Temple of Ikov

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Long

Start location: A dark stranger called Lucien (level 14) asks you to retrieve an artefact known as the Staff of Armadyl. Speak to him in the Flying Horse Inn in Ardougne.


Skills: Level 40 Ranged, Level 42 Thieving

Items: Lit candle (Use a Tinderbox with a Candle) or any other Light source, weapon with a slash attack or a Knife, a Yew, Magic or Dark bow, and 20 Limpwurt roots (not noted).


Skills: Level 37 prayer for Protect from Magic

Items: Ranged armour, Ava's Accumulator, Dramen Staff or Lunar Staff, Melee armour for lower leveled players (defence from Ice Spiders)

Monsters: Fire Warrior of Lesarkus (level 84), Lucien (level 14), must evade Ice Spiders (level 60)

NPCs: Lucien, Winelda

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1. Speak to Lucien in the Flying Horse Inn in Ardougne, north of the castle. He will give you his Pendant and ask you to retrieve the Staff of Armadyl.

Bank Bank Bank
North Ardougne
Required: Pendant of lucien, Light source, weapon with slash attack
Suggested: None

IMPORTANT: Ensure your total weight is less than 4.5 kg for this section.

2. Go to the dungeon north-east of Ardougne. Enter, head west to some stairs and go down. They lead to an area that is completely black. If you have a light source with you, the room will be lit up. If not, it will be black and dark.


2. Slash the web in front of the only red dot (spawn) in the room and get the boots. These boots take away 4.5 kg from your weight and are very useful.

3. As you go back up the stairs, put on your Pendant of Lucien and try to open the gate to the north. If you don't have it on, you will jump back in fear because this is the "Room of Fear". Otherwise, you will enter a room with level 45 skeletons.

4. Head to the bridge to your west. Put on your boots and make sure your weight is less than 0kg; cross over and take the lever piece.

5. Cross the bridge back to the main area and head north. You will see a lever above a trap door. Search the lever for traps and disable them. Then pull the lever (Requires 42 Thieving.)

6. Go back south to where you entered the dungeon and search the walls nearby for the lever bracket. Use your lever piece with it and pull it right away (it will disappear if you leave before pulling it).

Bank Bank Bank
Seers' Village
Required: Pendant of lucien, Yew, Magic or Dark bow, and 20 Limpwurt roots
Suggested: Ranged armour, Ava's Accumulator, Dramen Staff or Lunar Staff, melee armour for lower leveled players (defence from Ice Spiders)

7. After banking, come back to the temple and head through the south gate. The Ice spiders (level 60) on this path will not appear on your minimap. They are aggressive but you are not required to fight them. Walk along the path until you see niches with chests. Continue searching the chests for ice arrows and gather as many as you can. You will collect a few arrows each time you find a chest with arrows in them - occasionally they will end up in the same chest twice in a row. You'll need about 25-50 to kill the next monster (the lower number if you brought ranger armour, higher number if you didn't), though you may require as little as 10 with Ava's Accumulator. Head back to the area by the first lever after you finish gathering arrows.

8. Wearing the Pendant of Lucien, go north from the main entrance chamber into the Room of Fear area with the skeletons. Go to the north-east passage and continue straight north.

9. You will come to a little room with a lever (and a trapdoor). Approach carefully, and right click on the lever to search for traps (and disarm them). Then pull the lever. Proceed west along the corridor to a door on the north side. If you have difficulty opening the locked door, you may need to return to the lever (again disarming the trap) to unlock the door.

10. Once the door is open, continue north through this chamber and attempt to open the northern door. Lesarkus the Fire Warrior (level 84) will pop up to prevent your progress. Equip the ice arrows and ranged armour and shoot him until he dies. (Note: He is a mage, so protect from magic helps a lot). After he dies, the door you tried to open will let you pass.

11. As you can now see, there is lava blocking your path. Talk to Winelda and give her the 20 limpwurt roots; she will take you over the fire.

12. Run through the area, past the ladder and past the odd wall to the very end and get the shiny key which spawns on the floor. Run back to the wall and push on it. Here you have a choice in how you choose to finish. The reward is almost the same, but the Good side makes it slightly easier to re-obtain the Pendant of Armadyl for protection in the God Wars Dungeon (not part of this quest).

13(a)-Good side: Take off your Pendant of Lucien and talk to the guardians. Tell them that you are after the staff because Lucien sent you and that you need a bath. They clean you and ask you to side with them. If you do, they will give you the Pendant of Armadyl. It will allow you to attack Lucien. Put it on, climb the ladder to the east and exit the house.

13(b)-Bad side: Remove your Pendant of Lucien. Take the staff and exit by the ladder to the east. Some of the guardians (levels 45 and 43) may try to attack you if you still have your pendant equipped.

14. You must now travel to Lucien's house, just west of the Grand Exchange (house outlined in yellow on the map below). If you are able to use the Fairy Ring Network and have a Dramen or Lunar Staff with you, there is a fairy ring inside McGrubor's Woods. Simply enter the code DKR and you will be teleported to just outside the door (blue ring on map below). If you cannot, simply travel to Edgeville and head north-east across the bridge and then south until you see the house (route shown as a red arrow below) or to the Grand Exchange in Varrock and use the agility shortcut to pass under the city wall.

Route to Luciens House

15. Enter the house and kill Lucien (from choice 13a) or give him the staff (from choice 13b) depending on the choice you made before. Congratulations, you've now completed the quest.


  • 10,500 range exp
  • 8,000 fletching exp
  • Shiny key (Used to re-enter the house at McGrubor's woods)
  • Pendant of Lucien
  • Pendant of Armadyl (good side only)
  • Boots of Lightness
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Obtaining another Pendant of Lucien depends on what side you took in the quest and if you have completed While Guthix Sleeps. You can:
    a. Good Side - Talk to Lucien in the Flying Horse Inn.
    b. Bad Side - Talk to Lucien in his house near the Grand Exchange.
    c. Good and Bad Side (Upon completing While Guthix Sleeps) - Talk to the Local Thug in either the Flying Horse Inn, or Lucien's house near the Grand Exchange.
  • If you need another Pendant of Armadyl (for protection in the God Wars Dungeon), you can:
    a. Good Side - Ask an Armadyl Guardian for a new one.
    b. Bad Side - Kill an Armadyl Guardian for a new one.


Written by: Misplacedme

Thanks to: ah_sam1, Arti, Baffler, carl0dublin, Cemtey, Cowman_133, Ddraiggoch06, Dominorox, DragonSam, Eeeeediot, eyehawk78, Gwilym, Howlin1, Jaffy1, Komodo_Jo, krunk100, Kwimbob, Lady_Shahdie, Lood333, madchild, pokemama, rambaldi, Rien_Adelric, Salazar Fox, SportsGuy, Teng, the nick30, Warriormonkx, yandn94

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