Zogre Flesh Eaters

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Long

Start location: The open area west of Gu'Tanoth and south of Castle Wars. Talk to Grish.


Skills: Level 30 Fletching, Level 8 Herblore, Level 30 Ranged, Level 4 Smithing, Level 20 Strength

Items: All required items will be available during the quest, although it is easier and quicker if some items are purchased through the Grand Exchange (see Suggested Items).


Skills: 43+ Prayer, Must be able to defeat a level 111 foe.

Items: Knife, Ring of duelling, Watchtower teleport (Earth runes and Law runes), Food (Lobsters or better), Relicym's balm. Ogre Bow and Brutal arrows (Can be purchased, or created during the quest with Wolf bones, Bow string, Hammer, Hatchet or Achey tree logs, 50+ Feathers, and 50+ Nails).

Quests: Watchtower

Monsters: Slash Bash (Level 111), and a level 52 skeleton.

NPCs: Bartender -Dragon Inn-, Grish, Sithik Ints, Uglug Nar, Zavistic Rarve

Walkthrough hide »

1. To start the quest, speak to Grish, south of Castle Wars. He will explain that the Ogre ceremonial area to the east is infested with undead Ogres and asks you to investigate the cause of this problem. He will provide you with 2 super restore potions and 3 cooked chompy birds.

2. Speak to the Ogre Guard standing to the east near the barricades. He will allow you passage once you tell him that you're on a quest on behalf of Grish. Climb over the crushed barricade and run a short distance east until you reach the stairs that leads you to a cavern. Climbing down the stairs will lead you to the Zogre Tomb.

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Zogre Tomb Map

3. Head north-west to a charred area and a cutscene will ensue. Search the skeleton by the broken lectern and a level 52 zombie will arise and attack you. Once you have defeated it, search the skeleton again and you will receive a ruined backpack. Inside the backpack you obtain a knife, rotten food and a Dragon Inn tankard.

Search the Skeleton

4. Search the broken lectern and you will find a 'torn page'. Search the Ogre coffin just west of the skeleton to find a 'crude key hole'. Use the knife to pry it open and then search it to obtain a 'black prism'. You might have to try to open it more than once as you could fail.

5. Go to Yanille and show the tankard to the Dragon Inn bartender. He tells you that the mug belongs to Brentle Vahn who hasn't shown up in the bar for some time and also had shady dealings with a wizard whose name he doesn't know. However, he would recognise him if he saw him again.

Yanille map

6. Proceed to the Mage Guild, ring the bell by the door, and Zavistic Rarve will appear. Speak to him and show him the items you have collected. He asks you to speak to Sithik Ints, a mage who has had prior knowledge in necromancy.

Sithik Ints Image

7. Sithik resides upstairs in the house north of the guild. Speak to him to gain "permission" to search through his room. Although he protests, he won't be able to do anything about it. Search the cupboard, drawers and wardrobe to obtain 3 books: book of portraiture, necromancy book and book of "H.A.M.". You will also conveniently obtain some charcoal and papyrus through your search. Read all 3 books, especially the book of portraiture, and then use your papyrus on Sithik. Your sketch must be described as "realist" when you examine it. If you do not have a realistic sketch, search the drawers to get more papyrus and continue to sketch Sithik. If you use the torn page with the book of necromancy, you will find that the page indeed belongs to the book. By reading the book of "H.A.M.", you will also realise that Sithik supports the organisation and he dislikes ogres.

8. Head back to the bartender and show him the Dragon Inn Tankard first, then show him Sithik's portrait. He identifies it as the man that was last seen with Brentle. He will then sign the portrait as verification.

9. Bring all the evidence you've collected thus far to Zavistic Rarve (ring the bell in front of the Wizards' Guild) and he will give you a strange potion to be drunk by Sithik. Head towards Sithik and use the potion with his cup of tea. Go down the ladder and back up again, and you will find that Sithik has turned into an ogre! This is where you squeeze out of him all the information he knows about Zombie Ogres, how to make brutal arrows to effectively defeat the zombies, the method to create a cure if you're infected by zombie disease and the fact that the summoning spell can not be reversed.

10. Return to Grish and break the bad news to him. He then tells you that in order to relocate the ceremonial grounds, he needs an artifact that is found in the caverns and passes you a key. If you complain to him about the ogre bow used to fire the brutal arrows is too slow, he will teach you how to make a composite ogre bow through the use of 'achey logs and wolf bones'. You can use Relicym's balm on Uglug Nar to be able to access his store.

11. Go down the stairs into the caverns, go west through the gates and descend the stairs. Walk to the end of the room where you will you see a small stand. Search it and a level 111 Zogre named Slash Bash will appear and attack you with melee and range.
Stand in the safe spot behind the stand, using brutal arrows with the composite ogre bow. You may use the Protect from Range prayer, or take food. In both cases, prayer will be drained by the disease. You can still attack with conventional weapons, although it will take a longer time. Once defeated, you get standard zogre bones, 3 ourg ancestral bones, and most importantly, the ogre artifact.

12. Return the artifact to Grish to complete the quest.


  • 2,000 Ranged
  • 2,000 Fletching
  • 2,000 Herblore xp
  • Ability to make cure disease potion (Relicym's Balm)
  • Ability to make brutal arrows
  • Ability to make composite ogre bows.
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • To make the Relicym's Balm, you need to mix Rogues Purse and Snake Weed in a water-filled vial. Please refer to our Jungle Potion guide for detailed locations of these herbs.
  • To make brutal arrows, you need to fletch achey shafts. Each shaft requires 4 feathers to be flighted. Carry a hammer to attach nails to the shafts. Each metal bar produces 15 nails.
  • After the quest, mix a bottle of Relicym's Balm and give it to Uglug Nar who will pay you some coins for it (1000 gp for 4 doses). After that, you are able to buy from his store (the prices will be lower). Among the items are achey wood, bowstrings and Relicym's Balm.
  • You can sell the 'black prism' to Zavistic Rarve for 2000 gp or to Yanni Salika in Shilo Village for a cool 5000 gp.
  • If for some reason you didn't unlock the composite ogre bow during the quest, speak to Grish while wielding the regular ogre bow and complain about the power. Also note that treasure trails composite bows are not related to these ogre bows.
  • Slash Bash (Level 111) uses both melee and ranged attacks, so plenty of food is advised.
  • If you can't do damage to Slash Bash with the brutal arrows, try using an another part of the combat triangle. Magic appears to be effective.


Written by: DroolMAN

Thanks to: 2cute4words0, Battypenguin, Cameron, Cemtey, Deigo4, Ddrmaster7, Eeeeediot, Howlin1, Jaffy1, Kakashi X91, Lordbradly10, Mil, Moiriana, Oscar_Wilde, Pker_Dude_Jr, shooterbob7, stan18, stephenrulz0, The_Sith, War Chipmunk, Water

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