Golem, The

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to the golem at the ruins of Uzer, in the desert south-east of the Shantay Pass. See our world map for exact location.


Skills: Level 20 Crafting, Level 25 Thieving

Items: Desert robes and Boots, Waterskins, Pestle and mortar, Papyrus, Empty vial, 4 Soft clay, Hammer, Chisel


Items: Varrock teleport, Digsite Pendant and Ring of Duelling

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1: Start

Wear your desert gear and bring the waterskin(s). Go through the pass and walk east till you reach the coast. Follow the coast south. You will come to a bridge. Cross the bridge and go east until you come to some ruins. The broken golem is pacing around this area. Talk to him.

2: The Broken Golem

The Golem will tell you he needs repairs. Use your 4 soft clays with him. Talk to him again. He will ask you to help him open the portal to slay a demon. Talk to him again and he will tell you to arrange the statues down the stairs next to him.

3: The Missing Statuette

Go down the stairs and forward a bit. You will come to a square with two walls, two alcoves on each containing a statuette. One statuette is missing. Turn the statuettes on the west wall so they are facing left and the statuette on the east wall so it is facing right. Go upstairs and west, lying on the ground next to some crates is a letter. Pick it up.

4: Elissa

The letter is from Elissa. Elissa is at the north-east end of the digsite. You may wish to teleport to Varrock, Al Kharid or directly to the digsite with the Digsite pendant to save some walking. When you use the letter with her she tells you to find some expedition notes in the digsite exam library.

5: Varmen's Notes

Go south to the exam centre and search the small cluster of bookshelves on the south side against the wall until you find Varmen's notes. Read them. Go back to Elissa and ask her where he took the statuette. She will tell you it is at the Museum of Varrock.

6: The Curator

Walk over to the museum which is located north-west of the Varrock east bank. Talk to the curator about that statuette. He will say it is up in a display case upstairs, but won't let you have it as what you have in mind sounds too dangerous. Pickpocket him to get a key. Go upstairs and go to the fifth display from the stairs, which is display case #30 (the final case in the first row). Use the key on the display case and take the statuette.

7: The Demon's Portal

Go back to the golem and down the stairs. Place the statuette in the empty alcove by using it on the alcove. Turn it so it is facing right. The door will open. Go forward and enter the door. You will find the demon is but a skeleton and must already have been slain. At this point you can use your hammer and chisel on the throne to get several gems. Go through the red, swirly portal to get back to the statuette place. In the north-west corner you will notice a key shaped object called "strange implement". Pick it up. Also, while you are down there pick a black mushroom from the south of the room near the entrance, use it with the pestle and mortar to automatically get black mushroom ink in your empty vial.

8: Programming the Golem

Speak to the golem, he will insist the demon needs to be slayed and his task is incomplete. You need to write him a new program. Go west back across the bridge and immediately north following the river to find a desert phoenix, shown in the map.

The Golem Desert P

Click on it to get a feather. Sometimes it will stun you, but keep trying till you get a feather. Once you have it, use it with the black mushroom ink. After that, use the quill-pen with the papyrus to write the golem a new program. Go back to Uzer. Use the strange implement with the golem to open his skull and use the program on him. Talk to him. He will say his task is completed. You have now completed the quest, congratulations!


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • You also gain access to Uzer via magic carpet rides after completing the quest.


Written by: Ladyghostly

Thanks to: adamp, ANTHONYEVIS, Black Widow, Cowman_133, Ex, franktheman, Howlin1, Jaffy1, Lady_Shahdie, Lood333, Lowspell, water_is_nat, woodychick, wyrven rider

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