Sheep Herder

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Easy Length: Short

Start location: Speak to Councillor Halgrive in East Ardougne (little east of the general store).


Items: 100 gp

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1. Speak to Councillor Halgrive in East Ardougne (wanders near the general store and church.)

2. Halgrive will tell you a lot of his worries about the plague. Tell him that you will do the job of herding the sheep to their death. He gives you some poisoned sheep feed and tells you to seek some protective clothing.

3. Get these from Doctor Orbon in the chapel just north of Halgrive. He'll want 100 gp for the set which consists of a plague jacket and plague trousers. Put them on.

4. Go to the fenced area to the north of the city and pick up a cattleprod from the barn.

Quest Sheep Herder Map

5. You need to herd only one of each type of different-coloured sheep. Running is recommended since the sheep might try to escape you from time to time, and you need to block their way. Wield your cattleprod. You can poison each sheep as you catch it or you can poison them once you have caught them all.

6. Go to the first group of sheep south of the barn. Prod one sheep into the gate of the fence by manoeuvring it carefully.

7. Go to the second group of sheep east of the barn. Do as you did with the first sheep.

8. Go to the third group of sheep north-west of the barn, next to the Warrior Women's camp. Do as with the other two.

9. Go to the fourth group of sheep at the fishing guild, north of the barn. Do as you did with the other sheep.

Sheep Herder Caught Sheep

10. Use the poisoned sheep feed with each sheep and take the sheep bones (1), sheep bones (2), sheep bones (3) and sheep bones (4) respectively. Use the bones on the furnace in the barn in order to incinerate them.

11. Once you have killed all four sheep, go back to Halgrive and get your reward.


Quest points: 4

This quest is a requirement for:


Written by: Ks Jeppe

Special thanks: Baffler, Jimmyw3000, pirate_felix

Thanks to: ik ben joel, Jard_Y_Dooku, King Koolawa, Lady Shahdie

Last updated: 13-Jun-2014

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