Crocodile Tears

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Talk with Leela and Senliten in Senliten's tomb.


Skills: Level 30 Agility, Level 72 Fishing, Level 73 Hunter, Level 47 Woodcutting

Bring Leela to Senliten's tomb. Achieve rank 3 overall Menaphos reputation

Items: Combat equipment, food, rope, fishing rod, fishing bait, hatchet, some coins and a kitten or a cat.


A combat level of 100 or higher is recommended.

Monsters: Ukunduka (level 108)

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1. Start
Items Required: A kitten or a cat
Items Suggested: None

Talk to Senliten in the Senliten's tomb, south of Ruins of Uzer about Crocodile Tears. She will inform you about some rumours that the crocodiles between Pollnivneach and Nardah are attacking and eating the locals from time to time and would like you to investigate it. The Sphinx and Jex in Sophanem should have more information about what is happening.

The Sphinx can be found south of the gate to Sophanam, a kitten or a cat will have to be following you for the Sphinx to talk to you. Ask her about the Menaphite Gods, specifically Crondis and she will tell you what she knows and suggests talking to Jex.

Jex can be found just south of gate to Sophanam, ask him about Crondis and return to Leela and Senliten in Senliten's tomb.

2. The search for Crondis begins
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

Talk to Senliten and she will ask for your help finding Crondis restoring the crocodiles as she cannot leave the tomb yet and Leela is acting as her temperance. There is a relic in the tomb that will help to locate Crondis.

To find the relic, leave the tomb and enter it again, but this time choose the explore the temple. Walk north to the Massive stone boat and pick up the relic, the dowsing rod. Exit the temple and click on the rod to try to find an oasis in the desert, an arrow will point to the location of the oasis. There are three oases to find

  • North-west of the Senliten tomb
  • The island of Camel Warrior's south-east of Sophanem
  • Bedabin camp

Crondis won't be found at any of the oases, head back to Sinliten for help. She will suggest you go to the Elid elementals at the source of the River Elid.

3. Enchanting the dowsing rod
Items Required: Dowsing rod, Rope
Items Suggested: None

The Elid elementals can be found north of the Dominion tower in the desert. A rope is required to climb up the waterfall. In the north of the cave, there are three water elementals, talk to them and ask them to charge the dowsing rod. When the rod is charged, exit the cave and click on the rod again to be pointed in the direction of Crondis.

The rod will lead you to the Ports district of Menaphos, you will need to go to Crondis's pyramid. Talk to Portmaster Kags and choose the option to travel to Crondis.

4. Crondis's hunger
Items Required: Combat equipment, food
Items Suggested: None

When you arrive at the pyramid, enter it and talk to Crondis. Crondis will claim that all is okay and nothing is wrong. However, she is hungry and would like you to bring her a snack:

  • First she wants a fresh beltfish
  • Next she wants some toothpicks. Cut two lots of acadia logs in Menaphos and give these to the High Priest and he will turn them into toothpicks
  • Next she will next want four pyramid tops from the Agiilty Pyramid north-east of Sophanem
  • Next she will demand eight plover birds
  • She will demand 18 croc ices

Aftr handing Crondis 18 croc ices, she will demand 32 more croc ices. Refuse the demand and Crondis will cough up some corruption which will turn into Ukunduka. Ukunduka is a straight forward fight, he will only attack with ranged if you are out of melee range.

5. Pacifiying the crocodiles
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

Once Ukunduka is defeated talk to Crondis again, and she will quell the crocodiles and stop them attacking people. Return to Senliten to tell her the news.

When you return to Senliten a cutscene will start with Osman arguing with Leela and Senliten about their plans and to trust him that his plan will work. He will tell you to visit him in Al Kharid when you are ready to make a serious contribution to the cause. Once the cutscene is over, talk to Senliten and tell her that Crondis will put a stop to the crocodile attacks. Quest complete, congratulations!



  • 35,000 Fishing XP
  • 35,000 Hunter XP
  • 15,000 Agility XP
  • 15,000 Woodcutting XP
  • Immunity from desert heat
  • Relic of Crondis

Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • You cannot get anything Crondis asks for ahead of time, or she will refuse it for not being fresh enough.
  • When you are required to get Crondis 18 croc ices, it is best to buy an inventory full because you will automatically start eating them while they are in your inventory, they cannot be banked, and you cannot use any teleport spells. You can however, use the magic carpet to travel.
  • After completion of the quest, return to Crondis's Pyramid, and swim to the Undergound tunnel to the east of the entrance stairs to gain 20,000 Constitution XP (first visit only), searching the altar you will find Nekhakha, Crondis mask.


Written by: Howlin1

Special thanks to: Arceus

Last updated: 13-Jun-2017

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