Demon Slayer

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Beginner Length: Short

Start location: Gideon Bede, found in the Church to the east of Varrock Palace.


Skills: A suitable combat level

Items: Food, Armour and weapons for the fights ahead.

Monsters: 10 level 2 skeletons, 9 Zamorak monks and Delrith (level 15)

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1: Starting off

To start the quest, talk to Gideon Bede, located inside the Church to the east of Varrock Palace. He will tell you that Denath is planning on summoning Delrith, a demon who tried to destroy Varrock over 150 years ago. He will ask for your help in retrieving silverlight, an enchanted sword that will aid in the battle against Delrith.

2: Obtaining Silverlight

Ds Silverlight

Head down the trapdoor to the south of Gideon. Walking into the main room, you will find the Spirits of Faith, Mind and Body. Speak to them and you will find out you will need to complete three tests before they will allow you to claim the sword. They will then disappear to their respective tests.

Trial of Faith

Ds Faith

This trial is found to the north. Speak to the Spirit of Faith to start the trial, who will then explain that you will need to cross the chasm in front of you. He will guide you through the chasm, so make sure to pay attention. Once the task is complete, the Spirit of Faith will return to the centre, after telling you that you can step anywhere over the cavern on the way back.

Trial of the Mind

This trial can be found to the east. Speak to the Spirit of the Mind to start the trial. To complete this part, you will need to answer his questions correctly. The answers are: I seek Silverlight, A sword that slays demons, A powerful demon threatens Varrock, Delrith and Gideon Bede. Once this is done, the challenge is complete and the spirit will return to the centre.

Trial of the Body

Ds Body

This trial is located to the west of the chamber. Speak to the Spirit of the Body to start. The spirit will tell you to complete the challenge you will need to clean up these bones. However, this will cause 10 skeletons to attack you. Kill the skeletons to complete this task. If you are near to death, you can walk out of the room to end the fight, although you will have to start from the beginning if you do so.

Once you have completed the trials, return to the central chamber and speak with the spirits once more. They will congratulate you, then head into the barrier around Silverlight and disappear. Collect Silverlight from its altar and head back up into the Church.

3: Destroying Delrith

Head back to Gideon Bede. He will tell you that he has located Denath in a crypt below the Church of Zamorak, located in the south east of the city. Head there, and go down the trapdoor inside the church.

Once you have headed down the trapdoor, you will be attacked by two Zamorak monks. Defeat them and head east. Here you will face three more monks. Defeat these to continue on through to the next room to the east, where four more monks will attack. Defeat these to enter the main chamber, where a cutscene will show Denath summoning Delrith.

Use Sliverlight to kill Delrith. Should Delrith shout "PREPARE TO BE INCINERATED" make sure to be stood next to Gideon Bede, who will shield you from most of the damage. Make sure to watch your health also, as he can still hit very high through the shielding. Once he is defeated you will be returned to the Church of Saradomin. Speak to Gideon Bede again to complete the quest.


Quest points: 3

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • This quest was remade on 28 January 2013. If you have completed this quest before this date, you can complete the new version, but will not be awarded the quest points again.
  • If you lose Silverlight after completing the quest, you can reclaim it from Gideon Bede.
  • If you lose Darklight, you can reclaim it from Gideon Bede.
  • If you lose the Avernic Book or Wand, you can also reclaim them from Gideon Bede.
  • Once you have completed the quest, talk to Historian Minas to update a display in the museum of Varrock.


Written by: Salleh

Special thanks to: Draxal, Jimmyw3000 & Ks Jeppe

Thanks to: Cameron, Cowman_133, ForsakenMage, Howlin1, Jaffy1, JimiWasGod, Kimberly, Lexmarkman, meleemasta1, n_odie, Neohero1972, Warriormonkx

Last updated: 18-Feb-2015

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