Big Chompy Bird Hunting

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Short

Start location: South-east of the Ogre city (Gu'Tanoth) from the Watchtower quest, south of Yanille. See the map below, and go to the lower right location marked by a quest asterisk. Speak to an ogre named Rantz.


Skills: Level 30 Cooking, Level 5 Fletching, Level 30 Ranged

Items: Hatchet, Feathers (around 50 to 100, just to be safe), Knife, Chisel, Wolf bones


Skills: Ability to kill level 60 Wolves and defend yourself from Ogres (levels 80 and 96).

Items: Weapon and armour to kill a wolf (for the bones) and defend yourself from ogres

Monsters: Chompy (level 3), Wolves (level 60)

NPCs: Bugs, Fycie, Rantz

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1: Start

To start the quest talk to Rantz. He is located in the shaded area in the lower right corner of this map, at the quest asterisk. (The shaded area in the north-western corner is for chompy hunting after the quest.)

Chompy Hunting Map

He is hungry and wants you to help him make arrows for his unusually large bow, so he can hunt the Chompy Bird. First step is to walk a little to the south from him and chop yourself some achey tree logs from the Achey trees. You'll need around 5 logs - Rantz himself wants 6 arrows and you will probably want a few of your own.

2: The Arrows

Next, all around the hill area you will encounter Wolves (level 60). Go a little further south west from the Achey trees and you will find one. Kill a couple and chisel the wolf bones to make wolfbone arrowtips. Then you fletch arrows as per usual - fletch achey tree logs into ogre arrow shafts, use feathers on ogre arrow shafts and use the wolfbone arrowtips on the flighted ogre arrows. You need around 10 ogre arrows.

3: The Cave

Head back to Rantz and present him with the arrows. He then tells you about the toads that his children like to play with. Remember to ask him all the questions you can, or else you won't be able to open the chest, which is located in the cave north of him.

4: The Bellows

Speak to the children and you discover they use a bellows to inflate the toads for fun. They also tell you their father took the bellows off them and locked it in a chest, which you will find in the north-west part of the cave. Open it and search to find the ogre bellows.

5: Toads

Head back down to where you found the wolves, and just to the west you will find a swamp. Try using the bellows on a swamp toad - it tells you that the air is too thin. The solution is to use it on the swamp bubbles you will find in the swamp, at the southern end of the swamp pond. You get three shots with the gas filled ogre bellows (3) before you need to fill it again. Use the bellows on a toad again and you will be able to catch it. Get three bloated toads.

Chompy Hunting Frogs

6: The Chompy

Head back to Rantz and present the toads to him. He will show you where you need to place them to lure the birds out.

7: Your Turn

Go down and place a toad on the spot. Rantz will take a shot at it, but he will miss. If you speak to him, he complains that your arrows are weak. Ask him to give you a go at shooting. He gives you his ogre bow.

8: Hunt the Chompy

Head back down and place another toad. Wield the bow and arrows you have left, and range the bird when it appears. You'll kill it fairly easily. Pluck the carcass and take the raw chompy back to Rantz. He wants you to cook it as well. Can't these Ogres do anything?

9: The Seasoning

He'll tell you to ask the children what they would like with their dinner. It's different from player to player what they want on their Chompy, but here's a quick list of where to get it all (some of these items appear as red dots on the minimap, while others don't as they need to be picked or harvested).

  • Onion: To the west of the swamp closest to Rantz, there's a fire and some ogres, right around there.
  • Doogle Leaf: West of the swamp closest to Rantz, respawn of 4.
  • Equa Leaf: You can get this south-east of Rantz, south of the place you placed your toad for the bait. It can also be purchased in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
  • Tomato: West of the swamp closest to Rantz, on a stool.
  • Cabbage: South-east of Rantz.
  • Potato: South-east of Rantz.

Use the bird on the spitroast, which is between Rantz and the cave. Present Rantz with his delicious seasoned chompy bird.


Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • You can kill any wolf in RuneScape to get wolf bones. If you are unable to kill a level 60 Wolf, you can kill the Wolves on White Wolf Mountain which are a lower level.


Written by: Bacon200 and Biox

Special thanks to: Baffler Thanks to: franktheman, gamer6234, Jaffy1, madchild, N_odie, ZStryker

Last updated: 22-Sep-2013

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