As a First Resort

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Hard Length: Long

Start location: Speak to Chief Tess in the ogress town of Oo'glog, south of the Feldip Hills jungle hunting area.


Skills: Level 51 Firemaking, Level 48 Hunter, Level 58 Woodcutting

Items: 8 Achey logs, 15+ Eucalyptus logs, 4 normal spears (any kind), 2 Raw chompy meat, Tinderbox, 8 Stripy feathers, 4 Wolf bones, 8 Larupia furs, Box traps, Bird snare, Knife, Logs (for deadfalling)


Items: Hatchet, may require 5-10 additional Eucalyptus logs (cut on site) for experimenting, Teasing stick if you do not have Larupia furs, weapons and armour if you do not have Wolf bones, Chompy hunting gear if you need Raw chompy meat

Monsters: Evade if possible: Ogress Champion (level 96), Ogress Warrior (level 90), Ogress (level 84), Wolf (level 60)

NPCs: Balnea, Chargurr, Chief Tess, Kringk, Seegud, Snurgh

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Starting out

There are two ways to enter the Ogress town of Oo'glog - a level 29 agility shortcut on the north wall, or through the west entrance running past hostile Ogress warriors and wolves. The bank in town is usable after speaking to two people, so you needn't carry quest supplies other than ordinary weapons and armour to pass the monsters.

1. Speak to Chief Tess in the house in the middle of Oo'glog. She tells you they aren't open yet, so ask what's going on. Ask about the woman's "business venture." She simply wants the shiny pretties the woman had promised, but there aren't any yet, so ask if you can help.

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map of Oo'glog

2. Go to the bank south of Chief Tess's house and speak to Balnea. Ask her what's going on, then what the problem is when she mentions setbacks in her hospitality plan. Agree to help her with her plan, and tell her you won't blab about anything. After talking for a while about her personal history and business plans, she tells you she wants your help with doing all the dirty work. Agree to help and she will send you to set up exceptionally primitive catering facilities with Chargurr. At this point you are permitted to use the bank.

Spa Catering

3. Talk to Chargurr at the fire pit just north of the bank. She's having a problem with the pit - it's filled with char, not fire. She needs many logs, spears, and raw chompy, or she won't be able to cook anything for the spa.

Eucalyptus logs Achey tree logs Spear Raw chompy
10 Eucalyptus logs 8 Achey logs 4 Spears of any type 2 Raw chompy meat

4. The first items she needs are the logs; eight achey and ten eucalyptus logs. Eucalyptus logs can be cut west of Oo'glog, but be creative choosing a location as the ogresses and wolves are aggressive. Eucalyptus logs may be cut more safely near Mobilising Armies. When you have all of them, talk to Chargurr to put the logs on the pit, then talk again to receive an order for four spears of any kind. Make sure your spears are not tipped with any type of poison (you can use a Cleaning cloth to remove poison from a weapon).

5. Speak to Chargurr with the spears in your inventory, and she will have you automatically set them up. Talk to her again to get a request for two raw chompy birds.

6. Talk to Chargurr with the chompy birds to automatically put them on the spears. Speak with her one last time - all she needs now is for the fire to be lit. Light the fire with a tinderbox.

Spa Accommodations

7. Return to Balnea with the good news of the working catering facilities. She will be so pleased that she'll give you yet another task. This time, you need to talk to the hotel manager, Snurgh, to make sure everything is in order.

Stripy feather
8 Stripy feathers

8. Head over to Snurgh in the building in the far east side of town. Talk to her about her meat pillows - she will accept your suggestion of feathered pillows, meaning you will have to provide 8 stripy feathers. Talk to her again to give her the stripy feathers, and Snurgh will no longer need your services.

Spa Beauty

9. Speak with Balnea in the bank again to move straight on to the salon as your next task. She will send you to Kringk in the long building directly east of the bank.

Wolf bones Larupia fur Tatty larupia fur
4 Wolf bones 8 Larupia fur and/or Tatty larupia furs

10. Talk to Kringk to find she has no tools to work with - offer to help get tools for her. She needs four wolf bones and eight spined larupia furs to make brushes. Talk to her to give her the materials. She doesn't need anything more than the brushes.

Spa Ambience

11. Talk to Balnea again to be sent to speak with Seegud about the 'insect management project'. Seegud is in the house to the north-east of the bank, east of the cook.

12. Talk to Seegud about getting rid of the bugs hovering over the pools. Since each pool is made of different materials, different bugs hover over each. You'll need to use smoke to get rid of the bugs, but each different kind of bug requires a different kind of smoke. You can figure out what should be burned by looking at the piles of stones Seegud has left next to each fire pit.

Take note of what plant Seegud says is supposed to be associated with each colour rock - the colours will match up with different plants for each player.

Fever grass Lavender Primweed Stinkbloom Tansymum
Fever grass Lavender Primweed Stinkbloom Tansymum

13. The herbs can be collected in unlimited amounts west of town very near the entrance, although the area has hostile ogresses and wolves as listed above. Collect at least five of each herb: fever grass, lavender, tansymum, primweed, and stinkbloom. You may need to go back for more depending on how well your experiments go.

Go to the thermal pool north of Seegud and use a eucalyptus log on the firepit, followed by the plant associated with yellow rock, then try to light it. The bugs remain above the pool, ignoring your smoke - and suspiciously, an ogre child laughs with glee.

14. Talk to Seegud about the failure of the smoke and she determines that the ogre children mixed all the rocks. However, as ogre children still don't want to deal with bugs, they only mixed up which colour means which plant. You will have to try plants with each colour rock until you get the right combinations.

15. The simplest way to determine what each colour now means is by going to each pool that only has one new colour.

  1. Start again with the thermal pool directly north of Seegud's home, which requires a eucalyptus log and one of the plants. Whichever plant works here is represented by the yellow stone. Make careful note of it.
  2. Go to the mud bath to the east and examine the stones near the firepit. You will find a brown, yellow and red rock there. Set up some eucalyptus logs and your yellow rock plant, but don't burn them yet. You must now identify which plant is represented by the red rock, so try each of the remaining plants, by burning each with eucalyptus and the yellow rock plant. Whichever new plant works with the yellow stone plant here is represented by the red stone.
  3. Try each remaining plant with a eucalyptus log and your red stone plant at the salt-water spring located to the west (north of Tess). Whichever new plant works here matches the green stone.
  4. Try the remaining plants with an eucalyptus log and your green stone plant at the sulphur spring further west. Whichever new plant works here matches the purple stone.
  5. Go south-west to the Bandos pool and use the red stone plant, the purple stone plant, and whichever plant you had not yet used with a eucalyptus log in the fire pit.

16. Return to Seegud once all the insects have left and talk to her. She promises to make the ogre children keep track of the fires and sends you back to Balnea.

Wildlife Control

17. Talk to Balnea yet again to report the solution of the insect problem. While everything appears to be in order, there are still poisonous pests nearby that need to be cleared out. Balnea needs you to use hunter to trap these pests, so agree to do so.

18. Speak to Chief Tess in the building north of the bank to learn how to catch diseased kebbits, wimpy birds, and platypodes. She will tell you to hunt with smoke by lighting slow-burning fires and leading the animals to the traps.

The bait herb information will also be shown in your quest journal for easy reference:

Creature Trap Type Location Comes to Attacks Number Needed
Hunter Platypode
Box trap Between the Bandos and sulphur pools Lavender
(Fever grass) 4

Diseased Kebbit
Deadfall Trap Two on each side of the salt-water pool
Fever grass
(Tansymum) 4
Wimpy bird
Wimpy Bird
Bird snare West of the general store Tansymum
(Lavender) 5

19. Set the trap, optionally use a bait on the trap, then use your tinderbox to light another of the herb in your inventory (must unwield any weapon). Walk toward the animal and then lead it back to your trap until it goes in.

20. After catching the platypode family, take them to the east side of town, north of the pier. Release them near the burrows and you will receive a casket or an oyster for each.

21. Hunt the creatures with the appropriate traps until you have reached your quota. The quota is shown in your quest journal).

22. Report back to Balnea to finish the quest with a triumphant cutscene.

"Sat sapienti"?
In the cutscene, the wise old man is asked how he likes the new resort.
He replies "Sat sapienti." Our scholars report this translation:
"Enough for the wise."


  • 15000 Hunter Experience
  • 15000 Firemaking Experience
  • 15000 Woodcutting Experience
  • Use of the Oo'glog baths and hunting areas
  • Ability to own a platypus as a pet. (Requires level 10 Summoning)
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • You cannot use the bank in Oo'glog until you have begun the quest and talked to Balnea.
  • Wolf bones, larupia hides and stripy feathers can be obtained west and north-west of town.
  • After finishing the quest the following become available:
    • charter ship to the east
    • food shop (sells meat)
    • salon (sells ogre wig and mud 'mask')
    • general store (basics, ogre clothes, make Davy kebbit hats from diseased kebbit fur)
    • robust glass machine, for turning red sandstone into robust glass for making potion flasks
  • After finishing the quest, using an Oo'glog pool gives the following benefits:
    • Mud pool - Temporarily raises Hunter +7
    • Thermal pool - Temporarily raises LP well above base, cures disease and poison
    • Salt-water pool - Unlimited run energy for an amount of time dependent on your agility level
    • Sulphur pool - Raises Prayer by %10 (depletes when used)
    • Bandos pool - Marks you as a Bandos follower for 1 hour, meaning you will not be attacked by Bandos followers in the God Wars Dungeon during this period.


Written by: SaidinWoT

Thanks to: Aurhora, Baerht, cheeseownsu, chenw, Eyehawk78, fluffysadist, Headnazgul, Howlin1, Jaffy1, Lady_Shahdie, Lord-kain1, Nabbagad, nofaith, normanbiggs, pokemama, vlad the old

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