Defender of Varrock

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Hard Length: Medium

Start location: Talk to Captain Rovin in the north-west tower of Varrock Palace. (Jagex has provided Legend of Arrav Lore on the RuneScape website for players to enjoy the quest background)


Skills: Level 51 Agility, Level 51 Hunter, Level 59 Mining, Level 54 Smithing

  • Claim Varrock Museum kudos for completing Shield of Arrav

Items: Spade, Pickaxe, A light source, armour and weapons to fight level 124 undead.


Items: Salve amulet (e), Food, Redberry pie, Varrock teleport runes or Teletab; if you want to find the location of the sacred force without spoilers (Sextant, Watch, Chart)

Skills: Optional for teleports only - ability to Cast Teleport to Varrock

Monsters: Armoured Zombie (level 124)

NPCs: Aeonisig Raispher, Captain Rovin, Curator Haig Halen, Dimintheis, Hartwin, Horvik, King Roald, Ramarno, Reldo, Sir Prysin, Thurgo

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Starting out

1. To start this quest, talk to Captain Rovin in the top of the North West watchtower of Varrock Castle. He will ask you to investigate what his scout, Hartwin, has seen in the Graveyard of Shadows.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: None
Suggested: Armour, Weapon, Food, Salve Amulet (e), Varrock teletab

Finding the Key

2. Once you are ready, talk to Captain Rovin and tell him you are ready to journey to the Wilderness Graveyard of Shadows. Hartwin will escort you there. The area he brings you to is not part of the normal wilderness and no pk'ers can attack you there. Attempting to get to the Wilderness Graveyard of Shadows by walking there yourself will NOT work. You must talk to Hartwin to get there. Once there, walk towards the entrance to the graveyard and talk to Hartwin. After a short cutscene he tells you to track down where the zombies went.

3. This part is very similar to Tracking in the Hunter skill, requiring you to find where the zombie horde is by tracking their footprints. You need to inspect objects (such as trees, stumps and bushes) that are located around the end of the current trail. The correct object to inspect will often be within 3 spaces of the end of the trail. It will be a long walk - there are many trails that loop around the same area, making it look like the zombies are deliberately trying to stop people from tracking them. The picture below shows the general trend of the path.

DoV Map

4. Eventually, a search at the end of a trail will earn you a grubby key. The location of the key may vary for each player, but is often found in one of the trees north-west of the Chaos Temple. Once you find the key, keep tracking until you get a visible trail leading into the Chaos Temple surrounded by lava. The game will tell you that the zombie trails end here.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Grubby key, 3 Empty inventory spaces
Suggested: Armour, Weapon, Food, Salve amulet (e), Varrock teletab

Misty Battle

5. Head into the Chaos Temple. If you're not equipped for a fight, ask Hartwin to take you back to Varrock and gear up. Once you're ready, ask him to teleport you back. You will find there is a trapdoor behind the altar of the Chaos Temple. Enter it and you will find a dungeon packed with armoured zombies. (Note that this quest will only take you as far as the metal door; the rest of the dungeon is for another quest.)

Wilderness Chaos Temple Dungeon

6. Head north and click on the balcony (near the unattackable zombies) to trigger a cutscene, revealing a previously known, but dead, character.

Head west and you will find a door with several empty bottles lying around the walls. Pick up 3 empty bottles and kill the zombies that have been attacking you up to now. When they die they will leave behind a red mist. Use an empty bottle on the mist to fill it. Once you have all 3 bottles filled, go through the door. Another cutscene will be shown.

7. After the cutscene, the mists from your bottle will disappear. Head north and kill 3 zombies again and collect their mist. Go east to another door and go through it.

Follow the corridor further east to another balcony (again near the unattackable zombies), and click to view yet another cutscene. Afterwards use your Varrock teletab and report back to Captain Rovin.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Spade, Pickaxe, A light source, Sextant, Watch, Chart, Blurite Ore
Suggested: Redberry pie, Lassar (Ice Mountain) teleport runes or Amulet of glory or Combat bracelet (for teleport); Varrock Teleport runes

Secret Tunnel

8. Captain Rovin will ask you to find the secrets to the Shield of Arrav, and your character will suggest talking to Thurgo. He can be found south of Port Sarim, north of Mudskipper Point. Make sure you have a pickaxe with you if you did not grab a Blurite ore ahead of time.

9. Talk to Thurgo and he will mention a magical Forge that has been long lost after a major cave-in, and he will give you a scroll with coordinates of its location. Once you have the scroll, head down into the Ice Caves dungeon near Thurgo and mine 1 Blurite ore.

10. Once you have the ore, head to Ice Mountain (west of Edgeville and the Monastery). Use Tip.It's Treasure Trail Locator Tool to find the location on the scroll, or use your sextant as you would for any treasure trail. The correct spot should be within a few squares of the Oracle's Tent. Dig with a spade to uncover the snow, then use a pickaxe on it to reveal a passage. Jump in.

DoV Ice Mtn Minimap

11. In the underground tunnel you will find Ramarno, a blind dwarf sage. (If you bring him a redberry pie, he will be delighted to give you 1k smithing experience, but this is optional.) Talk to him about needing to use the magical forge, and he will ask you to put a blurite ore into it. Do so and talk to him again. A cutscene will tell you the true secret of the Shield of Arrav, and you will learn of the current attack on Varrock.

12. Teleport back to Varrock, and bank.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: None
Suggested: Armour, Food, Salve amulet (e) to fight against some more Level 124 Zombies, 2 Inventory spaces

Final battle

13. Head back to Varrock castle. When you enter the grounds you will find that a battle for the Castle is already under way, and level 124 armoured zombies will attack you. Dodge them and get to Captain Rovin in the tower. He will give you the restored Shield of Arrav.

14. Head to the Royal Library and talk to Reldo (if you are finding that the zombies are distraction, close the door and kill every monster in the room). He will tell you that there is a scroll on the floor that has the name of the Elders of Varrock. There is an overturned table just south of the Varrock Census and on the ground near it there is a pile of scrolls you can search. Read the scroll, and if you compare the names to the census, there are 5 names in total, as well as their living descendants:

  • Tarrlo Remanis -> Roald Remanis, King of Varrock
  • Khom Prysin -> Sir Prysin (in the Castle)
  • Dathero Raispher -> Aeonisig Raispher (King's advisor)
  • Marv Halen -> Haig Halen (Museum Curator)
  • Ramone Ravitz -> Horvik Ravitz (Armour smith)

15. Talk each one of them until you find one who tells you after trying the shield that his ancestry was adopted. (The person is different for each player.) (It maybe difficult for you to talk to Sir Prysin, King Roald and Aeonisig Raispher since the Zombies are a constant distraction, so lock them in a room and kill everything before talking to them.) He will tell you that the last true family was a woman who married into the Fitzharmon family.

16. From reading the Census you already know that the only Fitzharmon alive and currently residing in Varrock is none other than Dimintheis, who started you on the Family Crest quest.

17. Go to Dimintheis in the fenced area of south-east Varrock. Speak to him and he will wield the shield. A cutscene of the battle at Varrock Castle will be shown. All the zombies are completely destroyed and the culprits flee. You end up in Captain Rovin's Tower. Speak to him for the quest reward.


Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • After reporting the zombie menace to Captain Rovin, please note that you will not be able to complete the All Fired Up quest or play the Beacon Network Minigame until the quest is over.
  • The location of the key during the quest may vary from person to person.
  • The adopted descendant will also vary from person to person.
  • After the quest, visit Historian Minas at the Varrock museum. Tell him about the zombie invasion to earn a 1k experience lamp and more kudos.
  • If you forgot to bring a redberry pie with you to see Ramarno during the quest you can still bring him one afterwards to receive 1k smithing experience.


Written by: Chenw2

Special thanks to: Cowman_133, Eonrogue, Neko Negde, pokemama, pulli23, Rien_Adelric

Thanks to: Aurhora, Baffler, Codguy, domino251869, Jaffy1, Joeybobjohn, lordkafei, pepsiguy, pkerlex, QueenValierie, Red Tanya, RsBang, Siobhana, StGerolf, War Chipmunk, Whoaitsdude

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