Underground Pass

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Long

Start location: Upstairs in Ardougne Castle, speak with King Lathas.


Quests: Biohazard

Skills: Level 25 Ranged

Items: 2 Ropes (more can be obtained during the quest), a Plank (can be obtained during the quest), any Bow, 2-3 Arrows (which can be fired by your bow), Spade, and lots of good food. Pineapple pizzas, Tuna potatoes and Sharks are all good food choices.


Skills: 34 magic to use the "Surge" ability, be able to kill three level 78 demons, 50+ Thieving and Agility, 43 Prayer

Items: About 2000 coins for emergency food, Ring of life, one-click teleport in case you get low on food and LP, a summoning beast of burden familiar to carry extra food and supplies, Agility potion if you have a low agility level, Prayer potion.

Monsters: Iban Disciple (level 44), Souless (level 46), Blessed Spiders (level 16), Ogre (level 67), Sir Carl (level 81), Sir Harry (level 81), Sir Jerro (level 81), Kalrag (level 81), Holthion (level 78), Othainian (level 78), Doomion (level 78)

NPCs: Kamen, Kardia, King Lathas, Klank, Koftik, Lord Iban, Niloof

Walkthrough hide »

1. Talk to King Lathas upstairs in the East Ardougne Castle. King Lathas will tell you about Iban, who claims to be the son of Zamorak. He will ask you to meet his main tracker, Koftik, who can be found at a cave entrance located in the far west of West Ardougne.

Bank Bank Bank
East Ardougne
Required: 2 Ropes, Plank (unless you wish to take it at the pass), Any Bow, 2-3 Arrows (which can be fired by your bow), Spade, and lots of good food. Pineapple pizzas, Tuna potatoes and Sharks are all good food choices. You also need one or two inventory spaces.
Suggested: Ring of life, one-click teleport in case you get low on food and LP, a summoning beast of burden familiar to carry extra food and supplies, Agility potion if you have a low agility level, Prayer potion

IMPORTANT: There will be no other opportunities to bank during this quest unless you leave the Underground Pass mid-quest, so be sure to bring everything you need. You will need to navigate back to where you were from the beginning if you leave the pass at any time.

2. Unlike the preceding quests of this storyline, all you need to do to enter West Ardougne is go through the city gates from East Ardougne. You can only enter West Ardougne if you have completed the Biohazard quest. Once you enter the city, proceed to the westernmost area of the plagued city and find Koftik at the cave entrance. Koftik explains to you that you will need to go through the Underground Pass filled with Zamorak's spirits. He wants you to meet him at the bridge inside the cave.

Click here to view the
huge Underground Pass map

3. When you enter the cave you will run into three branching roads. Take the northern path by climbing over the rock slides on the path. After you have gotten past the obstacles, you will see Koftik again. Speak to him to continue.

Underground Pass Rocks

4. Koftik will tell you he has found evidence that others have been in the cave prior to you and him. He tells you he has found some clothing among some burned arrows and a diary belonging to an adventurer named Randas. Koftik will give you a piece of damp cloth.

5. Take the damp cloth and use it on any type of regular arrow, provided your ranged level and bow allow you to fire it. Use the wrapped arrow on the fire next to you or right click the arrows in your inventory to select "Light" and you will get a lit arrow. Take the pathway north of Koftik and choose the "Fire at" option on the guide rope next to the drawbridge. After you have fired at the bridge, you will automatically walk across it. Once you cross, do not pull the lever unless you want to walk back to the other side. Grab a plank from the room north of the bridge if you didn't already bring one. You will need this later on and there is no other opportunity to get one later on.

NOTE: Do not drop anything you need before crossing to make room; you will not have a chance to pick it up before you automatically cross the bridge.

6. Continue though the cave and take the eastern path when the road splits between a swamp and a dirt path. The pathway will come to a large hole. Go to the north side of the hole and use a rope on the old spike and your character will attempt to walk across as a tightrope. (If you fail, you will fall into an area full of rocks and will take significant damage. Once you get out of the pit, you will be back near the beginning of the pass and will have to take it from the entrance again.) When you cross successfully, follow the pathway until you come to Koftik. There are no traps to worry about at this point.

7. Once you get to Koftik, talk with him for information. Now you will need to attempt to cross the grid. The combination is different from person to person, so just keep trying different combinations until you find one that works. The combination will never change for your account, so it may be useful to write down the combination once you get it. If you step on a trap here, you will fall down and take damage. Click the nearby wall in the pit immediately to crawl out. Every time you fail, you'll be taken back to the beginning. It is helpful if you have 34 magic to use the surge ability here. Once you've gotten 2 grids (an entire grid section) use the ability whilst facing the gate you're trying to reach to skip over all of the tiles without failing. Once you're finally across, pull the lever and you will walk through the giant gate.

Underground Pass Grate

8. Follow the path until you reach some zombies. After them, you need to go through a narrow path armed with spike traps. If you have high enough thieving, you should be able to disarm the traps on the walls without much trouble by choosing the Search Odd Markings option. (If you fail, you will take damage and have to search the trap again.) If you are unable to disarm them, you'll just have to run through them, which may result in heavy damage. Now you will be in a room with an altar, a well (do not climb down it yet) and four additional paths. You will need to collect the four Orbs of Light to continue.

Underground Pass wall traps
  • Path 1 (northern): Here you need to use a plank on each of the traps to cross over them. Pick up the orb at the end of the trail and return.
  • Path 2 (north-western): Simply evade the monsters (or low levels can use Protect from Melee - Level 43 Prayer) and pick up the orb at the end of the trail.
  • Path 3 (middle-west): Again, use a plank on each of the traps to cross over them. Pick up the orb at the end of the trail and return.
  • Path 4 (south-western): Proceed to the end of the trail, but search the stone under the orb to disarm the trap before picking it up.
Underground Pass Well Map

9. Once you have all four orbs, go back to the zombies by evading the traps in the wall once again. You will come to a big stone furnace to the north. Toss all four orbs of light into the furnace and return to the area with the well, once again evading the traps. If necessary, you can pray at the altar to renew your prayer points before proceeding. Finally you can climb down the well. After climbing down, if you have extra space, search the crates west of you for some food. Follow the path west and you will end up at a prison-like area.

10. Pick the lock to the the south-easternmost cage and use your spade on the patch of mud to find a secret passage. Follow the new path west to the ledge and cross it. (If you fail, you will lose some life points and will have to go back to the cell and try again.) You will now come to a maze full of bridge obstacles you are required to navigate through. If you fail an obstacle, you will lose some life points and have to restart at the closest entrance point. Those with Level 50+ Thieving can take a shortcut through the cages to the south instead of navigating through maze.

11. Once you get to the other side of the maze, go south to an Obstacle pipe and crawl through it. You will now be in a room with a unicorn in a cage. Search the cage for a piece of the loose railing then go up the path that leads to the back of the unicorn cage. Use your piece of railing on the boulder and cause it to fall down and kill the poor unicorn.

12. Go back to the front of the cage and search through the damaged cage for a unicorn horn. Now, enter the passageway to the north. Follow the winding path, passing the zombies, until you come to three brave knights; Sir Harry, Sir Carl and Sir Jerro. Talk with them first to get some food and a few potions. Then kill each of the knights, who will drop their crests (red, green and blue).

13. After you have the crests, go further west. You will come to some floor traps - use your plank on the flat rocks to cross them. When you come to another well, search it and then drop the three crests and unicorn horn into the well. The skull above the large doors will make some noise then allow you to walk through. You will come to a gigantic maze area filled with bridge obstacles. Lots of food or agility potions are recommended if you have a low agility level.

Underground Pass maze

14. Walk south to the very end of the (fairly long) trail and then slightly west. You will see a staircase along the southern wall. Go down and you will be near a small gathering of houses - this is the Dwarven Camp. You'll also notice Koftik here. If you talk to him you can tell the evil of the caves has gone to his head. There are three dwarfs at the Camp. Enter and talk with Niloof for some food and information. Then, go over to talk with Kamen.

15. Kamen will offer you some Dwarven brew. If you accept, it will automatically inflict some damage on you and lower your Agility by a few levels, but Kamen will also give you some food. If you decline, he will offer you some food for 75gp without inflicting damage on you. You can repeat this process as necessary if you are low on food. Talk with Niloof again and he will tell you about a witch that holds the secret to kill the evil Iban. Now, go back up the staircase and head north along the same trail you've already walked on. You should see a bridge you can cross to the west (not marked on the minimap). If you fail any of the balance bridges you will fall down into the blackness, and you'll have to start over again. You may care to experiment around - some of the bridges seem to be easier to cross than others.

NOTE: If you fail a bridge trap, you'll end up near a bunch of non-aggressive soulless creatures in the same basement you visited the Dwarven Camp earlier. You will take heavy damage so you may wish to use an agility potion if you are a lower level in agility. Walk south from where you landed and you'll come back to the staircase next to the Dwarven Camp and it will take you back to the maze.

16. If you previously noticed the house in the south-eastern corner of the maze, this is where you are headed. When you come to the house do not open or knock at the door. Instead, search the window and you'll see the witch inside saying something like "Here Kitty, Kitty". Now you need to go find the witches' cat. Go west, then north in the maze and you will see a yellow dot wandering around on your mini-map. This is her cat. Pick it up, and return to the witches' house.

17. At the house, use the cat on the door. You will automatically hide behind the corner as the witch comes to retrieve her cat. You can now safely enter the house as she is too busy tending to her cat. Search the chest inside the house. You'll find a stat restore potion, a super attack potion, an old journal (the history of Iban) and most importantly a Doll of Iban. Now you'll need to do some demon fighting.

18. Go north of the house, then west, then south - always on the maze. You will come to a level 78 demon called Holthion. Kill him and get the amulet he drops. Then kill Othainian, the next demon and do the same. Finally kill Doomion and collect the amulet it drops. They all have 900 life points, and aren't really too hard to kill. You can also try fighting the demons with ranged by moving back a few steps so that they cannot hit you. You may also wish to use the Protect from Melee prayer (Level 43 Prayer required). When you have all three amulets, go to the chest north of Doomion.

19. Open the chest and you obtain Iban's Shadow. Use this with your Iban doll. After that you can head back down to the Dwarven Camp and speak with Klank. He will give you his gauntlets as well as some information. Put on the gauntlets and go into the west house of the camp. Pick up a bucket from the respawn and head over to the other house. Use your bucket on the ale barrel to get some Dwarven brew.

20. Now head east of the Camp until you reach a Tomb, which happens to be Iban's tomb. Use your dwarven brew on it, then click the tomb to light it on fire. Collect the remaining ashes and use these with your Doll of Iban. Head all the way north and into the spider pit. Here you'll find the huge spider named Kalrag (level 81) in an area swarming with Blessed Spiders (level 42). The smaller spiders are aggressive, making it difficult to get at Kalrag. You may wish to use the Protect from Melee prayer (Level 43 Prayer Required). Kill Kalrag and you will automatically collect its blood and use it with your Iban Doll.


IMPORTANT: This area has been known to give nightmares or frights to people afraid of spiders. If you do not like the effect of this area, it is recommended you play on a low detail and/or have your camera angle set as high as possible.

21. After the spider encounter, go back up to the maze. Go east to the corner then all the way north until you reach the most northern bridge into the maze. You will come to some level 1 Half-Soulless creatures, which are in cages. Equipping Klank's gauntlets, search all of the individual cages until you find the Skeleton of a Dove. Use it with your Doll of Iban.

22. Finally, it is time for the final battle. You should now have used Iban's shadow, ashes, blood and the skeleton of a dove with the Mini-Iban Doll. Go back out to the outline of the maze and head south to the middle bridge on the east side. Cross the few bridges and make your way south until you see some level 44 Iban Disciples (map). Kill some until you have a full set of Zamorak Robes (top and bottom, there are no boots).

23. Make your way to the staircase leading to Iban's Throne Room. You can only wield the Robes of Zamorak for this part. Remove all armours, weapons, rings, amulets, etc. You also need 3 empty inventory spaces to collect the full reward (death runes, fire runes, Iban's staff) or 1 empty space to collect only the staff. There will NOT be an opportunity after this point to free up any space. You may also wish to set your run to on.

24. When you're ready, open the doors, making sure you have your inventory open. You may wish to use the Protect from Melee prayer (Level 43 Prayer required) or Protect from Magic prayer (Level 37 Prayer required) to lessen the attacks from Iban. Run up to the well and use the doll on the centre well. Try to avoid being hit by the spells coming up from the floor (they look like roots) as they deal significant damage. Good luck!

25. Once you've used your doll on the well, Lord Iban will die and you will be teleported to another room. If you look at your inventory, you'll notice Iban's staff, 15 death runes and 30 fire runes (or simply the staff if you only had one empty inventory slot). You will also see Koftik in the room. Talk with him and you'll see that he is sane again. Koftik will escort you to the entrance of the Underground Pass from West Ardougne after talking to him.

26. Report back to King Lathas at his castle in East Ardougne to complete the quest.

Congratulations! Quest complete!


  • 3,000 Agility exp
  • 3,000 Attack exp
  • 15 Death Runes
  • 30 Fire Runes
  • Iban's staff and ability to cast Iban Blast
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 5

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Iban's staff casts 120 Iban Blasts before needing to be recharged. It can be recharged at the Flames of Zamorak, slightly past the paladins in the Underground Pass.
  • Kamen, an NPC found in the Dwarven Camp, will provide an unlimited supply of food to players who speak to him. However, players who accept the offer will have their Agility *temporarily* reduced by a few levels every time they receive additional pieces of food. This effect can be dangerous since successfully traversing the bridge overhangs within the Underground Pass is dependent on a player's Agility level. Alternatively, you can refuse to drink his brew and pay 75gp for some food.


Written by: Honest1 and Ks Jeppe

Special thanks to: Cowman_133

Thanks to: Angry_Canar0, Baffler, calle_balle1, cheeseownsu, commodor, CwazyCasper, Doctor_Phil, Dr Zeuss, drakenfriend, essiw, Game_Freak67, Georgelemmons, Jaffy1, JoeDaStudd, lollol, Magilacuddy, micarina, raven22346, Red, red pk dude, ryanx001, Sanjetsou, Socc Masta, SportsGuy, Sy_Accursed, Tearstaind, thrust, Water, weiyaoli, wyvren2000

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