Feud, The

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Medium

Start location: Talk to Ali Morrisane in north Al-Kharid.


Skills: Level 30 Thieving

Items: About 700 coins, Gloves, desert equipment (Waterskins, and robes).


Some armour and food if you can't use the Protect from Melee prayer.

Monsters: Bandit champion (level 78), Tough Guy (level 78)

NPCs: Ali Morrisane, Ali the Hag, Ali the Kebab seller, Ali the Mayor, Ali the Operator, Ali the Snake Charmer, Drunken Ali, Street urchin, Villager

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1: Ali Morrisane

Start the quest at Ali Morrisane who is at the north side of Al Kharid. He will send you on a quest to find his nephew. Now go to the south of Al Kharid to find a desert gate. Now travel south-east to the town of Pollnivneach. Alternatively, you can travel by magic carpet to Pollnivneach for 200gp.

Feud Shantay Pass Pollnivneach Map

2: Drunken Ali

Go to the local pub and buy 3 beers. Use these beers with drunken Ali for some info about the nephew. He will eventually tell you to check with the two gangs in town. Talk to a member of each gang. The gangs are the Bandits and the Menaphites. The Bandit gang is in the north side of the town and the Menaphite in the south. They will both tell you that they are at war because of a camel. Go to the camel discounter (west side of the town) and buy some camels for 500gp. You will get two receipts for the camels. Talk to a member of each gang again to give them the camels. It won't do any good though. You get the idea to join one of the gangs. To do so talk to one of the Menaphite gang members. They will tell you to talk to Ali the Operator who can be found near the tent to the south west of the village - he can be recognised by the scimitar he carries.

3: The 3 villagers

Ali the Operator will tell you to pickpocket three villagers. You can just pickpocket the first one. For the second talk to one of the Street Urchins that wander around and pay him to distract the villager. For the third talk to Ali the Operator to get an oak-blackjack from him. Wield the blackjack and lure a villager (right click option) and knock them out. You can now pickpocket him/her. Go back to Ali the operator.

4: To steal the mayor's jewels

Buy a Fake beard and a headpiece from the local general store. Use them on each other and wear them. Go to the house of the mayor (big one to the east) in the middle of the city. Put on your gloves and hide behind the cactus to check if it is safe to go inside. When it turns out it is, use your keys on the door. Go upstairs and search the landscape painting. Behind it is a safe, the combination is 1,1,2,3,5,8. Take the jewels back to Ali the operator.

5: To kill the traitor

He wants you to discover a traitor. Talk to a gang member about the traitor. Go back to Ali the Operator and then talk to the barman to find out that the drink of the traitor is the beer on the table, near the barrels. Talk to the old hag on the mountain up the path from the kebab shop.. She will make a poison for you if you get her a snake and some camel dung.

  • The snake charmer is just outside the local pub. Use some coins on his money pot to get a snake charm (flute) and a snake basket from him. Find snakes in the south west part of town, near Ali the operator's tent and select play on your snake charm. You will have to choose a note on each of the eight pages (it doesn't matter which one), then press play at the top of the interface. Once you've done this, you can use the charm on a snake (by using the flute on any snake) and it will slither into your basket.
  • Get a bucket from the General Store or one can be found in Camel shop. Then go to the kebab seller and ask for his hot sauce. Use the red hot sauce on the camel feeding trough at the Camel Shop to get the camel to drop some dung. Use the bucket on it to pick it up. (The game won't let you pick up the wrong kind of dung, with or without the bucket - if this happens, just use the red hot sauce on the trough again.)

Now bring them both to the old hag. She will give you a vial of hag's poison. Go back to the bar and use the poison on the table that has the beer on it. Return to Ali the operator. He will tell you to talk to the leader.

6: The leader

Talk to the Menaphite leader who is in front of the tent. Kill the level 78 Tough Guy he sends at you (drops bones and a willow-blackjack). Then go talk to a local villager. Now go to the Bandit Leader who is on the north-western side of the town near the rug merchant; you will have to kill his Bandit champion (level 78) (drops bones and adamant scimitar). To finish the quest, first talk to a villager and then to the mayor. Now go back to Al Kharid and talk to Ali Morrisane where you started the quest. You will be rewarded.


  • 500gp
  • 15,000 thieving experience
  • Oak-blackjack (from Ali the Operator)
  • Willow-blackjack(enemy drop)
  • Adamant scimitar (enemy drop)
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

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Written by: Empror1

Special thanks to: Spaminator92

Thanks: Baffler, bluehooloovo, Cowman_133, Ejp2011, Howlin1, Iaannnn, Jaffy1, Jamesbob64, Krazyboy6000, Lowspell, n_odie, SirHemen, ThywilBdone, tomcat11224, tragicdreamz, Water, Wisetsm, woodychick

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