Rum Deal

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: North of Port Phasmatys


Skills: Level 42 Crafting, Level 40 Farming, Level 50 Fishing, Level 47 Prayer, Level 42 Slayer

Items: A weapon, armour and food to defeat a Level 100 monster that attacks with melee, as well as Slayer gloves.

Having at least 470 prayer points is also required, else you will not be able to proceed for certain parts of the quest.


Items: Ectophial, Seed dibber, Rake, Watering can.

Monsters: Fever Spider (Level 100), Zombie Pirate (Level 70) (evade), Zombie Swab (Level 68) (evade), Evil Spirit (Level 80)

NPCs: Captain Braindeath, Captain Donnie, Davey, Pirate Pete

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1: Start

1. Teleport to Port Phasmatys with your ectophial or walk there by going East from Canifis. Rather than entering Port Phasmatys, walk north-east of it to find Pirate Pete on a small dock.

Rum Deal Pirate Pete Map

2. Talk to him and offer to help by killing a demon. Tell him that you will do it for free or you will not be able to continue past this point. Once you agree to help out, you get knocked out and transferred to an island with a short cutscene.

island map

2: Growing Blindweed

3. When you arrive, talk to Captain Braindeath in the north part of the brewery. He briefs you of your mission and wants you to grow some Blindweed for him. He will give you the seeds you need. If you do not already have a rake, seed dibber and watering can with you, go downstairs to the cellar of the brewery and and search the cupboard in the south-eastern corner for the tools. Go back up upstairs and go down the ladder on the south wall of the brewery to exit.

4. Head south to the farming grounds marked with a farming icon. The Zombie Swabs are aggressive and will attack you. The Zombie Pirates will not.

NOTE: If a Zombie Swab attacks you, just run away from it; this is the easiest option. You can also use the intimidate option to make each individual swab non-aggressive. You will need to do it from a distance because if you are interrupted by attack during the dialog, it will not intimidate them. Alternatively you can just kill the swab.

5. Rake the blindweed patch and plant the blindweed. Now you simply need to wait for it to grow. Once it is ready, a message will appear in your chatbox saying you should check on your blindweed. Pick it and go talk to Captain Braindeath.

Rum Deal Blindweed Patch

6. Captain Braindeath will tell you to go upstairs and place it in the hopper. The ladder to go upstairs is in the south-eastern corner of the brewery. Once upstairs, go over to the hopper in the north-west corner of the room, next to the lever. Use your blindweed with the hopper, then go back to Captain Braindeath and talk to him.

3: Stagnant Water

7. Captain Braindeath tells you to get stagnant water from the volcano to the north. He gives you a bucket or you can pick up the bucket from the spawn next to him. Exit the brewery again using the south ladder. Exit the fence enclosing the brewery and go west until you come to a bridge guarded by a zombie. Open the gate and you will make a great diversion to get past the guard.

8. Go north and up the mountain to the pool of water. Use your bucket on it to obtain a bucket of stagnant water. Go back to the brewery and use your bucket of stagnant water on the hopper where you put the blindweed. Talk to Captain Braindeath again and he will give you a fishbowl and net tangled together. If you untangle the two, use them together to get the tangled net and fishbowl.

Stagnant lake

4: Slug-fishing

9. Go back outside and go to the south-east tip of the island. Fish at the fishing spot with the tangled net and fishbowl until you catch five fish. You need five of the two types of fish (karamthulhu or sluglings) in total - it doesn't matter which fish you get, as long as you have five in total.

10. Head back to the brewery and go to the top floor. Fill the pressure barrel on the top floor of the brewery with your catches until it is full. Pull the pressure lever. Go back downstairs and check with Captain Braindeath. He will tell you that the brewing device is possessed and will give you a wrench to fix it.

5: Blessing the wrench

11. Speak with Davey in the western part of the house. He will bless your wrench if you have level 47 prayer. Note that you must have the at least 470 prayer points as well or he will not bless the wrench!

12. After getting the wrench blessed, go back to the main house and use your blessed wrench on the shaking Brewing Control there. Kill the level 80 Evil Spirit that appears and the machine will stop shaking.

13. Talk to the Captain once more. Now he needs the last ingredient for his rum. He asks you to kill a Fever Spider. Go to the cellar and kill a Fever Spider, making sure you are using Slayer gloves. Pick up the dead spider's body once you have killed it.

6: Finishing the rum

14. Go to the top floor of the brewery and put the Fever Spider into the hopper. Go talk to Captain Braindeath once more for a quick cutscene. He will tell you to give some of the newly produced rum to Captain Donnie, who is outside.

15. Use your empty bucket on the Output Tap located on the southern end of the brass brewing machine to get the rum.

Rum Deal Output Tap

16. Go outside and towards the gap in the fence. Look for Captain Donnie in the zombie crowd and talk to him. He will drink the rum and tell you the name of his boss by mistake.

Rum Deal Captain

17. Go back to Captain Braindeath and after a short dialogue he will reward you. Quest complete!


  • Holy Wrench
  • 7000 Prayer Experience
  • 7000 Fishing Experience
  • 7000 Farming Experience
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The Holy Wrench will make you gain more prayer points when drinking prayer potions. It can be reclaimed from Davy if lost.


Written by: Pirkka

Special thanks to: Cowman_133

Thanks to: abomb67, Chermond, Jaffy1, Krazyboy6000, needa, Octarine, pirate_felix, Scougre, United99s, War Chipmunk

Last updated: 24-Aug-2015

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