Dimension of Disaster

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This quest is made up of a series of subquests based on previously completed quests, each with their own requirements.

Subquest List:

1. Subquest - Coin of the Realm

Dimension of Disaster: Coin of the Realm
Length Short Difficulty Novice
Required Quests None
Required Items 1 GP
Recommended Items None

Note: this is a replayable quest and any quest items made might be useful to save if you wish to replay the quest to earn more silver pennies afterwards. Such items include: zombie outfit, black hood, robe, and skirt, mithril crossbow and grapple, vial of red mist, vial of orange mist (if you haven't done certain New Varrock tasks in the Study), blue dye (in case you accidentally empty your vial of purple mist), and a vial of purple mist.

To start the quest, speak to Gypsy Aris in her tent on the western side of Varrock square. Aris will offer to tell you your fortune for 1 gold coin, accept her offer. Whilst looking into your future, Aris sees something and she refuses to go any further and gives you your coin back. Inspect the coin and choose to flip it and it will change into a double-headed coin with the face of the Mahjarrat Zemouregal on it.

Speak to Aris once more and she will tell you she saw an alternate Varrock where you had never been born and she asks that you go and save Varrock once more. Throw the coin into the fountain and head through the portal. On arrival into New Varrock you will be greeted by Zemouregal who challenges you complete a number of distorted versions of previously completed quests before doing battle with him.


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2. Subquest - Shield of Arrav

Dimension of Disaster: Shield of Arrav
Length Short Difficulty Novice
Required Quests Shield of Arrav
Required Items 2 Zemomarks
Recommended Items None

To begin the subquest, speak to Orlando Smith in the New Varrock Museum, in the north-east of the city. He tells you Zemouregal has converted both the city's banks into private treasure vaults, and requires you to steal the two halves of the Shield of Arrav.

Dimension Of Disaster Orlando Smith

Regardless of which gang you may have chosen in the Shield of Arrav quest, you can choose freely for this subquest. However, if you choose to join the same gang as you did in Shield of Arrav, you can skip to the part subsequent to finding the hideout, since you already know where it is. If you decide to join the other gang, you must talk to the appropriate NPC below, or else Katrine/Straven will ignore you.

Otherwise, to join the Black Arm gang, you must talk to Charlie the Tramp south of the New Varrock sword shop. He will demand two Zemomark before telling you the location.

To join the Phoenix gang, you need to talk to Baraek next to the fur stall in New Varrock Square, who will ask for two zemomarks before revealing the location.

Speak to Straven of the Phoenix gang (in the south-east of the city, south of the East Bank), or Katrine of the Black Arm Gang (in the south-west of the city) to continue.

Katrine (Black Arm Gang Arc)

Tell Katrine you heard she's with the Black Arm Gang, and tell her you want her to pull off a bank heist. She'll write you a requisition document if you can prove your loyalty to the Black Arm gang. Katrine's left arm was stolen by Jonny the Beard in the Blue Moon Inn.

Go talk to him, he'll be reluctant to give you the arm. Talk to him again and fight him, defeat him for the arm. He's not too difficult to kill, but if you should need it there's a vegetable stall run by Xuan nearby the fountain portal in New Varrock Square.

Take the arm back to Katrine and then join the Black Arm Gang. Note: You won't be able to join the Phoenix Gang from this point. Enter the door with the passphrase mentioned in the dialogue (which is randomized) to talk to Moira, and get the requisition documents.

Go to Varrock east bank and up the stairs to speak to the skeleton clerk, ask for the Shield of Arrav. Visit Varrock West bank do the same. Use two halves on each other to create the Shield of Arrav, then finally go back to Orlando and give the shield back to him to complete this subquest.

Dimension Of Disaster Shieldofarrav Quest Complete

Straven (Phoenix Gang Arc)

Dimension Of Disaster Straven

Tell Straven you know who he is, and tell him you want him to pull off a bank heist job. He'll write you a requisition document if you can prove your loyalty to the Phoenix gang. He tells you that the Phoenix gang's Phoenix mascot has been stolen, and you must retrieve a Phoenix eggling from it. He suggests starting with Lowe the bow seller.

Find Lowe, who tells you he took the Phoenix to prove his loyalty to the Black Arm Gang, and he doesn't want the phoenix any more. He made a nest in his workshop for it, go upstairs to find the Phoenix surrounded by eggs.

Dimension Of Disaster Egg Puzzle

You must get to the moving egg in the north-west corner without stepping on any of the other eggs (if you do the Phoenix will kill you and you will spawn at Varrock Square). Simply walk the empty path around the room to get to this corner. Once obtained, take the egg back to Straven.

He said he wanted an eggling, not an egg. Choose the "clap at the egg option" to encourage the Phoenix out of the egg. After you've proved your loyalty, ask him to join the Phoenix Gang. Note however, you won't be able to join the Black Arm Gang after taking this option. Straven gives you a lock pick and tells you the passcode, which is random and instanced by player.

Go next door and enter the hideout door, and talk to Molly to get the two forged requisition documents. Go to Varrock east bank and up the stairs to speak to the skeleton clerk, and ask for the Shield of Arrav. Then visit Varrock West bank and do the same. Use the two shield that you get on each other to create the Shield of Arrav, then finally go back to Orlando and give him the shield for your reward.

Dimension Of Disaster Shieldofarrav Quest Complete

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3. Subquest - Demon Slayer

Dimension of Disaster: Demon Slayer
Length Short Difficulty Novice
Required Quests Shadow Of The Storm
Required Items Cabbage, rotten tomato, beer glass, black robe top, black robe bottom, black mushroom, empty vial
Recommended Items None

To begin the subquest, speak to Gypsy Aris in her tent south-west of New Varrock square. She will read your future and see that you will defeat Delrith. Go to Sir Prysin in his house north-west of the church.

Ask Sir Prysin about the Silverlight sword and he will tell you there is a key somewhere inside or around the house to the trapdoor in the church. Search inside his house and outside it until you find the key.


After finding the key, go to the church south-east of Sir Prysin's house and unlock the trapdoor and enter the Silverlight Crypt. The Silverlight sword is in the centre of the crypt, try take it, but there is a barrier protecting it. Return to Gypsy Aris and ask her for help. She will hand you a spirit measure to use to try find the spirits missing from the crypt. Use the "Scan Spirit measure" option to point in the direction of the nearest cold spot. When you are in the general area of a cold spot it will Woo more the closer you get to an actual spirit.

Spirit of the Body

Spirit of the Body can be found in the Blue Moon Inn south-of the general store near Dr Harlow. Speak to Dr Harlow who will unintentionally tell you that you need to sober him up to speak to the Spirit of the Body and will also mention that the Apothecary has been trying to sober him up. The Apothecary can be found in his shop to the west of the Blue Moon Inn in New Varrock, talk to him and he will need a cabbage, a rotten tomato and a hair of a dog. A rotten tomato can be found east of the general store, the cabbage can be found in a cabbage patch south of the Blue Moon Inn and the dog hair can be found at Gertrudes house north-west of the Apothecary, the dogs kennel is just outside the house. Search the kennel until you find some dog hair. Once you have all the ingredients, return to the Apothecary and he will take the three items and give you a sobriety potion in return.

Return to Dr Harlow in the Blue Moon Inn and buy a glass of beer from the bartender. Use the sobriety potion on the beer to make a sobriety potion in a beer glass. Give the sobriety potion in a beer glass to Dr Harlow to sober him up and release the Spirit of the Body.

Speak to the Spirit of the Body and he will tell you to kill something in the bar, you can either kill a zombie and speak to him again or let the spirit kill you and he will then unlock his seal from the Silverlight.

Spirit of the Mind

Search the bookcase in the house south-west of the church. You will be attacked by an Animated book, defeat it and the Spirit of the Mind will appear and ask you a number of questions, you can choose any answer to all of the questions and the spirit will still remove his seal from the altar.

Question 1 Why are you in this place?
1. I seek the Silverlight
2. An exorcism
3. I like hanging out in houses.

Question 2: What is Silverlight?
1. A musical trouble.
2. A magical candle.
3. A sword that slays demons.

Question 3: Why do you require a sword that slays demons?
1. Why *don't* you need a sword that slays demons?
2. A powerful demon threatens Varrock
3. It will look nice in my weapon rack

Question 4: Who is the demon that threatens New Varrock?
1. Delrith
2. Zamorak
3. Gideon Bede

Question 5: Who orginally sent you to claim Silverlight?
1. Zamorak
2. Denath
3. Gideon Bede

He will get frustrated as the questions are out of date and are no longer applicable, instead he will ask you 3 general knowledge questions.

Question 1: Who is the king of New Varrock?
1. King Roland
2. Zemouregal
3. Queen Ellamaria

Question 2: What was this place called right before New Varrock?
1. Varrock
2. Old Varrock
3. Avarrocka

Question 3: Name a previous wielder of Silverlight?
1. Gideon Bede
2. Sir Prysin!
3. Wally
4. {Your name}!

He will ask yet more questions.

Question 1: Name X, where X divided by X equals 1!
1. {A random number}
2. Infinity?
3. 0

Question 2: How would you score today's haunting out of 5?
1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4
5. 5

Question 3: Do you mind being asked all those questions?
1. Yes I do.
2. No, I don't

After answering the final question the spirit will disappear and remove his protection from the Silverlight.

Spirit of Faith

The Spirit of Faith can be found by inspecting the tombstone stack on the north wall in the graveyard north of the west New Varrock bank. Talk to him and he will ask you to take one step to the right (either yours or his, it doesn't matter). Take a step to the left or right and talk to him again, he will disappear and remove his seal from the Silverlight.


Head back to the church and climb down the trapdoor. You will be able to take the silverlight this time, after taking the Silverlight go back to Gypsy Aris and talk to her. She will mention that Delrith is in the south-east of New Varrock, but you will have to convenience Evil Dave that you are evil.

To convenience Evil Dave that you are evil, first go to Thessalia's clothes shop south of Gypsy Aris' hut and buy a black hood, black robe top, and a black robe bottom. Next go to the south-east of the east bank, pick one black ink mushroom and use it on the Silverlight to get a dyed Silverlight. Evil Dave can be found just at the black ink mushrooms. Equip the black hood, robes and dyed Silverlight and talk to him, he will let you pass the barrier into the demon camp.


Once in the demon camp speak to Delrith and he will ask you to bring him a vial of blood to draw a ritual circle around him so you can kill him. Use an empty vial on the blood fountain north-east of the bank in east New Varrock. After getting the vial of blood, return to Delrith and speak to him and the ritual circle will be drawn, you will automatically stab him and he will say an incantation to banish himself.

When Delrith is banished, Agrith Naar will spawn and start to fight you. He will turn into a level 63 fightable version. Agrith has a special attack which starts with him shouting "PREPARE TO BE INCINERATED", if you don't move from the ritual circle the special attack can deal up to 50% of your lifepoints in damage. When he gets to around half his lifepoints he will summon 3 Lesser demon, kill them or they will start to heal him. When you kill him the Silverlight will turn into a darklight. Return to Gypsy Aris to complete this subquest.


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4. Subquest - Defender of Varrock

Dimension of Disaster: Defender of Varrock
Length Medium Difficulty Experienced
Required Quests Defender of Varrock
Required Items 4 Fire runes or 1 Staff of fire, 1 Nature rune, 3 Tin ore, Vial -empty-, Zombie boots, Zombie gloves, Zombie mask, Zombie shirt, Zombie trousers
Recommended Items Combat gear to fight two level 42 Armoured zombies.


Begin by speaking to Reldo in the castle library on the ground floor. He believes someone in Varrock shares a bloodline with the first King - someone who can use the shield to dethrone Zemouregal, and that would be Arrov. He will tell you to speak to Arrav in the room to the east. Ask Arrav if he is interested in taking down Zemouregal, then talk to Reldo again. Reldo will tell you that there must be an artifact controlling Arrav, and to search the library for more information. Once you have found Matters of the Heart and read it, talk to Reldo again.

Now you need to break into Zemouregal's vault. If you don't already have it, purchase a full set of zombie clothing for Thessalia for 500 Zemomarks. Should you not have Zemomarks, the easiest way to make some is to go to the tanner in the house next to the Apothecary, buy 10 hard leather and thread, and craft them into hard leather shields, then sell them to the General Store, yielding 710 Zemomarks. An alternate method of earning Zemomarks would be to claim the free runes from Aubury, and resell them to the General Store for up to 325 Zemomarks. Wearing full zombie clothing, and with an empty vial (can be bought from the New Varrock General Store) in your inventory, go up the stairs in the south-east of the castle and kill an Armoured zombie. Fill your vial from the mist that comes from the zombie corpse, this will allow you to pass the red barriers. Now head north to the balcony overlooking the throne room and listen to Zemouregal. Walk a little south, through the red barrier, and around the walkway above the courtyard. Proceed through the second red barrier and then through one more red barrier into the room with the Tin soldier.

The Tin soldier needs its head and three tin ores worth of repairs. Obtain the Tin soldier's head from the Trial announcer outside the east bank. If you have not already done so, purchase 4 Fire runes and 1 Nature rune from Aubury's rune shop and 3 Tin ore from Sani's Orefully Affordable Store south of the west bank. Take these materials back to the Tin soldier in the castle. Inspect it twice to fully repair it and a third time to use you vial of red mist on it (don't worry, you can still pass the red barriers in the other direction without the mist). Kill another Armoured Zombie and refill your vial of red mist, then head to the scrying pool in the room the the west of the balcony you eavesdropped from. Use the scrying pool and select "Control the tin soldier".


Once you are in control of the soldier, exit the room he is in and head to the room directly above it by passing through the Human-detection spell. Search Zemouregal's lab desk to obtain the code and you will exit the soldier. If you get stuck, you can lie on the table you started on to exit the soldier manually. Go to the room filled with Armoured Zombies near the stairs and grab some decoder strips. Return to the room with the scrying orb and attempt to open the Treasure room safe.


You will be reminded of the code you obtained with the tin soldier in the chat. Overlay the decoder strips on the numbers corresponding to your code, then use the arrow buttons to enter the revealed combination and unlock the safe. In this example, the code was ACGB so the four strips were place over ACGB in that order, yielding a combination 6865. Note that if your code has a repeated letter, you must remember to remove your cards before trying to place the next one. Enter the safe, smash the black prism, and return to Arrav for your reward.


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5. Subquest - Curse of Arrav

Dimension of Disaster: Curse of Arrav
Length Medium Difficulty Medium
Required Quests Curse of Arrav, first four subquests of this quest (see above)
Required Items Darklight , Lockpick (reward from part 2), Mith crossbow (reward from part 2), Mith grapple (reward from part 2), Onion, Ring of life (instructions below), 2 Empty Vials or Vials of water, Zombie mask, Zombie gloves, Zombie boots, Zombie shirt, Zombie trousers
Recommended Items Combat gear to fight two level 42s.
Be on the standard spellbook.


Begin this subquest by talking to Arrav in the garden on the ground floor of the castle. You hatch a plot to acquire Arrav's heart and store it in a Canopic jar. This will require the jar itself, some sacred oil, dwellberries, and a ring of life.

To obtain the jar, talk to Ernie upstairs in the building directly east of Aubury's rune shop. Ernie wants you to fill a Cooking urn, which he gives you, in exchange for the jar. Ensure you do not have a cooking urn in progress in the real world. Head to the pasture north of Ernie's house and kill Zombie cows for 10-11 pieces of undead meat (more may be needed if some are burnt or if you have a higher Cooking level). Cook these on a range (the nearest one is in the building across the street to the west of Aubury's rune shop) until the cooking urn is full. There is currently a bug with the urn and you have to have at least one free inventory space or the urn won't start collecting food scraps. Return to Ernie to exchange it for a canopic jar. Alternatively, just click on it to teleport it and gaining Cooking experience - causing Ernie to automatically receive the urn.

Next, go to the church beneath which you obtained Silverlight and recharge your prayer points at the altar. Switch to the standard prayer book if you are not already on it. Talk to Father Lawrence and ask for some Sacred oil. He will ask you to prove Saradomin cares by using the appropriate prayer for the passage he is reading. The correct order is: Ultimate Strength, Rapid Restore, Eagle Eye, Protect from Summoning, then Mystic Might. Upon completion Father Lawrence will give you a vial of sacred oil.

Dead ambassador

The dwellberries can be found on the ground floor of the castle in the room behind the red barrier. You will need a Vial of red mist, as used in part 3. Search the corpse of Ambassador Fernook for the dwellberries.

To obtain the ring of life, first purchase an uncut diamond and a ring mould - unless you already have the ring mould in your toolbelt - from Urist Loric in the town square. Cut the diamond. Buy some gold ore from Sani at the furnace and smelt it into a gold bar, then craft a diamond ring. Head to Aubury's rune shop and purchase 1 cosmic and 10 earth runes. Cast Level-4 Enchant on the diamond ring to obtain a ring of life.

Use these three items on the canopic jar. Then talk to Arrav. He will tell you that you need orange dye and purple dye to pass the orange and purple barriers. Talk to Thessalia at the clothing shop. You will need yellow and blue dyes to mix with red mist. Thessalia will need an onion and a vial of water for the yellow dye. The onion can be bought from Xuan in the town square. For the blue dye, obtain some delphinium seeds from Ellamaria in the room just to the east of the castle entrance. If you haven't done so yet, you can fill the empty vials of water using the sink in the room east of Arrav. Rake the delphinium patch by Arrav, plant the seeds, and water them with the can on the ground. Collect a delphinium flower and take it back to Thessalia, with a vial of water, for a blue dye. Use an empty vial to collect a second red mist, and mix the yellow dye with one red mist, and the blue dye with the other.

Go through the orange barrier in the north-west corner of the ground floor (first floor USA) and search Zemouregal's desk for a code key. Then go upstairs and through the purple barrier into the bedroom. Search the footlocker at the end of the bed for a vault key. Grab some decoder strips from the crate you got them from in part 3.

  • Note: if you have 90 Thieving, you can search the "Lost Property" chest to obtain random (otherwise useless) items as part of the "Top Pick" Elite task for the New Varrock tasks.
  • When opening the vault door after obtaining the key from the footlocker, it is a New Varrock hard task ("Bank-Z") to deface the three paintings on the north wall where Tiny Zemouregal is.
  • You can also talk to "heads on chain" which is Romeo's head, above Juliet's head. Finding a way to silence him is also part of the medium New Varrock Tasks.

Unlock the vault door in the south-east corner upstairs. Equip the grapple and crossbow and grapple over the barriers using the chandelier. Open the door using the code stolen from Zemouregal's desk the same way you opened the door in part 3, using the decoder strips. Take the heart, exit as you entered, and return to Arrav.

Arrav requires his shield to fight Zemouregal, so head to the museum. Press the big red button beside Loarnab, wait for Orlando Smith to become distracted (he'll start talking), and pick-pocket the Curator for a key. Press the button to distract Orlando again, take the shield from the display case, and return it to Arrav. Give him the Darklight sword, and proceed through the door into the throne room.

You are now in control of Arrav. First you will fight Sharathteerk, who is a pretty straightforward enemy. Upon defeating him, you may chose to kill him or spare him, the choice makes no difference. Take the heath orb dropped and go up the stairs in the north-east corner.


After a short cut-scene, proceed to the centre of the roof to fight Zemouregal. In order to deal damage to Zemouregal you must first kill all three purple protection portals around him as shown above. Portals drop health orbs, which are a significant aid to survival. Once the portals are dead, you will be able to damage him for a short time before the portals a summoned again. Zemouregal will periodically summon guards and explosive cows. It is best to ignore the guards, but the cows can be lead onto portals to one-hit them, and on top of Zemouregal himself for significant damage if no portals are alive. It should be noted that explosive cows do have a time limit before they explode in a fight. In fact, having cows explode at least 5 times on Zemouregal is a part of the post-quest tasks, so it may be convenient to do so. Once Zemouregal reaches low health he will summon massive numbers of cows and portals everywhere. Lure the cows to kill off all the portals, and finish Zemouregal to complete the quest.


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Finishing up

Finally, speak with Gypsy Aris to complete this quest.



  • Part 1 - Coin of the Realm
    • 1 Quest Point
    • Access to New Varrock and Dimension of Disaster subquests
    • 10 zemomarks
    • 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice
  • Part 2 - Shield of Arrav
    • 1 Quest Point
    • 100 Thieving XP lamp
    • 60 zemomarks
    • Access to either the Phoenix Gang or Black Arm Gang stash in New Varrock
    • Lockpick (only in Dimension of Disaster)
    • Mithril crossbow (only in Dimension of Disaster)
    • Mithril grapple (only in Dimension of Disaster)
    • 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice
  • Part 3 - Demon Slayer
    • 3 Quest Points
    • 300 zemomarks
    • 5,000 Crafting XP lamp
    • 5,000 Magic XP lamp
    • Access to ingredients for Strength potions in the New Varrock demon camp
    • Darklight (only in Dimension of Disaster)
    • 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice
  • Part 4 - Defender of Varrock
  • Part 5 - Curse of Arrav
  • Completing the Quest
    • 2 Quest Points
    • Ability to replay Dimension of Disaster
    • Ability to wear cosmetic overrides in New Varrock
    • 10 silver pennies in Gypsy Aris' reward shop
  • Replay Rewards
    • Between 1060 - 1510 zemomarks depending on the number of New Varrock tasks completed at the time of replay.
    • Second time completing Dimension of Disaster - 5 silver pennies

Quest points: 10

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • You can use a lockpick from the Shield of Arrav subquest to open chests for loot.
  • The XP lamp in Gypsy Aris' reward shop can be unlcoked after completing the New Varrock tasks.
  • For 200k zemomarks you can purchase a mystery present - which turns out to be a Chromatic Partyhat - and a global message announces that you have bought it.
  • It is recommended to buy the "Agirth-Naar shortcut" and the "Zemouregal shortcut" which cost 1 silver penny each in order to skip fighting these bosses if you plan to replay Dimension of Disaster.

When replaying the quest, you have to replay Shield of Arrav and Demon Slayer in their entirety. You cannot reobtain Darklight after the Curse of Arrav subquest so you will have to obtain Silverlight and go through the steps again for Demon Slayer. The number of New Varrock tasks completed at the time of replay can increase your zemomark haul, so if you plan on playing through for expensive post-quest rewards, they are well worth completing.

If you buy the Cultist outfit override and the Zombie outfit override in Gypsy Ari's reward shop, that can be used instead of the actual items, thus freeing up more inventory space. It does require opening your gear interface, selecting "full sets" in your wardrobe, and activating it when needed.

For Defender of Varrock, you can skip repairing and controlling the tin soldier and go straight to the treasure room safe as the code will be displayed in the chatbox. You do not have to obtain the code again. You will still need to obtain the ring of life, dwellberries, and sacred oil as well as a canopic jar. Further you need to obtain the key (which requires a vial of purple mist) to open the door.


Written by: Dudecrush8, Howlin1, Omnitec

Special thanks to: Earmuffs

Thanks to: Meraxas

Last updated: 30-Jul-2017

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