Creature of Fenkenstrain

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Medium

Start location: Read the signpost in the centre of Canifis then head to Castle Fenkenstrain, north-east of this point along the path. Speak to the Doctor.


Skills: Level 20 Crafting, Level 25 Thieving

Other: Be able to defeat a level 50 monster

Items: 3 Bronze wire, a Silver bar, 5 Spools of thread, a Needle, 50gp, a Spade and a Ghostspeak amulet (obtain from Father Uhrney in Lumbridge Swamp if you lost yours).


Items: Teleport runes to Falador or Glory amulet to Al-Kharid, for quick furnace use. If you've completed Ghosts Ahoy, there is a furnace in Port Phasmatys. Can be quickly accessed with an Ectophial. Food and armour for low-leveled players.


Experiment -Fenkenstrain 1- (level 50), Experiment -Fenkenstrain 2- (level 50), Experiment -Fenkenstrain 3- (level 50)

NPCs: Dr Fenkenstrain, Gardener Ghost, Lord Rologarth

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1: The Doctor

Head north-east of the Canifis slayer master towards the castle. The doctor is in the castle. Talk to the doctor and tell him that you're brain-dead and that you're good at grave digging. You'll now have to find 4 body parts: arms, legs, torso and a head.

2: The Gardener's Head

Firstly talk to the gardener outside (north of the doctor) with your Ghostspeak amulet on. Ask him what happened to his head. He will follow you to the haunted woods (the woods just south of the castle; note this area is rife with level 88 vampyres as well as level 84 leeches). Keep talking to him and he'll tell you where to go. Dig his grave to find the head.

3: The Star Amulet

Now head back to the castle and go upstairs. Search the bookcase in a room to the west for the book Joy Of Grave Digging and you get a marble amulet, then search the bookcase in a room to the east for the Handy Maggot Avoidance Techniques and you get an obsidian amulet. Use them with each other to make a star amulet.

4: Torso, Arms and Legs

Leave the castle and follow the path east to a graveyard and use your star amulet on the last memorial to the east. Push the monument to enter a dungeon.

Fenkenstrain Dungeon

Follow the cave north-west and kill a level 50 Experiment (looks quite funny, eh?). Pick the key up and continue north-west. Use your key on the gate, and then go upstairs. Dig the 3 graves to get torso, arms, and legs. Push the memorial and go back to Canifis.

5: Pickled Brain

Head to the pub in Canifis and talk to Roavar. Ask him for some food and buy the pickled brain by asking for something to eat. Put the brain in the head and give all the parts to doctor. He will need a needle and 5 threads so give these items to him.

6: The Conductor

Now he will want a conductor for lightning made of silver. Go talk to the gardener and ask for the key for the shed. Go into the little room north of the gardener and search the cupboard for a garden brush, and go just outside of the shed door, you will see some cane piles, pick 3 garden canes. Use the 3 canes on the brush to extend it 3 times. You will need 3 bronze wires to do this, and these can be made by smithing 3 bronze bars.

7: The Conductor Mould

Sweep the west fireplace on the first floor (second floor for USA) of the castle with your extended brush to get the conductor mould, use a silver bar on a furnace to make the conductor and take it back to the doctor. You can then go through the south doors on first floor, up the ladder and use the conductor on the rod out there. Go back to the doctor, he'll tell you the monster is alive and you need to kill it, you will get a key from him. Now head back up to the first floor (second floor for you Americans) and use the key on the gate door there to gain access to the monster, Lord Rologarth.

8: The Monster

Lord Rologarth will tell you the truth about the doctor's treachery and ask you to stop him. To do so, go downstairs and pickpocket the doctor to complete the quest.


Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The Ring of Charos can be pickpocketed from Doctor Fenkenstrain after the quest. He resides in the top tower of the Castle, unless you have completed The Great Brain Robbery, in which case he is in the basement of the mill on Harmony.
  • After completion of this quest, you have access to Experiments (50 combat, 1250LP), a good place to train.


Written by: Ambrosial, Bboyjyoung, and Bs_Johannes

Special thanks to: ddrmaster7, TheBlazikenMaster, Traver

Thanks to: Acidy_II, Baffler, Deadman Andy, Eeeeediot, famfrit007, fug shark, Gugge, Jaffy1, Jackal King9, Juhniz, Legaucho, Loge_05, Saladin643, Vulxai

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