wild pie if your slayer is 51-55, Bandit's Brew if you have 55 thieving, armour, weapon, food, and a Prayer potion

Monsters: Warped Terrorbird (Level 118), Warped Tortoise (level 104)

NPCs: Golrie, Hazelmere, King Bolren, Longramble

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Another one?
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

1. King Bolren has a new pet - one of the evil 'cute' creatures. You will warn him of what his precious Dumpling really is, but Bolren refuses to believe you. You decide to seek another anti-illusion device to prove that Dumpling is evil. After a discussion about Oaknock's machine, his son Yewnock, and crystals, you will need to find a gnome who keeps old elven artefacts.

Finding the Machine
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Crystal saw or Small crystal seed

gnome village dungeon

2. Go out the gate to exit the village, then go down the ladder just east of you into the Gnome Village Dungeon.

3. Retrieve the door key from the crates to the East of Golrie like in the Waterfall quest. Head to the western part of the dungeon and ask Golrie about an anti-illusion device. He has boxes and boxes, all sent to him by his grandfather. Note that you will need to unlock the door using the key found in the eastern room's crates during the Waterfall Quest to open the jail door and properly speak with him.

4. Go to the eastern room in the dungeon and crawl through the tunnel.

5. You will come across a big monolith which is in your way. Push it once and you'll be able to go around it.

6. Search the chest to find some crystalline disks.

7. North of this there is a more complex set of monoliths. To get through, follow these steps:

  1. Push the south-western monolith one step north.
  2. Push the north-western monolith one step east.
  3. Open each chest to find a key, a notebook, and some more crystalline disks (if you are not carrying any).
  4. Push the small monolith one step south.
  5. Push the north-western monolith one step west.
  6. Open the mahogany chest and search it to find a strongroom key.
  7. Push the south-eastern monolith one step west.

At the nearby crystal bowl, revert your crystal saw to a small crystal seed, then use the sing-glass option on the bowl. Your small crystal seed will now be crystal chimes. This will save you a trip later.

Breaking Illusions
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

8. Open the strongroom door on the western side of the area. The lectern on the south wall can offer some insight into the history of Bolrie and how Glouphrie tried to use him for power.

9. Put the proper number of crystalline disks into Yewnock's machine to activate it. On the top, one crystalline disc must have the same value as the sum of the two shown, while on the bottom, the sum of two crystalline discs must be equal to the value of the one shown. If you cannot get the right numbers, use Yewnock's Exchanger, which is the northern part of the machine. The values for each piece are the same as in Eyes of Glouphrie:

Colour/Shape Combinations
Shape Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet
Circle 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Triangle 3 6 9 12 15 18 21
Square 4 8 12 16 20 24 28
Pentagon 5 10 15 20 25 30 35

Searching for Arposandra
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: (Sextant, Watch, and Chart not needed when using this guide)

10. When the machine becomes active, Dumpling will be revealed as the evil creature he is. Push the north-western monolith east, and crawl through the tunnel to the north to leave the area. Return to King Bolren and destroy the evil creature.

11. Talk to Bolren, who wonders why Glouphrie sent only one watcher to the Tree Gnome Village while sending many to the Grand Tree Stronghold - to the point of wanting more evil watchers just to prove he's worth it. You decide to find Glouphrie, who you believe is in Arposandra, a hidden gnome city. Bolren sends you to Aluft Gianne junior to locate Longramble, a gnome who set out for Arposandra.

12. Head to the Grand Tree Stronghold and go to the first floor of the Grand Tree. Gianne jnr is on the north west side, speak to him about Longramble. Gianne tells you that Longramble has a longstanding order, but no one can find him. He gives you coordinates to his location - 2 degrees, 7 minutes south and 3 degrees, 7 minutes west.

Grab a ring of duelling from the Grand Tree bank. If you've already made your crystal saw or seed into chimes, equip for the final battle discussed at the end. Teleport or walk to Castle Wars and continue to follow step 13. If not, follow the instructions in step 7 to obtain the chime.

Finding Sickness
Items Required: Crystal chime, Crossbow, Mithril grapple
Items Suggested: Tangled toads' legs

13. (Exit Castle Wars by the south bridge and) Follow the south wall of Castle Wars to the west and continue on until you see an island with a tree in the middle of the river - grapple the tree to get across. Longramble is nearby.

14. Speak to him (he will automatically grab the Tangled toads legs if you brought them, but this is optional). He is seeking the edge of the world, with Arposandra as a mere detour. With Glouphrie being the one to hide the city, however, he suspects it will be hard to locate. He has, however, found a waste outlet which he believes is from the city, as elves wouldn't have waste outlets.

15. Head north - you will encounter a dead-looking spirit tree. He says he is alone, separated from the others.

16. Speak to the spirit tree, he is grateful to find a tree whisperer. He has lost his connection to the anima mundi, which allows the spirit trees to communicate. You accidentally contact Hazelmere who attempts to sense the problem in the tree - he finds it is ailing because the soil has been poisoned. He explains that this is a symptom of the separation of nature and the anima mundi, which would create so much power that life would become unbalanced. Fixing all of this requires a spiritual cleansing which can only be completed by elven magic.

17. Ring your crystal chime. The spirit tree will be restored to health and permits you access to the swamp. If you are not already armed for the final battle, you may wish to use the spirit tree to travel to a bank, such as the Gnome Stronghold or the Grand Exchange.

Warped Finale
Items Required: Crystal chime
Items Suggested: Armour, weapon, food, a Prayer potion

18. Head west of the spirit tree and then south to find the sewer. This dungeon has many slayer level 56 monsters: Warped Terrorbirds (level 118) and Warped Tortoises (level 104) who attack with melee and range. The range attacks are more severe, so protect from range is recommended. Avoid muddy patches as you will be reduced to a walk. Turning on Run and turning off autoretaliate is also suggested to minimize damage.

Click here to view the
Sewer Dungeon Map

19. Summary: In this dungeon you will basically head all the way east, then north a bit, then a good ways west until you can turn north. Finally turn east at an intersection to reach the door to the bosses.

Details: In the first room you will find a Warped Tortoise (level 96). Go up the ladder on the north wall. Head east. Follow the dungeon's path all the way east. Descend the south stairs and go north and up the north ladder. Go all the way west until you come across a northern pathway. Go down the north-west ladder and east, then climb up the north-east ladder. Continue north until you come to a 4-way intersection.

20. Head to the east room to fight the final battle with three Warped Terrorbirds (Level 118). Note that you cannot teleport once inside this room. You must *use* your crystal chime on a warped terrorbird to make it attackable, this will wear off and you will have to make it vulnerable again. (There is a mild colour change; the bird is darker when vulnerable.) They attack with range and melee, but protect from range prayer is recommended as the melee attack is less. It is currently possible to stand in safespots in the room (such as near pillars or the door) so that only one terrorbird is attacking at a time.

21. After defeating the warped terrorbirds, peek at the hatch door on the east side of the room. A cut scene will show two terrorbirds talking about guarding upstairs. They will realise you're in the room and press a button which sets off numerous security devices.

(In the cutscene your character will appear to take damage, but your health bar will not be reduced.) Hazelmere will mindmeld with you as you faint, and rescue you to his house.

22. Speak to Hazelmere to complete the quest.


  • 5,000 Magic Experience
  • 30,000 Strength Experience
  • 20,000 Slayer Experience
  • 5,000 Thieving Experience
  • Access to the Sewer Slayer Dungeon
  • Ability to use the new Spirit Tree "Mountains east of poison waste" and the ability to transport between any Spirit tree without having to use the Gnome Stronghold or Tree Gnome Village as a hub
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • If you take Tangled toads' legs to Longramble, he'll give you a mint cake. This is optional. The mint cake restores 100% of your run energy, which might be helpful when traversing the dungeon.
  • You can turn your crystal saw into crystal chimes prior to going to the tree, saving you a trip.
  • You can use a Bandit's Brew to meet the 56 Thieving requirement, if you have 55 thieving.
  • If you lose your Small crystal seed/saw or chimes, you can obtain another by visiting Brimstail in the Gnome Stronghold and choosing the option, "Just want to chat".
  • If you want change your Crystal chimes back into a Crystal saw use them on the singing bowl in Brimstail's cave located in the Grand Tree Stronghold
  • You can use the Spirit Tree at the Poison Waste after you restore it to full health.
  • If you have started the Tree Gnome Village quest and have not finished it, you must do so before you can start this quest.


Written by: SaidinWoT

Thanks to: Adamskii, Aurhora, Baffler, Ciabelle, essiw, Jaffy1, Lilac-Eagle, Lizardo14, Mc90123, Murder 61, oddfaery2, SportsGuy, Sy_Accursed, tbh hero, vlad the old, Wugmasterx

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