Family Crest

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Long

Start location: Talk to Dimintheis in a house south-east of the east bank in Varrock.


Skills: Level 40 Crafting, Level 59 Magic, Level 40 Mining, Level 40 Smithing

Items: Pickaxe, Cooked shrimp, Cooked salmon, Cooked tuna, Cooked bass, Cooked swordfish, 2 Rubies, Ring mould, Necklace mould, runes for the 4 blast spells, an Antipoison, standard spellbook, food and armour to defeat a level 120 monster


Skills: Level 43 Prayer if you have a low combat level for Protect from melee

Items: Means of transportation to Ardougne, Al-Kharid, Falador (Dwarven Mines), Varrock, Edgeville and Catherby

Monsters: Chronozon (level 120)

NPCs: Avan, Boot the Dwarf, Caleb, Dimintheis, Gem trader, Johnathon

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0: Starting Out

After speaking with Dimintheis, he will ask you to find his 3 sons and reassemble his family crest.

1: First Son - Caleb

The first son is the cook in Gertrude's house, to the west of Varrock.

Family Crest Caleb Location

He will tell you that the brothers have broken the crest into 3 pieces and that for his piece you must bring him some cooked fish. You will need cooked Shrimp, Salmon, Tuna, Bass and Swordfish. After you've given him those, he'll give you his part of the crest and you should talk to him again for a clue on finding the other brothers.

2: Second Son - Avan

Your only clue is the gem trader in Al-Kharid.

Family Crest Gem Trader Location

Talk to him and he will tell you to speak with a Man in the Scorpion Chasm (also called scorpion pit, it's the mining field north of the gem trader). The Man near the gold rocks in the mine is the second son, Avan. He will ask you to make some jewellery for him of the "purest gold".

Family Crest Avan Location

You will now have to go to the Dwarven Mines and have a word with Boot the Dwarf. He's past the anvils to the west.

Family Crest Boots Location

3: The dungeon

After talking with Boot you'll know the location of the gold mine. It's a dungeon east of Ardougne (map of it is shown below).

Family Crest Dungeon Location Family Crest Dungeon

You will need to pull some levers to unlock the room with the Hellhounds and the pure gold.

  • Pull the lever on the north wall (up)
  • Pull the lever in the south room (up)
  • Pull the lever on the north wall (down)
  • Pull the lever in the north room (up)
  • Leave the room and pull the lever on the north wall (up)
  • Pull the lever in the south room (down)

Now you'll be able to go into the cage and mine some gold. Avoid the level 132 Hellhounds and mine 2 ores. If you are having trouble with the hellhounds, use a protect from melee prayer and turn off auto-retaliate.

4: Jewellery

Now that you have two "perfect" gold ores, make the ruby ring and necklace with the gold. Go to any furnace (there is one in Al-Kharid and Ardougne) and smelt the gold. Finally with a ring and necklace mould and two cut rubies in your inventory, use the gold bar on the furnace to make 2 pieces of jewellery. Go back to Avan in the scorpion pit, and give him the jewellery. He will give you the second piece of the crest.

5: Last brother - Johnathon

Avan will give you a clue to head for the Jolly Boar Inn north of Varrock.

Family Crest Johnathon Location

Speak with him upstairs and give him some poison antidote (be careful not to drink it yourself). He'll tell you where the last piece of the crest is.

6: How to kill the demon

After you've spoken with the last brother, get out runes for the four elemental blast spells, take some food and armour and prepare for a fight. Bring more than enough runes in case you have to do the spells more than once.

Family Crest Chronozon Location

You'll have to kill the level 120 demon called Chronozon. Hit him once with each elemental blast spell, Wind Blast, Water Blast, Earth Blast and Fire Blast. The spells must do damage to be effective. Due to a (known) glitch, it is currently impossible to kill him in Legacy Mode, so be sure to turn on EoC for the fight. You will see a notice in your message box if you are successful. If you do not hit him with each blast spell he will heal himself at 0 LP. If you only have 56 magic, you can complete this part of the quest by drinking a wizard's mind bomb. After casting all four spells, you can defeat him with the method of your choice (he is fairly easy). He will drop the last crest piece.

7: Finishing off

Put the three pieces together and go back to Dimintheis in Varrock. He will give you the family gauntlets and tell you to visit one of the brothers to give the gauntlets powers.

  • Cooking gauntlets (at the first son in west Varrock) will make you burn less fish (Lobsters, Swordfish and Shark).
  • Goldsmithing gauntlets (at the second son in the Scorpion mine) will give you more experience when smelting gold ores into bars: 56.25 exp versus 22.5 exp.
  • Chaos Gauntlets (at the third son near Varrock) will make you hit harder when using bolt spells (chaos runes) in Magic.

If you lose your gauntlets, return to Dimintheis in East Varrock and he will give them back to you. They will have the same enchantment that you originally selected.

You can change the enchantment of your gauntlets by talking to either of the three brothers Caleb, Avan or Johnathon in their respective locations. So if you initially chose Magic Gauntlets, you can get them changed to Cooking Gauntlets. Each brother will charge you a fee of 25,000gp every time you change.


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • There is a safespot at the south side of the Chronozon room for those that are not able to fight the demon up close and physically.
  • If you have a Professional's or Champion's tackle box from the Fish Flingers D&D, you can store one pair of enchanted gauntlets and receive another pair.
  • The demon Chronozon is currently impossible to kill in Legacy Mode due to a known glitch, so make sure to have EoC on for this part of the quest.


Written by: Ks Jeppe and Sir Beachy

Thanks to: apache31619, Arvee666, Baffler, Cowman_133, Grimy_Bunyip, handman003, Howlin1, Lady_Shahdie, n_odie, nofurdb, Profins, Qindalf, Salleh, saucetastic, Vroqren, Vulxai, yippeekyaa

Correction credits: jim_vierling

Last updated: 10-Nov-2014

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