Missing My Mummy

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Leela, north-east of Draynor Village.


Skills: Level 35 Construction, Level 35 Cooking, Level 35 Crafting, Level 35 Magic, Level 35 Prayer

Items: 20 Fire runes, Jug of wine, Willow logs, Spice, Empty Pot, Wheat


Items: Armour, a weapon with a crush attack style, food, Amulet of Glory (for teleports to Al-Kharid and Draynor Village), a Dramen/Lunar staff, 410 gp, a Prayer potion (if below 74 prayer), and Waterskins


Golem guard (level 47), Tumiken's Shadow (levels 41 to 72), Skeleton looter (level 41)

NPCs: Ali Morrisane, Ali the Leaflet Dropper, Leela, Pharaoh Queen, Reldo

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Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

1. Walk just north-east and speak with Leela. She talks about an old pyramid near Uzer and wants you to go investigate. She also allows you to enter the pyramid without being cursed.

Map Leela Draynor

Scouting out the Pyramid
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: 205 coins or Dramen/Lunar staff, Amulet of Glory, armour, a decent weapon, Waterskins, and food

2. Proceed to Al-Kharid and take a carpet ride to the ruins of Uzer. From there, walk south to the Pyramid. Players who have access to Fairy Rings can use the Fairy Ring code DLQ for an even quicker option.

Pyramid Map 1

3. Upon entry, rummage through and defeat the skeletons you see on the ground until you have the following items: Canopic jar, Pyramid journal, Mummy hand, Scroll of the dead. Note that there is one skeleton behind a wall trap that you may want to disarm with thieving.

4. After you have the items, you should get a message to return to Leela. Teleport back to Draynor Village and speak with Leela.

Returning to the Pyramid
Items Required: 20 Fire runes, Jug of wine, Willow logs, Spice, Empty Pot, Wheat (add to the Empty Pot now to create a Pot of wheat), the items previously collected in the pyramid
Items Suggested: 205 coins or Dramen/Lunar staff, Amulet of Glory, armour, a decent weapon with a crush attack style, Waterskins, a Prayer potion (if below 74 prayer), and food

5. After you have all the required items, go back to the pyramid and go through the stone door in the north-west corner. Unless you have a weapon with a crush option, take off your weapon and defeat the Golem guard, then go down the stairs.

Missing My Mummy Pyramidbottom

6. While being wary of the nearby scarabs, pick up the Canopic jars so that you should now have four. While picking up the canopic jars, go through the hole in the wall to the east, walk slightly south, and climb back through a hole. This should open up a very useful shortcut for later.

7. Near the far south-east wall, you will also find a mummy without a hand. Pick it up and use the Mummy hand in your inventory with the mummy.

Canopic Jar

8. Return near the entrance, where you should see a multi-coloured tiled floor. The trick to safely walking across here is to only walk on either red and yellow tiles or blue and green tiles all the way across, or else you will take damage and may not be able to pass.

Mummy Coloredpuzzletiles1

Next, you will find yourself in a room with a sarcophagus and lots of other items scattered about.

Bringing the Queen Back
Items Required: 20 Fire runes, Jug of wine, Willow logs, Spice, Pot of wheat, a Prayer potion (if below 70 prayer), the items previously collected in the pyramid
Items Suggested: Amulet of Glory, armour, a decent weapon, and food

9. Put the mummy in the sarcophagus and pray to all the destroyed statues. If you cannot pray to a certain statue, don't worry about it for now... you just won't get 100% completion of the Queen but can still complete the quest.

10. Next, use your spice with the jug of wine and replace the broken jug with your wine. You should also be able to replace the nearby broken pot with your Pot of grain. Repair the broken chair and table, then add the four Canopic jars to the shelves to the west. Now you are ready to bring her spirit back!

11. Move east and kill Tumiken's shadow. Light the south lamp. Kill the shadow again and light the north lamp. Next is west, and again, kill the shadow. Finally light the east lamp and kill the shadow.

Tumeken Shadow

12. Now return to the sarcophagus and you should see the Queen standing by it. Speak with her and then build a Willow statue on the nearby spot. If you can, carve the statue a few times to receive extra experience.

13. The Queen will now acknowledge that you have done enough and can return to Leela. Teleport to Draynor Village and speak with Leela. Quest complete! Kind of...


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • You receive a total of 6,500 Prayer XP for repairing all of the destroyed statues.
  • You receive a total of 2,100 Construction XP for repairing the table and chair.
  • You receive a total of 5,000 Magic XP for killing all the Shadows.
  • You receive a total of 3,350 Crafting XP from creating the willow statue and completely carving it.
  • You receive 2,100 Cooking XP for putting the Pot of grain in place.
  • After you have finished repairing all destroyed statues you can pray at them to restore your prayer. If you pray at the Amascut statue your Prayer level will be boosted anywhere from 1 to 4 levels, but by doing so you will lose some LP. The amount of damage is random but no damage is over 200 LP.

After completing the quest, you can continue to add to the percentage of the Queen's completion until you reach 100%. This completion is a mini-quest in itself.

Mummy Restoration Mini-Quest

Quests: Garden of Tranquility

Skills: Level 45 Crafting, Level 50 Magic, Level 50 Prayer, Level 25 Thieving

Items: Ring of charos (a), Pestle and mortar

1. Speak with Ali Morrisane in Al-Kharid. He tells you that Reldo (the Varrock librarian) has some important documents pertaining to the Queen and will ask for some sq'irk juice* in exchange for his documents regarding her name, and he can give you more if you have superhuman convincing powers. Go get some sq'irk juice (any type works) and return to Ali Morrisane. You will need to collect sq'irk fruits from the same garden from the Sorceress's Garden Minigame and use them with your Pestle and mortar to put into a Beer glass (search the shelves in the Sorceress's house for one). He will give you the Copied name papyrus. Next, equip your Ring of charos(a) and speak with him to get the real mummy's name papyrus. With the Mummy's name papyrus in hand, walk north towards the Al Kharid mine.

2. Pick up an Al kharid flyer from Ali the leaflet dropper just north of the Al Kharid mine. Proceed to Varrock castle after you have the flyer.

3. Speak with Reldo, who will ask for a flyer from Ali Morrisane. Give him the flyer and he will give you a scroll of praise in return.

4. Go back to the Queen using the same routes you followed earlier. Now you should have 100% completion and some extra experience. Congratulations!

*You can receive up to 3,000 Thieving XP from giving Ali Morrisane Sq'irk Juice, the worse the juice the less XP you receive.


Written by: Lalala7324

Special thanks to: Blood666bag

Thanks to: Baffler, Brainymidget, Codguy, Ddraiggoch06, DoomedMages, Errdoth, essiw, flares_dad, Gedderz, Howlin1, Ibcrootbeer, Jaffy1, jcube69, kingmickez25, Lord_Bunkie, morrowindgek, N_odie, Nyosuht, Pokemama, Shasta_Sms, SmokeDAS, SportsGuy, swphoenix, sydwinder14, Water, Zaaps1

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