Clockwork Syringe, A

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Hard Length: Long

Start location: Go to your player-owned house (POH) portal and talk to Postie Pete, then click to enter your POH and choose "A Clockwork Syringe".


Quests: Rocking Out

Skills: Level 62 Construction, Level 76 Defence, Level 50 Dungeoneering, Level 61 Slayer, Level 74 Smithing, Level 65 Summoning, Level 74 Thieving

Items: All required items will be obtained during the quest.


Quests: If you have completed As a First Resort... quest, you can use the Oo'glog pools before the fights.

Items: Combat gear, Prayer potions, Antiposion or Super antipoison, food, Super restore, Ectophial

Monsters: Barrelchest Mk II (level 188), 'Rum'-pumped crabs (level 84), General malpractitioner (level 84)

NPCs: Baron von Hattenkrapper, Bill Teach, Captain Braindeath, Estate agent, Joe, Postie Pete, Zombie head

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A. Get Ready to Rumble

Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Armour, weapon, food, Super restore

1. Go to the portal to your Player Owned House (POH). Click the portal and select the "A Clockwork Syringe" option. You will find a delivery note attached to the portal frame - you must read it to start the quest. Click on the portal again and select "A Clockwork Syringe" once more. After being asked to confirm investigation you will enter your house.

Clockwork Syringe Postie Pete POH

2. Investigate the large crate near the portal and Barrel Chest Mk II (Level 84) will come out and attack you. Occasionally he'll do a special attack which will destroy parts of your house and reduce your Constitution level, meaning you can only restore up to those number of life points.

3. Once he's dead, your house will be restored. Speak to the Estate agent that appears and he'll explain he fixed it because you have insurance. He'll take the delivery note as proof for your claim and you'll be left with a zombie head in a barrel next to your house portal.

4. Interrogate the Zombie head. You'll need to annoy him enough to get him to talk. An interface will appear in the top left with various options (pinch nose, insult etc...) - scroll over each option to get a description of each. Use the "shake" option to temporarily prevent his stress level from going down. This is best used right after a "nose pinch," "pig nose," and "wet willy" in that order. Just click these when they're available and eventually he'll get annoyed at you and come with you against his will! If you try to use an option that isn't available you'll say "I can't do that yet!"

After you have annoyed him enough he will agree to talk. He informs you Rabid Jack sent him

Clockwork Syringe Zombie Stress Level Interface

B. Swimming With the Fishes

Items Required: Fishbowl helmet and Diving apparatus (both are received during the steps that follow)
Items Suggested: Armour, weapon, food, Antiposion, Ectophial, two empty inventory spaces

5. Restore your Constitution level if you haven't already, then go speak to Bill Teach on his boat in Port Phastmatys. He'll tell you to meet him in Joe's pub on Mos Le'Harmless (the northern of the two pubs) and to sit in the corner and order a "Long Drop." Do so and you'll be dropped down into the cellar below where Bill is.

6. Talk to Bill and he'll say he needs proof of what's going on, so put the zombie head on the table. The zombie head isn't co-operating so Bill asks you to speak to Captain Braindeath to get a Twiblick Night Special to convince the Zombie head to talk. He'll give you a scroll to teleport between Braindeath Island and Mos Le'Harmless. Go up the ladder and make sure there is space to your north to use the teleport.

7. Teleport to Braindeath island and speak to Captain Braindeath. He'll say he's willing to get it but first you need to help him. Some of the pirates went to explore a dungeon and haven't come back yet. He gives you a fishbowl helmet and diving apparatus as you'll be going under water.

8. The entrance to the dungeon is on the north island, past 50% Luke. Open the gate and head directly north to the mysterious entrance of the dungeon. Once inside you'll need to fight your way through enemies, one of which melees ('Rum'-pumped crabs) and the other ranges (General malpractitioner). Both do a considerable amount of damage and the rangers poison you so bring food/prayer potions to get through here.

The entrance room of the water filled dungeon has three paths leading out of it. At the end of each path, behind a closed door, is the body of a brewer. Inspect the bodies to find the names - you may have to clear the rooms of monsters before you are able to discover the names. After you've found all three, head back to Captain Braindeath. He'll make you swear an oath and then give you the Twiblik night special.

C. Extreme Makeover: Zombie Edition

Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Four empty inventory spaces

9. Head back to Bill Teach in Joe's pub the same way as before and he'll unlock the kit for you. You'll have to confirm three times you're sure you want to open it. Once open you'll see it contains wigs and make up. You'll get to choose which wig/make up the zombie head gets for his makeover.

10. This will make him talk and tell you where the factory is. Head to the dock, get on Bill's boat and speak to him. You'll approach the island only to be bombed.

Clockwork Syringe Ship Bombed

Bill will then tell you to make a cannonball barrel-boat to get to the island. Go into the bottom of the boat and open and search the gun locker for a cannonball. Search the repair locker for a chain. Pick up a barrel, three gunpowder from the powder barrel, a tinderbox and a hammer.

Clockwork Syringe Supplies Below Deck

Use the gunpowder on the chain, then use the heated chain on the anvil to get a cannonball and chain. Then put the cannonball and chain on the barrel to make the Cannonball barrel-boat. Head back up and click on the cannon on the eastern side of the ship to shoot yourself from it and take a ride to the island. You'll no longer need the tinderbox, hammer and cannonball barrel-boat.

D. It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Baron von Hattenkrapper!

Items Required: None
Items Suggested: None

11. Investigate the perch rock to your east after arriving on the island (looks like a tall rock). Speak to the seagull. He's a little bitter from your last encounter, but he'll help you out. You control him by telling him what direction to go using the directional arrows interface. Clicking north will make him go north, south to go south, north east to go north east and so on. Use the fire button when you're aiming at the Barrel Chests to kill them. Repeat until all five are dead. Don't worry if you miss or fly past them - you cannot leave the area and you'll see a message: Baron von Hattenkrapper never flees from battle! as he turns around. Try to fire before reaching the Barrel Chests to help get the timing right. You have a five minute time limit to complete this event.

Clockwork Syringe Seagull Steering Interface

12. Head back to the ship by diving off the platform and swimming back to The Adventurous. Speak to Bill Teach, then head to Bloodsplatter Isle. Once inside the building you'll unlock a new music track: The Factory Floor.

E. Does This Disguise Make My Butt Look Big?
Items Required: 8 free inventory spaces
Items Suggested: Food

13. Once inside the factory you'll see a bunch of supplies. Search the various objects in the room and obtain four barrels, barrelchest parts, a surgical mask, one roll of bandage and three gunpowder. Try going further in and get caught. Unlock the door then head back to end of the dock. Click on the end of the dock to signal the ship and return to it.

14. Speak to Bill and he'll tell you to make a barrelchest disguise. Since you have the items already just speak to him again and he'll make it for you. Now head back to the island and use your three gunpowder on the three leftover barrels.

15. Put on the barrelchest disguise. The first room to the north-east has three incomplete barrelchests. Speak to the Attendead. You'll have opportunities to sabotage various rooms. Add the Gunpowder-filled barrels to each of the incomplete barrelchests. Then click on one to detonate them and the explosion will kill the Attendead. Now read the noticeboard in the same room for clues. You'll get an evidence file in your inventory. Entry five will be filled with a letter from Rabid Jack.

16. Head west to the room with several Dis-orderlys. Speaking to them to try and distract them won't work. There are a couple of gas canisters on the southern side of the room with the option to sabotage. Do this - it will fill the room with laughing gas. You'll now have the option to tell jokes to the Dis-orderlys. After telling jokes the option to brutalise Dis-orderly appears which will kill them. Read the noticeboard to find entry one of the evidence file.

17. The room all the way to the west has level 74 Grimterns. They will attack you. You can use your anchor to smash them or your cannon-arm to stun them. The cannon takes a while to reload and you may not be able to reach all of the Grimterns. You can walk away and return when you are able to reach them. Once they're all disposed of, read the noticeboard to find entry two of the evidence file.

18. Head to the next room to the east with occupied surgery beds. You can talk to them to find out they'll be no trouble at all. Find the noticeboard and you'll receive entry three of the evidence file.

19. Head east to the room with several Resideads and arms strapped to tables. If you talk to the Residead he'll tell you to go away! Loosen the straps from the massive arms. You'll automatically step outside the room and hear the gruesome attacks on the Resideads. Once it is over find the noticeboard and it will add the fourth and final entry to your evidence file.

20. Once you have all 5 clues from the noticeboards go speak to Bill once more. You can click on the barrelchest disguise in your inventory to change back and move more quickly. Bill will tell you to destroy the factory and he'll give you bundle o'kegs to use. Return to Bloodsplatter Isle.

F. Zombies and Zomboats

Items Required: 1 free inventory space
Items Suggested: None

21. Go inside the conveyor belts room all the way to the east. On the south side of the room there is a lever - pull it to start a minigame. Zombies will come up each of the conveyor belts. Keep using the bundle o'kegs on the the conveyor belts. Don't worry if the zombies make it off the conveyors. Once all three conveyor belts are destroyed and the zombies along with it you'll need to jump the wall between the belts and head out onto the dock to the east.

Clockwork Syringe Conveyor Belts

22. Go down and you'll see two of them get away in Zomboats. There just happens to be another one free so jump in. You'll be in yet another minigame. Simply left click on enemies to try and shoot them. Click on the water where you want to move to and click repair if you've been hurt. While you are under repair you cannot move.

Clockwork Syringe Zomboat Control

On the upper left you'll see the list of enemies you need to kill. Keep attacking until all five are dead. Be wary of getting ganged up on - if you sink you will need to start from the beginning! Take breaks while the other ships are not near you to repair your own ship. The normal Zomboats can be sunk in two hits, while Murphy and Migor's ships are much more resilient. Once done you'll go back to Bill's ship and speak to him once more before heading back to Mos Le'Harmless.

23. At Mos Le'Harmless, go to the pub basement and speak to Bill to complete the quest. Congratulations!


  • 5,000 Dungeoneering XP
  • 11,000 Slayer XP
  • 11,250 Construction XP
  • 15,000 Summoning XP
  • 18,000 Smithing XP
  • 18,000 Thieving XP
  • 19,000 Defence XP
  • Access to the Braindeath Island combat dungeon
  • Pirate spell sheet allowing quick transport between Mos Le'Harmless and Braindeath Island
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • If you have completed As a First Resort. quest, you can use the Oo'glog thermal pool to restore your constitution damage.
  • You cannot boost your stats to start this quest!


Written by: DarkDude89 & Vhellcat

Special thanks to: Aurhora, Cowman_133, Ermy, SerpentEye, Vulxai, Xena Dragon

Thanks to: Baffler, Demonic Khan, Ezkaton, Jaffy1, Nyosuht, Trah

Last updated: 21-Aug-2014

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