Diamond in the Rough

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Beginner Length: Short

Start location: Speak to Osman in the palace of Al Kharid.


Quests: Stolen Hearts


Items: Combat gear (including preferably a weapon with a slash attack) and food.

Monsters: Apep (level 5), Heru (level 5), Bandit king (level 3), Bandit -Diamond in the Rough- (level 2)

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Diamondintherough Hypotheticals

Hypothetically Speaking...

1. Speak to Osman in the throne room of the palace of Al Kharid. He will express his concern over the ransom note, then request you and Ozan to meet him back at the vault. Agree to do so to begin the quest.

2. Head outside to the foot of the palace steps to talk to Ozan, letting him know that Osman wishes to see the two of you. A cut scene will follow.

3. Osman will tell you that the diamond in the display is not the Kharid-ib. He will then tell you to hold onto the heavy weight that was used to unlock the display. After some hypothetical remarks, Osman will send you and Ozan off to rescue Prince Ali.

4. When Osman has left the vault, inspect the Het scales and you will obtain the heavy weight.

Stolenhearts Hetscale

5. Climb up the rope to get back onto the roof of the palace, then climb down the brickwork on the west side. Shimmy across the rope westward onto the roof of the bank. Move to the southern part of the roof and eagle jump down onto the cart below. Head south to make your way to Shantay Pass.

6. When you reach Shantay Pass, speak to Shantay. After some strange comments, he will hand you some waterskins for the journey and let you pass into the Kharidian Desert.

Diamondintherough Intothedesert

Into the Desert

7. Once in the desert, Ozan will explain Osman's cryptic message back at the palace vault. Let him know you want to continue to crack open the weight to reveal the Kharid-ib hidden inside! Suddenly the Kharid-ib will emit a high-pitched screech, and a sundial will suddenly surface from the sands. Inspect the sundial to view its interface.

Diamondintherough Sundial

8. Click on the icon resembling an "X" besides the human-like face at the top left. The face will light up and a beam of light will point you to the next sundial. Follow the direction it points you to.

9. When you arrive at the next sundial, you will be ambushed by some desert bandits! Help Ozan defeat them, then pick up the sundial piece (also known as a gnomon) dropped by the last bandit. Place it on the sundial to repair it, then click on the icon besides the monkey-like face on the bottom left to have the sundial give off another beam of light to follow.

10. When you reach the next sundial, Ozan will note that the base of the sundial was there, but not the sundial itself. As the two of you investigate, Ozan will find the gnomon that has broken off this sundial. The Kharid-ib will emit another screech, activating the quicksand underneath you! Despite everything, you will sink into the sands below into a cave.

11. As you fall into the cave, the Kharid-ib falls out of your pack, and a dung kalphite takes it away deep into the tunnels. Unfortunately, it seems Ozan also lost the gnomon in the fall. Ozan will ask for you to look around the tunnels, for anything while he recovers from the fall. Explore the tunnels until Ozan realises he was sitting on the gnomon the whole time and repairs the sundial. Point the gnomon onto the crocodile-like head on the bottom right of the sundial, then follow the beam of light into the tunnel it points towards.

12. Make your way down through the tunnel (and enjoy some of Ozan's banter), then go through the next tunnel.

13. After emerging from the tunnel and finding a torch, Ozan will express his disgust when he realises you've arrived in a cave filled with dung kalphites. One of the dung kalphites has the Kharid-ib, and you'll have to slash them open to find it. Pick up the bronze scimitar in the southeast corner of the cave if you do not have a slash weapon with you, then proceed to slash a few of the dung kalphites. After a few tries, Ozan will tell you to focus on the ones that sparkle. You will soon recover the Kharid-ib.

14. A rumbling sound will indicate that another sundial has surfaced. Leela will come to your rescue, dropping a rope down for you to climb up. Once you're at the surface, head over to the sundial just north of you where Ozan and Leela await.

15. Inspect the sundial and move the gnomon to the scarab symbol on the top right. Follow the beam of light to your next point.

Behold the Power

Diamondintherough Hostile

16. After a quick trek, you will find Lady Keli, Apep, Heru, and Prince Ali by the shoreline. Despite your efforts to keep the Kharid-ib, you'll ultimately hand over the diamond to Lady Keli. While you and your team are waiting for Prince Ali to be handed over, Lady Keli will reveal herself the Devourer of Souls, Asmascut!

17. Prepare yourself for a fight, but not with Asmascut. She'll make her escape while Apep and Heru finish the job. Beware of Apep and his weapon, Uraesus. Move out of his way when he calls out "Whirling dervish!" This attack will strike anything within its range. Heru may also reflect the sunlight on his shield Aten to blind you. Defeat them, then free Prince Ali.

18. Ozan will not join you and Leela back to Al Kharid, and instead will go off to find the Kharid-ib. You and Leela will automatically head back to Al Kharid, where you will watch as Leela and Osman have a bit of a row with each other about what he did to Ozan. In the meantime, all seems well now that Prince Ali, now Emir Ali, is at the throne, for the moment.


  • Access to the Kalphite Nursery
  • 250 Agility XP
  • 250 Thieving XP
  • 250 XP Combat Lamp
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Head back down to the Kalphite Nursery (found in the north-western area of the desert) to slash down a few of the dung kalphites to obtain Uraeus (Apep's axe) and Aten (Heru's shield).
  • Head back down to the Kalphite Nursery and go through the tunnel at the east side of the cave. Go all the way to the end of the tunnel to go into the next one, where you will end up in the room below the quicksand. Mine the crack to widen it into a fissure for 20,000 mining XP (level 80 mining required), then climb down it to retrieve Was, a staff with an effigy of Icthlarin's head, and a Scabaras mask.
  • Head over to the Monkey Colony, and click on the fissure on the cliffside to climb into it. Doing so will gain you 20,000 agility XP (Do No Evil completed and level 80 agility required), as well as an Ankh, a symbol of life, and an Apmeken mask.
  • When widening the crack into a fissure as mentioned above, wearing XP boosting items such as a Gofannon amulet and the Golden mining suit allows you to get additional bonus XP.


Written by: ForsakenMage

Thanks to: Baffler, FuriGirl, Mojo Monkey Muharib, Sy_Accursed, Tansuo, Tim, Wouter828

Last updated: 09-Nov-2013

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