Spirit of Summer

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Medium

Start location: North of Varrock, near the wilderness wall. Talk to the little girl's spirit and choose to follow her.


Skills: Level 40 Construction, Level 26 Farming, Level 35 Prayer, Level 19 Summoning

Items: Ghostspeak amulet, Spirit wolf pouch, Desert wyrm pouch, Spirit scorpion pouch. Consider bringing extra pouches to be sure.

Spawns at the western ruins where needed: Bucket, 2 Normal planks, 4 Steel nails, Hammer, Rake, Seed dibber, Limpwurt seed

Spawns near eastern ruins where needed: Skull + 5 Bones


Items: Supercompost, some food if you have a low combat level

Monsters: Spirit Beast (special combat method)

NPCs: Spirit -Father-, Spirit -Girl-

Walkthrough hide »

Another Realm
1. Make your way to the wilderness wall, north of Varrock. Talk to the little girl's spirit and choose to follow her. You will be taken to the eastern ruins. Wearing your ghostspeak amulet, follow the spirit girl into the building. Allow yourself to be dragged away. A short cutscene will follow.

In the cutscene you will see a spirit, seemingly the girl's father, scolding the girl. A protective barrier appears around her, preventing you from talking to her. Talk to the father, who seemingly cannot speak: you will have to use emotes to communicate. To learn what emotes are appropriate responses, watch the two spirits to the north-east. Then, based on the emotes the father uses, respond with the appropriate emote:


2. If you miss seeing an emote he does, use the "think" emote to get him to repeat it. When you give the right response to the father, he will be happy and one of the energy-rings around the girl will disappear. If you give a wrong response, all the rings will reappear.

When all the rings are gone, speak to the spirit girl. She can talk, but her speech is very erratic. The girl will speak of a village to the west, near the mountains. Agree to follow her to this village.

Western Ruins
You will need various items to complete this part of the quest. Note that any required item is available as a spawn somewhere within the ruins.

map of west ruins

3. Find the spirit girl, who is located close to the smithing icon, and speak to her. Though she still makes little sense, she mentions a barrel and a log. Ask her to take you back to the real world.

4. Locate a bucket, and use it on the barrel next to where the girl was standing to empty it. Then go west toward the centre of the village to find a statue with a hollow log nearby - pick the mushrooms from the log. Return to the spirit girl. When she takes you to her realm you will see her washing at the now-full barrel and eating the mushrooms which have grown on the log.

5. The spirit girl will now be in the building to the west of the portal. Talk to her. She will mention the wardrobe next to her. Speak to her to return to the real world. Collect a hammer, two planks and four steel nails and use them to repair the wardrobe.

6. Head back to the girl and return to her realm again. You will see her taking something out of the now fixed wardrobe.

7. The girl is now standing next to the farming patch. Talk to her. She mentions the dead limpwurt plant, and the doll trapped underneath it. Return to the real world. Locate a rake and a seed dibber, and search the crates scattered around the ruins for a limpwurt seed.

8. Rake the patch and plant the limpwurt seed. Wait for the plant to grow. This will take about twenty minutes.

A Little More Sense
9. When the plant is fully grown, return to the girl's realm. You will see her retrieving her doll. She will now be able to speak properly. Agree to go to the farm with her - you will be taken back to the eastern ruins, the area where the first part of the quest took place. Speak with the spirit girl again. She is now called Summer, and will tell you about the Beast, and how it is trapping her and her family in the spirit realm.

10. Follow the girl to the altar, located downstairs in the eastern building. She tells you that you must awaken the discs by feeding the altar. What do altars eat? Bones...

11. Return to the real world and collect a skull and five bones, which are scattered around the area. Step on the portal to enter the spirit realm again. Use the bones and the skull on the altar. This will awaken the first disc. Be sure to use the altar located in the spirit realm.

Awakening the Discs

The Summoning Battle

  • You will need your summoning pouches for this part of the quest. Although only one of each is required, players experiencing difficulties may want to bring five or more.
  • The Spirit Beast is not interested in fighting you. You'll receive no more than a glancing blow (30-100 damage) when you step up to engage him, and only after he's dealt with your familiar.

12. The first disc is found to the north-east of the eastern ruins. Summon your spirit wolf and position him standing on the surface of the disk, towards the eastern side. The Spirit Beast will approach from the west. When you see him coming, change your camera angle to top-down view so you can see when his toes are on the disc. As soon as they are, click to dismiss your familiar.

a) If you are successful, the entire disc will light up in a square and the Spirit Beast will reel backwards. You'll see a mini-cutscene where the second disc rises from the ground.

b) If you dismiss your familiar too soon, before the Beast is on the disc, the Beast will hit you for 30-100 damage. Summer will tell you what you did wrong. Move away, wait for the Beast to leave the disc area, and try again.

c) If you are too late in dismissing your familiar, the Beast will devour it, and then hit you for 30-100 damage. Summer will tell you what you did wrong. Move away, wait for the Beast to leave the disc area, and try again.

13. The second disc is found to the north of the ruins, close to the first one. The picture on it matches the desert wyrm, so summon that familiar. Again, position it standing on the disc opposite to where the beast will approach, and watch from above for when the Beast's toes get on the disc. Dismiss your familiar successfully and you will see the third disc rise.

14. The third disc is found near the north-west corner of the ruins. The beast will approach from the north. Dismiss your familiar when the Beast's toes are on the disc to win the battle!

15. Speak to one of the spirits that appear to get into a long conversation where they explain their views, while Summer protests. They ask you to leave and return you to the real world. Quest complete!


  • 7,500 Construction XP
  • 5,000 Prayer XP
  • 2,000 Farming XP
  • 1,000 Summoning XP
  • Jennica's Ring
  • Access to spirit realm and more one-time xp bonuses (see Tips)
  • 2 Treasure Hunter keys

Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The Lunar Magic spell Fertile Soil cannot be used to compost the limpwurt patch used during the quest.
  • If you have to leave the quest area, you can get back at a later time by talking to the spirit girl, Summer. She can be found at the quest's starting location, north of Varrock.
  • Except for the summoning pouches, all of the required items spawn at the quest locations. There is no need to carry a lot of items.
  • Wear Jennica's ring and operate it while standing on a portal to the other realm to get additional one-time xp. You must have level 50 in that skill to receive the xp:
    • Western Ruins - 15,000 Farming xp
    • Forgotten Cemetery - 15,000 Prayer xp
    • Axe Hut - 11,250 Attack xp
  • At the Forgotten Cemetery, closing the coffins in the spirit realm will spawn four level 79 ghosts in the real world. Anyone can attack them.
  • At the Axe Hut, the building in the spirit realm is occupied by level 42 ghostly warriors which you can do battle with.
  • Jagex states that wearing Jennica's ring improves drops from killing revenants.
  • If you lose Jennica's ring, you can recover it by searching the pile of rubble next to where you begin the quest.


Written by: Eyehawk78

Thanks to: All Bogs, bird12321, chiefpnut, Cowman_133, Da_Latios, greenslime89, J35u5_M4, Kaphias, lalala7324, neon400, pokemama, Rebmar, roeckie1, tryto

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