Dealing with Scabaras

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Hard Length: Short

Start location: Speak with the High Priest in the Temple of Icthlarin in Sophanem.


Skills: Level 50 Agility, Level 21 Firemaking, Level 60 Strength, Level 60 Thieving

Items: Pyramid top, 10 Gold trinkets, 1 bucket of (camel) Ugthanki dung, Waterskins, 6 to 18 randomly assigned bronze items


Skills: Level 60 Crafting, High Firemaking Level

Items: 18 Bronze bars, Rope, some logs, Keris, armour, Prayer potions, Relicym's balm, Inoculation brace, Pharaoh's sceptre

Monsters: Giant Scarab (Level 206), defend against High Priest of Scabaras (Level 179), possibly a Scarab Swarm (Level 98), and must kill four monsters (choice of levels 89 to 140)

NPCs: Assistant archaeologist Kerner, Clay golem, High Priest of Scabaras, Lead archaeologist Abigail, Maisa, Simon Templeton

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1. Speak to the High Priest in the Temple of Icthlarin in the south-west of Sophanem. He has grave news - the corpse of a strange-looking woman has come from Menaphos, and he needs you to identify her.

2. He sends you upstairs to look at the corpse, but when you go up the ladder, you won't recognise her. The High Priest says he will go ahead with the embalming process, which you cannot really help with. As the High Priest begins talking, the woman, Maisa, wakes up.

3. After the High Priest leaves, speak to Maisa and ask her why she's in Sophanem. Maisa wishes to avenge Kaleef's death, but doesn't have the time. Thus, she wants you to enter the system of tunnels, accessible from the east coast of the desert, above where Kaleef was killed and basically kill everything in sight. To diplomatically protect herself and Al Kharid, however, she needs you to speak to the High Priest.

4. Head down the ladder and talk to him. The High Priest is fine with killing off Scabarites, but asks that you attempt to reason with the High Priest of Scabaras rather than simply murdering him. He suggests you go east to find the archaeologists who had spoken to him about the Scabarites.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Waterskins
Suggested: 1 Rope, armour, food

Artefact Request


5. Exit Sophanem through the gate in the south-east corner of the city and head straight east past the level 89 crocodiles until you enter the swampland. Any path except the southernmost one will work, simply head North until you get to the stairs, pushing through any reeds that block your path.

Desert Swampland and Plateau

6. Climb over the fallen pillar and head north to the archaeologist's camp. Speak to the lead archaeologist, Abigail, who needs you to deal with Simon Templeton on their behalf. To prove you are able, she will test you with basic arithmetic. The questions are straightforward, simply use a calculator if you run into any problems and always remember to round down (meaning you should ignore any decimals completely).

7. Speak to Abigail again to find out what Templeton is requesting, which will always be a number of ancient bronze items (different for each player), a pyramid top from the Agility Pyramid, and ten gold trinkets (noted or unnoted) from Pyramid Plunder. Abigail realises that ancient bronze items may be hard to come by, so she suggests using 'modern' bronze items and simply using camel dung on them while in the desert. She provides an empty crate to put the distressed bronze items in when you obtain them. (To make a permanent shortcut to and from the plateau, see the Tips section.)

Bank Bank Bank
Required: 6-18 randomly assigned bronze items, 1 bucket of Ugthanki dung,
Empty crate (from Abigail), 10 Gold trinkets, Pyramid top
Suggested: Waterskins

Artefact Delivery

8. Obtain or make whatever bronze items were requested. In any desert effect area (not in a city), use the bucket of camel dung on each bronze item to 'distress' it. Put the oxidised items into the crate. (Refer to the Tips section if you do not have Level 60 Crafting.)

Bring all of the items to Simon Templeton at the Agility Pyramid and tell him you've come to deliver artefacts. Give him each set of items, and when he has them all he will give you a receipt.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Receipt (from Simon), Waterskins
Suggested: Armour, weapon, food

Collecting Information

9. Return to the archaeologists atop the plateau and talk to Abigail. She checks your receipt, then mentions they still need some research materials which can be obtained by killing mummies, zombies, and skeletons in the area north of them.

10. Kill any of these creatures until you've collected all four unique pieces of information - note that it is possible to receive the same Scabarite note page multiple times. Copy all the information into the log and return to Abigail.

11. Abigail will reward your work with a key to the dungeon north of her. She warns you that entering this dungeon is likely to expose you to disease, monsters and death... and of course heaps of valuable loot. After she gives you the key, she will help you fill in the Scabaras research with plenty of backstory notes.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Scabarite key (from Abigail)
Suggested: Keris, armour, food, some logs

Ancient Puzzles

12. As the fearsome adventurer you are, go north and head down the stairs and speak to the Clay Golem. He will be able to help you pull the four levers if you stoke the furnace north of him. Remove fuel from the Storage box west of the furnace to obtain a regular log, a teak log, and a magic log. Use the highest level log you can with the furnace (Regular requires 21 Firemaking, Teak requires 55 Firemaking, Magic requires 95 Firemaking) and the inbuilt mechanism will ignite them.

Scarabas Temple Dungeon

13. Speak to the Golem again to have him give power to the levers. The first lever he provides power to will receive the most power, and each successive lever will receive less. You must distribute the power between all four rooms before you end the conversation. You should give the most power to the levers which require your weakest skills:

  • The huge lever in the empty room requires Strength. Allocating power here makes you less likely to fail the lever.
  • The lever near the giant scarab requires you to kill the level 206 giant scarab. Allocating power here damages the scarab a certain amount.
  • The lever by the narrow walkway requires Agility. Allocating power here makes you less likely to fall off the pipe.
  • The lever near the mysterious box requires Thieving. Allocating power here gives you more chances at the logic puzzle.

14. After having the Golem distribute the power, pull each of the levers. If you fail to pull the lever in any room, you will need to put a log in the furnace and have the Golem distribute the power again. Should you run out of logs, you will have to provide your own.

  1. The north-east room requires Agility. Simply go in and cross the pipe.
  2. The south-east room requires Strength. Go in and pull the lever.
  3. The north-west room requires combat. Kill the Giant Scarab and pull the lever.
  4. The south-west room requires Thieving. Investigate the mysterious box to find a memory (or 'Concentration') type of matching puzzle. You will have to match sets of three runes on the puzzle. Manipulating the cog, pinion, and switch will give you more chances - how many extra chances you get is based on how much power you allocated to the room. It works like the card game of memory, where you match pairs of cards from a grid of facedown cards, only you're using runes and you have to match a set of 3 instead of 2. Test each rune to see what it is, then write it down on a piece of paper, so you can easily match the runes with each other. If you exit the puzzle without completing it, you will need to start over the entire unlocking process.
Bank Bank Bank
Required: None
Suggested: Armour, Prayer potions, more food, Keris

Take Me To Your Leader

15. After successfully activating all levers, you will be able to progress West into the old stronghold of Ullek. You must now find the High Priest of Scabaras in this maze-like dungeon. The dungeon is filled with traps and high level Scabarites, all seeking to harm you. Run as far West as you can until you come upon the room with the High Priest in it.

16. When you enter the high priest's room, you will start a cut scene involving a chat about you converting to their religion. Ask about conversion and begin asking questions - at times he will suddenly 'go mad' and attack you, simply protect against what he is attacking you with until he stops. He may summon Scarab Swarms (Level 98) and can poison you through protection, so kill the swarms and heal up the poison. Occasionally he may disappear for no reason - this may be a glitch. Simply exit the room and enter again to have him return. Eventually, he will 'come to his senses' and vow to not bother anyone anymore.

17. Return to the High Priest in Sophanem and tell him of the good news. (Use optional Relicym's Balm after leaving dungeon to halt stat reduction from disease, wear an Inoculation Brace to protect fro 275 disease damage or just wait it out and avoid combat until you heal.) The High Priest will reward you for your services, completing the quest.


  • 7000 Agility Experience
  • 7000 Prayer Experience
  • 7000 Strength Experience
  • 7000 Thieving Experience
  • Ability to craft an enchanted water tiara
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • 'Distressing' an item to make it Ancient requires Level 60 Crafting. Should you lack this skill, you can bring the items to Kerner, Abigail's assistant, as well as a bucket of dung. You will only need one bucket of dung to distress as many items as you wish. You will have to wait 180 minutes for the archaeologists to distress the items before continuing with the quest.
  • While on the plateau with Abigail, you can head west, over a low wall, and attach a rope to the rock. This allows you to use that as a shortcut between the south-eastern corner of the Agility Pyramid and the plateau at any point later, but remember that you're going to have to walk through a crowd of Mummies (Level 125) known to hit up to 240 damage.
  • The furnace can be stoked with any log, however the required firemaking level for each log is 20 levels higher than normal. There is no confirmed difference between using any log, but it is suspected that a higher level log will make each lever easier to deal with.
  • The Mysterious Box can always be solved with a maximum of 24 tries (requiring only one manipulation of the cog, pinion, or switch) by checking unique sets of three for 12 tries and writing down what each rune is. After doing this, you can simply match the sets of each rune by referring to what you recorded.
  • After the quest, you can make an enchanted water tiara by using water runes with a water tiara. Every three runes used with the tiara will give it one charge, which replaces one drink from a waterskin in the desert. There is no known limit on the charges a water tiara can receive. You may have only one enchanted water tiara at a time, and if you destroy it, a water tiara and the proper number of water runes for how many charges it had left will be dropped to the ground below you.
  • Abigail pays a reward of 10K gp to players who continue on and completely fill their Scabarite Research notebook. It takes around 20 pages, they are not a common drop. Add pages to your journal immediately as you receive them, otherwise you may receive duplicate page drops. You may want to consider killing the swamp-inhabiting scarabites to avoid the need to drink water, but be aware that you will be under attack from multiple attack styles until their aggression wears off.


Written by: SaidinWoT

Thanks to: Ard Choille, Baffler, chad isin, cheeseownsu, Game_Freak67, Headnazgul, Jaffy1, jettrider, mamaodella, Mario Sunny, pokemama, Queenvalerie, roeckie1, Sorator, Speedyshel, SportsGuy, Vlad the Old

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