Legends' Quest

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Hard Length: Long

Start location: Outside the Legends Guild, north-east of Ardougne. Speak with one of the guards.


Quest Points: 108

Skills: Level 50 Agility, Level 50 Crafting, Level 45 Herblore, Level 56 Magic, Level 52 Mining, Level 42 Prayer, Level 50 Smithing, Level 50 Strength, Level 50 Thieving, Level 50 Woodcutting

Items: Charcoal, Minimum of 3 Papyrus, Machete, Minimum of 2 Gold Bars, Lockpick (bring a spare), Hammer, any Pickaxe, Rune or Dragon hatchet, Soul rune, Mind rune, Earth rune, 2 Law runes, cut gems (Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Red topaz, Opal, Jade), Unpowered orb, 30 of one of the elemental runes (Water/Air/Earth/Fire) depending on which charge orb spell you are doing, 3 Cosmic runes, Rope, Vial of water, clean Ardrigal, clean Snake weed


Items: Good healing food, good armour, good weapon, one-click teleport for emergencies (see Getting Around Guide Item teleports, Teleport tablets or jewellery teleports), Ring of life, super set (Super attack, Super strength, and Super defence potions), Prayer potions.
Optional: Silverlight/Darklight, Empty vials

Monsters: Ranalph Devere (level 63), Irvig Senay (level 70), San Tojalon (level 10070, Nezikchened (level 120)

NPCs: Gujuo, Jungle forester, Radimus Erkle, Ungadulu

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Getting Started

Bank Bank Bank
Required: None
Suggested: Ardougne teleport, 40 gp (for boat to Brimhaven and Hajedy cart ride)

1. Speak with Sir Radimus Erkle in the Legends Guild (north-east of Ardougne.) He will give you an incomplete map (Radimus Notes) of the Kharazi Jungle. Your assignment is to complete it, make friends with the locals, and bring back a totem pole. When you're done talking with Radimus, search the cupboard in his house to find a Machete. You will need both throughout the quest.

2. Next, take the boat to Brimhaven from Ardougne. Take Hajedy's cart ride from Brimhaven to Shilo Village for 10 gp (or walk south until you get to Shilo Village; refer to Tip.It's world map if needed.) For convenience, the Shilo Village shop sells machetes, papyrus, charcoal, and bronze hatchets.

Bank Bank Bank
Shilo Village
Required: Radimus notes, Hatchet, Machete, Charcoal and at least 3 Papyrus
Suggested: Armour, food, 2 extra Papyrus, 2 extra Charcoal, method to teleport to town with anvil/bank

Mapping the Jungle

3. There are some woods south of Shilo Village. Hack your way into the southern jungle area (which has Jungle wolves (level 64) and Jungle Savages (level 90 ).) Start mapping the area by right clicking on the Radimus notes that Radimus gave you and select "Complete". You will use your crafting skill to map the western, middle and eastern section of the jungle on one papyrus each as you walk around the jungle. If the mapping fails you wreck the papyrus and you have to use a new papyrus to do it again, so it's wise to bring extra. The charcoal can also break. When you've mapped each section of the jungle area, go outside and find a Jungle Forester there. Use your maps on him and he will give you a Bull roarer in return.

Legends Quest Jungle

Gujuo and Ungadulu

4. Chop your way back into the jungle area and swing your roarer. (Note that doing so may cause any nearby Jungle Wolves or Savages to attack you.) Gujuo should now appear, talk with him and he will ask you to help free his tribe's shaman Ungadulu from a nearby cave. Find the cave by searching the rocks in the far north west of the jungle. Squeeze yourself into it and find Ungadulu in a flaming octagram. Investigate the fire wall and Ungadulu will talk to you. He will tell you you need pure water from the jungle above to extinguish the firewall.

Legends Octagon

The Golden Bowl and pure water

5. Go back out into the jungle and call Gujuo using the roarer. He will tell you that pure water is only to be held by a vessel made from the sun and he will give you a sketch. Bank.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Sketch, Hammer, 2 Gold Bars
Suggested: 2-4 spare Gold Bars

6. Get the above items to make a golden bowl. You can use any anvil - the nearest anvil is in the town Tai Bwo Wannai north of Shilo. Make the bowl by using the gold bar on the anvil. 2 gold bars are needed to make a golden bowl and it's possible to fail, so bring some extra bars to be safe. Return to Shilo Village.

Bank Bank Bank
Shilo Village
Required: Radimus notes, Hatchet, Machete, Bull roarer, Golden bowl, Lockpick, Pickaxe, cut gems (Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Red topaz, Opal, Jade), 1 Soul rune, 1 Mind rune, Earth rune, 2 Law runes, 1 empty pack space, 420 prayer points
Suggested: Armour, food, extra Lockpick
Optional: Empty vials

7. Go back into the jungle and call for Gujuo. Tell him you have the bowl, and that he needs to bless it for you. This is a quite funny scene, just sit back and laugh a bit.

8. In the centre of the jungle area you will find a pool. Try using your bowl on the water, and you'll discover you can't reach it. Use your machete on the Tall Reeds next to the pool and then use the hollow reed on the water to fill your bowl. You now have water in the bowl.

Venturing into the cave

9. Go back into the cave in the north west of the jungle. Search the bookcase to the north east of the cave and you will find an entrance. Go through it.

Legends Bookcase

10. Search the locked doors on the first Ancient Gate (requires lockpick), and smash the three boulders. Then open the cast-iron Ancient Gate. On the other side are Death Wings (level 77); batlike creatures that can possibly multi attack you. Run straight through the room to the other side into a corridor. Jump over the wall there and you should now be in a room with apparently nowhere to go. There is a marked wall there, search it and you will find a riddle. To solve the riddle use your runes on it in this order: Soul, Mind, Earth, Law, Law, making the word SMELL.

Kharazi Dungeon Level 1
Right click to open the complete
Kharazi Dungeon map page
in a separate browser tab or window.

The gem ponds

11. You can now go through the SMELL wall, and you will be in an area with 7 ponds. Use your gems with all of the stalagmites in the ponds, find out what fits where by simply trying. When you have placed the last gem an animation will start. The gems will light up again and your character will be moved to the middle of the area. A spell will be unleashed and a book (Book of Binding) will appear on the ground. Take it and read it.

12. By reading the Book of Binding you can bless empty vials to make enchanted vials. For every vial that you enchant, your prayer and magic are reduced by about 5 points/levels. Then you can make holy water when you use the golden bowl of pure water on them (your bowl will empty after 10 fills). You can wield holy water (a stackable ranged weapon) when you fight the demon Nezikchened (level 120) later on and it will help you defeat him.

Killing Nezikchened

13. At this point you can choose to go all the way back to the Shilo Village bank to make your holy water and restock on food and maybe super potions before the upcoming fight. Be sure to bring the Book of Binding and the golden bowl back with you. You might also want to bring Silverlight or darklight which is found to do good damage to demons.

Bank Bank Bank
Shilo Village
Required: Radimus notes, Hatchet, Machete, Bull roarer, Golden bowl, Binding book
Suggested: Good armour, good weapon, good food, Ring of life, one-click teleport, super set.
Optional: Silverlight/Darklight, vials of Holy water, Prayer potions

14. When you feel you are ready for the first of three fights with the Nezikchened (level 120) , go back to the firewall where Ungadulu is. Use your bowl with water in it on the fire wall. Now use the Book of Binding on Ungadulu who will faint and spasm and Nezikchened the demon will appear. If you have the holy water vials, now is the time to use them. The demon will drain your prayer quite a bit, so be very careful. When you defeat Nezikchened he will cast a final Fire blast spell at you which can cause some damage, so be sure not to be too low on health. After you've killed the demon, Ungadulu will give you some Yommi seeds, and he will also cast a spell on you to protect you from the firewall when you ask him how to get out.

The drained pond

15. Leave the cave. Use the Yommi seeds on the water in the golden bowl. The seeds will then germinate. Call for Gujuo. He will tell you to plant the seeds in Fertile Soil, which are brown patches of ground (see map above.) Find one of these areas and use the seeds on it. You will be told that you need more water from the bowl. Go back to the pond and investigate it. You will discover that the pond has been drained. Call for Gujuo again, and tell him about it. He will tell you that the underground source of the stream has been blocked. You will have to go down into the cave again to unblock it.


16. Gujuo will tell you that it's a very scary place down there, and you will need to make a potion of courage to make yourself fearless when going down. To do this, you need two herbs: Ardrigal and Snake Weed. For a reminder of their locations, see the map in the Jungle Potion quest guide. This is a good time to bank.

Bank Bank Bank
Shilo Village
Required: Radimus notes, Hatchet, Machete, Bull roarer, Golden bowl, Lockpick, Pickaxe, Rope, 30 of one of the elemental runes (Water/Air/Earth/Fire) depending on which charge orb spell you are doing, Charge Water Orb level 56 magic is the lowest), 3 Cosmic runes, Unpowered orb, Clean ardrigal, Clean snake weed, Vial of water (make Bravery potion at bank)
Suggested: Good armour, good weapon, good food, Ring of life, super set, extra Lockpick, one-click teleport.
Optional: Silverlight/Darklight, vials of Holy water, Prayer potions

17. Get the Ardrigal and Snake Weed herbs. Mix them together in your vial of water and you will have 1 dose of bravery potion.

Back into the cave

18. Load up with the required and suggested items from your bank. Go back to the cave where Ungadulu is. Talk with him and then go the same way you did before to the room with the 7 ponds. There is a huge Ancient Gate which is a test of magic ability. When you cast a charge orb spell on it, it will open and you can go through. (This spell is required each time you use this gate.)

19. In the next room there are several barrels, you are best off not touching them. They contain enemies and random stuff. They can contain food and rope but can also reduce your attack. Find the winch and use your rope on it. Before you go down drink your bravery potion to keep you fearless.

The heart shaped crystal

20. You will find yourself standing on top of a massive hill and you will find a blue hat next to you. When you touch it Viyeldi will appear and he will recite a beautiful poem for you, which will also give you clues on what's coming up. Make your way to the bottom of the massive hill. The easiest way is to fail one of the agility obstacles, but you will lose a lot of health if you fail (up to 400 life points!)

Kharazi Dungeon Level 2

21. Now you should see three different level monsters: San Tojalon (level 70), Irvig Senay (level70100) and Ranalph Devere (level 63). Defeat one of each in a challenge, (they won't attack you again after you win the challenge) and you get three crystal parts. Go to the north-east of this room and you will find a furnace. Use each one of your crystal parts on this and remove a heart-shaped crystal.

Legends Heart

22. If you haven't already noticed, the dungeon you are in looks like a dragon's head on the minimap, you need to go where the eye is. There you will find a mossy rock with a search option. Search the rock, and use your crystal on it. The crystal will now start glowing.

23. Go to the south of the room and find a magical barrier there. Use your crystal on the heart-shaped recess on the wall next to it and pass through the barrier. You will come into a room with lesser demons. Turn west and you will find the source of the stream and you will see boulders blocking the stream.

The spirit of Echned Zekin

24. Try to push a boulder, and a spirit named Echned Zekin will appear asking who dares to disturb him while he is already being tortured. Talk with him, and he will ask for your help to get revenge on the guy that put him there - Viyeldi. When you agree to do this he will give you a black dagger for this.

25. There are 2 ways to do the next part, it's up to you:

A. Short, but hard:

Go back to the wizard's hat on top of the hill where you entered. Try taking the hat, and Viyeldi will appear. Stab him with the dagger, and it will start to glow. Go back to the boulder, and get ready for the second fight with Nezikchened. Drink your super set if you brought that. Push the boulder and Zekin will appear again, he will betray you and turn into his true form; the demon Nezikchened.

B. Long, but easier:

(If you aren't so strong, this will be the best way to do it, it will make it easier later on as well; though it will require an extra enchant orb spell.) Instead of killing Viyeldi, go back and talk with Ungadulu who will give you the Holy Force spell. This will weaken the demon a lot. You need all the materials for another charge orb spell (unpowered orb, 3 cosmic runes, 30 runes for the spell you cast), but it will give you a chance to bank and get some more food if you want. (You do not need another bravery potion.) Go back to the boulder and get ready for the second fight with Nezikchened. Drink your super set if you brought that. Push the boulder and then use the Holy Force spell on the spirit, which will make Zekin turn into the demon.


26. Nezikchened will drain your prayers when the fight starts, so take that into account if you brought a prayer potion. Defeat him and push the boulder again, you won't get attacked this time. Fill your bowl from the sacred water. (The water in the bowl might evaporate from the heat in the jungle but don't worry, the pool has refilled itself and you can easily fill your bowl with a hollow reed again.)

Bank Bank Bank
Shilo Village
Required: Radimus notes, Rune or Dragon hatchet, Machete, Bull roarer, Yommi tree seeds, Golden bowl
Suggested: Good armour, good weapon, good food, Ring of life, super set, one-click teleport.
Optional: Silverlight/Darklight, vials of Holy water, Prayer potions

The Totem and the final battle

27. Go back into the southern jungle and use water from the bowl on the Yommi seeds which will make them germinated. Call for Gujuo and tell him the good news. Then find some fertile soil to plant the seeds in (look for brown patches on the map.) Watch the tree grow into a young tree and then use some more water on it to make it grow into a big tree. Use a rune or dragon hatchet to chop it, cut off the branches and cut it again to make it into a totem pole.

28. Find the dark totem pole east from the pool, and use your own totem pole on it. Before you do so, make sure you're ready for the last battle. Drink potions and have food ready. If you chose to take the easy way before, you will only have to fight the demon, but if you chose the hard way, you will have to kill San Tojalon, Irvig Senay and Ranalph Devere again.

29. When you've killed the demon for the last time, you will need to return to the dark totem pole and use your totem pole on it one final time in order to replace it. After doing this, talk with Gujuo once again, and head back to Radimus. He will give you your reward inside the guild.


Quest points: 4

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Use the Shilo Village bank, which is closest to the quest area.
  • It is strongly recommended that you use sharks, turtles, rocktails or manta rays for food since you're going to be up against some pretty nasty monsters, some of them without the use of prayer.
  • Be warned - swinging the Bull roarer while in the Kharazi Jungle may cause for nearby monsters to become aggressive towards you.
  • After the demon drains your prayer to zero, then use a prayer potion and turn on your protection prayer.
  • Take a one-click teleport or other teleport (such as Ring of Duelling or a charged Amulet of Glory) with you to escape in case you get in trouble.
  • The quest can be completed with a herblore level of 43, a smithing level of 48, and a mining level of 50. Check the Beer guide for more info on boosting your levels.
  • A summer pie can be used to temporarily raise agility by 5 levels to enter the cave.
  • You can recharge your Combat Bracelet and Skills Necklace at the Totem Pole on the ground floor of the Legends Guild after the quest.
  • If you lose your Yommi seeds, you can retrieve them from Ungadulu.
  • The Foresters will replace your Bull roarer if it's been lost - they will charge you an Oomlie Wrap (see cooking guide).
  • Every time you enter the Kharazi jungle you need a machete, a hatchet, and the Radimus notes. Every time you pass the ancient doors you need a lockpick and a pickaxe. Every time you want to reach the lowest level you will need 'charge orb' supplies. You only need the 'smell' runes, gems, rope and bravery potion once; they are permanent.


Written by: Ks Jeppe and Wydoncha

Thanks to: Baffler, BinaryB0y, Cowman_133, Eeeeediot, Endoria2000, fearless.79, Georgelemmons, hackhunter8, harold king, Jaffy1, jwjeff11, killer_bowey, Lady_Shahdie, LordBaer, Marauder_S_Z, Mindesto, Pyro, RandomBush, reut45, Shasta_Sms, Sinkhan, Speedyshel, Stracha Khan, Swishy, micarina, nick8_55, oldtimr, pokemama, water_is_nat, wise owl1010

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