Heroes' Quest

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Long

Start location: Outside the Heroes' Guild, north of Taverley. Speak with Achietties.


Quest Points: 56

Skills: Level 53 Cooking, Level 53 Fishing, Level 25 Herblore, Level 50 Mining

Items: Fishing rod, some Bait, Harralander, Vial of Water and a Pickaxe

For Phoenix Gang Members: Bow and Arrows, and a friend in the Black Arm Gang.

For Black Arm Gang Members: Black full helm, Black platebody, Black platelegs, and a friend in the Phoenix Gang.

Monsters: Entrana Fire Bird (level 2), Black Knights (level 31), Jailer (level 47), Ice Giants (level 53), Ice Warriors (level 57), Ice Spiders (level 61), Ice Queen (level 110).

NPCs: Achietties, Alfonse the waiter, Charlie the cook, Gerrant, Grubor, Katrine, Straven, Trobert, Velrak the explorer

Walkthrough hide »

1: Start

To become a Hero, and worthy of entering The Heroes' Guild, you need to bring Achietties three items. One is the feather of a fire bird, the second is a cooked lava eel, and last, but not least, the Master Thief Armband. You can get these items in any order you want. However, for the master thief armband, you will need a friend in the other gang. So if you're in the Black Arm Gang, you will need to find someone in the Phoenix gang to hook up with. Let's just start from the top.

2: Into the mountain

This is where you need to kill the level 110 Ice Queen, so go to the bank (Catherby is best if you have done the Fishing Contest). Get out a pickaxe (required), as well as your fighting equipment: armour, weapon, food, potions, etc. When you have this, head up White Wolf Mountain just east of Catherby.

Heroes Whitewolf Surface Map

Walk north across White Wolf Mountain and past the gnome glider, and you will come to a rock slide. If you right click on it you will have an option to mine it. After you've mined the slide, continue down the southern ladder (marked #1 on the map), and you will end up inside the mountain.

ice maze map

3: The ice queen

If you go a little west you should now see two paths; take the southern one, and climb up the ladder. Once you're up, you'll be faced with level 53 ice giants. Go down the eastern ladder, and run/walk all the way down the path and you will end up at another ladder, go up, and then go down the other ladder. Go north and you should eventually see the level 110 ice queen. She is extremely hard to kill, since she is in a multi-combat zone, and there are six level 57 ice warriors around there as well. You can however attack the queen and move north. The queen will follow you while the warriors won't. This way you get to fight with just the queen. Once you've killed her, pick up the ice gloves that she dropped.

4: The firebird feather

When you've picked up the gloves, head all the way back, and go to Falador bank. Put all of your armour (except the ice gloves) and weapons in the bank, these are not allowed on Entrana. After that, head down to the Port Sarim docks and take the boat to Entrana (the most north-eastern boat near the monks). Once on Entrana go all the way north and search the area there, you should see a little red bird named Entrana Fire Bird. It's only level two, so you shouldn't have a problem killing it. When it's dead, wear your ice gloves from the Ice Queen and pick up the fire feather. Well, that's that! :)

5: Cooked lava eel

Coming back from Entrana, you can stop by the fishing store in Port Sarim. Speak with the owner of the store, and ask him how to fish lava eels. He will give you a bottle of Blamish Snail Slime. So, head back to the bank in Falador, and get out your harralander, vial of water, fishing rod and bait. Use the harralander and the slime with the water filled vial, and you will have Blamish Oil. Use it with the rod and you will now have the Oily Fishing Rod you need to fish the lava eels. Now it's time to go down to the so-called Members Dungeon which you will find south of Taverley.

6: The dungeon

*Users with 70+ Agility can skip this part and go straight the The fishing spot.

Here is a map of the Members Dungeon (have it in the background, as it might be handy).

You will need to go past some poison scorpions, so bringing an anti-poison might be a good idea. You will also come neck-to-neck with some nasty dragons, so bringing your trusty anti-dragon breath shield might be a good idea as well. Of course, food and armour could help you as well. You will, of course, need your oily fishing rod, and some bait (around 10 should do it). One last thing you need is a dusty key. If you don't have it already, read below. When you have all the things you need, head to the dungeon south of Taverley.

7: Dusty key

So, you don't have the key, eh? Well, when you enter the dungeon, go straight ahead (north) until you come to a set of prison doors, open them and the suits of armour will attack you; kill them and go through the door. Head out one of the other doors there (doesn't really matter which), and go south-east past the black knights, magic axes, poison scorpions, and then go straight ahead into the little path going south there. You should now be at some more black knights. Go through the door there and then turn east. You should now see a level 47 jailer; kill him and pick up the keys he dropped. Open the jail door to the south and talk with Velrak the Explorer. After a bit of talk, he will give you the dusty key.


8: The fishing spot

*Users with 70+ Agility can use the shortcut pipe upon entering the dungeon to go directly to the Blue Dragons lair.

In the member dungeon, cross the two bridges past the Chaos dwarves and go all the way north to the lesser demons, and then use your dusty key on the door on the west side. You're now in a room with blue dragons, so be sure to equip your antifire shield. If you want, you can kill a few... Now go all the way west and then south until you get to a place with lava, there you should see three fishing spots. Fish some lava eels from one of those spots. Remember, you will need two cooked at the end, so if your cooking isn't that high, be on the safe side and fish 10-15 of them. Go back out and cook the lava eels. That's two down and one to go! I'd say you're just over half way now.

9: Master Thief Armband

This is where you need your partner. If you're in the Phoenix Gang, you need a friend from the Black Arm Gang and of course the other way around as well. You only need to do the appropriate guide part for your gang - have your friend follow the part and do the steps for their own gang.

10: Black Arm Gang: to the hideout

Go to your hideout in Varrock (if you forgot where it was; it's down the alley west of the Blue Moon Inn bar). You should find Katrine there. Talk with her a bit and she will give you the password: "four leaf clover". Get your black armour (full helm, plate and legs) from the bank. Head off to Brimhaven (on Karamja), and enter the house east of the pirates' bar, and speak with either Trobert or Gruber there. They will give you your ID papers. Now walk west until you come to the mansion. Be sure to wear your full black armour and go in.

11: Black Arm Gang: collecting the armband

Once in, talk with Grip and he should give you a key; hand it over to your Phoenix partner, and then wait for your partner to get ready. Once they are ready, go back in to the mansion and open the cupboard in the northern room. Grip should now come in the room, and your partner can shoot him. Once he is dead he will drop a key. Use this key to enter the treasure room in the western room, and search around to find two candlesticks, when you have them, give one to your partner, and then you both can return to your leaders to get the armband.

12: Phoenix Gang: to the hideout

Go to your hideout in Varrock (if you forgot where it was; it's down the alley south-east of the Blue Moon Inn pub, and then down the ladder). Ask Stravan about the Master Thief Armband. After a bit of talking, you should get the password: "Gherkin". When you have it, go to your bank and withdraw some cash (100 gp is enough), some arrows and a bow. You will need to kill a level 22, so bring enough arrows. When you have that, head off to Brimhaven on Karamja and meet with your Black Arm Gang friend.

13: Phoenix Gang: collecting the armband

He/she will have a key for you; trade with him/her, and go into the bar and talk with Alfonse the Waiter and give him your password. You will now be allowed into the kitchen; talk with Charlie the Cook and he will tell you about the secret wall. It is next to the stove on the western wall; go through it, and use your key on the door across the yard there (run to evade the level 44 guard dogs). Meanwhile, your partner should almost be ready with Grip. Stand in front of the window in the next room and shoot Grip. Your partner should now see a key; he will use it to get the two candlesticks and trade one of them to you. Return to your gang leader to get the armband.

14: Back to Achietties

Once you both have all three items, go back to the Heroes' guild and talk with Achietties. Congratulations!


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • It's possible to do the quest at level 24 herblore if you use the Greenmans Ale from the bar in Yanille.
  • It's possible to do the quest at level 49 mining if you drink a Dwarven Stout before mining the rock slide.
  • It's also possible to do the quest at level 50 fishing with a fishing potion, or even at 48 with a bite of admiral pie.
  • Lava eels may also be caught in the Lava Maze (Level 40 of the Wilderness)
  • You can do this quest with a partner who already completed it, as long as they are from the opposing gang.
  • On the 27th of March 2017 Jagex changed the experience reward to lamps


Written by: Ks Jeppe

Special thanks to: bluehooloovo, dragons_m8, Goldensunking, Palfiolin

Thanks to: black gnome1, Cowman_133, Dragonkingg2, Gellan, Howlin1, Jaffy1, jcsanity, munqzor, Nicky Love, pinkmini, pokemama, rocki3434, SacredMechanic, Saladin643, sanket133, sk8bored_17, sos-jamezey0, The Sith, Vulxai

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