Difficulty: Master Requirements: Medium Length: Long

Start location: Get a message from King Lathas via a messanger (after completing Underground Pass quest).


Skills: Level 56 Agility

Other: Be able to defeat a level 84 guard.

Items: Pickaxe, Hatchet, Tinderbox, Bow, Arrows (bring 10 to be safe) (Bronze will do), Plank, Spade and Rope, 5-7 Coal, Pestle and mortar, Empty pot, Shears or 4 Balls of wool, Gloves or Gauntlets.


Items: High thieving level, high agility level, Limestone, lots of food (the higher the better), Antipoisons, Charged glory amulet, access to the loadstone network locations such as Edgeville and Ardougne or some teleport runes, weapon and good armour (to beat the level 84)

Monsters: Rabbits (level 4), Tyras Guard (level 84)

Walkthrough hide »

1. After the messenger gives you a message, go to King Lathas in his castle in East Ardougne. He will tell you to kill his brother and find a fast way to west RuneScape instead of via the underground pass.

Bank Bank Bank
East Ardougne
Required: Pickaxe, Hatchet, Tinderbox, Bow, Arrows (bring 10 to be safe) (Bronze will do), Plank, Spade and Rope, good armour and weapon to defeat a level 84, lots of food (the higher the better). You also must have at least two inventory spaces open.
Suggested: Charged glory amulet or teleport runes of some sort and Antipoisons. A beast of burden to carry supplies may be helpful (see Tips, tricks and notes).

NOTE: Unlike the Underground Pass quest, you will have opportunities to bank throughout the quest. You do not need to bring all the items listed at the beginning of this guide at the start of the quest.

2. Go to the underground pass in West Ardougne and enter. Follow the instructions in our Underground Pass quest guide until you reach the large open room near Iban's temple.

3.You will now be in a large maze where you've been before. Iban's temple is in the middle from the Underground pass. Navigate through the paths and cross the bridges (agility helps!) to get to the Iban disciples in the centre of the maze. Go up the stairs and go into the temple (Iban will not be there when you enter the door). Talk to Koftik, who will give you some food, then go down the well. You will see an altar where you can pray to recharge your prayer, and an obelisk to restore your summoning. Go west and exit the tunnel.

Tirannwn, Land of the Elves

4. Continue westward and you'll be approached by an elf, who will be shot by 2 others. They will tell you to go to a camp north-west. Here's a helpful map of the area for your reference, showing the paths and traps.

Click here to see the
Isafdar Map
Regicide Elfslain

5. Run to the west, then south over some leaves. Make sure you either left-click or right-click and select jump on the side CLOSEST to you to jump across or you will fall into a rather high-damage pit (example: 150 LP). From the leaves, head slightly south and continue slightly south-west past the musician until you reach a sticks trap. Pass the sticks and head north. Jump another leaves pitfall trap.

Note: If you're low on life points and food already, don't pass it yet. In the south are a few rabbits, kill some and cook their meat, which heals 200 LP each. You can also bring a spit roast made from an iron bar to make rabbits heal even more.

6. After you're past the leaves, head north to the balance log, and walk over it into the camp. Find Lord Iorwerth in the camp and talk to him. After this, head south again, back over the balance log and past the first leaves, keep going south. Kill some more rabbits for food if you need it. Now go east until you find the tracker. Right next to him, you'll find a conveniently placed loadstone; activate it! He'll ask you for proof that you are to be trusted. For this, head back to the camp and talk to Lord Iorwerth again. He'll give you a pendant.

Regicide Warlordcamp

7. Take this pendant to the tracker, and if you activated the loadstone as it was recommended in part 6, teleport to it. The elf tracker will tell you some stuff about searching tracks. Go west to find some footprints and 'follow' them. After this talk to the tracker once more and he'll tell you how to follow the footprints. (You no longer need the pendant - more space for rabbit meat.) Now you are able to pass dense forest obstacles.

Regicide Footprints

The Fight

Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Food, armour, weapon, Antipoisons, Charged glory amulet or teleport runes (your Underground Pass tools are not needed, use the pack space for more Cooked rabbit meat if you wish)

8. Heal to high LP. Make sure your prayer is up, and in the upcoming fight feel free to use it all as there will be no more combat. Go back to the footprints and walk through the dense forest. This is the point where you get attacked by a level 84 Tyras guard (he uses melee).

Regicide Tyrasguard

9. If you kill the guard, continue to the west. You'll find 4 yew trees. Now head north, and step over the trip-wire. You may be hit by the arrows, which will inflict 50 damage twice (so 100 LP total) and poison you! (Prayer will *not* protect you.) If you brought an anti-poison potion, use a dose, if not, let the poison wear off but watch your life points carefully.

10. Now continue past some bears. If you have a reasonable combat level and have good armour, you can kill them for some food if you want. Otherwise continue west, ignore the catapult for now and head south through dense forest. Talk to General Hining in the camp. He won't give you anything, just talk. If you have inventory space, take some barrels from here (one should do but two or three would be a lot safer). Also, there is a general shop here that sells all halberds (although dragon won't be in stock until you finish the quest).

11. Now head back to Lord Iorwerth, and he'll give you a book. It'll tell you to go to a chemist, but don't go yet!

Collecting Ingredients

12. Limestone can safely be mined back in civilisation, east of Varrock on the road to the temple. It can also be purchased on the GE. However, you can mine it in the Elven region if you wish. Head east through some dense forest and you'll find a walled city. Continue past it towards the east until you find some jump-leaves. Jump them (there aren't any rabbits here so take plenty of food for your trip back). After this head further east, you'll see two Dire wolves; run behind the white rocks so they can't attack you. Mine these rocks for limestone, one should do if you read the instructions carefully before continuing in a later part of this guide. If you think you'll be testing some stuff yourself, take 2 of them.

13. Now head to the tracker. South of him you'll find a swamp. Use your barrel with the bubbling swamp tar (if you have more barrels, fill them all) to get a barrel of coal-tar. Next to this you'll see some yellow sulphur, take one.

14. You will need one cooked rabbit later in the quest, so kill one now if you don't have one. Now use your teleport runes or glory amulet to get back to the civilised world.


Bank Bank Bank
Required: At least 5-7 Coal, additional Coal is recommended, Big book of bangs, Barrels of coal-tar
Suggested: Falador teleport runes

15. Go to the chemist located west of Rimmington who will read your book. He can explain to you about how to make Naphtha. Go to the still outside his house to the west. You will need to distill your barrel of tar so read the instructions carefully.

Chemist Rimmington

16. Use your barrel of tar on the still, a window will pop up. You can turn the right heat valve up once, by pressing to the right of it. Then turn the left pressure valve up once, then the heat again, then the pressure again, this will give you the best situation to work with. Just click the furnace to add coal and see the heat arrow on the right go up. You don't have to push it all the way in the beginning, be careful not to push it past the green. If you have plenty of coal, don't even let it reach the green part to start with, the tar will be slowly distilled anyway. You can see this on the green status bar along the bottom. You'll slowly have to get the heat higher to keep it going, so use more coal when you need to. If you succeed you will end up with a barrel of naphtha. The whole process needs getting used to so be very patient.

Regicide Distiller Interface


Bank Bank Bank
Required: Pestle and mortar, Sulphur, Barrel of naphtha, Empty pot, Limestone, Gloves or Gauntlets, 4 Balls of wool (or Shears), 3200gp for charter ship, food, Tinderbox, Cooked rabbit
Suggested: Ardougne teleport runes, Antipoisons, weapon

Note: You may need to bank again prior to leaving if you are using the Underground Pass to return to the Elven land, in which case you will want to bring the supplies necessary for navigating the large dungeon. These items are listed further down.

17. Now use your pestle and mortar on the sulphur to grind it and add it to the barrel. Then put on gloves or gauntlets and use your limestone on a furnace to get a block of quicklime (you will take damage if you try this barehanded, and some 'newer' type gloves may not work due to Jagex omissions.) Make sure you have a pot in your inventory and use your pestle and mortar to grind the quicklime to dust. It will automatically go into your pot. Now use this on the barrel to end up with a barrel bomb.

18. Get some shears from the bank to shear four sheep for their wool and use it on a spinning wheel, or of course just get 4 balls of wool from your bank. Make sure you have four! Take your 4 balls of wool to the loom at Falador's southern farm and weave your cloth; this will save pack space and an extra walk through the Tirannwyn forest. Use the cloth on your barrel bomb. (Note that construction cloth will *not* work.)

The Return Trip

Items Required: Barrel bomb with cloth inserted (Bring 4 Balls of wool if you did not weave your cloth.), Tinderbox, Cooked rabbit
Items Suggested: Food, Antipoison, Charged glory amulet/teleport runes
NOTE: Additional items are required depending on your travel plans.

19. At this point, you may be able to use a Charter Ship to return to the Elven region, or you may choose to travel through the Underground Pass.

Additional Items for Charter Ship Method: 3200gp (Do not forget the Basic Items listed above.)

  1. Travel to a useable charter ship city and charter a boat to Port Tyras. When you arrive at Port Tyras, walk east and into the Tyras Camp, and then continue north out of the camp until you reach the catapult.
  2. If you do not have a cooked rabbit, make your way east towards the tracker to kill one. If you need to weave cloth from your 4 balls of wool, go to the tracker and then north to the loom at Lord Iorwerth's camp. Then return to the catapult area.
  3. Skip over the next steps of this guide to the catapult instructions.

Additional Items for Underground Pass Method: a Rope, Bow, Arrow, Spade, Hatchet, and a Plank. You won't actually need your armour; some players prefer to have more run energy so try to leave it and just take a weapon (for rabbits). (Do not forget the Basic Items listed above.)

  1. Head back through the underground pass; consult earlier parts of this guide if it gives you any trouble.
  2. If you didn't weave your cloth already, Lord Iorwerth's elven camp has a loom. Use the cloth you get on your barrel bomb. If you don't have a rabbit already, kill one and cook the meat, but don't eat it, you'll need it!
  3. Now head in the direction of the tracker. Go through the dense forest west of the tracker and continue west. Remember to try and step over the trip-wire, maybe use cure poison when failing. Now head west to the catapult.

The Catapult

Regicide Catapult

20. Read this entire part before continuing! You'll have to be swift, but don't rush yourself. Use the cooked rabbit on the catapult guard, now use the barrel bomb on the catapult. From here you'll see a short animation and a tent burning.

Regicide Burningtent

Finishing Up

21. Go back to Lord Iorwerth, he'll give you proof that you killed King Tyras. He'll tell you about a route past the mountains, but just teleport out instead. After this head to King Lathas.

22. When attempting to enter the castle, you'll be approached by an elf. She'll let you read the scroll. Read it, and you'll have a pretty good idea of what the next quest in this ongoing story will be about.

Regicide Elfmessenger

Talk to King Lathas anyway to claim your reward. Good job!


  • 15,000gp
  • 13,750 agility exp
  • Ability to wield Dragon halberd
  • Access to Arandar, an alternate route to the Underground Pass
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 3

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Note that as of August 2009, followers (summoning familiars or pets) cannot go down the well from the Underground Passage to Tirannwn.
  • It is recommended to activate the Tirannwn loadstone just before or during part 6 of the quest guide. Using this loadstone throughout the quest is a convenient and quick way to travel to the elf tracker, and to get closer to the elf camp without having to navigate as many traps.


Written by: Empror1

Special thanks to: Angel23, Baffler, Cowman_133, Daddyshummin, Dutchlord, Eeveon, Jaffy1, Pistolpete, subzero53

Thanks to: Antigono00, Athil, babyhuey, bambino, Beethovens29, Cameron, Cosmica1, Eeeeediot, ForsakenMage, Georgelemmons, gnat, hallow87, herkmeister, Howlin1, Kragx, olliess, pokemama, Salleh, Sandorsandor, Speedyshel, War Chipmunk

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