Cabin Fever

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Hard Length: Medium

Start location: Talk to Bill Teach in Port Phasmatys Inn.


Skills: Level 42 Agility, Level 45 Crafting, Level 40 Ranged, Level 50 Smithing

Items: None. You will need a Ghostspeak amulet and 2 Ecto-tokens if you have not completed the quest Ghosts Ahoy (see Suggested Quests).


Items: Armour and/or food to protect yourself from the aggressive lvl 57 pirates.

Quests: Ghosts Ahoy

Monsters: Pirate (level 57)

NPCs: Bill Teach

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1: Starting Out

Go to Port Phasmatys Inn and talk to Bill Teach. Tell him you want to be a pirate and promise to help him once more. Now go East to the port and board the big ship there. Talk to Bill again. Say you arr' ready to go. A cutscene will ensue.

After the cutscene, search the repair locker to get two ropes then search the gun locker for a fuse. Finally, grab the nearby tinderbox off the ground.

Once you have the items, go up and climb the climbing net on the ship. Use your rope on the hoisted sails, and you will get an animation of you rope swinging to the pirates' ship. Use the fuse on the barrel next to the cannon, and light the fuse with the tinderbox.

Cabin Fever Broken Cannon

Go back to Bill the same way, climb up the climbing net on the enemy ship and use your rope on the hoisted sails to get back to Bill's ship.

Note: If you didn't get two ropes at first, there is a rope respawn on the enemy ship, so you can grab one of theirs and use it to get back.

2: Fixing the Leaks

Bill will tell you to fix the leaks. Go downstairs, search the repair locker for 6 repair planks, a hammer, 30 tacks and 3 swamp paste. Now fix one of the leaks. First use the planks on the leak, then the swamp paste. Do this to the three leaks.

Cabin Fever Plugged Leaks

Once you have repaired all three leaks, go back to Bill. Get 2 more ropes from the repair locker downstairs, and swing to the pirates' ship. Go downstairs and plunder the chest, the crate and the barrel until you have 10 stacks of plunder.

Cabin Fever Plunder

It's noteworthy to mention that only 6 plunder can be taken initially, and that you'll have to wait for them to respawn before collecting the final 4. However, you can simply log out and back in for the plunder to respawn instantly.

Now, go back to Bill's ship and put the plunder in the chest below board.

3: Using the Cannon

Go back to Bill using the rope swing once more. He now asks you to fix the cannon. Get a barrel from the gun locker downstairs, and use it on the broken-down cannon. Talk to Bill again, then get a ramrod, a fuse and a canister from the gun locker. Go back up, pick some gunpowder from the barrel next to the cannon, and use it on the cannon. Tamp it with the ramrod, add the canister and attach the fuse. Fire it when there are pirates directly across from the cannon.

After firing, use the ramrod to clean the cannon. Talk to Bill one last time, then get three cannonballs and fuses from the gun locker. Fire the cannon the same way you did before, except this time, use a cannonball instead of a canister.

After you have shot the enemy boat three times and it has been sunk, you will sail to the pirate island. Quest complete!


  • Access to the pirate island, Mos Le'Harmless
  • The Little Book o' Piracy
  • 7,000 Smithing Experience
  • 7,000 Crafting Experience
  • 7,000 Agility Experience
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The pirate island has a pub, some shops (including a fish shop, a pirate clothes shop, and a pirate sword shop) and some pirates to talk to. To talk to any of the pirates, you need The Little Book o' Piracy to be in your inventory, this includes being able to talk to or buy from the pirates with shops.
  • If you talk to Bill after the quest, you will get 10,000gp from him.
  • When you leave the ship, including when you complete the quest, all items gotten from the ship or chests will be taken from you, so don't bother getting extras.
  • If you forget to clean out a cannon before the next shot, you will fail and take 50 damage.


Written by: Pirkka

Thanks to: Albosky, APERSON, Bambino, Chenjs2, Furious_F, Howlin1, icetrain, Jaffy1, Kiara_Kat, Kwimbob, Lighs, Suzanne_Vega

Last updated: 18-Sep-2013

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