Rocking Out

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Hard Length: Long

Start location: Speak to Bill Teach in either Port Phasmatys or Mos Le'Harmless


Skills: Level 60 Agility, Level 66 Crafting, Level 69 Smithing, Level 63 Thieving

Items: Pirate bandana, Stripy pirate shirt, Pirate leggings, Pirate boots, Book o' Piracy, 2 Bronze wires, Hammer, Ghostspeak amulet, 25 Ecto-tokens, Charcoal, Diving apparatus, Fishbowl helmet, 20 Coins


Items: Ectophial, Amulet of glory, Ring of charos (a)

Monsters: Customs Officer (Level 35)

NPCs: 50% Luke, 50 Ships Mufassah, Bartender -Rusty Anchor-, Bill Teach, Brass Hand Harry, Brother Tranquility, Cap'n Izzy No-Beard, Captain Braindeath, Captain Donnie, Customs Sergeant, Ghost captain -south-, Redbeard Frank, Young Ralph

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Under Arrest

1. Talk to Bill Teach about Rocking Out to begin a strained conversation about Rabid Jack. To find anything out, you will have to speak to Young Ralph in Customs and Excise prison, which conveniently has an office in Rimmington.

Bank Bank Bank
Draynor Village
Required: Pirate bandana, Stripy pirate shirt, Pirate leggings, Pirate boots
Suggested: None

2. Wearing full pirate clothing (bandana, stripy shirt, leggings, and boots), head to Rimmington and speak to the Customs Sergeant in the office, telling him that you are a mighty pirate. He'll ask you questions about three ships - The Gnome's Promise, The Reaver, and The Saucy Wench. The answers vary between players, but can easily be found on the notice pinned on the outside wall of the office.

3. Finally falling for your disguise, the Sergeant will arrest you. Use the lockers in the office to bank everything you have, then speak to him again to be teleported into The Rock.


4. You will be greeted by Heavy-Handed Harry, who is certain no one will ever escape. He kindly locks you in a cell with a gaping hole in its back, which a lowly officer will question.

Ro Cell Items

5. If you shout through the barred window to Young Ralph, you will find that he is unfortunately deaf - you will have to find another way to get his attention:

  1. Shout through the door to the guard to get writing implements - a quill, a bottle of ink, and paper.
  2. Use the bottle of ink on the paper to empty it, creating inky paper.
  3. Search the rubble outside your cell to find an accordion.
  4. Use the empty ink bottle on the sharp rock north of your cell to break it.
  5. Use the smashed bottle on the accordion to make a hole in it.
  6. Pick up the tin cup from its spawn point. Use it three times on the door to get the guard to splash stew on your shirt.
  7. Tap the pipes next to the barred window to have the pipe fall off - right into your inventory!
  8. Use the pipe on the accordion, and then use it on the inky paper.
  9. Put your fishy prison uniform top on the perch rock east of the sharp rock to attract a seagull.
  10. Use the Vacuum pump on the seagull to trap it in the pipe.

6. Use your new Vacuum pump and gull on the Barred window that separates you from Young Ralph. Now that you finally have his attention, you can ask him about Rabid Jack. He refuses to tell you anything without having the captains' marks to prove you are a true pirate. You must collect the marks of Cap'n Braindeath, Izzy No-Beard, Bill Teach, Brass Hand Harry and Frank, the bosun of One-Eyed Hector.

7. Head to the pier at the east end of the island and dive off it to swim to Karamja.

The Marks

8. As many of the paths for the marks cross over, it is wise to mix them together for efficiency. Below is a path that takes advantage of everything in each area:

The First Mark: Captain Brass Hand Harry

Bank Bank Bank
Draynor Village
Required: Pirate bandana, Stripy pirate shirt, Pirate leggings, Pirate boots, Book o' Piracy, 2 Bronze wires, Hammer
Suggested: Ectophial
  1. Speak to Redbeard Frank in Port Sarim - he wants a letter from the terrorised monks of Harmony Island to verify that you need his mark.
  2. Speak to Bill Teach in either Port Phasmatys or Mos Le'Harmless to find that you must reclaim the Idol of Many Heads from 50 Ships Mufassah before he can give you his mark. He will also kindly provide a letter of introduction so Captain Brass Hand Harry will actually talk to you.
  3. Speak to Brother Tranquility near the dock and ask him for a letter.
  4. Head to the top floor of the Mos Le'Harmless bar and talk to 50 Ships Mufassah about the Idol of Many Heads. Swear into his crew and he will tell you that it is off the coast of Dragontooth Island.
  5. Talk to Brass Hand Harry (also on the top floor of the Mos Le'Harmless bar) to give him your letter of introduction. Unfortunately, he cannot sign anything without ruining his brass hand, so he will need you to make him a spare. Take apart the five broken hands he gives you and use the bronze wire on the pieces. Move each piece into its proper place to complete the brass hand.
  6. Speak to Brass Hand Harry again to receive his ink pad and a piece of paper. Use the hand on the ink pad and then on the paper to make Brass Hand Harry's Mark. Talk to Brass Hand Harry one last time to verify that it is good enough.

The Second Mark: Bill Teach

Bank Bank Bank
Port Phasmatys
Required: Ghostspeak amulet, 25 Ecto-tokens (10 with a Ring of charos (a)), Diving apparatus, Fishbowl helmet
Suggested: Ectophial, Ring of charos (a)

Note: You will not be able to dive if your character weighs too much. Store any excess items in your bank before proceeding.

  1. Go to Port Phasmatys and speak with the Ghost Captain on the southern end of the dock to head to Dragontooth Island.
  2. Head to the north-eastern section of the island and dive at the chain on the coast.

    Diving Chain
  3. Swim around to find the Karamthulhu and catch it to obtain a key.

  4. Swim onto the ship and climb the stairs. Giant lobsters will attack you but they are not difficult to evade and will not harm you at the idol. Open the chest to find a crowbar.
  5. Go down the stairs and down the ladder. Dig through the mess at the west end of the ship twice to reveal the Idol of Many Heads. Take the Idol.
    Idol in a Mess
  6. Return to Bill Teach with the Idol to receive his mark.

The Third Mark: Captain Braindeath

Bank Bank Bank
Port Phasmatys
Required: Brother Tranquility's letter, 20 Coins, Charcoal
Suggested: Ectophial, Amulet of glory
  1. Head to Braindeath Island via Pirate Pete north of Port Phasmatys.
  2. Speak to Captain Braindeath in the northern room of the brewery. He wants you to convince the Rusty Anchor to sell his 'rum' - something you will only be able to do with the help of the various disguises he gives you.
  3. Go to Port Sarim and speak with Redbeard Frank to see if Brother Tranquility's letter is enough for him. Sadly, it is not - he wants proof from Captain Donnie, one of Rabid Jack's own captains.
  4. Ask the Bartender about 'rum' to find that it is, in fact, not stocked. Speak to him again and give him three beers - "I'll have a drink... and you have one too!".
  5. Exit the bar and put on one of the disguises. Go back in and ask him about 'rum'. Repeat this with each of the disguises. Finally return without a disguise to receive a note requesting a supply of 'rum'.
  6. Return to Braindeath Island and talk to Captain Braindeath to receive the third mark.

The Fourth Mark: Redbeard Frank

  1. Head down the stairs at the south end of the brewery and speak with Captain Donnie (you must be wearing the Pirate bandana, stripy pirate shirt, pirate leggings, pirate boots). The plans he provides are incomplete - the rest of them are carved on 50% Luke's wooden leg.
  2. Head north-west to 50% Luke and search the crates behind the gate he is guarding to find some charcoal. Use the plans on 50% Luke to complete them.
  3. Return to Redbeard Frank with the charcoal rubbing to receive the fourth mark.

The Fifth Mark: Captain Izzy No-Beard

  1. Go to the Brimhaven Agility Arena and speak with Izzy No-Beard about getting his mark. He wants you to first reclaim the brooch of Wanda the Fish from The Rock prison.
  2. Return to the Office in Rimmington and speak with the Customs Sergeant to be returned to The Rock.
  3. Search the bed to find Izzy's lockpick and use it on the door.
  4. Kill the Customs Officer (Level 35) that attacks you and pick up his uniform.
  5. Wear the entire uniform and head up to the filing room on the top floor.
  6. Search the north-western cabinet of the set in the middle of the room to find Wanda the Fish's file.
    Cabinet with File
  7. Use the file on the Locker Officer to receive the brooch.
  8. Return to Cap'n Izzy No-Beard at the Agility Arena and speak with him to claim the fifth mark.

Piecing Everything Together

Bank Bank Bank
Draynor Village
Required: The five Captains' Marks (Brass hand harry, Bill teach, Braindeath, Frank, Izzy)
Suggested: None

9. Return to the Customs Office in Rimmington and speak with the Customs Sergeant again. When he provides you with the File, use it with the marks to put them in. Speak to the Sergeant once more to return the file to him and return to The Rock.

10. Search the bed to find Izzy's crude picklock and use it on the door. Kill the Customs Officer and wear his uniform once again.

11. Head to the top floor and talk to the Locker Officer to ask him for your own file.

12. Return to your cell and shout through the barred window to show Young Ralph the captains' marks. Young Ralph will explain the history of Rabid Jack to you, ending the quest.


  • 25,000 Thieving Experience
  • 25,000 Smithing Experience
  • 25,000 Crafting Experience
  • 25,000 Agility Experience
  • Free access to the Agility Arena
  • The ability to catch pirate implings
  • The ability to steal from Customs lockers
  • Ability to keep an ex-ex-parrot pet
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The Ring of Charos (a) will reduce the cost of much of the travel in this quest.
  • Boosting stats (via potions, etc) will not work for this quest - the 69 smithing requirement is absolute.
  • Obtaining an ex-ex-parrot pet involves visting Bill Teach to get a Magical Cage, talking to 50-Ships Mufassah to get an ex-parrot, putting the ex-parrot in the cage and then using it on the stone slab (mini map) west of the Cave Horrors cave on Mos Le'Harmless. Use a chisel on the slab to get rock fragments to feed your ex-ex-parrot. Summoning 71 is required for this pet.
  • If you talk to Captain Braindeath on Braindeath Island after the quest you can re-obtain the disguises he gave you during the quest for free.
  • Three drinks are required to get the bartender drunk and start tricking him. Formerly it was five. After delivering the note for him you can buy "rum" for 30 gp per bottle should you really wish to do so.
  • You do not need to be wearing the pirate disguise in order to get arrested again after escaping from the Rock for the first time.
  • The trip to the Dragontooth is free but formerly would cost players 25 ecto-tokens (10 ecto-tokens with a Ring of charos (a)).


Written by: SaidinWoT

Special Thanks to: Shingai

Thanks to: Aurhora, bl33d3r_pk, chiefpnut, Delta Raider, Enjay, Jaffy1, lorexvath, Miner52289, Teemupets, War Chipmunk, Wessan

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