Difficulty: Master Requirements: Easy Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to the High Priest of Icthlarin in Sophanem.


Items: A light source, Tinderbox


Skills: High combat level (over 80), high agility, high thieving

Items: Several Waterskins, Pharaoh's sceptre or money for carpets, a one-click teleport, good armour, good weapons, good food, Antipoisons, superset, Prayer potions, Ring of life

Monsters: Giant Scarab (Level 124), Scarab Mage (Level 75), Locust Rider (Level 75 - range), Locust Rider (Level 75 - melee), Scarab Mage (Level 66), Locust Rider (Level 68)

NPCs: High Priest -Sophanem-, Jex, Maisa, Osman

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First Trip to Sophanem

For the entire first phase of the quest (Assignment, Entering, Getting Through, The Demand) bring the following:
Required Items: A light source, Tinderbox
Suggested Items: Good armour, good food, Prayer potions, one-click teleport, Ring of life

1: Assignment

Talk to the High Priest in the temple in the south-western corner of Sophanem. He needs help getting Menaphos to release their quarantine on Sophanem. A cut-scene will show the High Priest's attempts to bring a delegation to Menaphos being harshly blocked. You may now ask the High Priest about possible ways to enter Menaphos. Ask him about ways to approach from underground and he will tell you about about the lesser deity Scabaras, whose followers were proficient at making subterranean buildings. He suggests you talk to Jex, the caretaker of the temple of Lesser Deities.

2: Entering

Head to the temple in the north-east corner of the city and talk to Jex. He will tell you of strange scarab creatures which burst up from the cellars, destroying the temple and the bank underneath it. He will send you down into the ruined bank with his blessing and a suggestion to take a light source and a tinderbox. Climb down the trapdoor; you will be in a maze filled with high combat monsters.

3: Getting Through

Here is a map of the maze, with the path marked in red:


There are two ways to get to your destination. One is to follow the red path marked above, which is explained in the detailed maze text below. If you fail certain traps, you will fall into the multi-combat dungeon level and your light will be extinguished. The quicker way is to *choose* to descend into the multi-combat dungeon level (entering by ladder will not extinguish your light). You can use your tinderbox to re-light your light source, or, if you need a one-click lighting option, you can take a torch and some dry sticks. Left clicking the sticks will re-kindle your torch.

A. Dungeon: There are no traps in the dungeon, but it is filled with Locust riders (melee and range) and Scarab mages.

  • Wear one type of protective armour (such as rune) and use another type of protective prayer (such as against magic).
  • To reach the dungeon (assuming you don't fall into it), go west to the north central ladder (avoid the first floor trap, run past the scarab mage and search the second floor trap).
  • Before descending the ladder, turn off auto-retaliate, turn on run, turn on your chosen protect prayer and get ready to run like mad.
  • The path is south, south-east, then turn south as soon as you can, then turn west as soon as you can and continue south-west to the ladder.
  • When you climb up you will be all the way in the south-west corner of the maze map above. You will need to go east (avoiding the sandy round swarm trigger, and navigating past the moving walls), north (after searching the odd markings on the wall), and west (stay to the north side of the corridor to avoid the trapdoors) to reach the maze exit ladder.

B. Maze (see map above): this dungeon has a number of traps including floor spikes, wall spikes, scarab swarms, and trapdoors.

  • Head west as soon as you enter the maze, avoid the floor traps.
  • When you come across the fork in the road beyond the first scarab mage, go south.
  • Immediately go east and search the floor to attempt to pass the trap; failing will hit you hard.
  • Follow the path and avoid the wall crushers. To pass them safely, you will have to move right next to them, then click diagonally to pass.
  • Beyond the wall crushers is a wall covered with odd markings. Search the odd markings and attempt to disarm - your success depends on your thieving level.
  • Take the path heading west, and beware of the Scarab mages.
  • You will come to a large intersection where you should head south. There is a yellow scarab on the west wall - do not stand in front of it.
Wall Scarab
  • If you do stand in front of this, you will drop into the multi-combat dungeon below, filled with Scarab mages and Locust riders and your light source will be extinguished.
  • Go south to the fork in the paths and go east or west, depending on whether you prefer wall crushers or thieving obstacles.
  • Once around the wall, go south through another set of wall crushers, then head due west on the middle path to the ladder, being sure to not come near the two yellow scarabs on the southern wall.

4: The Demand

Go down the ladder and follow the path. At the end you will find a giant room, and by the entrance Kaleef's Body. Search the body to find a Parchment, which you should read.

Kaleef\'s Parchment

Go further into the room and talk to Maisa. She needs to get in contact with Osman, but does not trust you to do it for her, so she asks you questions about the Prince Ali Rescue Quest. She will first ask where the prince was taken, the answer being "Draynor Village". Next she will ask you who helped you rescue the prince, the answer is "Ozan and Leela". She will now ask you to bring Osman to her.

5: Convincing Osman
Required Items: None
Suggested Items: None

Get to Al Kharid and talk to Osman about Sophanem. He will give you a small amount of history on the situation. Eventually it will come time to convince him to go down to Sophanem in person. Normal motivations will not stir him, you will have to point out that it would drive a wedge between the Menaphite cities. This is enough to get him to agree to go to Sophanem, but he has some things to do prior to heading down. Go ahead down on your own to meet him there.

Second Trip to Sophanem

For this entire second phase of the quest (The Attack and The Fight), bring the following from the bank:
Required Items: A light source, Tinderbox
Suggested Items: Good armour, good weapons, good food, one-click teleport, Antipoisons, superset, Prayer potions, Ring of life

6: The Attack

Osman is just north of the gates to Sophanem, but cannot get in the city as he is too old to scale the walls. Tell him you know of a secret entrance to the north and a cut-scene will show him within the city getting into the Temple of the Lesser Deities. After the cut-scene, retrace your steps through the dungeon until you reach the exit ladder you went down earlier. Go down and you will watch a cut-scene of Osman talking to Maisa. Osman will be attacked by a Giant Scarab and will disappear.

7: The Fight

When you are ready to battle the Giant Scarab, head down the path. When you begin attacking the Giant Scarab (level 124), a Scarab Mage and two Locust Riders - one ranger and one meleer - may spawn around it and begin attacking you. Focus completely on the Scarab, however, as killing it causes the other creatures to disappear. The Scarab's hide is hard to hit with melee, though it appears very weak to magical attacks. Some players find it helpful to stay near Kaleef's body, using the area to help with monster blocking. *Please note, Kaleef's body alone will not act as a safe spot! Instead, walk towards the body and backwards a few steps (towards the entrance) to get the giant Scarab stuck behind the wall.*

Contact Fight

When you have succeeded in killing it, Osman will reappear telling you that he had slipped into the shadows. He will eventually thank you and leave telling you to take Kaleef's Dagger - Keris - as a reward. Head back to the High Priest in Sophanem and talk to him to finish the quest.


  • Keris (dagger)
  • 7,000 Thieving Experience
  • Two wishes giving 7,000 Combat Experience each
  • Access to a bank in Sophanem
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Players without high combat stats may find it useful to bring a familiar to the final fight so that they won't take as much damage.
  • Keris, Kaleef's dagger, is effective against beetles, both kalphites and scarabs. It can be poisoned.
  • The genie lamp which grants combat experience can be used twice, each time giving 7,000 experience to a combat related skill of your choice. If you choose to use the lamp on summoning then you must have a summoning level of at least 30. You cannot use the lamp on prayer.
  • The bank is located under the Temple of Lesser Deities.


Written by: SaidinWoT

Thanks to: Adamskii, Baffler, bobbington2, budgirlcut, buzzcolabro, Gugge, Headnazgul, Howlin1, Jaffy1, Ned, Teemupets, the monsoon, War Chipmunk

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