Tears of Guthix

Difficulty: Intermediate Requirements: Medium Length: Short

Start location: Make sure you have your spiny helmet equipped - purchasable from Slayer masters. Use your rope with the hole in the ground in Lumbridge Swamp. Go to Juna, the Serpent, in the south-east area of the Lumbridge Caves.


Quest Points: 44

Skills: Level 20 Crafting, Level 49 Firemaking, Level 20 Mining

Items: Spiny Helmet, Chisel, Pickaxe, Tinderbox, Cut sapphire, Rope (only if you have never visited the Lumbridge Caves before), Bullseye Lantern (see crafting guide).


Items: A second (lit) light source (EXCEPT a candle, as this can cause explosions), Antipoison

Quests: The Lost Tribe (see Tricks, Tips and Notes section)



NPCs: Juna, Light creature

Walkthrough hide »

1. Talk to Juna, the serpent, who will tell you of stories about Guthix and of the weeping rocks. She wants an adventurer to tell her some stories. You will tell her some stories and she will be pleased with you. She would like to grant you access to the Tears of Guthix, but you need to create a special bowl before you can participate.

Tog Juna Quest Start2012

2. She tells you to make a stone bowl out of a magic stone to hold the tears of Guthix. The stone is mined on the other side of the cavern.

The Sapphire Lantern

3. Leave the Lumbridge Caves and extinguish your bullseye lantern. Use a cut sapphire with it, then relight it. (Fitting the sapphire into the lantern requires level 49 Crafting). Do not attempt to do this while inside the caves or you will be stuck without a light. If you have a second light source with you, however, you can do this part in the caves.

NOTE: If you do not have 49 crafting, you can purchase an unlit Bullseye Lantern from other players. If it has already been outfitted with a lens, you can simply put your cut sapphire in to make your sapphire lantern.

Sapphire Lantern

4. Go back down to the caves and use your sapphire lantern on one of the nearby light creatures which are floating around.

Tog Light Creature2012

5. The magical lights will carry you over the chasm to the other side, where you can mine the rocks for the magic stone. After you mine a magic stone, use your chisel on it to make the stone bowl.

Magic Stone Stone Bowl

6. Return to Juna with the stone bowl to complete the quest.


Quest points: 1

This quest is a requirement for:

Tips, Tricks & Notes

  • The Tears of Guthix Minigame can be played once a week - your ingame quest journal will say if you can play yet. With nothing wielded, speak to Juna to enter the cave. Click once on the rocks with the blue streams to gain points; be sure to avoid the green streams, which take away points. See the Tears of Guthix Minigame Guide for more information.
  • The higher the score you get, the more experience you'll get towards your lowest leveled skill (but you can only gain experience in the Construction skill if it is your lowest leveled skill and you also own a house).
  • Having more quest points will allow you to spend more time in the Minigame cave.
  • You might want to bring an antipoison just in case the Cave crawlers poison you in the Lumbridge Caves.
  • If you have started the Lost Tribe quest, and have used a pickaxe to mine through the wall, you can walk from Lumbridge castle cellar straight south to visit Juna without needing a spiny helmet (no wall beasts on this route).


Written by: Craven Image

Special Thanks To: Cowman_133

Thanks to: Baffler, Deadman Andy, DroolMAN, dudedead666, Georgelemmons, GMTao, Hugh Mannity, Jaffy1, JacksonB7, Kwimbob, Lady_Shahdie, lightmagevic, loldielol, oli3032, Qindalf, Romerd, Screechingmu, skulblaka008, starfirex, viewtifulme1, zorbor

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