Plague City

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Easy Length: Medium

Start location: Talk to Edmond, north of the castle in Ardougne.


Items: Dwellberries, Rope, at least 4 Buckets of water (can be obtained from Edmond's house), Spade (can be obtained from Edmond's back yard), Bucket of milk, Chocolate or Chocolate dust, Pestle and mortar, and Snape grass

NPCs: Alrena, Billy Rehnison, Bravek, Clerk, Edmond, Elena, Jethick, Martha Rehnison, Milli Rehnison, Ted Rehnison

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Plague City

1: Gasmask

Talk with Edmond and he will tell you that his wife Alrena can make you a gas mask. Go inside Edmond's house and talk to Alrena. She will ask you to get dwellberries for the gasmask.

2: Dwellberries

You can purchase Dwellberries from the grocers upstairs in the Grand Tree (north-west and south-east corners) at the Tree Gnome Stronghold or from the Grand Exchange or they can be found in McGrubor's Woods. Go back and talk to Alrena; she will give you the Gasmask.

3: Getting into Plague City

Before leaving make sure to grab the picture of Elena off the table at the house (see map above). Talk to Edmond again and grab the bucket on the mud patch. Fill the bucket with water from the sink in the house and use it on the mud patch. Do this 4 times. Grab the spade from the floor and use it on the softened soil. You will fall down into sewers.

4: Through the pipe

Before going any farther equip your gas mask. Go to the pipe (south-west from where you are) that is covered with a grill. Use a rope on the grill and ask Edmond to help you pull it. Go through the pipe to Plague City.

5: The Rehnison Family

Speak to Jethick who is located on the east side of the square. Show him the picture of Elena and he will recognise it. He will ask you to return a book to the Rehnison house (where Elena was formerly staying).

You can find the house north of the large building (see map above). Ask them about Elena and you will be told that Milli can help you. Go upstairs and speak to Milli. She will tell you that she saw Elena taken to the Plague House. It is a house with a black cross painted on the door, on the southern side of town (see map above).

6: Plague house

When you try to enter you will be stopped by the guard (make sure you tell him that you're looking for a kidnapped woman). To obtain a warrant to get past the guard you need to talk to Bravek.

Bravek’s office is in the large building north of the manhole (see map above). Talk with the Clerk and inform him that you must talk with Bravek as the issue is important. After being given permission, go upstairs and talk to Bravek.

7: Hangover

Bravek has a hangover and you need to give him a cure. Talk to him to get a list of the ingredients for the cure. Add chocolate dust (grind chocolate bar with pestle and mortar) to your bucket of milk and then add the snape grass. Be careful not to accidentally drink the chocolatey milk! After giving the hangover cure to Bravek, he will sober up and give you the warrant to enter the plague house.

8: Enter plague house

Go back to the plague house (see map above) and sneak pass the guards after showing them the warrant. Inside, head downstairs and you will find Elena. Now you need to find the cell key. Go upstairs and search one of the barrels (see map above). Use the key on her cell to free her. She will thank you and leave the cell.

Go back to the sewer and talk to Edmond. He will reward you for saving his daughter.


  • 2425 Mining xp
  • A magic scroll that teaches you the Ardougne teleport (level 51 magic required)
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:


Written by: Ks Jeppe and Sir Beachy

Thanks to: abomb67, appelkoekie, Avatar777777, bamaboy382, Beethovens29, bluehooloovo, Cowman_133, dark__volcom, elorac22, essiw, Evaian2, Headnazgul, hit161, hobby killer, Howlin1, Jaffy1, joyrune, kremlin20042, Lady_Shahdie, Malak7186, Phil1777, Spintail, stevep, tragicdreamz, Tylerbudy555

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