Mourning's Ends - Part 1

Difficulty: Master Requirements: Hard Length: Long

Start location: Eluned in Isafdar.


Skills: Level 60 Ranged, Level 50 Thieving

Items: Bucket of water, 1 Bear Fur (kill bear or buy from Fur traders), 2 Silk; Toad crunchies (from Grand Tree or GE), Feather (not from Hunter birds), 1 Magic log, 1 Soft leather, Ogre bellows, a few Gp (1000), Around 20 Coal for distilling.
Acquire during quest: Crystal, full Mourners outfit, Mourner letter, Tegid's soap, 1 Blue, 1 Yellow, 1 Green and 1 Red dye, Toxic powder, Rotten apple, Barrels, Barrel of coal-tar


Items: Armour, Food, Weapons, Antipoison, Ardougne teleport runes, Falador teleport runes, Amulet of Glory, Watchtower teleport runes, Ring of duelling, Teleport crystal. When your teleport crystal is out of teleport charges, Eluned will give it a 3 teleport recharge for 750 gp. It costs 750 gp the first time, then price decreases each time.

Monsters: Mourner (level 11)

NPCs: Arianwyn, Elena, Eluned, Gnome -Mourner Tunnels-, Head mourner, Oronwen, Tegid

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The Beginning

Bank Bank Bank
Required: None
Suggested: Armour, weapons, food, Antipoison, gp for charter ship

1. Go to Tirannwn. The easiest way is to take a Charter Ship, but you can also go through the northern passage or through the Underground Pass. As always, Isafdar is a dangerous forest with lots of traps and other obstacles. Check the map to see how you can get to Eluned:

Click here to see the
Isafdar and Lletya Map

2. Talk to Eluned and she will teleport you to Lletya. She will also give you a crystal seed with 4 charges. This seed is a one-click teleport to Lletya. When you arrive, you will be standing next to Arianwyn, so talk to him. He wants you to infiltrate West Ardougne.

3. Kill a level 11 Mourner near the ancient gate entrance to the northern passage. (You may walk from Lletya west to the exit of the city and go through the trees, walk south and go back through the dense forest and back to the mountain pass, or return to Kandarin and approach the gate from the north.) Once you have killed the Mourner, pick up all that he drops: Gas mask, Mourner cloak, Mourner boots, Mourner gloves, Mourner trousers, Bloody mourner top, and Mourner letter.

Mep1 Mourner Pass

Repairing the Clothes

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Bucket of water, 1 Bear Fur, 2 Silk, Crystal, a few Gp (1000)
Suggested: Ardougne teleport runes, Amulet of Glory

4. Now you need to repair the trousers and get the blood off the top so that you can wear the full uniform.

  • The top - Go to Taverley and speak to Tegid. He can be found washing clothes in the river near the tree farming patch. Search the Laundry basket and steal the bar of soap. Use the soap with the Mourners top while having the bucket of water in your inventory. It will be cleaned and you will be able to wear it.
Me1 Tegid
  • The trousers - If you don't already have bear fur and silk, go to Ardougne (walk or teleport) and buy some fur from the fur stall (you need brown Fur, which cannot be stolen). Then buy or steal 2 pieces of Silk from the silk stall. Both stalls can be found in the central marketplace. Now use your crystal to teleport to Lletya. Talk to Oronwen in the clothes shop there. Buy at least 1 Blue dye, 1 Yellow dye, 1 Green dye and 1 Red dye from her now, as they will be used later in Part 6 below. Buying extras is recommended, as if you make mistakes during Part 6 you will need more dye. Ask her if she can mend clothes and then use the 2 pieces of Silk and the 1 Fur on her. Then use the Mourners trousers on her. She will tell you to wait a few minutes and then come back to her. Wait a little and return to Oronwen and get your trousers.

With your completed Mourner outfit, you will be able to enter the Mourner Headquarters in West Ardougne.

Infiltrating West Ardougne

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Wear full Mourners outfit, Mourner letter, 1 Toad crunchie, Feather (not from Hunter birds), 1 Magic log, 1 Soft leather. Do not wear anything else. Do not put on any other items once inside.
Suggested: Ardougne teleport runes

5. Go to Ardougne and walk to West Ardougne. Enter through the main gate and go to the Mourner Headquarters building in the far North East. You will not be admitted if you are not wearing the full Mourner outfit or if you are wearing anything that is not Mourner. Go to the west room, open the trap door and go into the basement. Talk to the Head mourner there. He will give you a Broken device and a Tarnished key. Go to the room just west and use the Tarnished key on the door and talk to the Gnome on a Rack.

Mep1 Gnome On Rack

6. Talk to the gnome and he will ask you what he just told you. Tell him his feet tickled and he loves Toad crunchies. Use the Feather on him twice. Talk to him again, then right click to release him. He automatically takes the Toad crunchies, the Magic log and the Soft leather from your inventory at that point. Talk to him after waiting a while and he will have fixed the device. Note: Due to a glitch, after releasing him, he will disappear, and you will need to climb back up the ladder and then go straight back down to have him re-appear.

Colouring the sheep

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Fixed device, Ogre bellows, at least 1 Blue, 1 Yellow, 1 Green and 1 Red dye
Suggested: Ring of duelling or Watchtower teleport runes

7. If you want to be on the safe side, take 2-3 of every dye - that way you can miss once and won't have to go all the way back to get new frogs. If you have ogre bellows, you can hunt frogs south-west of Castle Wars rather than the more remote Feldip Hills (skip to the next step). If not, Teleport to the Watchtower and walk around Yanille then keep walking south to Feldip Hills. (Those who have completed the One Small Favour quest can go to the nearest glider location, fly to the Grand Tree and then fly to the Feldip Hills landing strip. Fairy Ring AKS is nearby for those who have completed the Fairy Tale Part 2 - Cure a Queen quest.) There is a cave near the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest starting point; enter and get an Ogre bellows from the north west part of the cave.

8. Now get some coloured frogs (either in Feldip Hills or south-west of Castle Wars). To do this, use one dye on the bellows and use the bellows on one of the Swamp toads hopping around the swamp. Your bellows must first be empty of swamp gas before you can fill it with dye. Repeat this with all colours and you should have 4 different colours of frogs in your inventory. If you brought multiple dyes, colour as many frogs as you have dyes.

9. Teleport to Ardougne and fire the frogs at the sheep:

Mep1 Sheep Colours

Load the matching coloured frog in your gun (so shoot a red frog at the red sheep shown on the map, etc). Click aim on your attack style menu and using the arrows to centre the crosshairs on the sheep. AIM CAREFULLY because the sheep move, and a miss means you have to get another frog. You can use your minimap to see where the sheep are walking. Shoot the middle of the sheep. Once you have dyed one of each colour sheep, go back to the Head mourner.

Making the Potion

Bank Bank Bank
Required: None
Suggested: Barrel of coal-tar (or items for travel to Isafdar to collect Coal-tar), Falador teleport runes

10. Exit the Mourners headquarters and head a little west and pick up a rotten apple (the red-dot on your mini-map). Exit West Ardougne and talk to Elena. She is in the northern most house just west of the river in Ardougne. After a long dialogue, she will ask for a rotten apple. Now go to the rotten apple orchard which is north of the West Ardougne wall and just to the west of King Lathas combat training ground (the orchard is south-east of the gnome stronghold.)

ME1 Area Apples

Pick up a rotten apple. While you are there, grab supplies for the next part. Pick up a barrel and use it on a pile of rotten apples. Use the barrel of rotten apples on the large apple barrel machine. You will receive a barrel of apple mush. Don't forget to pick up an extra barrel if you still need to get coal-tar. Go back to Elena and give her the rotten apple. She will tell you to come back in a while once she has figured out the toxin. Speak to her after waiting a while and she gives you a bunch of instructions and a sieve.

11. If you didn't already get it, go to Isafdar to collect coal-tar from the swamp. Either hire a Charter Ship to Tyras Camp and pick up a barrel there, or bring an empty barrel and teleport to Lletya. Make your way to the swamp south of the Elf Tracker as you did in the Regicide quest, and use your Barrel on the swamp to get coal-tar. Check the Isafdar map for the exact location.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Barrel of coal-tar, Coal (approximately 20)
Suggested: Ardougne teleport runes

12. Once you have the coal-tar (Barrel), bring your coal and coal-tar to the Rimmington chemist.

Chemist Rimmington

Use your coal-tar Barrel on the fractionalizing still (just outside the house). Now left click it to operate. This window will pop up:

fractionalizing still image not showing

How does the the Fractionalizing Still work?

(You can also refer to the Regicide guide for a different approach to fractionalizing.)

  • Left valve is a pressure release that releases pressure and heat.
  • The centre button adds coal and makes more heat.
  • The right button puts tar in the distiller which adds pressure.

13. What you need to do is add heat by placing 2 Coal in the furnace. Next you will need to add tar to start the distillation process (turn the right handle to the right). Once the pressure starts to rise into the red zone turn the right handle off (turn it to the left) and the pressure release on (turn it to the right). Once the pressure drops or is holding steady start over and do the same thing again, heat (add coal), tar flow on (right handle), tar flow off (right handle), release pressure (left handle), until the bar at the bottom is completely green. A Barrel of naphtha should now be in your inventory. (It might not appear until after you close the window.)

Note: If your pressure is holding steady, you've added coal and the green bar is not increasing, try turning the right handle to the left then back to the right.

14. Having conquered the evil Fractionalizing Still, teleport triumphantly to Ardougne (or any bank near a range).

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Barrel of naphtha, Barrel of apple mush, Sieve
Suggested: None

15. Use the Barrel of naphtha with the Barrel of apple mush and then use the combined naphtha apple mix with the sieve to get solid toxic naphtha. Use the toxic naphtha on a Range. (Do NOT use a fire, it will cause the mixture to explode, damaging you and forcing you to start all over again.) You will get some toxic powder.

The Ending

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Toxic powder and full Mourner outfit
Suggested: Ardougne teleport runes

16. Return to West Ardougne and contaminate the food by using toxic powder with grain sacks. Locations: outside the General store (south-west corner of town) and at the upper floor of the church.

ME1 West Ardy Map

Go to the Head Mourner and talk to him and you are done. Congratulations.


Quest points: 2

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Dyes can easily be obtained in the Lletya clothing shop.
  • Premade toad crunchies or player made crunchies will both work in this quest. Toad crunchies can be purchased from the Gnome waiter on the North West side on the first floor (second floor USA) of the Grand Tree, or made using the Gnome Cuisine recipe, or bought on the Grand Exchange.
  • After the quest you can kill elves in Lletya for more Tiny elf crystals, which can be recharged by Eluned.


Written by: Abomb67 and Empror1

Special thanks to: ActionPacked, Baffler, pokemama

Thanks to: Aurhora, chaosgone, cnnr, Cowman_133, dracoman m, drx2k, essiw, ForsakenMage, Game_Freak67, Howlin1, inferno_char macleod, Jaffy1, kiwi_pearls, mister_moocky, Mr Selfridge, Mstrchief3, Rien_Adelric, shadowfoot, speedyshel, SportsGuy, Warriormonkx

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