Garden of Tranquillity

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Medium

Start location: Speak to Queen Ellamaria in the garden in the East Courtyard of Varrock Castle.


Skills: Level 25 Farming

Items: Spade, Seed dibber, Watering can, Gardening trowel, 2 Compost or Supercompost, Secateurs, Ring of Charos, Rake, 2 Plant cures, 1 Rune essence, 1 Plant pot, 1 Marigold seed, 3 Onion seeds, 3 Cabbage seeds, Pestle and Mortar, Fly fishing rod or normal Fishing rod.


Items: 3 Compost or Supercompost (Supercompost Recommended) for the plants grown during the quest. If you are worried your plants may disease or you are using regular compost, consider bringing 2 additional Plant cures. Ardougne, Camelot, Varrock and Falador Teleport runes or tablets, Amulet of glory , Ectophial, Games Necklace, Explorer Ring 3, Energy potions - all cut down on walking time immensely. An Amulet of Nature would also be helpful.

NPCs: Alain, Bernald, Brother Althric, Dantaera, Ellamaria, Elstan, King Roald, Kragen, Lyra, Wise Old Man

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1: Getting Started
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

Speak to Ellamaria, the Queen of Varrock, and she will give you a task to complete. The rather snobby queen will give you a list of seeds to obtain after some sarcastic banter between you and her. She will also advise you to go to the Wise Old Man in Draynor to learn about the power of persuasion to help you get these seeds and items.

Finished Garden

2: The Wise Old Man
Items Required: Ring of Charos
Items Suggested: None

Make your way to Draynor and make a short pit stop at your bank to withdraw the Ring of Charos you received at the end of the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest. (If you have lost your ring, you can get another one from pickpocketing Dr. Fenkenstrain in his castle.) Speak with the Wise Old Man. He is in the large building just North of the bank. He will give you a bit of history on the diplomat, and then proceed to quiz you.

  1. Two goblins are fighting over the colour of their armour. What do you do?
    Choose "Show them a range of colours so they can come to a compromise."
  2. A drunken dwarf offers you a kebab. What do you do?
    Choose "Take his generous gift even though you have no need for it."
  3. Are you enjoying your experience of Farming?
    Choose "It is absolutely, unquestionably the most interesting thing I have ever done."
  4. A dwarf asks you to put on a silly golden helmet so that you can be fired from a cannon into a wall. What do you do?
    Choose "Put on the silly helmet and jump into the cannon."
  5. You meet Pkmaster0036 in the wilderness who asks who is the greatest player killer in the world. How do you answer?
    Choose "You of course Pkmaster0036, no one could ever challenge your greatness!"
  6. Queen Ellamaria orders you to go on a foolish quest without any offer of reward. What do you say?
    Choose "I will do whatever you ask - I just love the monarchy!"
  7. A Draynor bank guard asks you if you have seen any suspicious characters lately, because the bank has been robbed. What do you say?
    Choose "If I do I will let you know."

Answering those questions will allow you to get the hidden powers within your Ring of Charos activated. Now off to get those seeds!

Note: You can move on to the next person on the list while you are waiting for your plants to grow, though this will require additional teleport runes/tabs. Be sure to note down the time you planted the crops so they do not die. BE CAREFUL NOT TO DESTROY THE SEEDS YOU ACQUIRE.

3: Delphiniumns
Items Required: 1 Marigold seed, Rake, Seed dibber, Ring of charos (a)
Items Suggested: Compost or Supercompost, Watering can, Falador Teleport runes/Tablet OR Explorer Ring 3

Go to Falador and go south to the farming patch. Speak with Elstan and ask "Do you have any Delphinium seeds to spare", then use all the options marked with (Charm) until he will say he will give them to you in exchange for marigolds. Grow them in the nearby patch and give the flowers to him. He will give you the seeds. If you do not have the tools with you, there is a tool leprechaun nearby.

Delphinium seed

4: Pink and Yellow Orchids
Items Required: 3 Onion seeds, Rake, Seed dibber, Ring of charos (a)
Items Suggested: Compost or Supercompost, Watering can, Plant cure (in case of disease), Ectophial

Use your ectophial to go to Port Phasmatys and go west to the farming patch (Don't forget to refill your vial!), or walk there from Varrock. Talk to Lyra and ask her about the orchids. Listen to her problems, use the charm options. She will ask you to grow onions for her. Agree and grow them. When they finish growing, talk to her and she will give you the seeds. If you do not have the tools with you, there is a tool leprechaun nearby.

Pink orchidYellow orchid

5: Snowdrops
Items Required: 3 Cabbage seeds, Rake, Seed dibber, Ring of charos (a)
Items Suggested: Compost or Supercompost, Watering can, Plant cure (in case of disease), Ardougne Teleport runes/Tablet

Go to Ardougne and go to north east to the farming patches. Speak with Kragen, hear him out, use the charm options. He will then ask you to grow cabbages. Agree and grow them and then collect your four snowdrop seeds. If you do not have the tools with you, there is a tool leprechaun nearby.

Snowdrop seed

6: Burthorpe Vines
Items Required: 2 Plant cures, 1 Rune essence, 1 Pestle and Mortar, Ring of charos (a)
Items Suggested: Games Necklace

Go to Taverley and speak to Bernald south-east of the Taverley lodestone. He is standing by the grapevines growing on the south side of the building there. He will tell you of the diseased grapevines. Offer to help in exchange for the Burthorpe vines, using all the charm options along the way. Try using your plant cure and you will find it has no effect. Speak to Bernald again and he will tell you of someone who might have a stronger cure.

Vine seed

Run south past the wheat mill and then east across the bridge to the tree patch. Speak with Alain the druid gardener, this time without the charm options (they don't work). Ask about the strong plant cure. He will tell you to grind a rune essence up and use it on a regular plant cure. Break up the rune stone first by using it on an anvil, then grind it with the pestle and mortar. Use it with the plant cure and then go cure the vines. You will now get the Burthorpe Vine seeds.

7: The White, Pink, and Red Rosebushes
Items Required: Ring of charos (a)
Items Suggested: None

Head to the Monastery west of Edgeville. Speak to Brother Althric and use the charm option, he will yell at you and tell you to throw the ring down the Edgeville well. Go do so and return back to Althric. He will tell you that you can get the ring back using a hook and pole, but is glad that you parted with the ring. He will then allow you to take seeds from all his rosebushes. Grab one from each type of rose. Alternatively, you can right-click on the ring and choose the "destroy" option. Afterward you will have to go pick-pocket Dr. Fenkenstrain again to get it back.

White rosePink roseRed rose

8: Regaining the Ring of Charos
Items Required: Fly fishing rod or normal Fishing rod
Items Suggested: Camelot Teleport runes/Tablet

Use a fly fishing rod or a normal fishing rod on the well. This can take several tries. Or pick-pocket Dr. Fenkenstrain if you chose the destroy method. After this, make your way to Catherby.

9: The White Tree
Items Required: Secateurs (Magic ones work), Filled plant pot, Gardening trowel, Watering can, Ring of charos (a)
Items Suggested: Falador Teleport runes/Tablet

Head south-east to the Catherby allotments. Speak with Dantaera. Once again use your charm options (they will still work). She will tell you of the last, dying white tree on Ice Mountain. You will need to cut a shoot from it. Teleport to Falador and walk to Ice Mountain. The white tree is right by the Oracle from the Dragon Slayer quest. Use your secateurs to cut a sapling from the tree and use it with the filled pot. Do not forget to water it!

White Tree

10: Heading Back To Varrock
Items Required: 2 Compost or Supercompost, Rake, Gardening trowel, Spade, Seed dibber
Items Suggested: Varrock Teleport runes/Tabs

Plant all your seeds in their corresponding spots. You will need to use compost in the stone pots. The rest of the plots require no compost or water. When finished, speak with the queen and ask how you are going to move all the statues. She will give you a trolley which you must gruellingly push from both Falador and Lumbridge.

11: A statue of Saradomin from Falador
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Falador Teleport runes/Tablet

Go to Falador and use the trolley on the statue in the town centre. After a brief cutscene, push the trolley north. Once you exit Falador you will be teleported to Varrock. Push the statue all the way to the garden. Place the statue on the correct plinth by moving the trolley next to the empty plinth and using the 'Place Trolley' option.

12: A statue of a king from outside Lumbridge Castle
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Lumbridge Teleport runes/Tablet

Teleport to Lumbridge and go to the front of the duke's castle. (It is the one on the left, remember you want a "king".) Push it across the bridge that leads to the road to Varrock and you will be teleported to Varrock as before. Push the statue to the garden and place it, then speak to Ellamaria.

Do not take too long in the statue stealing process. If your time is excessive the guards will find you and take the statue back leaving you to start all over again.

Garden Tranquil Trolley

Once ALL of the plants are finished growing, speak to snotty Ellamaria. Retrieve her husband by using the charm options to get him to come to his garden. A cutscene of the queen and king will follow.

Quest Completed - Congratulations!


  • 5000 Farming XP
  • 1 Apple tree seed and 1 Acorn
  • 5 Guam herb seeds
  • 1 Super Compost Potion(4)
  • Ring of Charos (a) which, when equipped, can convince a few specific NPCs to do helpful things for you
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The compost potion is most effectively used on a full compost bin. You are also able to pick White Tree Fruit (restores energy).


Written by: abomb67 and lady_ninane

Special thanks to: Cowman_133

Thanks to: Adam007, Applejuiceaj, Aribuss, damianara, Destructo383, Eeeeediot, El_Phillio, ForsakenMage, franktheman, hiltin god, Howlin1, Jaffy1, Jafje, Jasona3, johnysuper, kaliberx05, Kwimbob, ladyrowena1, Lady_Shahdie, Lep1423, Lood333, Michael_West, Mindesto, Psmaster72, rncooksey32, rocki3434, SportsGuy, Story Tellur, Water

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