Shadow Of The Storm

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Father Reen, South from Al Kharid Bank


Skills: Level 30 Crafting

Items: Silverlight, Pestle and mortar, Empty vial, a Desert shirt, Desert Robes and one item listed in the Tip, Tricks and Notes section (or any 3 of the items listed in Tip, Tricks & Notes section) and a Silver ore or Silver bar.


Skills: Level 37 Prayer (protect from magic)

Items: Some food and decent melee equipment, Amulet of Glory or Ring of Duelling, Broomstick, Waterskins, Prayer potions, and about 1,000 gp

Monsters: Agrith-'Naar (level 120)

NPCs: Denath, Eric -Shadow of the Storm-, Evil Dave, Father Badden, Father Reen, Jennifer, Matthew, Patrick -Shadow of the Storm-, Tanya

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Starting out
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

1. Locate and talk to Father Reen located south from Al Kharid bank. Tell him that you are the one he seeks and accept to help him. If you do not have a Silverlight, he will give it to you.

Ruins of Uzer
Items Required: Silverlight, Pestle and mortar, Empty vial
Items Suggested: Desert shirt, Desert Robes, and a few Waterskins (for desert heat), coins for the magic carpet ride, Amulet of Glory or Ring of Duelling, One other 'evil' item listed in the Tip, Tricks and Notes section.

2. Head out to Shantay pass, use the bank chest and withdraw the Silverlight if Father Reen didn't give you one. Withdraw any 3 of the 'evil' items listed in the Tip, Tricks & Notes section (or for ease you can just take your Desert robes + one other 'evil' item and dye them later).

3. If you can, use the magic carpet to get to Uzer. Otherwise keep walking east until you reach Uzer.

4. Talk to Father Badden located in the ruins and ask him what you need to do. He asks you to infiltrate the group of Denath.

5. Go east and find the stairs down into the ruins. Once inside proceed north to the gates and talk to Evil Dave. Ask him if you can join the group and tell him that you are evil. However he says you don't look evil.

Shadow Of The Storm Mushrooms

6. Find some black mushrooms and use one of them on your Pestle and Mortar while having an Empty vial in your inventory. Use the resulting black ink dye on your Silverlight.

7. Wear your 'evil' clothes that you brought, if you brought desert robes you can dye them black by using pestle and mortar on a black mushroom when you have a vial in your inventory. Use the result dye on your clothes. You will need 1 black dye for each piece of clothing.

Talk to Evil Dave again. He will let you inside the Throne Room. Note that you don't need to use the evil clothes after this to get to the Throne Room.

Throne Room
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

8. After a short cutscene you get to talk to Denath. Ask him what you need to do. He will tell you an incantation that differs between players. Memorise it or write it down.

9. Talk to the people if you want to see some nice dialogue. Make sure you talk to Jennifer and ask for the Demonic Sigil mould.

Mould and the book
Items Required: Silver ore or Silver bar
Items Suggested: None

10. Go to Al Kharid, using an Amulet of Glory, Ring of Duelling or broomstick if you brought one, or use the Flying carpets back to the Shantay pass if you can.

11. Craft a Demonic Sigil using the Mould and a Silver bar. You may want to go to the bank at this point and withdraw your armour, weapons and potions for the final fight.

12. Get back to Uzer and talk to Matthew, ask him about everything and he should tell you about a book and what happened to Josef. Go back outside and ask the Golem about last night. He tells you that he saw Josef hide the book in one of the broken kilns. Rotate among the kilns (there are 4 searchable kilns in the desert) searching them until you find the book.

Shadowofstorm Kilns

13. Take the book to the Throne room and talk to Matthew. After talking to him, the ritual will commence.

Summoning part 1
Items Required: Demonic sigil
Items Suggested: None

14. Take your place in the empty spot in the circle and start the chanting by right clicking the Demonic Sigil and choosing the "Chant" option. Chant the incantation in the order that you memorised or wrote down earlier. You will then get to see some nice cutscenes where you discover Denarth deceived you and managed to trick you into sending him back to his own realm by saying the summoning spell backwards.

15. When the cutscenes have ended pick up Denarth's Sigil. You will now need some more people to re-perform the ritual to bring Denarth back to this realm so you can slay him.

Note: the ruins will become shaky and rocks will fall on you from this point on, dealing minor damage (10-30 life points).

16. Go outside where you will see Tanya die, pick up her Sigil.

17. Find Evil Dave and ask him to go back to the throne room, he will give you Eric's Sigil (you should now have 4 Sigils).

18. Go out and talk to the monks. After some convincing they agree to take part in the summoning.

19. Ask the Golem to take part in the ritual, however he won't be able to come inside the temple as one of the commandments inside his head forbids it.

20. Get the Strange Implement from the north-west corner of the Underground Ruins and use it on him to remove this command, he will now join you inside the throne room.

Summoning part 2
Items Required: Silverlight
Items Suggested: Weapons, armour, food, and possibly Prayer potions which you may need to kill a level 120 Demon.

21. Go back through the portal and talk to Matthew. He will give you time to prepare to fight a level 120 demon that uses both magic and melee and that you can't easily get away from (it's possible, however, if you run to the portal). Make sure you bring your Silverlight.

22. Speak to Matthew again when you are ready to begin the ritual.

23. This time you will need to lead the chant you memorised backwards. (This time say it forwards!) This will cause Agrith-Naar to appear. He accuses Matthew of summoning him, and kills him. Then you tell him that it was you who summoned him and he will attack you.

You will have to kill him from close range (if you try to get away from him he will teleport you back next to him). Pray protect from Magic you should be able to kill him without too much hassle. You will need to deliver the final blow with your Silverlight to kill him.

After killing him, your Silverlight becomes Darklight. Congratulations, quest completed.


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

- Evil clothes: Black Mystic clothes, Priest Gown, Shade Robes, Ghost Robes, Black Wizard Robes, Black Armour (not trimmed), black cape and dyed desert clothes (note that the boots cannot be dyed). Main rule is: Any colour that you like as long as it's black! (The black beret and Ardougne cape are the exceptions).

While you are in the desert you could refill your waterskins using a knife on healthy Kharidian cacti.

The broomstick from the Swept Away quest can be used to teleport to near the Shanty Pass (when enchanted).

- If you have lost your Silverlight, there are 2 ways to get it back (it's no longer sold at the Legends Guild):

1. Buy another one from Sir Prysin in Varrock for 500gp. You can also buy the Darklight sword from Sir Prysin for 1k after the quest.

2. Follow the steps in the section of the Demon Slayer quest guide on acquiring the sword.

- You get to pick which combat skill will receive the 10,000 exp reward. The choices are attack, strength, defence, constitution, ranged or magic.

If you do not have enough Demonic sigils you can always make more from silver bars.

- The Darklight sword is a better version of Silverlight.

- If you lose your Silverlight during the quest, you can get a new one by talking to the monks in the desert.


Written by: Original Guide By: Pirkka

Revised Version by: Jaffy1

Thanks to: abomb67, APERSON, Arcticrunite, AThousandLies, brainymidget, clifftopp, Cowman_133, Deciever2, devinni, fanta ft, Fireasasin, folmer_veeman, frasis, Ibcrootbeer, icecube, Jookyrulz, Kiara_Kat, King_Mirthas, Lady_Shahdie, Langram, madcat103, micarina, Michael_West, rollerjam5, SerpentEye, Spongehead91, War Chipmink, weepleboy

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