Smoking Kills

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Hard Length: Short

Start location: Speak to Sumona in Pollnivneach.


Skills: Level 25 Crafting, Level 35 Slayer

Items: Catspeak amulet, Ghostspeak amulet, Cat or Kitten, Facemask, Earmuffs

Other: Level 90 Combat


Items: Good armour, good weapon, food, Ring of Life, Prayer potions, Pickaxe, Filled waterskins, Rope (enabling the shortcut, optional)

Skills: Level 40 Prayer

Monsters: Mummy Warrior (Level 110) or Mighty Banshee (Level 130), Banshee Mistress (Level 134), Insectoid Assassin (Level 116)

NPCs: Catolax, Sumona

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Protection Needed

Bank Bank Bank
Any Desert Bank
Required: Catspeak amulet, Ghostspeak amulet, Cat or Kitten
Suggested: Good armour, food, Pickaxe, Rope, filled Filled waterskins

1. Speak to Sumona in the house directly north of Pollnivneach's Market Seller. She seeks a hero to rescue her twin sister from monsters who have taken her into the town well. Agree and she will quickly send you to the well to get started.

Pollnivneach Well

2. Wearing your Catspeak Amulet, head to the well in the centre of the town (head south) and attempt to climb down. You will be intercepted by a stray cat warning you about the dangers down the well - banshees to be fought in smoke. In order to deal with this combination, you must speak to Catolax, a dead Slayer master, who will know how to solve your problem.

3. Besides being dead, Catolax is also buried in the ruins of Ullek. To access Catolax's tomb, you will need to learn the 'trick' and bring along your cat.

Puzzling Tomb

4. Head to the Agility Pyramid to access the Ruins of Ullek. If you have made the rope shortcut, use it to access the plateau, climb the wall and head north through the crevice. If not, run south-east past the Pyramid and around the tip of Ullek. You'll have to head north-west once you reach the swamp. Climb over the pillar, up the steps, and through the crevice (more information on setting up the shortcut in the "Tips and Tricks" section here). Once past the crevice, search the Sealed Door to the west to enter the Tomb. Drop your cat and speak to it to learn that he thinks Sumona's intentions aren't all good.

Sealed Door

5. Search either holey wall on the sides of the chamber you have just entered. Your cat will search the hole, revealing alternative paths on either side of the room.

pic of Smoking kills Catolax's tomb

6. Speak to your cat to find that he has special knowledge from an unknown source. According to your cat, you may kill or pass over enemies - it won't matter, you must examine most everything for help, and that certain guardians will only appear if you have already killed their minions.

Pickaxe Tomb

7. Enter either path (you will have to go down both), and destroy the Broken door with a pickaxe - if you do not have one, you can obtain one by searching tombs in the centre room - and move into the next room. You will not be able to destroy the door while the Skeletons are attacking you - you may either kill them and destroy it, or run out of the room after each time.

8. As soon as you go into the next section, search the wall south of the odd markings to deactivate them. Pass them and repeat this with the set of odd markings at the end of the room.

Wall Trap

9. In the last room, you must kill all four minions before any others respawn, then kill the Mummy Warrior (Level 110) that comes out of the sarcophagus. When you have killed him, he will drop a key which you can use to open the door to a hallway. Pull the lever in this room to deactivate the central row of traps.

10. Return to the starting room and head down the other path, repeating the same process.

11. Return to the starting room once more and head down the central path - all traps there are now entirely inactive. Speak to Catolax while wearing your ghostspeak amulet to learn how to combine earmuffs with a facemask.

Success and Failure

Bank Bank Bank
Any Desert Bank
Required: Facemask, Earmuffs
Suggested: Good armour, good weapon, lots of food, Prayer potions

Combine the facemask and earmuffs to produce masked earmuffs. Wear these and enter the well in Pollnivneach. Kill a Mighty Banshee (Level 130) and pick up the Banshee Voice it drops. Use this on the Wavering mystic barrier (the north-most barrier) to pass through it.

In the next chamber, you encounter the Banshee mistress, whose Insectoid assassins are keeping Jesmona, Sumona's sister, hostage. After the conversation, the Banshee Mistress (Level 134) will attack with both magic and melee. When the Banshee mistress becomes weak, the Insectoid assassins (Level 116) will begin ranging you, it is advisable that you turn on the range protect prayer at this time. Continue attacking the Banshee Mistress, as everything will die when she does.

Rather than celebrate your success, Jesmona becomes angry with the Insectoid assassins for their failure, and kills them before disappearing. Catolax thanks you for freeing his spirit, and explains that the entire quest was an attempt on your life. After explaining Jesmona's actions, he will send you to talk to Sumona.

Head up the Bucket rope at the south end of the dungeon and speak to Sumona. After expressing her deep sorrow over the situation, she gives you her reward.


  • Access to a new Slayer master and dungeon
  • Slayer rewards
  • Ability to combine Slayer items
  • 5000 Slayer Experience
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Maging or ranging equipment can be brought to kill the skeletons in the first room of each path in Catolax's tomb. However, you can still progress through the tomb without killing them.
  • When you encounter the group of archaeologists on the plateau, you can head west over a low wall, and attach a rope to the rock. This allows you to use that as a shortcut between the south-eastern corner of the Agility Pyramid and the plateau at any point later, but remember that you're going to have to walk through a crowd of Mummies (Level 125) known to hit up to 240 damage. If you already had this shortcut, you can use it for this quest.
  • Next to the archaeologists, there is a small spring, you can use this spring to refill any waterskins you may be carrying by using the waterskin with the spring.
  • When fighting the Banshee Mistress, it is wise to save any special attacks your weapon might have for the time after the Insectoid assassins have begun attacking you, to end the fight more quickly.
  • If you have completed Spirits of the Elid, it helps to pray at the Elid Statue in Nardah just before fighting the Banshee Mistress. The shrine restores your prayer points, and raises your LP above it's maximum (although it goes down to normal with time).
  • After the quest, you have access to Sumona's slayer rewards, which allow you to purchase new slayer items, learn how to create slayer items, and even stop slayer masters from giving you certain assignments. All of these are 'purchased' with points gained through completing slayer assignments.
  • After the quest is complete, Sumona is available for contact through Contact NPC, but only for a new assignment.
  • Completing this quest gives you access to the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon.


Written by: SaidinWoT

Special Thanks to: DarkDude98, Den Usynlige, Jaffy1, jimmyw3000, pokemama

Thanks to: Eyehawk78, fulkske, Ghost_Phriek, handman003, Juhniz, Lady_Shahdie, msiGC, Profins, tripsis, War Chipmunk

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