Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Easy Length: Long

Start location: Talk to Elena in the building west of the Northern Bank of Ardougne, across the river.


Quests: Plague City

Items: Priest gown -top-, Priest gown -bottom-

Monsters: Mourner (level 13)

NPCs: Chancy, Chemist, Da Vinci, Elena, Guidor, Guidor's wife, Hops, Jerico, Kilron, King Lathas, Omart

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Biohazard East Ardy Map

1: Elena

Elena will tell you to talk to Jerico; he can be found in a house just south of Ardougne's north bank. Jerico will tell you to talk to Omart found at the southern wall.

2: Omart

After talking with Elena head over to Jerico and ask about using something to distract the guards. Jerico will just send you to Omart because he's too busy feeding his pigeons. While at Jerico's, search his cupboard to find some pigeon feed. Go around back and take a pigeon cage.

Quest Biohazard

3: Over the wall

Go to the tower next to the gate to West Ardougne (north of Omart) and use the pigeon feed on the fence. Release the pigeons. Talk with Omart and he'll help get you over the wall. Now go all the way north and take a rotten apple west of the house in the north-east corner. Squeeze through the gap in the fence into the garden containing mourners. Look for the cauldron (it's right next to the gap in the fence) and use your rotten apple with it. This will give the mourners food poisoning. Now go around to the front of the house and try to enter the front door.

Biohazard Cauldron

4: Doctor

The mourner will tell you that they're all sick. In order to gain entry you'll need to pretend to be a doctor. Go to Sarah's house in the south-west corner of West Ardougne. Search the box to get a doctor's gown. Put it on and go back to the mourner. Open the door to the building and go upstairs. Kill the mourner you find there.

5: Elena's distillator

After you kill the mourner you'll get a key. Use this on the gate there, and search the crates inside. You'll get Elena's distillator. Now return to where you came over the wall and get Kilron to help you over. Head back to Elena, and she'll tell you to take some samples to the Chemist in Rimmington. Be careful with the samples; they will break if you teleport or fight on the way. You can, however, put them in the bank and teleport to Falador.

6: Chemist

Once at the Chemist's house a little west of Rimmington and talk with him. Do NOT talk about the plague. If you do, he will take your items and you have to get replacements from Elena. Go outside and give Chancy the liquid honey, Hops the sulphuric broline and Da Vinci the ethanea.

Chemist Rimmington

7: Varrock

Go to Varrock and buy a priest robe top and bottom from the Clothes Shop if you haven't done that already. Go to the Dancing Donkey Inn south-east of the East Varrock Bank and get your samples back from the three men there. Put on your priest robes and head into the building east of them, where Guidor is. Talk with him, and he'll tell you that there is no plague. Go back and give Elena the good news. Then go south to the Castle and upstairs to the throne room to see King Lathas for your reward.

Southeast Varrock Map


  • 1,250 Thieving exp
  • Unrestricted use of main gate into West Ardougne
  • Permission to use King Lathas' training ground north of West Ardougne
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 3

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • If you teleport the vials may break. Also, don't try entering the members area in south-east Varrock carrying the vials yourself - the gate guard will search you and take them away, and you'll have to get the vials from Elena again.


Written by: Ks Jeppe and Sir Beach

Thanks to: ANTHONYEVIS, bloedkots, bluehooloovo, chiasmus0, cs_silver, dafz dude, Dbl_Oh_Noob, demonsnake8, Franzpop, georgelemmons, greenslime89, Howlin1, Ik Ben Joel, Jaffy1, Pk Daddy05, SirHemen, slim2003, Sonikku, the best371, Vinnie 107, Warriormonkx, Wisse, zipper10

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