Ernest The Chicken

Difficulty: Novice Requirements: Beginner Length: Medium

Start location: Talk to Veronica at gates of Draynor Manor.


Skills: Ability to survive being attacked by a Skeleton (level 22)

Monsters: Skeleton (level 22)

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Ernest Quest Map

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1: Veronica

Talk to Veronica at gates of Draynor Manor. She wants you to find her fiancé Ernest. Her fiancee went into the big spooky manor house to ask for directions. An hour had passed and he still had not yet returned.


Enter the Manor to the north of Veronica and climb the main staircase. On the first floor (second floor USA), climb the ladder west of the main staircase. Talk to Professor Oddenstein, who will tell you that Ernest has been turned into a chicken as part of his experiments. Demand that the Professor turn Ernest back immediately, he will tell you it is more complicated than that as the machine is missing some parts. You will then offer to find the parts he requires: the pressure gauge, a rubber tube and his oil can.

3: Rubber Tube and Pressure Gauge

Go down one flight of stairs to the first floor (second floor USA) and pick up the fish food in the room south of the stairs. Then descend to the entrance level. First you should take the poison from the room adjoining the Witch's room in the north-west corner of the manor. Use the poison you find here on the fish food to make poisoned fish food. Now walk to the east end of the mansion, here you should find a spade (take it) and a back door. This back door is the only way of leaving the mansion. Make sure you have your poisoned fish food and a spade and head outside.

Walk around the manor to the western side where you will see a compost heap. Search this heap to find a Grimy key (you need a spade). Now continue to the fountain in the south-west corner of the gardens. Use your poisoned fish food on the fountain then search it to find a pressure gauge.

Now enter the mansion again by the front doors. To the north of the stairs you will see a small room with a locked door. On the floor of the room there is a rubber hose guarded by a level 22 skeleton. Use your key to open the door. You do not have to fight the skeleton; you can just run in, grab the hose and run out.

4: Oil Can

Search the candle sconce in the room west of the main hall on the ground floor and you will find a secret entrance to the next room. Go down the ladder. You need to pull the right levers here to get the Oil can. If you really want to ruin the fun, here's the right combination:

5: The levers

  • Pull A, Pull B. Go through the north-eastern door.
  • Pull D. Go through the south-western door then go through the southern door.
  • Pull A, Pull B. Go through the north-western door then the western door then the northern door.
  • Pull E, Pull F. Go through the eastern door and then through the eastern door.
  • Pull C. Go through the north-western door then through the western door.
  • Pull E. Go through the eastern door, the southern door, the southern door and finally the western door where you will find the oil can.

To leave the cellar, go back up the ladder and pull the lever on the eastern wall to exit through the bookcase.

6: Back to the Professor

Return to the Professor with the three items. He will turn Ernest back into a human. Ernest will be so pleased he will give you 3000gp and some feathers and eggs he found in his pocket as a reward.


Quest points: 4

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The Rift is currently the only location in Runescape where Killerwatts are found. You need 37 slayer to kill them and must wear Insulated Boots
  • If you did not receive the updated reward, you can still get 2700 gp, 10 eggs and 300 feathers by talking to Professor Oddenstein on the top floor.


Written by: Tomiz

Special thanks to: Jimmyw3000

Thanks to: AllBogs, Cameron, fertjuh3, Headnazgul, Huge Brain, Jaffy1, Jordyvangogh, Loge_05, Magic_Phil2, paepay1023, Rossmallo, tpetrelius

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