Animal Magnetism

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Easy Length: Short

Start location: Speak to Ava on the ground floor of Draynor Manor.


Skills: Level 19 Crafting, Level 30 Ranged, Level 18 Slayer, Level 15 Thieving, Level 35 Woodcutting

Items: Ghostspeak amulet, 20 Ecto-tokens, 5 Iron bars, Hammer, Mithril hatchet, Holy symbol, Buttons, Hard leather


Quests: Ghosts Ahoy

Skills: Level 51 Smithing, Level 31 Prayer

Items: Ectophial, Amulet of glory

NPCs: Alice, Alice's husband, Ava, Old crone, Turael, Witch

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1: The Bed
Items Required: None
Items Suggested: Ectophial

To reach Ava, go to the south-western room on the ground floor of Draynor Manor. Search the "candle sconce" on the west wall to get into the room with Ava. Talk to her to find she wishes for you to help fix her bed. She needs undead chickens, so go to the farm near Port Phasmatys by teleporting to the Ectofuntus using your ectophial and then heading west.

2: The Farm
Items Required: Ghostspeak amulet
Items Suggested: None

At the farm you will find Alice and Alice's husband (outside the shack), who is, unfortunately, a ghost. They cannot communicate, and ask you to help relay a number of messages between them. Finally, Alice will tell you there is a witch west of the Fenkenstrain Castle.

Crone Map

3: The Amulet
Items Required: Ghostspeak amulet, Crone-made amulet
Items Suggested: None

Head to the Old Crone's house between Slayer Tower and Fenkenstrain Castle, and talk to the Old Crone about the farmers. She will tell you to bring her a ghostspeak amulet and to make sure there is empty space in your inventory. Speak to her again when you have these and she will quickly make you a Crone-made Amulet, tailored specially for Alice and her husband. Give Alice's husband the amulet, and then talk to him again. A cutscene will show him attempting to catch a chicken for a rather long time, until he finally does so.

4: So What's The Reward?
Items Required: Ghostspeak amulet, 20 Ecto-tokens
Items Suggested: Amulet of glory

Alice's husband is now willing to sell undead chickens at 10 ecto-tokens each. (See the first steps of the Ghosts Ahoy quest guide to learn how to get ecto-tokens.) You need two, so buy them both, then head back to Ava in Draynor Manor. After handing her the undead chicken so she can make her bed comfortable, she will tell you about a device she can make that will supply infinite feathers. In order to make it, she needs a magnet with purely natural magnetic fields. By her instructions, go talk to the witch in the room north-east of Ava.

5: The Magnet
Items Required: 5 Iron bars, Hammer
Items Suggested: Amulet of glory

The witch will tell you to bring her five iron bars so she can pick the best for magical use. Bring the iron bars to her and she will select the right one. As she said to do, go to the iron mine north-east of Rimmington. Be sure you're facing north, then use your hammer on the selected iron bar. Take the new bar magnet to Ava. With the magnet and the undead chicken, Ava now only needs a source of wood capable of regenerating itself.

6: The Wood
Items Required: Mithril hatchet, Holy symbol
Items Suggested: Amulet of glory

Ava will tell you to attempt to chop down the undead trees that attack you in the 'garden' in front of the manor. When you try to cut down one of the trees along the pathway, the axe will simply bounce off. Go back and report this to Ava, who will have two options for you. The first, cutting off your arms and reanimating them as undead, is unfortunately impossible, however interesting it may be. The second option is to talk to Turael in Taverley, as Ava saw him poking around in the yard while she was moving in.

Go to Taverley and talk to Turael, a Slayer master, who will tell you that you need a blessed axe in order to the chop the trees. Bring him a mithril hatchet and a holy symbol and he will give you a blessed axe. Return to Draynor Manor and cut some undead twigs from an undead tree. Take these to Ava and she will tell you all that's left to get is a container.

7: The Container
Items Required: Buttons, Hard leather
Items Suggested: None

Ava will not be able to interpret her notes on the container, and so she will give you a set. In order to translate the notes, click on the buttons so that the 2nd, 5th, and 9th buttons (from the left) are green and the rest are red.

research notes

Having translated the notes, talk to Ava to find you will now need to combine the three elements in the correct order, making the container out of leather and polished buttons. Steal some buttons from the H.A.M if you haven't already, and polish them. Use the pattern with the leather to make a container. Talk to Ava again and she will assemble the accumulator. Quest complete!


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Should you lose the attractor, you will need to buy another for 999 gp from Ava. If you had an accumulator, you will have to upgrade the new attractor with 75 steel arrows.
  • Both the attractor and the accumulator will pick up arrows you fire! This works best when it does not have to go around obstacles.
  • The accumulator has a range attack bonus of +4 and a magic defence bonus of +4. The attractor has a range attack bonus of +2 and a magic defence bonus of +2. They are effectively range "capes" for the average player!
  • When wearing Ava's attractor, iron items (usually arrows) will generate in your inventory randomly. When wearing Ava's accumulator, it will instead be steel items.
  • Arrows which the attractor or accumulator gather will automatically be equipped unless you have another type of arrow equipped.
  • Ava's attractor and accumulator generate more items when you are in motion than when you are not.
  • If you have over 50 range, Ava's attractor can be upgraded to an accumulator. If you have over 50 range prior to completing the quest, you will automatically get Ava's accumulator.
  • These devices will only function on members' worlds.
  • As stated in the quest, blessed axes cannot be used for woodcutting.
  • Turael will make more blessed axes for you after the quest, if you provide materials.
  • Buttons can be obtained from pickpocketing HAM members, from the Digsite, or from Trawler fishing.


Written by: SaidinWoT

Thanks to: Adamskii, afroman103, Baffler, bluehooloovo, Cowman_133, Cuxke, essiw, Headnazgul, Howlin1, Hugh Mannity, Jaffy1, krazedyo, Lady_Shahdie, Lord-kain1, Mil, Octarine19, speedyshel, SportsGuy, vlad the old, witt13

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