Dragon Slayer

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Long

Start location: The Champions' guild, south west of Varrock. Speak to the Guildmaster to start.


Quest Points: 33

Items: 3 Planks, 90 Steel nails, Hammer, Unfired bowl, Wizard's mind bomb, Lobster pot, a piece of Silk, and a 1 handed weapon.


An extra 10,000 gp is optional for one part of the quest. Bring good food for the final battle.

Monsters: Worm brain (level 1), Zombie Rat) (level 2), Ghosts (level 12), Skeletons (level 12), Zombies (level 14), Melzar the Mad (level 39), Lesser Demon (level 56), Elvarg the Dragon (level 63)

NPCs: Duke Horacio, Guildmaster, Klarense, Ned, Oracle, Oziach

Walkthrough hide »

1: To start off

To start off, talk to the Guildmaster in the Champions guild. When speaking to him, be sure to go through all the chat options. When you ask about obtaining a rune plate mail, he will tell you that he has a friend, Oziach, who can help you out. Oziach can be found in a small hut in the north-western corner of Edgeville near the wilderness wall. Oziach will then tell you that you may be in the Champions Guild but you may not be worthy of the title "Hero." To qualify as a hero, you must kill the green dragon Elvarg on Crandor Isle. You will need to collect three map pieces in order to get to the isle. Return to the Champion's Guild, where the Guildmaster will give you the key to Melzar's Maze. Ask the Guildmaster all the questions you can in order to be able to proceed through the quest.

2: The first map piece

By far the hardest, bring maybe a couple of lobsters if you are low level as you need to fight Melzar the Mad (level 39) and Lesser Demons (level 56) here. This is basically south west of Falador (north west of Rimmington). Make sure you have the key the Guildmaster gave you.

Click here to see the
Melzar's Maze Map

Make your way in and start killing some rats till you get a red key. Then go into the door in the north west corner and go up the ladder. Now you should be in a room with ghosts, kill them till you get the orange key. Then go though the door 2nd from the left, then up the ladder to Melzar the mad. Keep killing skeletons until you get a yellow key and go into the most SW door, then follow the corridor around, then down the ladder. Kill some zombies till you get the blue key and go through the door leading to Melzar the mad (most Northern door). He will say all sorts of weird things but kill him and then go through the door leading to the Lesser Demon. The last part of the map can be collected! Kill the lesser and collect your green key. Go through the door and search the chest to get the map piece. If you die in the maze, you can talk to Oziach again about the first map piece to get another key and try again.

3: The second map piece

For this you need: Unfired bowl (use soft clay on potters wheel - see crafting guide), Wizard's mind bomb (obtainable in Falador pub for 3 gp), Lobster pot (Port Sarim fishing shop 20 gp), and a piece of silk (Al-Kharid for 3 gp). Once you have all of that, go and speak with the Oracle on Ice Mountain, and then take the items down to the Dwarven Mine and use each on the door to the room in the north east corner, just before you go into the scorpion room. Enter the room and search the chest and voilá, another piece down and 1 to go.

4: The third map piece

Right let's do the easiest first. There are two ways of getting this. The first is the hardest, but by far the cheapest. Go to the Port Sarim jail. You can either kill Wormbrain with magic or with range. Then use the Telekinetic grab spell on the piece of map he drops. If you're only level 31 magic you can drink an extra Wizard's mind bomb, which can be bought from the Falador bar, to get your magic high enough for the Telekinetic grab spell. If this is all too much effort for you or if your magic level is too low, you can simply buy the map for 10,000gp from Wormbrain.

5: Obtaining a boat

Firstly you will need 3 planks, 90 steel nails, hammer, and 2,000 gp. Talk to the guy Klarense at the very end of Port Sarim harbour and offer to buy the boat; he will ask for 2,000 gp. A boat for 2k gold? BARGAIN! Oh, one problem - it's got a big hole in it. Planks will fix that though. For the nails you need to smith 6 steel bars into nails, or buy them from another player (members may buy them from the Sawmill Operator north east of Varrock). Now go back to your boat and patch it up with your hammer and materials.

6: Preparation

Before you go to Draynor, use the three map pieces with each other, and you'll have a full map. Now go to Draynor and find Ned the Fisherman and ask him if he will take you to Crandor. He will say yes and he will meet you at the boat. Plan on using your Home teleport to Lumbridge, or take the required runes for a teleport or an item that lets you teleport as the only way off the island is through Red Deadly spiders or dead. Oh, and take some cooked lobsters eh? Also, remember a good one-handed weapon (NOT a 2h nor a regular bow), and a dragonfire shield (you can get this from Duke Horacio upstairs in Lumbridge castle). So go to your boat and off you go.

7: Slaying the dragon


You will crash into rocks when you stop and your boat will be ruined, so don't plan on taking it back.

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Crandor Island Map

Get off the boat and make your way past all the dangers and enter the dungeon through the hole. You will be at the northern end of the dungeon.

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Karamja Volcano Dungeon Map

Before you decide to slay Elvarg, it is strongly recommended to head south and look for the secret wall, which when pushed will lead you to Karamja volcano. Walking through it and back again will allow you to return much quicker if you should die. If you do not 'unlock' the door, you will be required to repair the boat to reach Crandor again. Once you have done this, climb across the wall and into Elvarg's lair. She will hit up to 200 on people using the Anti-dragon shield or the Dragonfire shield. Just use the tactic, run heal attack over and over and you'll eventually win. The dragon uses long range fire breaths, so using ranged or magic is not recommended, at least without wearing the anti-dragon shield. If you happen to die during the fight, you can return by going to Karamja and then heading north through the secret door you unlocked earlier.

Claiming your reward

When you've killed the beast, you automatically cut off its head. After you escape the dragon's lair, return to Oziach in Edgeville to claim your reward.



Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • When the Guildmaster gives you the key to Melzar's Maze, you may want to drop the key and get a second one. Some players like to train in the Maze.


Written by: Draxal

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