Summer's End

Difficulty: Experienced Requirements: Hard Length: Short

Start location: North of Varrock, near the wilderness wall. Talk to Summer's spirit and choose to follow her.


Skills: Level 47 Firemaking, Level 35 Hunter, Level 45 Mining, Level 55 Prayer, Level 23 Summoning, Level 23 Woodcutting

Items: Ghostspeak amulet, Jennica's ring and a summoning pouch made from a Blue charm. Consider bringing extra pouches to be sure.

Can be looted from the corpse in the cave when needed: Bronze pickaxe, Mithril hatchet, Tinderbox, Spade


Quests: As a First Resort... (use pool for extended 100% energy boost)

Items: Rune hatchet or better, Super energy potions, Amulet of glory, a one-click teleport and some good food such as Sharks, Tuna potatoes or Saradomin brews. Do NOT bring weapons and armour; you don't need them, and they will only weigh you down.

Monsters: Spirit Beast (level 190)

NPCs: Erik Bonde, Jallek Lenkin, Meranek Thanatos, Summer Bonde

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Note: if you have to walk out or teleport out, feel free to do so - your accomplishments (a pyre lit, a core captured, a grave blessed) will be saved in each room for your return. Armour will not protect you, and the Beast hits players hard - this quest is not for the faint-hearted!

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Ghostspeak amulet, Jennica's ring, a summoning pouch made from a blue charm
Suggested: Food, Amulet of glory, extra pouches

Starting out

1. Make your way to the wilderness wall, north of Varrock. Talk to Summer's spirit and choose to follow her. Go through the portal to enter the spirit realm. You will be greeted by the village elders, who will tell you about the imminent danger of the Beast that had been feeding on them for centuries.

2. Go back to the real world, by equipping Jennica's ring and operating it while standing on the portal. Head north of the ruins. You should see a dungeon sign on the mini map. Enter the cave, and loot the skeleton near the entrance to obtain a Bronze pickaxe, a Mithril hatchet, a Spade and a Tinderbox. Leave the cave. Right-click on the cave entrance and choose the "collapse" option. This will open the cave in the spirit realm.

3. Go back to the ruins and use Jennica's ring to enter the spirit realm through the portal. Head north again.

4. Summon your blue charm familiar, and use it to lure the Beast to the cave entrance. Do not allow your familiar to fall behind too far, or it will be eaten by the Beast. When you, your familiar and the Beast are close to the cave entrance, go in.

Summer\\'s End Cave Map

5. Meranek's spirit will explain what you need to do with the Beast. Tell him you are not ready for the next part. Bank and top off your energy.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Tinderbox, Hatchet, Ghostspeak amulet, Jennica's ring
Suggested: Rune hatchet or better, Amulet of glory, one-click teleport, food, energy boosts, five empty inventory spaces

Room 1

6. After banking, head back to the spirit realm and into the cave. You will notice that there are lots of tree roots along the walls. Tell the Meranek that you are ready.

7. As soon as you begin, the beast will start attacking you with projectiles, which can be dodged by moving away as they are fired. Note that the main projectile splits into several projectiles after hitting the ground. You will need to move more than a few squares to avoid the attack entirely.

8. You need to build and light three pyres. To set up a pyre, gather five cursed willow logs by chopping the tree roots found around the cave, and then use the logs on a fire pit. It is highly recommended that you set up all three pyres before you light them. Once you have set them up, light one and a small cutscene will follow. After that, light the other two pyres. The Beast's attacks will get more frequent and severe as the number of lit pyres increases.

  • If you have to leave before lighting a pyre you've built, those logs will be lost - the game only remembers the pyres you actually lit. However, because the beast's attacks practically double in speed once the first pyre is lit, building all three pyres before lighting any of them is safer.
  • Cursed willow logs cannot be banked, but departing and returning with the logs is better than losing them by dying or failing to light a pyre.
  • Bring the highest quality hatchet you can use to speed up collecting the logs.
  • Players report that repeatedly moving from one set of roots to another nearby set may work - as long as the distance is enough to avoid the Beast's attacks.

9. Once you have lit the three pyres, the Beast will retreat to another room. Bank and top off your energy, unless you found the first room easy and still have a healthy supply of food left. You'll need a spade for the next part of the quest. If you don't want to bank but didn't bring a spade earlier, you can get one from the corpse near the cave's entrance.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Spade, Ghostspeak amulet, Jennica's ring
Suggested: Amulet of glory, one-click teleport, food, energy boosts

Room 2

10. Get the required items from your bank, make your way back to the cave and go to the room east of the room you initially entered. Jallek's spirit will brief you on what you need to do. When the battle begins, the Beast will barrage you with attacks as it did before.

11. You will notice that there are patches of soft soil scattered around the edge of the room. You need to dig a hole in such a patch, and lure the dark core into it. Do not touch the dark core - contact with the core will hurt you. If you are successful, the dark core will fall into the hole and a cutscene will ensue.

12. The second core is much the same as the first core, although the Beast attacks more frequently now. It is advised to move from soil patch to soil patch to avoid its attacks.

13. The third core is by far the trickiest. The Beast attacks much more frequently, and it will take quite a while before the dark core is released. The best way to dodge his attacks is to run around the room in circles, just outside the soil patches, and keep moving to avoid damage. His blast radius is now rather large and will hit you if you lag behind.

14. Once you have trapped the core three times, you are done with this room. Note that luring each core grants 250 xp in Hunter, for a total of 750xp. If you have more than twenty pieces of food left and are healthy and energetic enough for the final confrontation, proceed to the next room. If not, bank, stock up on food, and top off your energy.

Bank Bank Bank
Required: Ghostspeak amulet, Jennica's ring
Suggested: Amulet of glory, one-click teleport, food, energy boosts

Room 3

15. This room is the trickiest of the three rooms. The goal of this room is to bless the grave currently containing a soul of the same colour as the Beast's attacks. This must be done once for each colour. The Beast signals the colour of its attack when it is charging it.

The three village elders will be transformed into coloured souls, which will rest for a while in a grave before moving to another. If the Beast is charging up a blue attack, you must bless the grave containing the blue soul, for example. You need at least 200 prayer points to bless a grave. If you run out of prayer points, there is an altar in the room you can use to recharge them.

16. The tricky part of the fight is that the souls frequently move between graves. This makes tracking down the correct grave somewhat harder, as the souls often move while you're busy dodging the Beast's attack.

Method 1: patiently walk around the room in circles, watching the colour of the Beast's attacks and the movements of the souls. When you're close enough to bless the right grave, do so - otherwise keep walking.

Method 2: watch a single coloured soul jump from one grave to another, and follow it. When the Beast attacks with that colour, bless the grave that your coloured soul is in.

17. Once the Beast is defeated, speak with the spirits of the village elders. They will offer to take you outside for your reward. Accept the offer, and speak with them again. After the conversation, you will be given the spirit shield as a reward, along with improvements to Jennica's ring. Quest complete!


  • 1,500 Summoning Experience
  • 5,000 Hunter Experience
  • 5,000 Mining Experience
  • 5,000 Woodcutting Experience
  • 10,000 Prayer Experience
  • 15,000 Firemaking Experience
  • Spirit shield
  • Upgraded version of Jennica's ring
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • Should you die during the quest, your gravestone will appear at the quest's starting location, near the wilderness wall. Teleport to Edgeville using an amulet of glory and quickly run back to recover your items in time.
  • Bring the highest quality hatchet you can use to speed up collecting the logs during the battle with the Beast.
  • Players who have completed the As a First Resort... quest will want to take advantage of the pools for their energy boosts.
  • If you lose Jennica's ring, you can recover it by searching the pile of rubble next to where you begin the quest.
  • During the quest cutscenes, you can click on your mini-map without interrupting the scene to move away from the beast itself. This may help to avoid taking damage right as the cutscene ends. However, do not light a pyre until the scene is over.
  • After the quest you can fight the Corporeal Beast (level 210, 100000 LP!) in the third room of the cave, which will now be accessible through the real world. See our Corporeal Beast monster hunting guide for more information.
  • Your spirit shield reward can be blessed with a holy elixir. If you have level 85 Prayer, you can perform this blessing yourself; alternatively, you may pay a fee of 1,000,000 coins to Brother Jered in the Monastery to do this for you.
  • A blessed shield can have a sigil attached to it. Doing so requires level 85 Prayer and level 90 Smithing. Four different sigils exist. They are dropped by the Corporeal Beast. See the "shields" section of our Prayer Guide for more information. Similar to the blessing performed with the Holy Elixir, you may have Brother Bordiss at Ice Mountain perform this sigil attachment for you, provided you pay him a fee of 1,500,000 coins.
  • After the quest, wearing Jennica's ring now allows you into five new portals that offer one-time experience:
    • Castle Ruins in the High Wilderness (Level 47), far east of the Demonic Ruins: 7,500 Smithing XP
    • Rogue's Castle: 15,000 Thieving XP (requires 60 Thieving). The portal is two squares east of the stack of crates next to the wall, outside castle in the backyard. While in the spirit realm, close both jail doors inside the Rogues Castle. Return to the regular world and tell the rogue in the cell that you are helping him escape. Afterwards you can find him south of Varrock's archery shop where he will buy unenchanted jewellery for the low alch value of the item.
    • Chaos Temple in the Level 12 Wilderness, south of the Graveyard of Shadows: 7,500 Prayer XP. Includes a spirit person that will tell you about the God Wars and how Guthix interfered - you need an amulet of ghostspeak to talk to him.
    • Dark Warriors' Fortress in the Level 15 Wilderness, west of the Wilderness volcano: 15,000 Defence XP (requires 80 Defence). Invisible portal is in the centre of the courtyard. Includes level 60 tormented wraith that can be attacked if you are wearing a full set of black armour. See our database entry on the tormented wraith for more information.
    • Eastern Ruins, north of the Graveyard of Shadows: 7,500 Farming XP.


Written by: chenw2

Special thanks to: J35u5_M4, n_odie, pokemama, wyvren2000

Thanks to: 20death04, Black_Fox_73, Caromon, cheeseownsu, chrisi16, erewhon2, fabijan985, flufypncake, ForsakenMage, Game_Freak67, Iukikina, mattonline, Morino, niccosdad, oddfaery2, osmend0, SerpentEye, Slayer173, SportsGuy, Tiamil, Vulxai, wierdboy128

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