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Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Rat Burgiss at the crossroad on the path south of Varrock.


Skills: Level 35 Runecrafting

Items: Bowl, 15 Chaos runes


Skills: Level 42 Mining

Items: Chaos talisman or Tiara, Bronze pickaxe

Monsters: Outlaw (Level 46), King Roald (Level 47)

NPCs: Rat Burgiss, Surok Magis, Zaff

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1: A Trader in Need
Items Required: None

Speak to Rat Burgiss at the crossroads of Lumbridge and Varrock. While travelling to Varrock, his cart was ransacked by outlaws. These outlaws took five pages of some very important papers, which you should offer to get back for him. He heard the outlaws say they were heading to a camp site north-west of Varrock. Burgiss provides a folder to put the pages in, after you have reclaimed them.

2: Lost Papers
Items Required: An empty folder

Head up to the outlaws camp, which is located to the west of the Grand Exchange. If you are able to use the Fairy Ring Network simply enter the code DKR and head to the area south of house (blue dot on map below). If you cannot, simply travel to Edgeville and head north-east across the bridge and then south until you see the camp (shown as a red rectangle).

Route to Outlaw Camp

Kill five Outlaws (Level 46) and use the papers they drop on your folder. Return to Burgiss and give him his folder.

Outlaw Camp Site

3: Mail Delivery
Items Required: Full folder

Now that you've done so well on your 'mission', Burgiss is willing to tell you a secret. However, your response makes him decide to instead give you another task - delivering a letter (conveniently written in another language so you can't understand it (For an optional translation, see Rat's letter). The letter is to be given to Surok Magis, a wizard residing in the Varrock Palace Library, so head up and speak to him.

4: History Lessons
Items Required: Rat's letter

Upon giving him the letter, he will immediately destroy it and offer to let you in on a secret - he has discovered a way to turn clay into gold bars. He only needs a few more things so he can create enough gold to share with you: a bowl and a wand with the power of the chaos altar in it. He will give you a metal wand and a diary written by one Sin'keth, a follower of Zamorak who helped in the creation of the Tunnel of Chaos, hidden beneath a statue of Saradomin. Surok Magis will also tell you of a historic tome somewhere in the library which contains details on a shortcut to the Chaos Altar. Search the bookcases until you find the Dagon'hai history; this book also points to the statue of Saradomin as the entrance to the Tunnel of Chaos.

5: Necessities of Spells
Items Required: Bowl, 15 Chaos runes

Take 15 chaos runes and the metal wand to the Chaos Altar. There are three ways to go:

  • The Abyss - Like any normal abyss trip, go through the abyss and into the Chaos portal.
  • The Wilderness - Head north and west from Edgeville and enter the Chaos Altar with a Chaos talisman/tiara or a Omni talisman/tiara. This is a map of the chaos altar maze.
  • The Tunnel of Chaos (Level 42 Mining Required) - You will need a Chaos talisman/tiara or a Omni talisman/tiara for this path. Head out the east gate of Varrock and follow the path north to the Saradomin statue.
The Saradomin Statue
  • Use a bronze pickaxe (if you don't have one, speak to Anna Jones, who will give you one on Surok's orders) to excavate the statue.
Dagonhai Tunnels
  • Walk all the way to the north chamber of this cave, where there is a one-way portal directly to the third underground level of the chaos altar maze. Refer to the map below if you are having trouble finding the altar. Follow the orange path starting at the third floor.
Chaos Altar Map

Use the wand on the Chaos altar to infuse the runes.

Infusing the Metal Wand

Return to Surok with the Infused wand and bowl. He must now prepare the spell, which will take some time.

6: A Sudden Twist
Items Required: None

To occupy you during the wait, he has a letter for you to deliver to Rat Burgiss. Head to Rat and give him the letter - after reading it he will decide to let you in on his secret. It turns out he is really the Commander of the Varrock Palace Secret Guard, acting on suspicions that Surok was trying to control King Roald. It appears in your vain wishes for gold, you have really helped Surok to finally get the items needed for his mind-control spell.

The only person with the knowledge to counteract this spell is Zaff, the owner of the staff shop in Varrock - speak to him, saying that Rat Burgiss sent you. The spell developed to counteract Surok's mind-control spell will only work if King Roald is made incredibly weak beforehand. Zaff will give you some instructions and a beacon ring, used to summon him when King Roald is appropriately weakened. Though Surok will most likely refuse to an arrest, you have been made an honorary member of the VPSG so you are able to arrest him.

Zaff\'s Instructions

7: Confrontation
Items Required: Beacon ring

It is time to return to the Varrock Palace Library and confront Surok. He, of course, refuses to go quietly. Instead, he orders King Roald - already placed under his spell - to attack you. In a cut scene, Surok will summon King Roald (Level 47), who, after brief disorientation, decides he must kill you. Fight him until your chatbox says "Now would be a good time to summon Zaff!" Operate the Beacon Ring, and Zaff will cast the counter-spell, then teleport King Roald out of danger. Surok will attempt to escape, but his teleportation spell will be corrupted by Zaff. Zaff has instated a permanent teleblock on the library, stopping Surok from ever leaving.

All that is left is to go to Rat and tell him of the mission's success. Though it is expected he will no longer be a problem, a closer watch is now being kept on Surok. Burgiss gives you the reward, mentioning that one day there may be a place for you in the VPSG.


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Beacon Ring stats: Armour 3, Magic Critical 1.5%
  • Future use of the Chaos Shortcut does not require a pickaxe, but still does require a chaos talisman/tiara or a Omni talisman/tiara.
  • Completing this quest allows level 44 slayers to do the Hunt for Surok mini-quest, which unlocks Bork.


Written by: SaidinWoT

Thanks to: baraglas, Cowman_133, Ddraiggoch06, Eyehawk78, Inferno_char, Jaffy1, Mr_Figaro, salim123, Wpn Expert

Last updated: 23-Dec-2017

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