Pirate's Treasure

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Beginner Length: Short

Start location: Talk to Redbeard Frank - the pirate on the dock outside the Port Sarim pub. Ask him if he knows anything about treasure - as any good pirate does.

Redbeard Frank knows where the secret pirate treasure is hidden. It may require some work to persuade him to let you know where, though.


Items: 120 gp, a Spade, a White Apron (buy from Varrock clothes shop or pick up free in the Port Sarim fishing shop).

Skills: Ability to survive attack from a Gardener (level 4).


Items: Varrock and Falador teleport runes/tabs

Monsters: Gardener (level 4)

NPCs: Customs officer, Luthas, Redbeard Frank, Wydin, Zambo

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Pirates Treasure

1: Getting the rum

Talk to the sailors on the docks and purchase passage to Karamja for 30gp. Cross the gangplank to begin the voyage. Once you've disembarked go straight to the pub (as any normal person would in the sweltering heat of a tropical island!) It's the first building south of the path, as shown by the map above. Trade with Zambo, the slightly drunk bartender, and buy a Karamjan Rum for 30gp.

2: The beginnings of a plan

If you talk to the customs officers on the docks, they'll tell you that Asgarnia has banned the import of spirits. If you try to go through with the rum the officer will confiscate it.

In a small hut north west of the dock you'll find Luthas, the owner of the adjacent banana plantation. Have a bit of a chat about the customs officer and he'll tell you that he knows her and that his exports don't get searched! Ask him for a job and he'll employ you to pick bananas and pack them into the crate outside.

3: Getting the rum to the mainland

Go outside and put the rum into the crate. Then go to the banana plantation and pick 10 bananas and put them in the crate too. (Use the "fill crate" option to add them all at once.) Luthas will pay you 30gp for collecting the bananas. Talk to Luthas again and ask him where the bananas are going - he'll tell you that he sells them to Wydin, the owner of the food shop in Port Sarim. Go and talk to the customs officer and sail back to the mainland (costs 30gp again.)
Note: If you teleport off Karamja, the bottle will break.

4: Getting the rum to Frank

You need a white apron now - if you forgot, just go into the Fishing shop north of the Food shop and get one off the wall. Go to the food shop and ask Wydin if you can have a job. Once you're employed, you can go into the back of the shop and get the rum out of one of the crates. Take it to Frank and he'll tell you about the treasure.

5: The chest

Pirates Treasure

After Frank tells you his tale he gives you a key to the chest in the Blue Moon Inn. The Inn is in central Varrock, south of the general store, as shown on the map below. Climb up the stairs and open the chest and inside you'll find a note. One Eyed Hector wasn't known for his handwriting, but it says, "Visit the city of the White Knights, in the park Saradomin points to the X which marks the spot."

6: The treasure

Once you arrive at Falador, make sure to pick up a spade from inside the Estate Agent's office if you do not have one already. Look at the map below to find the location of where to dig as well as where the spade respawns. Walk to the spot and click on the spade to dig with it. Be aware that the gardener will attack you when you try to dig.

Pirates Treasure


Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:


Written by: Cameron

Special Thanks to: Jimmyw3000

Thanks to: Cowman_133, jack11109, lad1234, Matiacc, mupman0, RSX A-Spec

Last updated: 06-Mar-2017

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