Spirits of the Elid

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Awusah the Mayor of Nardah, located South-east of Pollnivneach


Skills: Level 33 Magic, Level 33 Mining, Level 33 Ranged, Level 33 Thieving

Items: 1 Law and 1 Air rune (for the telegrab spell), Needle and 2 Threads, a stab weapon, a slash weapon and a crush weapon, Pickaxe, Rope, a bow and some arrows, a Knife, some kind of light-source (lantern, candle etc.)


Items: 400 gp for flying carpets, weapons for each melee attack style, armour, desert robes and Waterskins, low leveled players may wish to have some food

Monsters: Black Golem (level 110), Gray Golem (level 110) and White Golem (level 110)

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Bank Bank Bank
Shantay Pass
Required: Nothing
Suggested: 400 gp for flying carpet rides

Starting out

1. Exit Shantay Pass and speak to the Rug merchant near the Pass. Fly to Pollnivneach. Walk to the south side of Pollnivneach and take the carpet to Nardah. You could instead walk south-east from Shantay Pass to reach Nardah. Go towards the Ruins of Uzer but go south after crossing the bridge over the river Elid.

2. In Nardah, head east to the big house and talk to Awusah the Mayor. After talking to him for a moment accept to help him. Go to the north-eastern house in the village and talk to Ghaslor the Elder. He will give you a scroll. Read it.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Telegrab runes (1 Law and 1 Air rune), Needle and 2 Threads
Suggested: None

Getting the needed items

3. Go one building west of Ghaslor. Talk to Shiratti the Custodian and ask about the key. After talking, telegrab the key from the table.

4. Search the cupboard in the north-western corner of the house. Use your needle and thread on the robes to fix them. Wear them and get ready to enter the dungeon.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Rope, Pickaxe, bow, some arrows, Elidinas robes, weapon(s) with stab, slash and crush attacks
Suggested: Spear or any versatile weapon with stab, slash and crush attacks, armour, small amount of food for low levels, desert robes and Waterskins

The dungeon

5. Walk north-west until you find a river and follow it all the way north until you are north-west of the Dominion Tower. If you forgot the pickaxe, bow or arrows, you can find these items scattered in the desert south of the waterfall. Choose the climb waterfall option on the waterfall to get inside the dungeon.

Spirits Of Elid Cave Entrance

6. You need to wear the robes to enter the first set of doors, but after that you may equip other armour if desired. Go through the first doors and then prepare yourself to fight the Golems.

Spirits Of The Elid Quest Map

7. There are four other doors in this room. Three are guarded by golems which will appear when you try to open the door. Each golem has certain attack weaknesses, so arm yourself accordingly before trying the door.

  • Black golem, north-east door - weak to Crush attacks
  • Grey golem, south-east door - weak to Slash attacks.
  • White golem, south door - weak to Stab attacks.

8. After defeating a golem, enter that room and make the water flow:

  • North-east room - use bow and arrows to shoot at the target on the other side of the channel
  • South-east room - use pickaxe
  • South room - use Thieving ability

9. After clearing the three pipes proceed north through the next dual-doors.

Talking to the spirits

10. Talk to the spirits Nirrie, Tirrie and Hallak and ask if the town can have their water supply back. The spirits will ask you to bring the statuette back to its place.

11. Return to Nardah and ask the mayor where the statuette is. He will tell you that they threw it into a crevice. Before going, take a pair of the mayor's shoes near the door of his house.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Rope, Knife, light source, mayor's shoes
Suggested: Desert robes and Waterskins

The Genie

12. Go west of town to the crevice which is well marked on the minimap, and enter it using the rope. Proceed through the door to the north to find a genie. Talk to the genie and ask what he wants for the statuette. He wants the soul of the mayor, so just use your knife on the mayor's shoes to get the "soles" and give one to the genie. In return, he will give you the statuette.

Spirits Of Elid Genie

13. Go back to the temple in Nardah. Use the statuette on the statue plinth by Shiratti the Custodian to complete the quest.

Spirits Of Elid Fountain


  • Use of the shrine to pray at.
  • 8,000 prayer experience
  • 1,000 thieving experience
  • 1,000 magic experience
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The shrine not only fills your prayer points, but also gives you some life points over your maximum LP! These life points decrease back to the maximum cap, however.
  • You can add your ancestral key to the key ring obtainable from the One Small Favour quest


Written by: Pirkka

Thanks to: -Chaosbringer-, 0riginal, abomb67, APERSON, BornDark, Cemtey, Cowman_133, Evlkind, Howlin1, Jaffy1, Kees44, Kiara_Kat, Lady_Shahdie, Lowspell, micarina, Omnitec, Racheya, Speedyshel

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