Stolen Hearts

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Beginner Length: Short

Start location: Speak with Ozan in Draynor Village.


Items: Combat gear and food.

Monsters: Mercenary Joe (level 2), Skull mercenary (level 2), Skull mercenary -2- (level 2)

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Stolenhearts Intro

An Old Friend in Over His Head

1. Ozan is concerned that his old friend Khnum has fallen into the wrong crowd, the Skulls gang, and wants you to find out what's happened to him. Agree to help Ozan and make your way into the building besides you.

2. Knock on the trap door inside the building. You will need to convince the bouncer that you'll fit in. Tell him to let you in or you'll poke his eyes out.

3. Once inside, head over to the bar table on the east side of the cellar to speak with Khnum. You will need to pass Khnum's initiation exam before you're allowed to mingle with the Skulls. While the answers you give him won't affect the outcome of the quest, it will affect one the rewards given at the end of the quest (see the Tips, Tricks, and Notes section for more details). Once you've passed the exam, Khnum will initiate you into the Skulls, run by Khnum himself!

4. Ask Khnum if he has any available jobs. Khnum will tell you about a kidnapping job that is currently in progress, but you're not going to get in on that action yet. He will tell you more about your assignment when you meet up with him in the HQ, if you can find it as a final test.

Make Him Break

5. Head back upstairs and tell Ozan what's happened. He'll tell you to follow Khnum to the HQ.

6. Listen to Ozan's hints as he'll tell you if you're too close to or too far away from Khnum as you follow him, first going around Draynor Village before making you way to Draynor Jail. Follow Khnum inside.

7. Khnum will congratulate you on finding the HQ, then sees Ozan come in behind you and orders you to kill him. Together with Ozan, confront Khnum about his kidnapping plot. Leela will soon enter the scene, and inform you that Khnum's plot was to kidnap Prince Ali of Al Kharid!

8. You will need to get information on Prince Ali's kidnapping out of Khnum. Choose "I'll lock you up and throw away the key" followed by "We'll find them easily enough ourselves." This will not phase Khnum at first, who believes his men would come break him out, and if they didn't, he'd find his own way out. Ask Khnum "What will you take pride in while you're locked up?" Ozan will then remind Khnum about his love of food. From here, Khnum will finally give in and tell you that Lady Keli is the one behind the kidnapping plot. Head south to the shore to catch up with her and her men, just east of the bridge that leads to the Wizards' Tower.

A Dangerous Situation

9. Upon arriving at the shoreline, you will be greeted by the sight of some of Khnum's men, and Lady Keli with her henchmen Apep and Heru, with Prince Ali. Sit back to enjoy the cut scene that follows, then help Ozan and Leela defeat Mercenary Joe and his fellow men. Pick up the ransom note dropped by the last mercenary defeated. Lady Keli and her men will take Prince Ali away on a boat.

10. Leela will send you and Ozan to Al Kharid to speak with her father, Osman, about what has happened. Take note of the passphrase that Leela gives you to let Osman know that Leela has sent you. When you're ready, head over to Al Kharid.

Return to Al Kharid

11. Make your way to the palace, where everything is under lockdown. The Palace Guard will not let you inside, no matter what, so you'll need to figure out another way to get in. Talk to Ozan and he will tell you how to proceed.

  1. Make your way into the crafting shop in the northeast part of the city and climb up the steps. Climb up the ladder onto the roof.
  2. On the south side of the building walk across the plank to roof of the general store, then slide down the awning on the south side of the building onto the roof of the armoured legging store.
  3. Head north through the building and make your way to the western doorway. From here, walk across the washing line westward onto the next building.
  4. Head west and climb up the ladder, then and make your way west along the wooden walkway, before crossing the wooden planks to the scimitar shop.
  5. Go to the southwest corner of the scimitar shop and climb up the ladder. Look west and jump off the scaffold there to land onto the roof of the furnace building.
  6. Make your way to the southeast corner of the roof and climb down the rug onto a wooden walkway.
  7. Swing across the wooden frame to the west, then jump off the scaffold ahead southwards to the roof of the kebab shop.
  8. Move south to bounce onto the awning to fly across to the wooden walkway of the bank.
  9. Climb up the brickwork onto the of the bank.
  10. Let Ozan shoot a rope across to the palace, then shimmy across the rope onto the palace wall.

12. As you make your way to climb up the brickwork, Ozan will tell you to wait a moment. The two of you will begin to eavesdrop on a conversation between Osman and Jabari, the Menaphite ambassador in the presence of the Emir Shah and Hassan. After learning about the political struggle between Al Kharid and Menaphos, Ozan will comment that the ransom note for Prince Ali in your possession actually demands for the coveted diamond, the Kharid-ib, not the Emir's actual heart! Ozan suggests to steal the diamond to save Prince Ali's life despite the Emir's words to not let the Kharid-ib out of Al Kharid.

13. Climb the brickwork to the roof of the palace and make your way to the open skylight, leading down into the palace vault where the Kharid-ib is located.

The Kharid-ib, the Heart of the Sun

Stolenhearts Vault

14. Speak to Ozan to figure out how to remove the Kharid-ib from its display in the vault room. Unlock one of the chests to take out a scroll reading the history of the Kharid-ib. It will give you a gruesome account of how the Kharid-ib came to be.

15. Inspect the Het scales. You will need to find the heaviest weight among the nine. You can place up to three weights on each side. One strategy would be to place three on each side to eliminate more weights in a shorter amount of time. Take note of the symbols on each weight to help you keep track of the ones you've already weighed against the others. When you've placed the weights on the scale, click on the green diamond to activate the scale. If the scales tip one way or the other, the side tipping downward has the heaviest weight on it. Once you've determined which is the heaviest weight, drag it into the backpack icon on the upper left corner of the Het scales interface.

Stolenhearts Hetscale

A Heart Has Fallen Still

16. Place the weight onto the display of the Kharid-ib to unlock the display. As you steal the Kharid-ib, an alarm will sound, alerting Osman and his guards. Try to explain the situation to Osman, then tell him the passphrase that Leela has given you to gain his trust. Hand the diamond over to Osman and follow him to the Emir's quarters.

15. Speak with Emir Shah, who will refuse to let you take the Kharid-ib. Either choice in conversation will produce the same result. Watch the cut scene that follows. Speak with Osman to end the quest.


  • 2500 Coins
  • 250 XP Agility lamp (members)
  • 250 XP Thieving lamp (members)
  • 250 XP Combat lamp
  • 250 XP Constitution lamp
  • Choice of 4 Thief Titles: Artful Dodger, Don, The Enforcer, & Swindler (see Tips, Tricks, and Notes for details)
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 3

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • If you're seeking some ear-candy, turn up the volume for the voices and music!
  • You can either use the lodestone teleport if you have this unlocked, or teleport to Lumbridge and head east to the gates of Al Kharid. You may also use a Ring of Dueling and teleport to the Al Kharid Duel Arena. Otherwise, take the scenic route and head to Al Kharid on foot.
  • Speak to Khnum in Drayor Jail to receive your new title. Your title will be given to you based on the choices you've made during the initiation process:
    • Artful Dodger - You have no favoured approach when it comes to getting the job done.
    • Don - You take a calculated approach for risk and rewards, especially when you have lackeys helping you.
    • The Enforcer - You're all about action and violence to get what you want.
    • The Swindler - You use your charm and wit to earn you great rewards.


Written by: ForsakenMage, Xena Dragon

Thanks to: Baffler

Last updated: 09-Nov-2013

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