Prisoner of Glouphrie, The

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Golrie in his cave beneath the Tree Gnome Village.


Skills: Level 64 Agility, Level 62 Construction, Level 61 Runecrafting, Level 64 Thieving

Items: Any items required will be available during the quest.


Items: Ring of duelling

NPCs: Bolrie, Golrana, Golrie, Guard no. 103, Ilfeen

Walkthrough hide »

Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Ring of duelling

1. Begin the quest by talking to the Golrie. He asks you if you will help and tells you his mum would help as well.

2. Golrie will bring you to his mother in the center of the Tree Gnome Village. He will show his mother the letter his Gramps left and she will insist on going to rescue him. You will be allowed to tag along with Golrana.

3. Golrana tells you to meet up with her at the "Galarpos Mountains". The mountains are to the west of the Observatory and the lava fields. You will see Golrana at some shrubbery north of the Observatory.

Prisoner Of Glouphrie Galarpos Mountains

4. Talk to Golrana and tell her you are ready to go and she will start to follow you. Make sure you don't lose sight of her, otherwise you will have to start over. Go north-west as much as you can and you will come across a dead tree. Search it to move some roots out of the way then climb through the dead tree.

5. You will climb into a cave. To the south of the area you are in there is a ledge, but when you try to cross the ledge Golrana will stop you and walk across herself. When she gets to the other side of the chasm she will tie a rope to a stalagmite for you to automatically cross over (or click on the stalagmite to cross).

Prisoner Of Glouphrie Dungeon Map

6. Once across the chasm, go south as far as you can until you come across some gaps you have to jump. Jump them and Golrana will too.

7. Once across the gaps, go north-west until you come across a body of water with some stepping stones (ten in total). To the south-east of the water is a small crevice. Investigate it and Golrana will crawl into it. After a few seconds she will appear to the north of the body of water. She will push a stone into the water so you can jump the stepping stones to cross the water.

8. Once across the water, follow the path of the north tunnel which will curve south. Continue and you will come to another crevice. Climb through that to come out just north-east of Lletya.

9. Go west as far as you can, and then south until you come across a sturdy tree (it is the furthest tree to the west and it is a darker shade of brown). Investigate it and then climb down it and you will appear just south of the Lletya bank where Golrana will talk to Ilfeen.

10. Ilfeen will know that you are in Lletya because of Golrie's Gramps letter. She will take you to the sheep field in the north-west of the town where the dungeon is. You will automatically climb into the dungeon.

11. Once inside the dungeon, pick up and read the book that is on the crate beside the ladder.

12. You'll need to make an anti-illusion device. To make it, you'll need: 2 Long Planks, 2 Medium Planks, 6 Short Planks, 2 Strips of Fabric, 1 Light Crystal, 1 Long Crystal, 1 Short Crystal and some Rune glue.

13. Search the boxes, the picture on the wall, one of the elven lights (only one works) and the shelves near the painting to get the components (they will automatically be put on the crate near the ladder). Now build the device by left clicking on the materials on the table.

14. The next thing you need to do is calibrate the device. Click on the crate again and you will be required to complete a puzzle.

Below is an example of the calibration puzzle.

Prisoner Of Glouphrie Calibrate Device

This puzzle requires you to put two coins into each slot in order to satisfy the indicated number and colorr. The puzzle assigns standard values to the shapes and colours of coins.

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Circle Almond Triangle Square Pentagon Hexagon
1 2 3 4 5 6

The colours and values assigned to the different coins are used to determine what colour and number will be produced by a combination of two coins. The colour produced is determined by the colour wheel shown in the puzzle. To get yellow, for example, we need to either use two yellow coins or two different colours from either side of the yellow line such as orange and green or red and green.The number is determined by a mathematical formula based on the values in the tables above. All colour and number combinations can be viewed in our list below.

Final number = [(Colour of coin 1)*(Shape of coin 1)] + [(Colour of coin 2)*(Shape of coin 2)]

We need two coins to add up to 54 Cyan, another two coins to add up to 30 Magenta and two more coins to add up to 27 Yellow. By looking at our combinations list below you will find that you need:

  • One blue hexagon and one green hexagon to add up to 54 Cyan
  • Either one red pentagon and one blue pentagon OR one red almond and one violet square to add up to 30 Magenta
  • Either one yellow triangle and one yellow hexagon OR one yellow square and one yellow pentagon to add up to 27 Yellow

To get different coins, you must take a Minute crystal seed from the crate next to the Singing Bowl and choose the Sing-glass option. The level of the bowl will determine the shape. Completely empty is a circle. Fill it once you'll get an almond. Fill it again it'll be a triangle, then a square, then a pentagon and finally a hexagon. Rotate the crystal to change the colour of the bowl.

Prisoner Of Glouphire Bowl-shapes
A list of all the possible combinations
Possible Cyan combinations:

Blue Circle + Green Circle = 9
Blue Almond + Green Almond = 18
Blue Triangle + Green Triangle = 27
Blue Square + Green Square = 36
Blue Pentagon + Green Pentagon = 45
Blue Hexagon + Green Hexagon = 54

Possible Magenta Combinations:

Red Circle + Blue Circle = 6
Red Almond + Blue Almond = 12
Red Triangle + Blue Triangle = 18
Red Square + Blue Square = 24
Red Pentagon + Blue Pentagon = 30
Red Hexagon + Blue Hexagon = 36

Red Triangle + Indigo Square = 27

Red Circle + Violet Almond = 15
Red Almond + Violet Square = 30
Red Triangle + Violet Hexagon = 45

Possible Yellow Combinations:

Red Circle + Green Circle = 5
Red Almond + Green Almond = 10
Red Triangle + Green Triangle = 15
Red Square + Green Square = 20
Red Pentagon + Green Pentagon = 25
Red Hexagon + Green Pentagon = 26

Green Circle + Orange Almond = 8
Green Almond + Orange Square = 16
Green Triangle + Orange Triangle = 18

Yellow Circle + Yellow Circle = 6
Yellow Circle + Yellow Almond = 9
Yellow Circle + Yellow Triangle = 12
Yellow Circle + Yellow Square = 15
Yellow Circle + Yellow Pentagon = 18
Yellow Circle + Yellow Hexagon = 21
Yellow Almond + Yellow Almond = 12
Yellow Almond + Yellow Triangle = 15
Yellow Almond + Yellow Square = 18
Yellow Almond + Yellow Pentagon = 21
Yellow Almond + Yellow Hexagon = 24
Yellow Triangle + Yellow Triangle = 18
Yellow Triangle + Yellow Square = 21
Yellow Triangle + Yellow Pentagon = 24
Yellow Triangle + Yellow Hexagon = 27
Yellow Square + Yellow Square = 24
Yellow Square + Yellow Pentagon = 27
Yellow Square + Yellow Hexagon = 30
Yellow Pentagon + Yellow Pentagon = 30
Yellow Pentagon + Yellow Hexagon = 33
Yellow Hexagon + Yellow Hexagon = 36

15. Once you have the machine working, Golrana will ask you if you want to keep the leftover shapes or if you want her to put them back. It does not matter which one you pick. Golrana will next tell you to meet her at Lletya bank (the same place where you met Ilfeen earlier).

16. Talk to Golrana again at the bank to begin your journey back the way you came. When you start your way back, you and Golrana will notice an air vent. Open the air vent to attach a rope to it.

17. Climb down the air vent and a cutscene appears. After the cutscene, you will climb deeper into the mountain and you will come out in a room.

18. Go up the stairs to the north. Go east and carefully rotate the watcher so that it is facing the wall. Enter the room and tell the guard that you are a gnome there to interrogate the prisoner. The guard will leave the room.

19. Once in the room, pick the lock to the cell that Bolrie is in (you also gain 4 thieving xp for this) and talk to him. To make sure you aren't Glouck, Bolrie will ask you a few questions:

1: What's the name of the elf mentioned in the letter that brought you here?

2: Who was the letter addressed to?

3: How did you find Arposandra?
(This one you automatically answer)

4: If, as you say, you made an anti-illusion device, how many different types of coloured crystal coins can be made with the singing bowl?

5: In my lab, there's a picture on the wall. What is it of?
The Grand Tree

Once you answer all his questions, he will believe you are there to help him and he will follow you.

20. Leave the cell and the room and head to the alcove west of the stairs you came up in step 18. Bolrie will stay in the alcove. In the mean time go south and open the door. Once you open the door a cutscene will appear and you will find Golrana.

21. Once the alarm goes off you, Golrana and Bolrie will climb up the air vent to escape. Once outside, push the boulder that is just north of the air vent south onto the air vent to stop anyone from coming up that way as well.

22. After blocking the air vent with the boulder, talk to Golrana and there will be another cutscene. After the cutscene, talk to Golrana again and she will use some grand seed pods to get your party out of the mountains. After another cutscene, you will be in the Tree Gnome Village to complete the quest!


  • 60,000 Thieving xp
  • 60,000 Agility xp
  • 50,000 Construction xp
  • 45,000 Runecrafting xp
  • A new glider to the Tree Gnome Village
  • Golrana will store some spirit tree seeds for you.
  • The ability to plant up to two spirit seeds (with level 86 Farming)
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • A ring of duelling can teleport you just south of the Observatory or if you are on the Lunar magic spellbook you can teleport to just north of the lava fields.
  • Make sure Golrana doesn't lose sight of you. If she does, you can find her just north of the Observatory.
  • During and after the quest, you can take the Galarpos Mountains shortcut if you need to go between Lletya and Castle Wars. Very useful if players do not have any teleport crystals and want access straight into Lletya.
  • If you log out while attempting to rescue Bolrie you will end up by the bank in Lletya. If this happens, squeeze through the gap in the fence by the bank and climb back up the rope attached to the sturdy tree.


Written by: DarkDude98 & Howlin0001

Special thanks to: All_Bogs, Grasle, Jaffy1, Vulxai

Thanks to: Aurhora, Game_Freak67, mitsbe, Oxbert, pokemama, Polkadoodle, Rimmer33, Trixxter

Last updated: 09-Dec-2013

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