Great Brain Robbery, The

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Brother Tranquility on Mos Le'Harmless.


Skills: Level 30 Construction, Level 16 Crafting, Level 50 Prayer

Items: Diving apparatus, Fishbowl helmet, Hammer (at this time the toolbelt hammer and Golden hammer do NOT work), 40-50 Nails, 18-20 Normal planks, Holy symbol, Ring of Charos, 10 Furs


Items: Good armour, good weapons, high-healing food, superset, Ectophial, Salve amulet / Salve amulet (e)

Monsters: Zombie Pirate (70), Sorebones (70), Barrelchest (72)

NPCs: Brother Tranquility, Dr Fenkenstrain, Monk -Harmony Island-, Rufus

Walkthrough hide »

1: A Minor Problem
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Diving apparatus, Fishbowl helmet, Hammer, 10+ Nails, 4 Normal planks

Head to Mos Le'Harmless by way of Bill Teach on the Port Phasmatys docks, or use one of the many charter ships around RuneScape. When you arrive, speak to Brother Tranquility, who is a few steps north of the docks. He is from a small island, Harmony, populated with monks, which is currently experiencing some minor problems with undead pirates. Offer to help and he will teleport you to the island. Here you encounter the first problem - some of the monks are 'sort of' zombies. Do not walk around while they are talking, or you will be teleported back to Mos Le'Harmless. It turns out a ship of zombie pirates, led by Mi-Gor, came and invaded the monastery, dragging away some of the monks. Mi-Gor used their brains to 'enhance' zombies, but Brother Tranquility broke free and has stored their brainless bodies downstairs.

2: Spying
Items Required: Diving apparatus, Fishbowl helmet, Hammer, 10+ Nails, 4 Normal planks
Items Suggested: None

After you agree to aid the monks, Brother Tranquility will tell you of a secret tunnel leading to the Harmony monastery, positioned beneath the statue in the garden. Exit the granary and head north of the farming patch to the statue.

Tunnel Entrance

Pull the statue and climb-down it. Wearing your diving apparatus and fishbowl helmet (received from Murphy in Port Khazard, if you've lost your old set), go down the stairs into the flooded passage. Head to the east end of the passage and repair the stairs.


Nails can bend, so you may wish to bring more than 10 - if you leave before using all the nails, you'll have to use a full 10 upon your return. Head up the stairs and up the ladder into a small room. Peer through the peephole on the west wall. You will hear discussion about Mi-Gor needing more materials to blanket the island with sleeping gas, used to prepare the monks' brains for more enhanced zombies.

3: The Plan
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

Head back down the ladder and stairs, west through the passage, and back up both the stairs and the ladder. Go down to the granary and speak to Brother Tranquility to warn the monks about the sleeping gas. Brother Tranquility knows of an ancient prayer written by abbots at Edgeville Monastery, based on deliverance from plagues and pestilences.

4: The Book of Prayers
Items Required: Holy symbol
Items Suggested: None

Head to the Edgeville Monastery and search the bookcase in the south-western corner on the ground floor.

Great Brain Robbery Monestary

Return to Brother Tranquility on Mos Le'Harmless and speak to him. He will ask you if you said 'the words' (which happen to prevent locusts from arriving) when you took the book, then realise he forgot to tell you them. He will then teleport you to Harmony, where you must perform the prayer. Wear your holy symbol and right click recite-prayer on the prayer book, successfully warding the granary against the sleeping gas.

5: Get the Doctor!
Items Required: Ring of Charos
Items Suggested: None

Speak to Brother Tranquility, who will now ask you to move the monks' brains back into their proper bodies. However, as they are sure you are no brain surgeon, they would like you to bring Doctor Fenkenstrain in to perform the operation. Speak to Doctor Fenkenstrain, who is hiding in the top of the castle from Creature of Fenkenstrain. He will accept on the condition that you get him past the werewolves - a feat only achievable with the help of Rufus. With your Ring of Charos on, speak to Rufus in Canifis - his food shop is due north of the bank - about meat shipment. Rufus will agree to give you a crate, as long as he can inspect it before it is shipped to make sure the meat is fresh. He'll ask what live meat you're sending, and when you avoid answering, he'll decide you must be sending cats! When you leave, he will give you the six crate parts and a wolf whistle.

6: Collecting Cats
Items Required: Hammer, 6 Crate parts, 28+ Nails, 14 Normal planks, 10 Furs, Ring of Charos, Wolf whistle
Items Suggested: None

In a cut scene with a toy cat, you will get the amazing idea to make fake cats, which you can craft in a workshop in a player-owned house. Take 10 normal planks and 10 fur and go to a workshop clockwork bench (it does not have to be in your house) to make 10 cats. Alternatively, you can buy the cats from the GE or other players. Afterwards, with the cats and the remaining materials, go back to the room Dr. Fenkenstrain is in. Build the crate on the hotspot which has now appeared near Fenkenstrain; as before, nails may bend, so you may wish to bring more than 28. Add the fake bottom to the crate, then use a cat on the crate to fill it. Speak to Doctor Fenkenstrain, make sure you are wearing your ring of Charos, then blow your wolf whistle. In a cut scene, Rufus will appear magically and inspect the crate. Use the shipping order on the crate and it will teleport away; you hope his reaction isn't too violent.

7: Grocery List
Items Required: Diving apparatus, Fishbowl helmet
Items Suggested: Weapon, armour (helmet and cape not allowed)

Return to Harmony by way of Brother Tranquility on Mos Le'Harmless. On Harmony, Brother Tranquility will tell you the doctor is downstairs, so head down the ladder. He needs a few things before he can get to work: a cranial clamp, a pair of brain tongs, three bell jars, at least thirty skull staples, and a hammer; the zombies most likely have all of these, as they had done brain swapping already. However, all of the entrances into the monastery have been blocked off. In order to get around this, you plan to storm the ship, steal gunpowder, then use it to storm the monastery.

Exit the granary onto the island, which has been thoroughly gassed. Ensure you are wearing both your fishbowl helmet and diving apparatus, or you will pass out. Run to the north end, where the ship has been 'docked', and go inside. Search the locker at the west end for the fuse, then go up the ladder. Grab the tinderbox and a keg of gunpowder, which spawns next to the cannons. Exit the ship and go to the Harmony monastery's front door. Use the keg and fuse on the door, then light the fuse with your tinderbox - the doors are blown clean off. "Open" the door in order to enter, and go on a killing frenzy. Kill Sorebones (Level 70) until you get the necessary items:

  • Cranial clamp
  • Brain tongs
  • 3 Bell Jars
  • 30 Skull Staples

8: Brain Surgery
Items Required: Hammer, Cranial clamp, Brain tongs, 3 Bell jars, 30 Skull staples
Items Suggested: None

Having collected the items Doctor Fenkenstrain needs, head back to the granary and down the ladder. Speak to Fenkenstrain to give him the necessary items. He will ask you to keep notes on what he does, for posterity. The surgery will be censored by a picture of a kitten with soothing music, so you don't have to observe the gory details. Head up the ladder and speak to Brother Tranquillity . When you say you are going to kill Mi-Gor, Brother Tranquillity remembers they moved something large into the secret room and that Mi-Gor had a bodyguard.

9: Termination
Items Required: Diving apparatus, Fishbowl helmet
Items Suggested: Good melee armour (helmet and cape not allowed), weapon (high crush bonus), high-healing food, superset, one-click teleport

Speak to a Monk to receive Saradomin's blessing, then head out for the final battle. Go to the Harmony Monastery and confront Mi-Gor. He will set his bodyguard on you, Barrelchest (Level 72). As your prayer points and defence level are drained during the fight, wear high crush defence armour and attack with a powerful weapon. Be sure to have high level food and keep a close eye on your life points throughout the battle - he hits high consistently. After the battle, pick up the anchor he dropped and exit the monastery. Head to the granary and talk to Brother Tranquillity to tell him Mi-Gor has fled. Brother Tranquillity will have no leads when you bring up Rabid Jack, so you decide to leave it and rest. After you are awarded with a Blessed lamp, you will hear locusts approaching. With this, you have finished the quest.


  • Access to a new allotment farming patch
  • Barrelchest anchor
  • Prayer book
  • Blessed lamp
  • 6,000 Prayer Experience
  • 2,000 Construction Experience
  • 3,000 Crafting Experience
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The Blessed lamp will give you 5,000 Experience in the skill of your choice.
  • Use the Barrelchest anchor on the pirate Smith, located on Mos Le'Harmless docks, and he will fix it for 230,000gp. You must have a Book o' Piracy (obtained from Bill Teach if lost) in order to understand him.
  • When wearing a holy symbol, you can recite the prayer in the prayer book to cure any poison at the cost of a few prayer points. This also works by clicking on the lifepoints icon near the minimap and selecting "cure poison".
  • If you lose the prayer book, you can re-obtain it from the Monastery near Edgeville (bookcase in south-west corner of ground floor), or from a bookshelf in your player owned house.
  • Should you try to leave the granary without the diving apparatus and fishbowl helmet at any time the island is gassed, you will pass out and the monks will drag you back in. Once you have exited, you cannot take off either.
  • The ectophial is excellent for going through this quest quickly, as it teleports you near to Doctor Fenkenstrain and Bill Teach for easy access to Mos Le'Harmless


Written by: SaidinWoT

Thanks to: abomb67, Adamskii, Baffler, BloodAngel, Bloodrex, Chenw2, Cowman_133, DG Keanu, ganon95, Headnazgul, Howlin1, iMeGaZ, Jaffy1, Jaxonin1, kwimbob, Laikrob, Ledgendl, kawaievil, Murder_61, Octarine, oddfaery2, Shazarabbit, Silenthappy, Sxe_Tone, War Chipmunk, Xena Dragon

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