Do No Evil

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Hard Length: Long

Start location: Leela in Draynor Village


Skills: Level 64 Construction, Level 68 Crafting, Level 70 Magic, Level 50 Ranged, Level 70 Thieving

Miscellaneous: Ability to defeat enemies with levels ranging from 165-180, Ancient Magicks spellbook, Senliten restored to 100%, freed King Awowogei in Recipe For Disaster

Items: Cat, 1k Coins, Monkey Greegree, Monkeyspeak Amulet, Monkeyspeak Amulet Mould (or 10 gp to purchase one during the quest), Runes for Ice Spells from the Ancient Magicks spellbook (higher levelled the better), Ring of Charos (a), Ava's Accumulator, 10 Bananas, 4 Knives (Fletching kind), Waterskins (4), Desert boots, Desert shirt, Desert robe, 6 Teak planks, 10 Bolts of Cloth, 6 Ropes, Gorilla Greegree, Masked earmuffs OR a Slayer helmet, Hammer, Saw, Spade, Amulet of Ghostspeak, lots of high level food, armour, weapons and equipment needed to fight three monsters with levels from 165 to 180.


Quests: Love Story (see tips section), As a First Resort (see tips section). For faster transport: An Enlightened Journey OR Eagle's Peak and The Golem

Skills: A higher magic level is an asset, 60 Firemaking

Items: Money for carpet rides, runes for the ape atoll teleport spell, Rings of duelling/Amulets of glory (for easy teleportation to Al-Kharid or Draynor Village), a Beast of Burden familiar, 1 Magic log, Antipoisons, Energy restore potions, Prayer potions.

Monsters: Small scarab (level 41), Leeuni (level 165), Ayuni (level 170), Eruni (level 180)

NPCs: Ali Morrisane, Ava, Awowogei, Iwazaru, Jex, Kikazaru, Leela, Mizaru, Rokuh, Senliten, Sphinx, Unarmed monkey guard

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1. The Absence of Monkeys

Bank Bank Bank
Draynor Village
Required: Cat, 1k coins (bring extra just in case), Waterskins
Suggested: Money for Magic carpet rides, Ring of Charos (a), Teleport runes to Ape Atoll and means of transportation to Nardah

1. Begin the quest by talking to Leela in Draynor Village. She is about to leave to visit Senliten's tomb. Accompany her and you will be immediately brought to Senliten's mastaba.

2. After a brief conversation with Leela and Senliten, Senliten sends you to Sophanem to learn more about the Menaphite goddess, Apmenken. Enter Sophanem and speak to both the Sphinx (between the 2 pyramids) and Jex (outside the building with the destroyed altar and the ladder to the bank). Note that you must have your cat out to speak to the Sphinx.

3. Return to Senliten after you've learned about Apmenken and she will commission you to bring wild monkeys back to the desert. However, the monkeys must be very hardy to survive in the cruel and unforgiving desert.

Note that when you return to Senliten's tomb, there is an option to directly travel to her mastaba instead of navigating through the tomb.

2. Chartering a Monkey Colony

Bank Bank Bank
Shantay Pass
Required: Monkey Greegree (Any Greegree), Monkeyspeak Amulet, 10gp if you plan on purchasing a Monkeyspeak Amulet Mould en route (not necessary if you already have a mould)
Suggested: Teleportation runes to Ape Atoll, around 25 free spaces of inventory.

4. Teleport to the Ape Atoll temple and equip your greegree. Talk to the Three Wise Monkeys in the north-west corner of the temple.

You will now be in an instanced area when you are on the ground floor of the temple. Anything you drop in this area will disappear forever once you leave.

5. After talking with them, the Three Wise Monkeys will quickly discover that you are not a monkey but in fact a human. When they accuse you of being human, admit to it. They will ask you to prove it, but you cannot become a human while the nearby monkey guard is watching.

6. Fortunately, the monkey guard has a strange, unnatural affinity towards bananas. On the north-east corner of the temple, there is a box full of green bananas. To lure away the monkey guard, you must lay down a trail of green bananas leading to the crate. Keep these things in mind when making a trail:

  • Your trail must not come near any of the gorilla monkey guards in the temple or they will be eaten.
  • After a few seconds on the ground, the bananas will become mouldy and thus be ineffective for your lure.
  • Your trail cannot leave the temple.
  • You will need around 25 inventory spaces free otherwise you will not be able to lure the guard to to the crate as your trail will not be long enough.
  • Try spacing the bananas 2-3 spaces away from each other or the Monkey will not be able to reach them.

The most effective banana trail is made by placing bananas directly south of the Three Wise Monkeys, east along the south wall, north-east between the ladder and the trapdoor and finally north behind the pyre, as shown on the map below.

Do No Evil - Marim Temple

7. Once the monkey guard is lured over to the crate of bananas, return to the Three Wise Monkeys and remove your greegree. Talk to them once more and when they calm down, put your greegree back on and talk to them again. To prove your truthfulness, they will test you on your knowledge of Apmenken and monkeys in general. The first answer is "Baboon" and the second is "On monkey's shoulder".

8. After completing their brief test, they will instruct you to have King Awowogei establish a colony in the desert. You can find Awowgei in the building south-east of the temple. When Awowogei asks what goods the desert has to boast, reply "Choc-Ices from Nardah" (on the second page of options). Awowogei instructs you to bring back a special, monkey-shaped choc-ice so he can further evaluate his decision. While you are here, you can purchase a Monkeyspeak amulet mould for 10 coins from Hamab at his crafting stall if you need one. You will need it to make a monkey-shaped choc-ice.

At this point, it is recommend you switch to the Ancient Magick Spellbook. You can also use the level 96 spell Spellbook Swap on the Lunar Spellbook, but this is more tedious than simply switching to Ancients Magicks.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Monkey Greegree, Monkeyspeak Amulet, Monkeyspeak Amulet Mould, 1k coins, runes to cast Ice Spells
Suggested: Money for Magic carpet rides and to cover possible mistakes, Ring of Charos (a), means to return to the desert, Energy restore potions/Summoning Scrolls, weight-reducing gear, Antipoison, 1 Magic log for balloon travel.

9. Go back to Nardah and talk to Rokuh in the south-east part of the town square. Buy a special choc-ice for 1000 coins. You must bring this to Awowogei, but you cannot use any teleports along the way or it will melt. After a few seconds, the Chimp-ice will begin to melt. To prevent it from melting, you will need to cast a Ancient Magic ice spell on the Chimp-ice to freeze it for 30-60 seconds, depending on the level required to cast the spell. Ice Barrage will keep the Chimp-ice frozen for the longest amount of time. To freeze the Chimp-ice, select "Place" from the right-click menu (or left-click the chimp-ice) and cast your Ice spell on the Chimp-ice while it is on the ground directly underneath you. This automatically places it back in your inventory.

Note that all non-teleport modes of transportation (except Gliders other than the one to Crash Island) are allowed. This includes boats, charter ships, magic carpets, and eagles. Fairy rings will melt your chimp-ice.

The only way to reach Ape Atoll without teleporting is via the Gnome Stronghold. There are many routes you can use to successfully reach Gnome Stronghold. Below are a few common routes:

  • Quickest Route: If you have completed the Enlightened Journey quest and unlocked the Tree Gnome Stronghold balloon route, take the carpet system from Nardah to Pollnivneach to Shantay Pass. Next, use the Jail Method to teleport to the Port Sarim jail. Pick the lock to get out of the Port Sarim jail, then run to the Crafting Guild and fly on the Crafting Guild balloon to travel to the Tree Gnome Stronghold. From there, run to the Grand Tree.
  • If you have completed Eagle's Peak, take the magic carpet system from Nardah to Pollnivneach to Shantay Pass. From there take the carpet to the Ruins of Uzer (requires The Golem quest) or walk if you have not completed the quest. Walk north to Uzer to the Eagle cavern and take the Eagle to the woodlands hunting area south of Piscatoris. From here, it is a fairly short walk to the southern entrance of the Gnome Stronghold and north to the Grand Tree.
  • Take the carpet system from Nardah to Pollnivneach to Shantay Pass. Next, use the Jail Method to teleport to the Port Sarim jail. Pick the lock to get out of the Port Sarim jail, then take a charter ship to Brimhaven. From there, take a boat to Ardougne. Head north-west to the southern entrance to the Gnome Stronghold and north to the Grand Tree.
  • You can also choose to walk the entire way to the Gnome Stronghold if you do not meet the requirements for any or all of the above transportation methods. This is not recommended.

Once you arrive at the Grand Tree, talk to Daero on the first floor (second floor for USA) of the Grand Tree at the bar towards the south-east. Have him take you to Waydar's Hanger, then take the glider to Crash Island. Once you arrive there, take the boat to Ape Atoll.

CHECKPOINT: If your chimp-ice melts after you arrive at Ape Atoll, you will only have to restart back at Crash Island and not from the Desert.

The hardest part of the trip is getting through Ape Atoll. You cannot cast spells in your monkey form. To cast a spell, you must first change into human form. Therefore, antipoisons may be required to cure the poison damage you receive from the native monsters.

If you do find yourself in jail, freeze the chimp-ice right as the guard passes your cell. Then, put on your greegree and quickly run out. Going to jail is a little more challenging a method than simply running through Ape Atoll, but it is faster.

If you opt not to get sent to jail, freeze the chimp-ice once when you land on Ape Atoll from Crash Island, once before you reach the town gates and once as you approach the town. You should be able to reach Awowogei with little difficulty. If you need to re-freeze the chimp-ice while you are in town, remember to hide in tall grass.

10. Once Awowogei eats the chimp-ice, he will be instantly delighted by it and will provide you with a box of monkeys to begin your colony in the desert. Go back to the Three Wise Monkeys and they will jump in the barrel as well, instructing you to release the colony "between the humps of a camel".

3. Founding the Colony

Bank Bank Bank
Shantay Pass / Al-Kharid
Required: Monkeyspeak Amulet, Ava's Accumulator, Ring of Charos (a), 10 Bananas, 4 Knives, 3 Waterskins, Desert boots, Desert shirt, Desert robe, 6 Teak planks, 10 Bolts of Cloth, 3 Ropes, Gorilla Greegree, Hammer, Saw, Spade
Suggested: Beast of Burden, Amulet of glory

11. The location the monkeys want to go to is east of the Bandit Camp. There is a strange formation that resembles a camel.

Do No Evil Settlement

Unpack the barrel of monkeys between the two "humps". Talk to the Three Wise Monkeys and they will request you add a carpet hub to the colony's camp.

12. Go to Al-Kharid and talk to Ali Morrisane with a Ring of Charos (a) equipped. He will tell you that he has lost a magic carpet somewhere in the desert. To find it you will need a metal detector. Ask Ali for a metal box, then go to Ava in Draynor Manor with your Accumulator.

13. Bring Ava the metal box and your Accumulator and she will upgrade it to Ava's Detector. This unique contraption will "bwuk!" in the chatbox when it is close to a metal crate. When you are close to a metal crate, the detector will "bwuk!" a certain number of times in your chatbox (up to four times) based on how close you are to the crate. As you get closer to the crate, the number of "bwuk!"s will increase. When the detector "bwuk!"s four times, that means you are on the square where the crate is. Dig at your position.

To test the device, Ava will hide a crate somewhere in the Manor grounds. Search it out with your new detector and grab a spade on your way out of the Manor house. The location of the crate is shown in the picture below. It is slightly north-east of the fountain.

Do No Evil Draynor Crate

14. After you confirm that the detector works, talk to Ava again. Now, you may return to the desert and seek out Ali's lost carpet. To do so, you must find 5 different crates scattered throughout the desert between the Monkey Colony, the Bandit Camp, and the Mining Camp. Note that you will only get the carpet on the 5th crate. A level 41 Small scarab may also attack you. If this happens, kill the Scarab and dig for the crate once more. You may also receive uncut gems from the crate. Hold on to these and do NOT cut them as you will need them later. The general locations of these crates are shown in the picture below however they may vary per player.

Do No Evil - Desert
Specific Crate Locations

15. After you obtain the magic carpet, go back to the camp, set it down and talk to the Three Wise Monkeys again. They will ask you to build stalls to attract more visitors to the Colony. First, clear the four sets of rubble with your spade. Next, build a tent and three stalls with your Teak planks, Bolts of cloth, Rope, Knife, Saw, and Hammer. Next, populate one stall with bananas, one stall with gems and one stall with general store items. A Beast of Burden is extremely useful during this step.

16. After fixing up the Colony, the Three Wise Monkeys have yet another request for you. They are defenceless in their current state, so they ask you to obtain six monkey knives from Ape Atoll. To obtain these, you must have your Gorilla Greegree. Go back to Ape Atoll and go to the house directly west of the jail in Marim. You will see six knife-wielding monkeys. Right click them and select "Punch" to temporarily knock them unconscious, allowing you to pickpocket them up to twice before they regain consciousness. This process is extremely similar to Blackjacking in Pollnivneach. Repeat this process until you obtain six monkey knives. Note that you can do this by pickpocketing from the same monkey.

With your six knives, return to the Three Wise Monkeys to complete their final mission.

4. Monkey Rescue

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Monkeyspeak Amulet, Ghostspeak amulet, Waterskins
Suggested: Armour, Melee and Ranged Weapons, Lots of High-level Food, Prayer potions, Antipoison, Money for Carpet Rides, Ring of Charos (a)

17. Return to Senliten to trigger a cutscene in which Osman angrily ridicules Leela and Senliten's plan to create a Monkey Colony. When he leaves, speak to Senliten. She will sense something amiss at the Monkey Colony.

18. Return to the Monkey Colony to find it in ruins. Inspect the corpses to awaken a Monkey Ghost. To talk with the Monkey Ghost, combine your Amulet of M'speak with your Amulet of Ghostspeak and equip it. You can also add your Camulet and Amulet of Catspeak, but they are not necessary for the quest. The Monkey Ghost will inform you that a group of masked strangers attacked and destroyed the Colony, kidnapping the Three Wise Monkeys. The Monkey Ghost informs you of the location of the first Wise Monkey, in the Pollnivneach Smokey Well Slayer Dungeon.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Waterskins, Masked Earmuffs or a Slayer helmet, Cramulet, 1 Rope (if you have not been to the well before)
Armour, Weapons, High-level Food, Potions
Suggested: Money for Carpet Rides, Ring of Charos (a)

19. Travel to Pollnivneach, and with your Masked earmuffs or Slayer helmet equipped, descend into the well at the centre of town to enter the Slayer Dungeon. It is very important that you do not remove the helmet while in the dungeon! Run north past the mighty banshees and pass through the magical barrier at the North end of the room. (Note: You do not need to kill a mighty banshee to pass through the barrier.)

20. Inside the room you will find the level 165 Leeuni. It will speak to you briefly before attacking you. It attacks with a powerful magic attack that can hit over 300 repeatedly. Protect from magic or deflect magic will reduce the damage but will not protect you completely so high level food such as sharks are recommended. At points during the fight it will remove your headgear and place it in your inventory. If your inventory is full you will be hit for 300 damage instead so keep at least once space empty. Melee attacks are fairly effective. Just remember to keep re-equipping your headgear and to drink prayer potion so that your prayer doesn't run out.

21. After you have killed Leeuni it will disappear and Apmeken will appear briefly before vanishing. Equip your Cramulet and speak to the first Wise Monkey, Iwazaru, and you will both return to the colony. Speak to the Ghost monkey again and he will thank you for rescuing Iwazaru. He will then inform you that the second Wise Monkey, Mizaru is being held in the Kalphite lair. Head back to Al-Kharid to restock and change gear.

Bank Bank Bank
Al-Kharid/Shantay Pass
Required: Waterskins, Cramulet, Offensive Ranged Armour, Ranged Weapons, High-level Food, Potions, Antipoison
Suggested: 2 ropes (if you have not accessed the Kalphite Queen before)

22. Go through the Shantay Pass and walk West to the Kalphite hive. Use your first rope to enter the cavern and follow the tunnel until you reach another hole in the ground surrounded by Kalphite Guardians. (Note: On the way you will pass both Kalphite soldiers and guardians which can poison you. Alternatively, you can reach this point by travelling through the caves south of Dorgesh-Kaan, saving one rope and preventing travel through the desert on the way to the fight. If you get poisoned a single dose of anti-poision should protect you.) Use your second rope on the hole in the floor to go down in the dungeon below. The level 333 Kalphite Queen is in this cavern so be alert! Run along the north wall of the cavern past some more Kalphite guardians until you reach a hole in the wall. Go through the hole to fight Ayuni.

23. Like Leeuni, Ayuni will speak to you briefly before attacking. As soon as it attacks pray protect from magic or deflect magic right away. Ayuni attacks with both a prayer draining melee attack, a ranged attack and a magic attack, however it will mainly use magic if you are outside of its melee range. Protection prayers will not block the damage from Ayuni's attacks completely however it will reduce the damage taken. Ayuni's melee attack has a noticeably longer range than most monsters' melee attacks and will drain your prayer if it hits. This attack should be avoided wherever possible. Ayuni's magic attack looks like a green mist and will hit hard if not prayed against. If it cannot reach you Ayuni will occasionally teleport around the room to reach you. A strategy similar to that employed at Saradomin's encampment in the God Wars Dungeon is very effective here, attack with ranged and then run to stay out of melee range.

24. After you kill Ayuni, Apmeken will appear briefly again before vanishing. Equip your Cramulet and speak to Mizaru who will explain some of the history of Apmeken. When you have finished listening you will both be returned to the Monkey Colony. When you arrive, speak to the Ghost Monkey again who will inform you that Kikazaru is being held near Uzer.

Bank Bank Bank
Al-Kharid or Shantay Pass
Required: Waterskins, Cramulet, Armour, Weapons, High-level Food, Potions
Suggested: Money for Carpet Rides, Ring of Charos (a)

25. Either walk or take a magic carpet from the Shantay Pass to the ruins of Uzer in the eastern part of the desert. Head down the stairs in to the dungeon that you entered during the Shadow of the Storm quest and continue north into the room where you fought the Agrith-Narr. When you enter the room Eruni will speak to you briefly before summoning a Lesser Demon and beginning to attack you. Unlike Leeuni and Ayuni, Eruni will stay in one place for the duration of the fight and attacks with Magic and Range. Eruni's magic attacks hit extremely hard and cannot be fully protected from using Protect from magic or Deflect magic, although prayers will reduce the damage. The Lesser demon must be killed before you can inflict any damage on Eruni. It is possible to hide behind the pillars in the room to avoid being hit by Eruni's attacks while you kill the lesser demon.

26. As you continue to fight Eruni it will continue summoning Lesser demons. Eruni will summon 2 Lesser demons when it reaches 3/4 health, 3 at 1/2 health and 4 at 1/4 health. Again, these must be killed before you can inflict any more damage on Eruni. Once Eruni is dead, Apmeken will appear once more and after a brief dialogue, will vanish again. Equip your Cramulet and speak to Kikazaru who will accompany you back to the Monkey Colony.

27. When you return to the Monkey Colony, speak to the 3 Wise Monkeys to learn some more about the history of Apmeken and the desert monkeys. When you ask them about Apmeken directly she will appear and speak to you, although the Wise Monkeys will not be able to see her and think you are crazy. After some dialogue she will vanish leaving you and the Wise Monkeys to rebuild the colony. After a short fade-out the colony will be completely rebuilt similar to the way it was prior to its destruction.

Do No Evil Apmeken

28. Return to Senliten's mastraba and discuss the colony with Leela and Senliten who will thank you and reward you for your efforts.


  • 50,000 Magic xp
  • 50,000 Thieving xp
  • 40,000 Crafting xp
  • 30,000 Construction xp
  • The ability to combine 'speak' amulets
  • A new magic carpet route to the monkey colony
  • The ability to bring Chimp Ice to King Awowogei for further rewards
  • The ability to pickpocket monkey knife fighters
  • A new Kalphite area to be unlocked
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • You cannot use the spell Ice Rush, when trying too freeze the chimp ice.
  • The enchanted water tiara (from Dealing with Scabaras quest) can be used in the place of waterskins; this saves inventory space.
  • The Ape Atoll Agility area is a great place to refreeze your choc-ice; there are no monkeys around to catch you and it is very close to Awowogei.
  • The ring of slaying is a useful transportation item, allowing you to teleport directly to Sumona in Pollnivneach.
  • If you have completed the "Love Story" quest you can make Pollnivneach teleport tablets which can help make transportation throughout the desert easier. Remember you cannot use these during the choc-ice delivery!
  • If you have completed "As a First Resort" quest you can use the Oo'glog pools for Prayer point boost, temporary poison immunity, temporary unlimited run energy and a Life points boost.
  • After you have built and stocked the stalls in the Monkey Colony you can purchase the goods you stocked them with (excluding the uncut ruby and diamond). The stalls behave like normal shops once they are built.
  • After the quest you can return to Ape Atoll and thieve from the Monkey Knife Fighters as a gorilla providing 150 Thieving experience per successful pickpocket.
  • You can also add your Camulet and Catspeak amulet to the Cramulet once you learn the ability to combine the Monkey-speak and Ghostspeak amulets, although if you have a Catspeak amulet (e) it will lose its enchantment in the process.
  • Further choc-ice deliveries to Awowogei will result in further improvements to the Colony. At 5, 10, and 15 deliveries, one monkey statue is added. At 25 deliveries, the armed monkey guards are upgraded. As an added challenge, every fifth choc-ice has a faster melting time.
  • Once you have completed the Quest, you can return to the 2nd Boss room and you will find a new Kalphite area with Kalphite Soliders/Guardians. Entering this room is one-way only: you cannot go back through to the Kalphite Queen's lair. However, you can leave through the exit to the surface to make a new shortcut to this chamber from outside.
  • After the quest, you can use Ava's alerter to discover a secret crate containing a free hidden elite clue scroll. Refer to the Hidden Elite Clue Scroll page for a complete description.


Written by: Zaaps1

Special thanks to: Cowman_133, Tecmaster532, wyvren2000

Thanks to: abomb67, aspeeder, Aurhora, Bluecougar78, Darkdude98, gohankaly, Howlin1, Jaffy1, John, Jonanananas, Minette, Mirrorforced, misterbrain, Mr Cadilac, Narn of Rock, Nyosuht, Othelbark, Sir_Squab, Vermonth, Vhellcat, Vulxai, Warriormonkx, Wouter828, Xena Dragon

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